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Chapter 460

Raon stopped by the medical center and treated his wounds. The injuries to his bones and muscles were not serious, but he suffered internal injuries due to excessive use of the spear bow sword.


However, thanks to his strong body and characteristics, the therapist recovered surprisingly quickly and headed to the annex.


-Before we go back, let’s go to the Gusul Ice Cream Shop. The door could have been opened!

‘You heard the manager say he was going to the bar.’

-Yeah, that’s true, but just in case… .

‘If you’re that excited, you won’t open the door today.’


The store manager ran to the bar with his colleagues, his face red.

It’s not a problem today; you might drink enough to interfere with business tomorrow.


‘then… .’

-Well, then?


Lars looked this way with expectant eyes.

Sorry, but what I was talking about this time wasn’t about beaded ice cream.


‘Shall I check the messages on the way back?’



Raon enjoyed Lars’ crumpled expression and called up the message.


[You have won by overwhelming a high-level opponent.] [All abilities increase by 10 points.] [The level of the attribute increases.] [The level of the attribute increases.]

It was a message that the level of abilities and characteristics had increased.

I could feel the muscles and bones of my entire body trembling and my body becoming stronger.


However, the message still remained.


[Title has been created.]


Lars’ eyes widened as he saw the title message that came to mind for the second time.


-What kind of title are you giving me just because I caught such a sloppy guy?

‘It’s not sloppy.’

-A finger to the king. No, toes. no! This guy can be killed with just a swipe of his claws!

‘Is that so?’


Raon waved his hand and checked the description of the title.


A title given to a warrior who does not back down even in a fight with a strong person.

Ability: All abilities + 5, Aura consumption reduced when fighting with someone stronger than you.


This title had 5 all abilities and the ability to slightly reduce auror consumption when fighting strong opponents.


When fighting someone stronger than you, you spend a lot of aura, but it was a good title that compensated for that a little bit.


‘This is okay… .’



When Raon was about to say that the title was good, Lars let out a scream that sounded like a bird’s cry.


-What a stupid system! Because you give it to me! You don’t back down from the strong! If only you had stayed quiet, this guy would have been scared too!


Lars waved his fist in the air, asking what he had done so well to be given such a title.


‘That’s not wrong.’


Raon chuckled. If you lack ability, no matter how strong your will is, you will be pushed back and have no choice but to give in.

There were many times when I endured thanks to the various benefits of the system, so what Lars said was not nonsense at all.


‘But then what do you do? I already received everything.’

-That damned system will be discarded as soon as the king gains a body… .


As Lars exploded with anger, another message appeared before his eyes.


[You have received recognition for your anger.] [All abilities increase by 2 points.]
-Bo, when did the King acknowledge this? This is really bullshit… .



Raon clapped his hands as he looked at the message.


‘You did well earlier. I told you that a guy who doesn’t value his subordinates should be screwed. I guess that’s recognition.’


When the sword fight was over, I recited what Ras had said.


-That’s not it!


* * *


-Keuuuuuu… .


Lars twisted his plump cotton candy body and let out a growl like an animal.

The guy was more annoyed by not being able to eat ice cream today than by giving him his ability points.


‘I can’t help it. ‘It doesn’t make sense for the store manager to say he’s taking a break but then ask the customer to go and open the door.’

-If it doesn’t make sense, make it happen! Isn’t that what you say all the time!


The guy’s eyes widened as he spoke the words used when training the Gwangpungdae.


-one month! It’s only been a month! I kept waiting for today, but what on earth is this? Why does this world hate its king!

‘hmm… .’


‘What are you asking? I wanted to say, ‘Because he’s the devil,’ but I kept my mouth shut because I felt like he would explode if I touched him any further.


-The King was originally unlucky, but he seems to have become even stranger after meeting you!


Lars glared at us and shook his fist, which was as round as the full moon.


-It’s clear that you not only stole the King’s ability, but also his luck!

‘That went too far.’

-Shut up! Otherwise, there is no way you would run into situations like this every time!

‘hmm… .’


Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Lars’ face, which was as red as strawberry-flavored cotton candy.


‘Come to think of it… .’


Originally, there was no such thing as luck in my life.


I have never felt lucky in my previous life.


Being kidnapped and living as an assassin was the worst in itself, but the only lucky thing while living as an assassin was coming back from the dead and getting a ring of fire.


‘In the end, it was just bad luck.’


I couldn’t say I was lucky because my head fell off when it was discovered that my brainwashing had been lifted.


I didn’t think I was particularly lucky in this life, but things started to go smoothly after I met that cotton candy hog.


‘Is it real?’


Indeed, since Ras appeared, everything has been organized well, laughter has returned to the annex, and helpless growth has become several times faster than expected.


If you think about it, Lars was not just a tree that gave generously, but a goose that laid golden eggs.

They laid new eggs every day and gave them away, so much so that even the trees that gave generously could not keep up.


‘You can’t miss this goose.’


Raon clenched his fists as he looked at Lars.


-What you looking at!


Lars frowned, still not letting go of his anger.


‘I’ll go right away tomorrow.’


‘As soon as I wake up tomorrow, I’ll go to the bead ice cream store and buy them all. ‘It’s not open today, so there’s probably a lot left.’

-Really? But why suddenly?


The guy seemed to sense something ominous and took a step back.


-That’s strange! There’s no way you can move along so easily!

‘No, I don’t have any other thoughts, I waited patiently… .’


This was when Raon waved his hand and entered the annex garden.

There was a rustling sound from the bushes on the right, and a white weasel jumped out.


“you… .”


It was a weasel that belonged to Merlin. I couldn’t recognize him because I had been brushing his fur for over three hours.


“Why are you here?”


I thought he lived in the main building, but I didn’t expect to see him here.


“I’m sorry, but the deal is done. Go somewhere else and ask for it to be combed… .”

“Don’t do that, do it again.”


As I was waving my hand and walking to the annex mansion, I heard Merlin’s voice from the weasel.


“you… .”


Raon’s chin trembled as he looked at the weasel.


“Why are you here!”


In my experience so far, Merlin never sticks back to animals once they leave. I don’t know why I can hear Merlin’s voice from that weasel again.


“That night. “We had a great time.”


Merlin rubbed his hands and twisted his tail. She looked ridiculous, but she even had a light blush on her cheeks.


“Feeling your touch for over three hours was the greatest happiness of my life.”


She brushed away her fur and quenched her appetite with excitement.


“Well, then did you lie then?”

“I’m not lying. Because what this child really wanted was to have his fur combed. However, I felt the same way.”


Merlin said that after using this possession magic so much, it improved on its own.


“The animals can come back if they want. “It seems like this child also enjoyed your touch.”

“improvement… .”


Raon opened his mouth as he looked at Merlin who was shaking his head.


‘It’s not impossible.’


Merlin is a genius who developed the stalker magic that no one in the world knows about.

If it was her obsession, improving that magic wasn’t impossible.


“shit… .”


No matter what happened, I got goosebumps from petting Merlin for over three hours.


“I enjoyed the sword fight today.”


Merlin straightened his back and nodded.


“This is your second time? It’s a shame, I should have seen the first one too.”


She smiled and said that if she had seen it, she would have recorded it with magic.


“recording? Then no way… .”

“huh. “Of course I did.”

“No, you can’t use magic.”

“It has a lifespan.”


Merlin tilted his head as if asking why he was asking such an obvious question.


“ah… .”


Raon opened his mouth.


‘Human common sense doesn’t work.’


Although he shocked many people in the Great Hall today, he had no idea that it would happen to him.


-Ugh… .


Lars also trembled with his round eyes as if he was dumbfounded.


-She’s a real madwoman. Uniquely crazy!


Even the demon world stalker I mentioned before didn’t seem to be at this level.


“I’m going to watch it 1,000 times a day!”


Merlin laughed, saying he wouldn’t be nervous after seeing it a thousand times.


“eww… .”


Raon swallowed dryly, feeling an eerie sensation as if his flesh was tingling.


“I was worried because the bug had gotten a little stronger, but I guess it was pointless. After all, it’s Raon.”


Merlin smiled brightly and nodded. She’s worried, but I don’t know why I’m getting goosebumps.


“Why did you come here?”


I calmed down my stomach, which felt as if I had suffered an internal injury, and asked why I had come.


“I came to say hello. I don’t think I’ll be able to see you for a while because I’m on a mission. “It’s really annoying.”


She clicked her tongue, saying that Tacheon has been causing trouble since the Demon Ghost was defeated.


“What’s going on?”

“It’s about catching monsters. “You say they conduct experiments before making the Gryphon Lord’s helmet?”


Merlin stated the important facts without hesitation.


“Is there anyone who could use that helmet?”

“I don’t know about that. “It’s Tacheon’s job to take care of.”


She smiled, muttering that she wasn’t interested in anyone but you. She really couldn’t let down her guard.


“We’ll see you again sometime next year. “I don’t have much time left, but it will be a long time because time goes by slowly if I don’t see you.”


Merlin said goodbye in a gloomy voice.


“This child’s request is… .”

“It’s not a lie, right?”

“huh. “I’m really going this time.”


She shook her head gently.


“Do you know what the favor is?”

“No way again… .”

“that’s right. I want you to comb my fur. It won’t be as long as before though. “It was what I wanted at the time.”


Merlin stuck his tongue out and put his hands together.


“hey. you!”



As Raon was about to argue with Merlin, the weasel came towards him, letting out a small cry.

The guy’s eyes widened, but he looked up and down just in case.




“Isn’t it Merlin?”



The weasel swept its hand up and down in the air as if telling it to comb quickly.


“ha… .”


Raon sighed and picked up the subspace pouch. From inside he took out a small comb.


‘I prepared this just in case, but I never thought I would use it right away.’


I shook my head and gave the weasel a brush.

The boy let out a soft cry as if he was in a good mood and slowly closed his eyes.




Raon sighed briefly as he combed the weasel’s fur.


“Is this right?”


Why am I doing this?


* * *


Glenn lazily raised his glass. He smiled a perfect smile and wet his mouth with sea green liquor.




Pedric, sitting in front of him, let out a laugh.


“I think the guy in front of me is the King of Northern Destruction, also known as the Iron Mask. “Is it that good?”

“What do you mean? “I am as usual.”


Glenn calmly put down his drink as if nothing had happened.


“Then leave that corner of your mouth alone. “It’s not a freshly caught fish, and it’s flopping around dirty!”


Pedric frowned, pointing to Glenn’s mouth forming a triangle.




Glenn cleared his throat and put his hands on both sides of his mouth.


“Just leave it alone.”


Rimmer waved his hand.


“Today you are my student! “Raon, the matriarch’s grandson, is making a big splash, so it’s going to be hard to bear.”


He grinned, putting special emphasis on the word disciple.




Glenn briefly clicked his tongue as if he didn’t like Rimmer calling Raon his disciple.


“I’m not saying you shouldn’t show what you like. I’m telling you to show off that tea in front of Raon. “Looking at it from the side, I feel so frustrated.”

“That’s true, but even if I say it, they won’t listen.”

“I agree.”



Rimmer, Cheryl, and Roen nodded in agreement.


“No, I ate, drank, and did everything I needed to do! “If you’ve been bragging about waking up sleeping people every night, it’s time to reveal it!”


Pedric gritted his teeth.


‘You stubborn old man!’


Every time something happened with Raon, he came and woke me up, and when I saw Glenn pretending not to know anything, I got angry.


“What are you saying.”


Glenn said nothing like that and reached for his drink. His fingers seemed to be trembling slightly.


“Ugh, it’s no use. “He’s very stubborn.”

“That gambler is right this time.”


Not only Rimmer, but also Cheryl shook her head, saying it was difficult.




Only Roen let out a hollow laugh as if he was having fun.



“yes. “Matriarch.”


At Glenn’s call, Roen came forward and bowed his head.


“Did you write it down?”

“Of course it was written down.”


The two people smiled while saying something that was difficult for others to understand.


“What was today?”

“I think [Don’t cover my sky] was the best line.”

“I agree. But [for you, death is a luxury.] Wasn’t this okay too?”

“That was good too. Of course I wrote it down.”

“Sketch too?”

“of course.”


Roen made a hand gesture that seemed to be drawing a picture in the air.


“Is that really what Raon said today?”


Rimmer looked at Glenn and opened his mouth.


“Ha, that’s right.”


Cheryl sighed and slapped her forehead.


“her… .”


Pedric blurted out something absurd.


“No, I just want to show off! I don’t want to pay! “Just do one thing!”


As he shouted, the door to the throne room opened with a dull knock.


“Sorry for being late.”


The person who came in was Chad, the non-banquet owner. He approached at a quick pace and bowed his head to the four people.


“Okay. “What’s going on?”


Glenn waved his hand and told me to tell him why I came.


“It’s hard to believe, though.”


Chad held out the documents he had brought with trembling hands.


“… They say they are coming to Sieghardt.”


* * *


Raon combed the weasel’s fur for about two hours and trained until midnight in the open space under Bukmangsan Mountain before returning to the annex.


-He’s a really nasty guy.


Lars narrowed his eyes.


-Even if you duel today, you still don’t miss training?

‘Of course I should.’


Raon nodded resolutely.


‘Because a duel is a duel and training is training.’


While participating in the sword fight today, the flow of Changgung sword touched my body and mind.

In order not to miss that feeling, I had to practice right away as if reviewing.


Thanks to this, I was able to return to the annex until midnight, but I achieved a somewhat satisfactory harvest.


‘I gained a lot today.’


Not only did I become closer to the Changgung Sword, but my abilities and characteristics increased, and I was able to see what influence within the family Glenn had told me about.


I felt proud because I felt like I had achieved all the rewards of a month of training in one day.


‘I’m still tired though.’


Is it because he had to deal with Merlin in the middle? I feel like my mental strength has hit rock bottom. I wanted to take a quick shower and then go to sleep.


-okay. Wash it right away. ‘I have to go buy ice cream tomorrow.’

‘okay. I’ll really keep my promise this time.’


As Raon grinned and took the towel, there was a knock on the door. Three sharp knocks. It was Judiel.


-I feel uneasy about something… .

“come in.”


The door opened and Judiel came in and bowed her head. Her calm expression at any time hardened slightly.


“What’s going on? “Did Karun give you any instructions?”


Karun, who was in the grand training hall, had a bad expression on his face, so it seemed like he was giving some instructions.


“I came here for something different.”


Judiel shook his head.


“Something else?”

“yes. “They say a comedy festival is coming to Sieghard right now.”

“Who… ?”


Raon’s mouth opened of its own accord. The towel draped over his shoulder fell to the floor.


“It is the chief comic festival of Moby Dick among the five spirits of the New Zhou.”


Judiel swallowed dry saliva and continued speaking.


“She is coming to Sieghardt alone.”

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