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Chapter 432

Raon left the conversation and guided Rektar and Muston to the guest room in the annex.

“Thank you.”

Rektar shrugged his chin and said he was grateful for this welcome to an uninvited guest who came without anything.

“I have received much more.”

He caught the runaway executives of the Aryan family and taught them swordsmanship with sincerity.
Contrary to the saying that he did not give anything, what he received was priceless.

‘What helped me the most was sparring.’

He gained enlightenment through Rektar’s sword strike with murderous intent and was able to survive Envy’s blow.
If it hadn’t been for that, I might have ended up dead at the top of Mount Stelin.

“You really helped me a lot, so don’t say things like that. and… .”

Raon spoke while looking at Rektar’s eyes, which looked frustrated.

“Please let go of the horse now. “It’s been quite a while since we’ve been together, and isn’t it inconvenient when you help us practice?”
“hmm… .”

Rektar’s lips trembled slightly. He seemed to be struggling, thinking about many things.

“That would be correct. I understand. “No, I understand.”

He nodded, saying he would speak more comfortably from now on.

“I feel more comfortable now. thank you.”

Raon smiled slightly and clenched his lowered hand into a fist.

‘I don’t know what’s right yet.’

Since I don’t sense the slightest malice from Rektar, I’m not sure if I should force myself to dig up his heels or wait until he says something.

If he showed bad feelings like Muston, he would dig up information by any means possible, but with Rektar, he was so full of bitterness and regret that he couldn’t move carelessly.

“Then rest.”
“for a moment.”

I sighed inwardly and was about to leave when Rektar raised his hand.

“I know you’re thinking this is strange. “Sooner or later, the time will come when I will tell you everything, so I hope you will wait.”

Rektar’s eyes glowed calmly, as if he knew what everyone was thinking.

“I remember you said before, ‘Not yet.’ “I’ll be waiting until you’re ready.”

I thought this would be what an ordinary person with no memory of the assassin would say, so I recited it exactly as it came to mind.

“… … .”

Rektar looked at this direction without saying a word and then nodded.

“I’ll just go now.”
“Just one more.”

When Raon closed the door and was about to leave, Rektar stretched out his arm.

“Are you planning on training tomorrow too?”
“There is no reason to rest, so I plan to practice early in the morning at the training center.”
“There is no reason to rest. i get it.”

Rektar nodded slowly and entered the room.

Raon closed his eyes while standing in front of Rektar’s door.

‘I didn’t expect you to tell me first, but it was as expected.’

It’s clear now. Although he could not speak for some reason, Rektar was clearly related to his deceased father.

Raon returned to his room, organizing information about Rektar in his head. Perhaps because the maids had been cleaning, the room was not the slightest bit different from before I left.

“Whoa… .”

I sighed and took off my black dragon robe. Just entering the room made her feel at ease, and I could understand why people say home is best.

-There are so many words!

Lars frowned, asking why he was talking so much.

-Humans are as soft-spoken as they are weak. King Bon has been famous for being quiet and loud-mouthed ever since he was in the demon world. He didn’t open his mouth at all unless he needed to say something. So the nickname that came to him was the Demon King of Silence. Other demon kings are afraid of the main king… .
“… … .”

Raon frowned as he watched Lars mouthing rapidly. The words continue endlessly, and I don’t know how he can be the devil of silence.

‘Aren’t you called the devil of silence to tell me to keep your mouth shut?”

Lars frowned, saying it was nonsense.

‘I see you’re excited. That’s right.’
-No! This king is the heaviest demon king in the demon world… .
‘I wonder if I got heavy because I ate it.’
-Ugh! This arrogant guy… .

While I was teasing him by poking his red face, I heard three knocks on the door. It was Judiel’s signal.

“come in.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the door opened softly, and Judiel entered the room.

“long time no see.”

Judiel knelt down and bowed his head. She was not a maid, but a servant who followed her master.

“I said you don’t have to do that.”
“I do it because I want to.”

I waved my hand, but she told me not to worry and that it was her will.

“how have you been doing?”
“yes. “Now the annex feels like home.”

Judeel spoke in a calm tone and nodded.

“It’s home… .”

Raon smiled slightly as he looked at Judiel’s peaceful face. Like her previous life, she also couldn’t find a place to settle down, but she seemed to have become attached to her annex, which made her feel at ease.

“Did anything happen?”
“Nothing special has happened so far.”
“Then it will happen in the future.”
“What is that… .”

Judiel tilted his head as if wondering what it meant.

“In the throne room, the matriarch and Rektar only praised me.”
“It’s worth it. “Because you defeated the demon of Eden.”

She nodded, saying it was natural.

“okay. It’s worth it. “I even received a gold plaque.”

Raon took out the gold plate he had received from Glenn. Strangely, it felt a little heavier than the gold plaque I received before.

“However, the two who shouldn’t have been quiet were quiet.”
“Are you talking about Jungmu Jeonju and Jinmu Jeonju?”

Judiel understood the meaning of the words at once and brought out the names of Karun and Balder. This is why I felt comfortable talking to her.

“If it were like before, Karun and Balder would have been the first to ask whether the gold plate was too much, but they kept their mouths shut.”

Even if I told them to give me a silver plaque instead of a gold plaque, there would be no major loss to those two, so it was definitely worth considering, but today, they went beyond being quiet and even silenced other direct lineages.

“You should know better, but they are not those people.”

Karun and Balder absolutely hate it when their direct influence decreases, so they had to tackle it somehow today. Looking at how quiet it is, there must be something they’re aiming for.

“Then there is a possibility that you will contact me.”

Judiel calmed his eyes as if thinking about the future.

“okay. “I will tell you to gather my latest information.”

It was obvious that he would ask me to bring him some detailed information about what his newly acquired martial arts skills were, what level he had reached, and what his favorite attack methods were.

“Then I will prepare fake information.”

Judiel put his hands together and said that he would manipulate information by mixing 30% of the truth with 70% of the lies.

“Please do that.”

Raon nodded in satisfaction and then looked up.

“Oh, have you ever heard of these people called Shinju Oryeong?”
“Did you know?”

A feeling of surprise appeared in Judiel’s eyes.

“No, I didn’t know, but the head of the family told me.”
“The Hsinchu Five Spirits are five newly established organizations on the continent.”

Judiel nodded and raised his eyes slightly.

“Do you remember about the Pirate King that I told you about before you left for the Aryan family?”
“Pirate King… .”

Of course I remembered it because the title of king was used in the theme of pirates.

“Could it be that he is also one of the leaders of the Hsinchu Five Spirits?”
“yes. Pirate King, Evil Swordsman, Four Swords Demon, Demon Slayer, and even Comedy Emperor. These five created a neutral force that did not belong to either the Six Emperors or Oma. “All of them were outstanding strongmen, and the force and number of their subordinates were comparable to that of the Six Emperors, so the entire continent was in turmoil.”

Judiel pursed his lips, saying that it was clear that Shinju Oryeong had been preparing underground for quite some time.

“If that’s the case, even the Six Emperor Five Demons won’t be able to move easily.”
“you’re right. Even though the location where I launched the attack was located between the border between the Six Emperors and Oma, it seemed like it would be difficult for either side to move.”
“I guess so. “If Oma invades while we are at war with Shinju Oring, we will suffer great damage.”

In order to deal with powerful people with such a nickname, the Six Emperors would have to send quite a few troops, but they wouldn’t be able to move carelessly because Oma could attack them looking for that opportunity.

“As expected, you understand quickly.”

Judiel opened his eyes round, saying that it was amazing that he had just heard about the Shinju Five Spirits and immediately understood their movements and intentions.

“Because it’s not that difficult. In any case, the situation on the continent will become more complicated.”

Raon lowered his eyes and memorized the names of the Shinju Oryeong leaders one by one.

“I’m in trouble… . “Maybe that’s what it says.”

As Glenn said, I felt like trouble was coming soon.

“after… .”

Raon let out a low breath and clenched his fists.

“There’s someone I want you to investigate.”
“Please speak.”

Judiel nodded as if asking him to just speak.

“The two ears of Eden. Find out all about his past and latest activities. “You can even use black market information.”
“Why are you suddenly double-headed?” .”
“I have something I must do.”

Raon closed his eyes and opened them. A light like a burning fire emanated from his eyes.

‘I don’t even know my father and sister… .’

I have to take revenge.

* * *

After beating Rimmer to the brink of death, Glenn returned to the throne room and sat on the throne.

“Uhm… .”

He let out a low groan as he looked at the broken armrests of the throne.


Roen smiled calmly as he looked at the river line drawn on Glenn’s forehead.

“You look like you’re worried about something.”
“What are you worried about?”

Glenn snorted as if it was no big deal, but his thoughts were complicated and he quickly lowered his gaze to Roen.

“How did you see the man named Sword Demon?”
“I didn’t feel any malice toward Sieghardt, and he seemed like he had more character than I had heard.”

Roen smiled slightly, remembering the sword demon he saw for the first time today.

“Right… .”

Glenn must have thought the same thing, so he couldn’t refute it and nodded.

“It seemed like he had become close to everyone while teaching the Gwangpungdan how to use a sword, but he seemed especially close to Master Raon.”

At Roen’s casual remark, Glenn unconsciously strengthened his left arm.


The barely remaining left armrest crumbled into powder.


Roen muttered that he had to fix it again and smiled slightly.

“Well, does it look close?”

Glenn bit his lip as he looked out the window, seemingly not caring that the armrest was broken.

“We’re probably close in real life. “You must have spent a lot of time teaching swordsmanship.”

As if not knowing Glenn’s expression, Loen said something that might provoke him even more.

“I thought I knew why Great Lord Gwangpung said that he really looked like my grandfather.”

Glenn frowned and jumped up.

“It’s not that easy to become a grandfather! Blood! “You can only be called a true grandfather if you are related by blood!”

He gritted his teeth, saying that no matter how close he became or how much time he spent, he could not overcome the power of flesh and blood.

“Why not…” .”

Rimmer, who had been stuck in a corner, charred black, raised his trembling head.

“Well, even if you cry after your grandchild is taken away, no one will help you.”

He looked up at Glenn, who was sitting on the throne, and stuck out his tongue teasingly.

“Stay stuck in a cave for the rest of your life and die of old age without even having a drink with Raon.”
“That guy… .”

Tendons sprouted from Glenn’s forehead. When he snapped his fingers, a bolt of lightning rained down from the air and struck Rimmer’s head.


Rimmer fell down, screaming as if a pig had been cut off. Black steam rose from the top of his head.


Glenn frowned as he looked at Rimmer, who had collapsed with foam in his mouth.

‘I’m upset, but. I’m really angry, but… .’

That guy isn’t wrong.

There are countless cases where relationships based on righteousness become deeper because the relationship between blood relatives is not good.
As Limerna Roen said, there was no law preventing Raon and the Sword Demon from having a relationship like grandfather and grandson, which made me feel uncomfortable.

‘The good news is… .’

This means that Raon has not been injured yet.

Originally, he was going to give Raon a martial arts book like other Gwangpungdae swordsmen, but after seeing the look in the Sword Demon’s eyes, he changed his mind to teach Raon directly.

‘As expected, this is the only way.’

Just as the Sword Demon built a relationship with Raon by watching him practice his swordsmanship, he also had no choice but to become closer to his grandson.

“Roen. “I will go to training camp 5 early tomorrow morning.”

Glenn told Roen to cancel all plans for tomorrow and sat down on the throne.

‘I’ll teach you myself.’

Raon was the number one contributor to saving the Aryan family and catching the demon spirit, so it was absolutely not strange for him to teach martial arts himself.


Because I will give you proper teachings rather than something like a sword demon.

As Glenn was making his pledge by breaking the right armrest, Rimmer blinked, blowing black steam from his mouth.

“Why did I get hit… .”

* * *

Early morning the next day.
Raon passed through the dark garden of the annex and headed toward the 5th training center. The cool air, not bathed in sunlight, flowed down my lungs and woke me up from the drowsiness of the early morning.


Lars frowned as he climbed onto the bracelet.

-As soon as I got back, I started training early in the morning again. He was such a disgusting guy… .
‘It’s time to get used to it.’
-You may not be able to sleep, but the king is sleepy! Why don’t you rest!

The guy’s sloth level had increased, so he screamed, asking why it wouldn’t change.

‘There is a change. ‘Because of sloth, it’s not easy to get out of bed.’

As the number of sloths increased, the annoyance became more severe. Her desire to sleep a little longer became noticeably stronger.

‘Of course it’s not difficult to overcome.’

Because I have memories of my past life as an assassin, I was able to overcome my current level of laziness without the ring of fire.

-It’s really boring. You and that gym!

Lars said he needed to sleep a little more and went back into the bracelet.

‘I miss it.’

Raon chuckled and stepped on the fine sand of the empty training ground.
Even though there were no people for a while, the training ground was neatly organized. It seemed like Dogoe had prepared the training ground while Gwangpungdan was away.

‘Even though you say it’s a hassle, you do everything you need to do.’

Thinking that I had successfully saved the General Manager, I lightly warmed up in the center of the training ground.

‘shall we start.’

Raon displayed basic sword skills starting with horizontal cuts, vertical cuts, diagonal cuts, and thrusts, as well as Gwanga Sword and Seolpung Sword, which he developed after listening to the advice of the Sword Demon, and then lowered the Jecheon Sword.

Perhaps because I swung my sword with great concentration, the fog cleared and soft sunlight began to pour in.

‘As expected, it’s comfortable here.’

Perhaps because it was the space where I had been training since I was young, I felt much better than wielding the sword outside, and the sword seemed to be full of vitality.

‘Now, what’s lacking… .’

Raon incorporated the techniques of an absolute sword that he has not yet mastered in the herbivorous style of the Gwanga Sword.
It looked glamorous and restrained, but the feeling of natural connection as before disappeared like smoke.

‘It’s not enough.’

It was when he smiled bitterly and was about to open his sword again.


A strong gale and the sound of clothes scraping against the walls were heard from the walls to the right and left of the training hall.

“That’s not how you do swordsmanship… .”
“That’s not how swordsmanship is done… .”

The two people who climbed over the wall of the training center stopped, saying similar words.


Glenn and Rektar. The two people looked at each other and frowned.

“uh… ?”

Raon gaped as he looked at Glenn and Rektar, who were glaring at each other at the end of the training ground.

‘What are these people doing here now?’

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