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Chapter 474

Raon headed toward the gates of Barene, the city of the Holy Spirit, and lifted up Glacia.

I spread the cold very slowly so as not to give away that I was using an auror.

“Is it a little cold here?”

“That’s right, it’s the center. “Compared to Sieghardt, it’s like a child’s joke.”

“That’s right. “It doesn’t go through gloves or boots.”

He moved his aurors carefully, and because it was winter, even the swordsmen of the Wind Wind Team right next to him did not notice that he was controlling cold energy.

Raon swept down his sleeves and looked at the people standing in front of the castle gate.

The warriors of Xinju Oring stood in front of the castle wall holding their spears, and the entrance was filled with people who came out to watch the famous people entering the city.

‘If it were me, I would have started from here.’

When the Comedy Emperor came to Sieghardt, he deliberately sent prosecutors with instructions to put pressure on him from the front gate.

If she was the type of person who hated losing as I thought, she would have prepared to get on his nerves right from the start in order to get revenge.


Lars turned his head and opened his eyes.

-Then it wasn’t because you were crazy that you suddenly gave off a cold spell.

‘… of course.’

-The King thought there was a hole in your Danjeon.

‘That’s not it, I’m trying to find the people who are doing tricks in there.’

The reason for spraying cold air in advance was to detect instigators that the comedy festival had placed among the bystanders.

-Did you at least grease your head? Why is it going so well!

Lars shook his chin and began writing on his palm. There is writing written on it that I don’t know what it is, but I don’t know where it is written.

Raon took his gaze away from Las and looked towards the front door again.

‘It’s highly likely that there isn’t one at all, but if there is, it’s probably not just one person.’

Usually, when trying to wage a war on public opinion, a small number of agitators are included among the public.

There are now close to 100 people in front of the entrance, so there must be at least five people who have received instructions from the Comedy Emperor.

‘Then it’s rather easy.’

All you have to do is find the signal.

Provocateurs just don’t move. After exchanging signals with each other, they gradually raise their voices at the most important moments.

As long as you look for signs of movement, it wasn’t difficult to find how many people there were and where they were.


He quietly used his sense of storytelling. As the sense of the story reaching the 8th level was added to the previously installed aura, the movements of the people in front of the castle gate felt vivid, as if I could touch them.

‘First of all, it’s not a guard.’

The guards’ eyes sparkled as if they had seen a strange animal, but they were unable to send any signals as they were only looking straight ahead.

‘So are you among the onlookers?’

Raon focused his attention on the onlookers. He looked at the eye movements, facial muscles, hand gestures, and jaw movements, but did not notice anything unusual.

-Isn’t there something there?

‘Maybe so.’

Even though I looked at all the onlookers, I couldn’t sense any signal, so I nodded slightly.

‘If this is the case, we need to revise the plan… hmm?’

An onlooker’s shoulders to the right trembled when he thought that his prediction about the nature of the comedy festival itself needed to be revised.

It was a normal reaction, but the six other people in other places also lightly shook their right shoulders.

Raon focused on the seven people who turned their shoulders. They all had moderate strength and were very young. They were the perfect people to act as agitators.


Raon pretended not to feel anything and instead calmed down his presence and walked towards the castle gate.

When I made eye contact with the guard captain standing in front of the castle gate, the seven people who had caught me a moment ago turned to look at me one by one.

It’s not like living. An uncomfortable look that observes and explores. There were disapproving looks from other onlookers, but the naturalness was different.

-It really happened… .

Lars frowned.

-What are you really doing?

The guy blinked rapidly, saying he couldn’t understand.


Raon responded lightly, moving the auras he had laid down little by little and spreading them around the seven instigators.

That energy will turn into a thin membrane and trap them the moment it wants.

‘Now it’s time to talk.’

Usually, when instigators try to get on someone’s nerves, they glare like that and then say a light word.

It’s vague enough to be called a criticism, let alone a curse, so it’s probably at a level that only makes the person criticizing it look petty.

If you swear, there is a high possibility that you are not an instigator.

When Raon was halfway through the path made by the onlookers, the young warrior on his right opened his mouth.

“Is that author Raon Sieghardt?”

“I guess so.”

“Contrary to what I heard, it is not real… .”

It is not an insult, nor is it ambiguous to call it a criticism. I was convinced that they were instigators sent by the Emperor of Comedy, as they were words that touched my nerves at a level that I could not criticize.

When I turned my head, he sneered. It was a provocative expression, as if asking him to say something.

Raon pulled off a surprise in a split second.


Instead of enveloping the space itself as usual, it was an infinitesimally amazing curtain that only envelops the person who was said to be a non-existent room and himself.

This is the method used by Lord Iron Lord of the White Lotus, but now it can be made more neatly.

“What are you staring at with your eyes?”

In the dark, I cursed so that only he could hear. When the instigator heard those words, he couldn’t help but laugh.

“What did you just say! “How dare you say that!”

The instigator shouted loudly, probably thinking that he had told everyone what he had heard.

At that moment, his magic was released and his voice spread to everyone.


“hmm… .”

Naturally, other people looked at him like he was crazy.

“W-what! Why are you looking at me like that? “Didn’t you hear what that bastard said to me a little while ago?”

The instigator pointed a finger at me with his face turning red.

If it had been sent as an Auror message, I wouldn’t have been deceived, but since it was a subtle deception, I had no choice but to be mistaken.

However, it was still not enough. In order to drag that instigator away and interrogate him, stronger words were needed.

‘Let’s bring up the comedy festival.’

The moment the instigator closed his mouth in embarrassment, Raon struck again.

“Hey fish. Is the head of a fish too? What should I do if I say it so that only I can hear it? “Is that what your master taught you?”

While maintaining a serious expression, his words were raw.


The veins appeared on the instigator’s face, perhaps because he was already in a state of mental shock and had been scolded by his owner. The trick was immediately revealed.

“This bastard is talking nonsense like where is this place!”

The instigator gritted his teeth and looked as if he was going to attack him at any moment.

“uh… .”

“Why, why is it like that?”

“I don’t know. “Are you crazy?”

“You speak well. It’s because it’s about to die… .”

Everyone standing in front of the gate gaped as they looked at the instigator who had rushed forward.

Only the other agitators rolled their eyes, unable to decide what to do.

“What bullshit! You didn’t hear him swear? “Did everyone really put bugs in their ears!”

The instigator’s chin was shaking with anger, still not knowing what had happened to him.

Raon was amazed again and narrowed his eyes.

“thanks. “Thanks to you, you will gain a lot from your master.”

I burst out laughing inside, but I couldn’t show it because there were so many eyes watching.

“Hey, you bastard!”

The instigator, who had already lost his composure, only screamed evil without knowing what he was getting into.

-… Are you really the devil?

Lars opened his mouth.

-Isn’t this something you can do if you have any humanity left?

The guy shook his shoulders, saying he had no idea there could be such an evil person among humans.

“Hey, Alan!”

The person who had received the signal from the instigator a little while ago tried to stop him, but it was already too late.


Martha jumped out first and stood in front of the instigator.

“What did that toad-looking guy say to our unit owner just now? Do you want to search?”

“Ugh… .”

The agitators, tired of her momentum, backed away and collapsed to the floor.

“Cha, you are mistaken! This friend sometimes says things… omg!”

Another agitator, who was trying to defend the instigator, waved his hand and screamed when he felt the sword touching his neck.

Before we knew it, Runaan had moved and was holding his sword to the necks of the two people.

“Shall I kill you?”

Runaan blinked, as if telling her to just speak. He looked sleepy while talking about killing. In a way, I was the most scared of him.

“Meet the White Sword Dragon.”

A man who appeared to be the leader of the guard approached and bowed his head.

“We will take care of the interest.”


Raon shook his head. This is clearly the power of the Comedy Emperor or Shinju Oryeong. He couldn’t be so stupid as to hand it over.

“You cursed at me and tried to kill me, so let me deal with it myself.”

“But something like this…” “Ugh!”

The momentum that had been suppressed was released. The guard captain retreated in a cold sweat from the ferocious energy wave that burned like wildfire.

“Does this mean that this person is related to Hsinchu Oring?”

“Well, that’s not it.”

“Then I can take you with me.”

“Uhm… ”

The guard captain looked away while chewing his lip.

The onlookers also nodded as if they thought it was right for the person who had been insulted to deal with it himself.


“All right.”

Crane and the Gwangpungdae prosecutors caught up with the man named Alan and the other instigators who tried to stop him.

“You are so ignorant.”

Raon crossed the gate and raised his head. He curled up his mouth as he thought of the comedian who would be watching this place.

“Try to exert yourself a little more.”

* * *


The window frame that Ariel was holding in her hand was crumpled like a piece of paper.

“Are you telling me to vent?”

That rat-like guy… .

She gritted her teeth as she watched Raon’s back as he followed the guide to Sieghardt’s quarters.

“W-what happened?”

McCain swallowed dryly and walked up to Ariel’s side.

“Why was Alan caught at the station… .”

“Raon Sieghardt played a trick.”

A little while ago, Raon created a thin membrane that confined only himself and Alan.

It was so elaborate that not only other people, but even Alan, who was surrounded by aurors, did not feel that he was inside the diaphragm.

‘He is an evil bastard.’

No matter how great Raon’s auror management ability is, it is impossible to figure out Alan’s identity in that short moment and set up a deception that no one can sense.

‘It’s clear that he read this person’s thoughts from the beginning.’

It was clear that he had anticipated and prepared for people like Alan from the moment he first entered Varene.

‘But how?’

I repeatedly urged Allen and the agitators not to overtly touch him, but to just get on their nerves.

Other onlookers could probably have made comments and looks, but I couldn’t understand what they were looking at.

“ah… .”

McCain understood the comedian’s words and his eyes trembled.

Raon’s expression seemed like he couldn’t believe how he felt, having made such a decision in such a short moment and preying on Alan.

“The bigger problem is… .”

Ariel frowned deeply as she smoothed out the purple booklet pinned to her thigh.

‘The thing is, I couldn’t read this scene.’

After confirming that Raon was coming to Varene, I read the entire heavenly record.

Many things happen here, but that scene was not among them.

‘It was the same back then.’

When I went to visit Sieghart in person, I was confident because I had read the heavenly records in advance, but Raon’s unexpected movements ruined all my plans and schemes.

Reading the original Cheongi does not allow you to know the perfect situation, and the situation you read often changes.

However, it was the first time that something completely different like this occurred.


Ariel lifted her left hand that was clutching the window frame. Pieces of stone caught in his grasp rained down.

‘Raon Sieghard… .’

What on earth is this guy doing?

It would have been understandable if he had ascended to the sky like Glenn or the other six emperors, but he couldn’t believe that a young guy who was only the highest level Master could deviate from his predictions.

‘I think we need to investigate.’

If this was the case, I had no choice but to use my head and body, even if it was annoying.

It was right to discard all the information so far and use new information to figure out what kind of person Raon is.

“Well, my lord… .”

McCain slightly raised his eyes.

“Alan and Kpl have been captured. Are you okay? If anyone comes and raises a problem… .”

“Those two aren’t registered as members of Moby Dick anyway.”

Ariel let out a low breath.

“He probably already knows that I gave him instructions. “The behavior shown now is a warning to be careful in the future.”

Raon sent a signal not to mess with himself and Gwangpungdae by capturing Allen and Kple. Now he can no longer use the same method.

“After this is all over, he will probably send the two of you back and make a subtle request.”

Ariel bit her red lips thinly.

‘I feel sick again.’

I felt nauseous, as if an internal injury that had healed had relapsed. Calming her thoughts, she turned her head.


Ariel pointed a finger at McCain.

“Let’s skip step 2 and go straight to step 3.”

“… All right.”

McCain bowed deeply and left the office.

But he came running back to the office before 30 minutes had passed.

“Lord, lord! Raon Sieghardt has arrived!”

Ariel closed her eyes tightly.

‘This damn bastard is real!’

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