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Chapter 428


Raon sighed and lowered his gaze. Lars was laughing, patting his swollen belly on his empty plate.

-The ship is full!
‘Is pineapple pizza that good?’

Even after eating three pineapple pizzas, he complained that it wasn’t enough, so he ended up eating 10 pineapple cookies. It was like looking into the maw of hell, where no matter how much you eat, you will still be hungry.

‘I’m so full that I can almost fall asleep.’

Perhaps because the level of sloth increased, I felt tired and my eyelids became heavy.

-That’s because your spirit is weak. It’s hard to find this level of gourmet food anywhere, so eat as much as you can while you can.

Lars muttered that eating was the pleasure and reason for life, and that he could only survive if he ate this much.
No matter how much I thought about it, it seemed like something the Lord of Gluttony would say, not the Lord of Anger.

‘The only thing I ate here was pineapple pizza. ‘I ate two servings a day because of you.’

Lars asked for pineapple pizza not just today, but every day, and since arriving in Habun Castle, he has been eating pizza at least once a day. He doesn’t care about food, but he was exhausted now.

“and. Lord Budan, have you emptied it all?”

Dorian, who had ordered the scout party set meal, whistled as he looked at the neatly emptied pizza bowl.

“It’s worth it. “Because you beat someone like that.”

He shook his head to the point where Muston’s mind changed 180 degrees, so he nodded, saying it was worth it to be hungry.

“I know. “It was really fascinating.”

Burren put down the beer glass he was holding and agreed with Dorian.

“How on earth did you fix that stubborn jealous person?”
“What are you asking? “There is no business in front of each other.”

Marta raised her clenched fist.

“No matter how hard you try, if you get beaten to the point of death, you’re bound to crawl.”

She clicked her tongue, saying it was a shame she didn’t get to see how she beat him.

“Martha’s strength is weak, but her heart is even weaker, so she can’t do it.”

Runaan shook her head as she chewed her pineapple cookie.

“what? “This is so crazy!”

Marta frowned at Runaan and then bit her tongue.

“Nyan? “Nyannyang.”

Runaan gestured to Marta with her hands rounded like a cat.

“Ugh! “You come upstairs!”
“I don’t like it.”

Marta and Runan got up from their snack and started playing catch-up in the tavern.

When Raon was laughing at Marta and Runan fighting like sisters, Lars floated up and made his face.

-You know you were lucky this time, right?
‘I know.’

I nodded heavily.

‘Because the Lord of Jealousy was more evil than I thought.’

Envy’s personality was a scoundrel, but the contract she made with Muston was a leash full of thorns.
If his bluff had been discovered, he might have been a slave for the rest of his life, like Muston, crawling on the floor.
Since it was a fortunate situation that came about thanks to a combination of circumstances, I naturally did not become complacent.

-That’s right. He’s evil, but he’s dirty and dirty. If he had controlled it well, he could have made Sloth retreat with only the power of the main king without even needing his name. but… .

Lars’ eyes cooled down. Her stomach was sticking out so she didn’t look very serious.

-There are people who don’t know the real king’s name.
‘Those who don’t communicate?’

Raon tapped the table and narrowed his eyes.

-That’s right. Arrogance and greed.

Ra’s’ voice became heavy, as if the darkness had melted away.

-He’ll attack those two guys, saying it’s okay if I sell the names of King Bonn and Sloth. Never shave your mouth. It would be more helpful to be quiet.
‘Are you saying he’s a bit of an annoying guy?’

Raon licked his lips, remembering arrogance and greed.

-The devil is not a fanatic! The Sloth and Envy you met are stupid!
‘It’s not just those two… .’

Raon looked at Lars and lowered his eyes.

‘Do you not know that you are the greatest hero?’

Ras did not know that he was the king of thugs, and only muttered that he was a thug to other demon kings.

-And lust… .
‘What about lust?’
-Run away as soon as you see it. Never deal with it, don’t even look at it, and run away!

The guy shouted at me to never deal with lust and to stand out. It seems that the purpose was to stop other demon lords and run away from lust.

‘Lust runs away, but what about gluttony?’
-Gluttony is… .
‘ah. Gluttony is you, right? ‘I must be busy with my second job.’

Raon nodded and patted Lars’ chubby stomach.

‘So when are you going to give me the power of gluttony? Does it get stronger the more you eat it?’
-No! Don’t compare yourself to that insectivorous rabbit!
‘An insectivorous rabbit?’

The sound of an insectivore coming out of that glutton’s mouth made me wonder how much he eats.

There is no normal devil… .

* * *

The Sword Demon looked into the eyes of Muston, who was kneeling on the floor of the hospital room, and stroked his beard.

‘Why is this guy doing this?’

The disciple’s eyes were ridiculously clear. The malice and jealousy that had been building up not long ago seemed to have disappeared, and clear eyes like those of a newborn baby appeared.

‘Can people change so quickly?’

Even when he was giving advice on character, there was a strong jealousy toward Raon in Muston’s eyes, and it was hard to understand how that feeling had disappeared in such a short period of time.

‘It seems like we’re back to the way things used to be.’

It felt like I was seeing young Muston saying “Master” for the first time, and it warmed my heart, even if just a little.

“What happened?”
“Nothing happened.”

Muston bowed his head more politely than ever.

“Why were you with Raon?”
“He helped me when I was lost.”

The word ‘road’ strangely seemed to have two meanings.

‘There… .’

The expression “him.” Confusion increased because Muston only referred to Raon as him or his child.

“Be honest. “What on earth are you thinking?”
“If you say it’s a thought… .”
“You’re not going to pretend to change your mind and attack Raon again, are you?”

I wanted to trust my student, but the change was so drastic that I couldn’t help but have doubts.

“Absolutely not! How dare I harm him!”

Muston hit his head on the ground like a man guilty of a mortal crime.

“He is my heaven, so I can never touch him. “I would rather die than harm him!”

Raon began praising the disciple as if he had become a priest.


What the hell is this… .

He looked down and looked into his disciple’s eyes. Clean. It was as clear as looking at a stream that no one had entered, so it didn’t seem like he had any other intentions.

‘Has it really changed?’

Even when I called Raon’s name, I didn’t feel any malice. He had clear eyes and heard a voice, so he had no choice but to believe what his disciple said.


What on earth did you do?

It is clear that Raon did not additionally beat Muston. The blood flowing from his head also fell on the ground, not a sign of being hit by someone.
Even though no violence was used, I was curious about what methods were used to change people like this.

“yes! “Master.”

Before sending Muston away, Raon told him to be polite to his teacher, and perhaps because of that, he felt more polite than usual.

“If you say that, I will believe you for the last time.”
“thank you!”
“Let’s rest for today, and tomorrow go visit the people you harmed and say hello.”
“I’m sorry, but I can’t rest now.”

Muston shook his head and stood up.

“Raon said that from now on, we should not be swayed by useless emotions and only focus on developing martial arts, so we should start training now.”

He grabbed the sword with his still bruised hand as if he was serious.

“under… .”

The Sword Demon was in vain as he looked at Muston with serious eyes.

‘Correction of people to this degree… .’

What is that kid… .

* * *

A week later.
Raon and Gwangpungdan finished preparing to leave and headed to the gate of Habunseong Fortress.

Not only the warriors of Habunseong but also the residents were lined up on the main street in front of the castle gate.

“It’s no big deal, why did you all come out?”

Raon scratched his cheek as he looked at the people of Habun Castle who had gathered like a cloud.
Instead of saving everyone like before, I enjoyed it to the fullest and went back, feeling a little embarrassed.

“Human memories are not so easily forgotten.”

Milland smiled and looked back. The restored castle wall caught his eye.

“Everyone in this castle saved their lives thanks to you. “That memory has become a wall that will never collapse, so have confidence.”

He smiled and said it was a blessing because he never forgets grace.

“What the Lord of Seong said is correct!”
“We never forgot that day!”
“I am always grateful!”
“Stay healthy!”
“I wish you luck!”

The warriors and residents of Habunseong, standing behind Milland, shouted in unison and waved their hands.

“me too. No, neither do we.”

Raon smiled slightly and bowed his head to Milland and Ha Bunseong’s warriors.

“I will never forget for the rest of my life that you saved us from the Aryan family.”
“thank you!”

Gwangpungdan followed Raon and bowed towards the warriors of Habunseong.

“We are each other’s benefactors. “This is the best relationship that helps each person.”

Milland nodded coolly, saying he liked it.

“I said it before. Ha Bunseong is standing behind you. “Please don’t feel pressured to call me in the future.”

He raised his hand to call them at any time, saying that there were less monsters and less work to do.

“It’s the same for us. “If Habunseong is in danger, I will come running even in my sleep.”

Raon made eye contact with Milland and nodded.


Rimmer yawned and stretched.

“Why do prosecutors say hello so long? “Let’s go quickly!”

He waved his hand as if he was annoyed.

“Why did I become such an ugly guy… .”

Milland sighed and shook his head.

“Iknow, right. “He is the best at being obnoxious in Sieghart.”

Raon stood behind Rimmer and sighed.

“Then I’ll just leave.”
“wait a minute!”

After bowing his head one last time, he was about to leave, when the toddler’s grandfather ran up and held out a large basket.

“I packed your favorite pizza and cookies. Because I made it now. Please eat as you go.”

Lars, who was twitching his eyes as if bored, jumped up and roared.

-Store manager! I became a human! good! From today, the store manager is also the king’s subordinate!

Lars’ forced scouting began once again.

‘no way… ‘Ugh.’

I looked inside the Raon basket and closed my eyes tightly.

‘Pineapple pizza and pineapple cookies… .’

Everything is ruined because of this insectivore.

I wanted to try other pizzas, but because of Las Vegas, I ended up eating pineapple pizza until the day I left.
It seemed like I would have to maintain my discipline with Nadine bread for a while.

“Grandpa, I am!”

Yua put her hands on her waist as if she was in pain.

“Didn’t you gain weight because you ate too much while you were here? “Starve.”
“Eh… .”

Just as he said, the baby’s cheeks were plump, but he looked cuter that way.

“thank you.”

Raon took the basket and bowed to the store manager.

“no. “Please take good care of that child in the future.”

The store manager held Yua’s hands tightly with watery eyes.

“Do not worry.”

I will never let you die before me.

I swallowed those words and laughed.

“Lord Seong.”

Raon slowly turned his gaze to look at Milland.

“Then let’s go.”
“Is that greeting correct? “I think it was a little different when you came here?”

Milland waved his hand without receiving a greeting.

“I’ll be back.”

He smiled slightly and lowered his head again. Only then did smiles appear on Milland and the others’ faces.

“okay. See you again.”

Raon nodded, looking at the sunlight that made people’s smiles warmer.

“I will definitely come back.”

* * *

Glenn frowned, tapping his fingers on the armrests of his neatly repaired throne.

‘Why on earth aren’t you coming!’

We have prepared a lot of gold plaques, rewards, and praise. I even wrote the script and memorized it, but Raon and Gwangpungdan never thought of coming back.

‘You said you were stopping by Habun Castle. Are you planning on living there at all?’

I couldn’t help but be even more confused as there was no communication since Rimmer’s letter saying he would stop by Habun Castle.

“Whoa… .”

When I saw the ‘Wow’ and ‘Boom’ words in the letter that Rimmer had previously sent, my anger welled up again.

‘I have to kill you no matter what.’

I’ve thought about keeping it alive because of old memories, but no matter how much I think about it, I don’t think it’s possible. I was determined to kill him.

Tuk. Tuk. Ttuduk.

As the armrests of the throne shook in frustration as if they might break again, the door to the throne room opened and Roen came in.


Roen bowed his head to Glenn and smiled.

“They say the Gwangpungdan is making a comeback.”
“yes. “They say we’ll arrive at the main gate in about two hours.”

Glenn curled his mouth and started to stand up, but then stopped.


He cleared his throat, adjusted his clothes and hair, and sat down on the throne again.

“I’m not going to let it go this time. When the mission is over, I have to return right away. “You’re taking so much time, what do you know about your family?”
“You should.”

Glenn put his arms on the throne and lowered his eyes.

“What the Gwangpungdan did this time was no ordinary feat, so it would be right to praise them first. “Roen.”
“We will hold a promotion ceremony right away. “Summon the executives.”
“All right.”

Roen left the throne room again with a gentle smile.

After a while, all the family officials, including the immediate and collateral relatives, gathered in the throne room.
Even though they were suddenly called in as if they had heard the news of the Gwangpungdan, they stood quietly in a row without any complaints.

Glenn lowered his gaze, colder than ever.
The moment he was twisting the armrests of the throne to hide his tension, Roen’s voice was heard from outside the throne room.

“They say the Gwangpungdan has completed its mission and returned!”
“Ask them to come in.”

As he nodded his head in a low voice, the door to the throne room opened and a dust-covered Gwangpungdan came inside.

‘That guy… .’

Glenn’s fingertips trembled as he watched Raon enter the door in front.

‘Have you grown again in the meantime?’

He thought he had achieved enlightenment by catching the ghost of the dead, but while he could not see it, his body, mind, and martial arts had all developed further.

‘He’s truly a child who can’t let down his guard.’

As I was trying to erase my coldness without realizing it, I felt a sharp gaze from behind the Gwangpungdan group.
When I raised my head, I saw an old man with white hair that I had never seen before, looking in my direction.

‘The author… .’

Glenn pulled back the corners of his mouth and narrowed his eyes.

‘Are you a sword demon?’

Although he was a warrior with a reputation that resonated across the continent, what came to mind now was not his accomplishments, but what was written in Rimmer’s letter.

Glenn twisted his mouth and crushed the armrest of the throne that had been barely repaired.

‘This looks like a real grandfather?’


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