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Chapter 467

Raon paid no attention to the status window and looked at Glenn. He tapped his fingers on the armrests of the throne, as if wondering what to do.

“I also agree with what Master Gwangpung said.”

The first to raise her hand was Serena, the master of swords.

“If it hadn’t been for the windstorm squad leader’s gale and rage period, we would have had no choice but to get caught up in the comedy emperor’s tricks. “I think I deserve that level of compensation.”

She smiled and said that instead of puberty, it was a period of stormy fury.

“I think the same.”

“When I think of the comedian’s crumpled face, I feel like giving him my salary.”

“that’s right. “I didn’t know it would end so smoothly.”

The great masters nodded without hesitation, agreeing with Serena’s words.

Raon turned his gaze away from the major lords who agreed with Rimer’s words and looked at the former lords.

“… … .”

Karun said nothing and closed his eyes. Unlike usual, he seemed to have no intention of interfering.

“I think it’s okay to take more than that. “It was a great achievement that could not have been achieved through force.”

Denier said it was an outstanding performance and showed an interesting look in his eyes.

“Hmm, today will be okay.”

Balder waved his hand as if to take it quickly if he was going to take it.

“Oh oh!”

Rimmer gave a lively round of applause.

“It’s rare for opinions to be so unanimous. “What’s going on?”

He mumbled that it went well and walked over to Glenn.

“Did you hear it, matriarch? “Everyone agrees.”

“hmm… .”

Glenn looked at Raon with calm eyes. She desperately pressed down on the corner of her mouth that was about to burst out and clamped her mouth shut.

‘I don’t have anything to say except that you did well.’

It far exceeded my expectations.

I was a little nervous when Raon first said he was going to mess with me immaturely.

Because Jeonju and Daeju were together, if something went wrong, the influence that had begun to accumulate could be lost.

‘But you did a great job.’

Those worries were for naught, and Raon ignorantly attacked the comedy festival as if he had become a complete asshole.

Thanks to this, the Heegeukje’s spirit collapsed, and not only did he pour out money and information, but he also suffered internal injuries.

It’s not a big injury, but it’s not a small one either, so I’ll have to deal with it for a while.

‘There is something else that is most satisfying… .’

I saw executives heaping praise on Raon. Those who ignored Raon or kept him in check were nodding their heads, saying that today was great.

Rather than the wealth left behind by the comedian, I was happy that my grandson, who had been ignored, was starting to be recognized by the executives leading the family.

Raon, who gradually developed her own color, was so amazing that I wanted to go down and pat her head right away.


Glenn lazily snapped his fingers. The golden dimension opened and began to absorb all the treasures poured out by the Comedy Emperor.


Rimmer widened his eyes in surprise.

“Why are you taking all that!”

Instead of answering him, he put all his wealth into subspace.

‘Why why? ‘I want to take more care of you.’

That stupid Rimer said that he should only give Raon the parts that the comedian had left behind.

Since it was a small amount, it was a measure to combine it all and send more quality goods.

“Lord of the Gwangpung Unit.”

After Glenn closed the report, he called Raon.


Raon came forward and bent down.

“Everyone has agreed, so it would be right to accept it. “I will send a portion of the treasures that the comedian left behind to the annex.”

“thank you.”

Glenn cupped his chin with his hand and curled his mouth.

‘Silvia will be happy too.’

Due to Raon’s personality, he will not reveal much to Sylvia. She wanted to make her smile by sending it as her prize from the family home.

‘I’m satisfied with everything today. Except one.’

Glenn pursed his lips. Although most things were satisfactory, there was just one problem.

Where did Raon learn such foolish behavior? However, that was answered to some extent.

Tsk tsk.

Rimmer clicked his tongue as he looked at Glenn, whose neck was shaking.

‘I can see it just right.’

Is it because we spent a long time together? Just by looking in her eyes, she seemed to know what Glenn was thinking.

‘It’s so special that I want to hug it, but I’ll just hold it in.’

Glenn was unable to reveal his true feelings because he was worried about the karma he had committed and Raon, who would be checked by other immediate family members.

‘No, everyone left.’

It might just be embarrassing.

Glenn had been taking care of Raon from behind since he was young, so it seemed difficult for him to treat Raon kindly.

‘But I’ve walked a few steps these days.’

The only encouraging thing is that the distance between Raon and Glenn is getting closer little by little these days. It was so frustrating to watch that it was almost to the point of death.


When Rimmer sighed, Glenn’s voice was heard.

“Let’s just go back now. “Only Gwangpungdaeju remains.”

Glenn instructed the executives to return now that the situation was over.


Rimmer opened his eyes wide.



“Why me… ah!”

When I thought about it, there was a reason I left it behind.

‘Are you trying to give me some crumbs just because you took care of Raon?’

Seeing as Glenn’s expression was not harsh, it seemed like there was no need to call him anything else.

“All right!”

Rimmer shouted loudly and nodded.

“Lord of the Gwangpung Troop! Good job!”

“You have a great attitude.”

“How can you think like that? “What on earth is in your head?”

“I felt refreshed inside. Let’s have a drink later.”

The great masters smiled or waved to Raon, saying, “See you next time.”

Karun passed by without saying a word, Balder rolled his eyes with a shocked expression, and Denier nodded as if it was amazing.

“Then I’ll go too.”

“for a moment.”

When Raon lowered his head and was about to leave, Glenn raised his hand.

“Where did you learn the tricks you showed me today? “It wasn’t an act I could create on my own.”

“Thanks to the exemplary teaching materials next to me.”

He pointed straight to Rimmer as if there was no need to think.

“Oh, no! You’ve surpassed me! “It’s called Cheongchuleoram!”

Rimer felt an ominous feeling running down his spine and quickly shook his head.

“no. “I can’t even match the level of my great lord.”

“Because it’s real. “You were a complete bitch today!”

“My Lord, you are a mess even in normal times.”

The teacher and student pointed their fingers at each other, saying that the other was a superior idiot.

“Then let’s go.”

Raon left the throne room, saying that it was all thanks to Rimmer’s vivid life as a bastard, and the only people left were Glenn and Rimmer.

Coo coo coo coo!

Glenn slowly got up from the throne. An eerie aura blazed from the bottom of the throne room, as if she were facing a comic emperor.

“Looking at Raon today, I think I know how you usually treat children.”

“I really am not! I don’t have the same madness as Raon! “He’s blessed by a motherfucker!”

“It’s not a motherfucker, it’s puberty.”

“puberty? “Raon has mentally completed his secondary sexual characteristics since he was born. What kind of puberty is this?”

He stamped his foot saying it wasn’t Rimmer, but Glenn raised his hand without hesitation.

“Now, wait! Thanks to me, Raon got a gold bar today! Twangchi with that… .”

“So just half.”


“Just be half dead.”


* * *

Karun left the family hall quietly and Balder with a flushed expression.

“There are times in life when that guy is helpful.”

Balder scratched his thick neck and curled his mouth.

“Because his madness is directed at external enemies. It becomes an unstoppable sword? “Did you see the expression on the comedian’s face?”

He grinned and said that he liked Raon just for today.

“I saw. My sense of immobility was completely broken. “He must have suffered internal injuries.”

Karun nodded calmly.


Balder held his forehead and let out a cool laugh.

“It wasn’t a mistake after all! “I should have given you something too!”

He seemed to have developed a slight crush on Raon, wondering if the simplicity he usually displayed was acting.

“The look on his face is very determined… hmm?”

Balder frowned as he continued to look at the quiet Karun.

“Why are you crinkling your forehead? Even if you don’t like that guy, you have to admit it this time. “I caught a rat that was trying to use my home.”

“okay. It was something worth acknowledging. It was a great help to the family. but… .”

Karun slowly turned his head. His eyes were quiet and sunken like a snake that has seen its prey.

“Where did it happen today?”

“Where? “It’s the family battle.”

“okay. Gajujeon. “The only person who can act freely within it is the father.”

“ah… .”

Balder widened his eyes as if he had finally realized something strange.

“If we had made fun of the comedy festival, my father would have told us not to. But today Raon ran wild like he was in his own home.”

“then… .”

“okay. “His father’s view of Raon changed.”

Karun’s low voice made the air around him feel cold, as if it were freezing.

“Joe, isn’t that a bit excessive? Raon is still young… .”

“I wouldn’t have cared if he had just become a master or was at a low level. But now his level is master level. “It is powerful enough to defeat other top-tier enemies one after another.”

He chewed his teeth while thinking of Raon.

“It seems like my father is planning to make him our competitor.”

* * *

When Raon left the family show, Chad, the non-banquet owner, approached him.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

He lowered his head, saying it must have been difficult because he knew he had deliberately messed up.


To be honest, it wasn’t difficult at all. Because there was such an excellent teaching material called Rimer, it was clear to the eye how to move.

“It’s a small gift, but it’s a gift. “Go home and eat.”

Chad held out a small box wrapped in luxurious wrapping paper.

“Oh, it’s okay… .”

“It’s a dessert that the Vice Lord will like, so please accept it.”

He told me not to be a burden, left the box with him, and stepped back.

“Then I’ll see you next time.”

Chad bowed his head again and left without hesitation.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the box Chad gave him.

‘Is this the macaron you gave me back then?’

Since Chad had given me macarons as a gift before, I thought it would be a similar dessert this time.

‘There were people here who couldn’t let down their guard.’

I still don’t know Chad’s true intentions, so he’s not someone I can relax with just yet.

-That’s okay!

Lars frowned and gushed like a fountain.

-Let’s go buy some ice cream quickly! You promised!

The guy grabbed my sleeve and shook me, telling me to go to the bead ice cream shop right away.


Raon nodded. Due to various events happening one after another, Lars has never been able to eat the ice cream he wanted.

I ate the middle one, but I declared that I wouldn’t put a number on it because it tasted like Nadine bread.

‘let’s go.’

I nodded because I couldn’t keep my promise. Deciding to buy Lars all the ice cream he wanted, she headed to the store.

‘Shall I check the messages on the way?’

I retrieved a message that I had deleted without looking at in the throne room.

I thought Lars was going to make a fuss, but he kept his hands clasped and his eyes closed.

‘What are you doing?’

-Don’t make me talk. I am praying that nothing happens today.

Lars muttered that he was praying to the demon god that he would be able to eat ice cream just for today.

‘Nothing will happen.’

There is no festival today, and the store is not closed. There was no need to worry.

-If I go out with you, something weird always happens!

‘Sometimes. sometimes.’

Raon waved his hand and looked at the message.

[You have broken the spirit of an overwhelmingly high-ranking opponent.] [All abilities increase by 10 points.] [The level of the attribute increases.]
As I was checking the message that my ability and attribute levels had increased, I heard Lars groan.

-shit… .

He said he wasn’t interested, but it seems he was curious after all. Annoyance and anger bloomed on Lars’ face.

-Why are secret attacks on the rise?

‘By sneaking in with words?’

-Ugh… .

Lars kept his mouth shut, as if he had nothing to say.


Raon smiled and confirmed the following information.

[A title is created.]
Raon frowned as he looked at the name of the title.

‘A tongue that plays with the world?’

This is a bit… .

I looked at the contents, thinking that the name seemed too vague.

A title given to someone who defeats a higher-ranking opponent solely through verbal communication.

Ability: Causes slight mental confusion when talking to a high level opponent.

This title was a title that had an effect on the opponent’s mind, regardless of force.

It seemed to have a similar effect to mental magic.


Lars nodded quickly.

-I admit this much! I rolled three demon lords on my tongue!

Rather, he complained that he should be the tongue that plays with the dimension, not the world.

-Your tongue must be pulled out and turned into a relic of the demon world! If you call the three demon lords a joke, the entire demon world will be shaken!

Ras’ eyes flashed as he said that it would become a mythical artifact.

‘Stop talking nonsense, think about ice cream. Now that we’re all here… uh?’

Raon stopped when he saw the Beads Ice Cream store. It was dark inside, and no one was visible inside.

-Seo, really?

‘Are you taking a break?’

I approached the front of the store and read the paper stuck to the door.

[I’m taking the day off today because I have someone to curse at.]
Below it, written in small letters, was the fact that Emperor Huigeuk and Baekkyung ignored Black Tower’s hostages even though they saw him holding them hostage.

‘ah… .’

Raon opened his mouth. The store manager seemed to have rushed to the front door with the other merchants to criticize the comedian.

‘Is this how it goes?’

In order to quickly spread the rumor, Dorian and Crane were released inside, but I had no idea it would come back like this.

-Well, what is this!

Lars gritted his teeth as he looked at the paper.

– This mustache! Why are you so interested in society? Just sell ice cream inside!

The guy said he was going crazy and pounded his chest.

-If you go to festivals, events, and criticism, who sells ice cream?

Lars screamed, asking how the world could be like this.

-The world is blaming you!

‘How much?’

-They’re forcing it!

The guy waved his hand as if he was going to grab Sky by the collar.

‘excuse me… .’

Raon licked his lips while looking at Ras’s eyes.

‘I don’t think he’ll come today.’

The Comedian will be busy persuading his followers and the residents of Sieghart. It seemed like the store manager probably wouldn’t open the store today either.

-Shut up! I will definitely spend the night here today!

Lars frowned and said he would not move until the door opened.

As I was thinking about what to do, I remembered the box Chad had given me.

‘Why don’t we eat this first?’

If this dessert was a macaron, it seemed possible to comfort Lars.

-hmm… .

Lars slightly turned his head as if interested.


Raon smiled slightly and unpacked the box. As expected, there were plump macaroons covered in cream.

-This is okay! It’s sweet and delicious!

‘yes? ‘Let’s just endure this for today.’

I patted Lars on the back and picked up a macaron.

-But what does this taste like?


Raon tilted his head when he saw the cream color of the macaron.

‘check… uh?’

I gaped when I saw the note written between the boxes.

[This is a Nadine bread-flavored macaron that I specially ordered because the vice owner said he liked it. Thank you for your continued support.]
The note Chad left said it was a specially ordered Nadine bread-flavored macaron.

-I’m going back.

Lars closed his eyes tightly.

-I think I’m going to have a real mistrust of humans!

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