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Chapter 419

-Keuuuu… .

Ras looked up at the yellow walls of the lower castle and let out a faint groan.

-This is a place that left a dirty memory for the King.

I remembered the worst moment in Masang when Raon sold his name and put pressure on Sloth.

‘shit… .’

Since I became this little girl, I haven’t had a favorite moment except when I’m eating delicious food, but I’ve never felt more sorry about not being able to speak up as much as I did then.

Raon put his hand on Lars’ head and tasted it.

‘okay? It was the best memory for me.’

Thanks to coming to Habunseong, I made good connections, rescued an infant, and received numerous rewards. In particular, I was able to get sloth.
Unlike Lars, Habunseong was a lucky land for me.

Raon crossed the gates of Habun Castle, receiving cheers from knights and scouts pouring down like sunlight.

“Long time no see!”
“I can’t even call you a small sword demon anymore! Welcome to the White Sword Dragon!”
“You’re taller!”
“I’ve been hearing rumors about Raon!”

The scouts inside the gate smiled and waved with joy.

“There are even infants!”
“It’s a baby!”
“Why are you here now?”
“I missed the food you make!”
“How was everyone?”

Yua smiled brightly at the rangers who were running around when they saw her.

‘Everyone knows this face.’

When I first came to Habun Fortress, perhaps because I started out as a scout, all of their faces looked familiar to me.

“Long time no see.”

Raon bowed his head slightly and responded to their cheers.

The rumor that he had returned seemed to have spread, and even the residents of Habun Castle came running out behind the scouts and knights.
The shouting of so many people at the same time was enough to sting my ears.

“Hey… .”

Burren looked at the gathered people and opened his mouth wide enough for a fly to enter.

“What on earth did you do that people like it so much?”

He stuck his tongue out, saying it felt like watching the return of a hero.

“Someone made a Rachal girl, and wherever she goes, she is a hero.”

Marta covered her ears and frowned.

“Why don’t you just live here? “Habunseong looks like your hometown.”

Her horns were strong, probably because she had heard the sound of a Nachalnyeo before coming here.

‘The reason you are called a nachalnyeo is because of your personality… .’

The reason Martha’s second name was Nakchalnyeo was because of the temper and venom she displayed during the duel sparring. It’s a result of her own actions, so I don’t know why she always picks on me.

“North. cold.”

Runaan looked around with sparkling eyes.

“ice cream!”

She looked past the people at the buildings, muttering that there must be a great ice cream shop here.
Of course, unfortunately, there was no ice cream shop or anything like that, but it was a rare sight to see such a vibrant scene even once a year, so I left it alone.

“I heard they’re all unique.”

As Raon was moving forward in vain, an old man with a familiar face and a bandana wrapped around his forehead approached from the right. He was the manager of the tavern and the grandfather of Yua.

“Wow! grandfather!”

Yua ran, even using walking skills, and jumped into the store manager.


The store manager bent his knees and gently picked up the rushing infant.

“haha! “This guy has grown so much now that it’s hard to even hold him!”

He straightened his wrinkled expression while holding the infant tightly.

“I missed you!”

Yua had tears in her eyes as she rubbed her cheek against the manager’s chest.

“Me too. Welcome.”

The store manager patted the back of the sobbing toddler and smiled warmly.


Julius must have been moved by the reunion between the infant and his grandfather, so he turned his head and covered his mouth.

The store manager had a short conversation with Yoo Ah and approached Ra On.

“Thank you for taking such good care of that tomboy.”

He lowered his head before saying anything.

“Don’t do this.”

Raon shook his head as he helped the store manager up.

“He is such a lively child, so we are receiving a lot of strength from him.”

I’m serious. Yua was bright and kind-hearted, and like Sylvia, she created a warm atmosphere wherever she went.
The annex also had more smiles than before after Yua arrived.

“It’s a baby. “Go first and rest with your grandfather.”
“Is that okay?”
“okay. “We’ll go to the Frost Branch later.”
“yes! “I’ll prepare something delicious for you!”

Yua said that she needed to boost sales for the first time in a long time, and headed towards the branches of the frost with her arms around the store manager.


Raon tilted his head as he looked at Lars hanging on his shoulder.

‘What’s going on?’
-what are you talking about.
‘If you were a normal person, you would say [What are you doing? Go right away and order the manager’s pineapple pizza!], but why are you staying still?’
-Those two probably need time to talk, so why would the king interfere?

Lars snorted, saying that it had been a while since we had seen each other, so we needed time to talk to our grandparents.

‘I really don’t know this guy.’

Although he was usually childish, he sometimes showed such a serious side that I couldn’t hate him.

-The King is not a carnivore!
‘Ah, it’s true that it’s insectivorous. That’s for sure.’

Raon smiled as he nudged the bridge of Lars’ nose as he rushed towards him.

As he and the Demon Lord of Fury were hitting each other on the nose, Dorian’s eyes trembled as if he was anxious.

Dorian looked around the lower castle where Raon’s name rang out endlessly and rubbed his stomach pouch.

‘what’s this… .’

I also fought together, so what is this difference in treatment?

When Habunseong became hell, just like Raon, he couldn’t sleep and fought until the end.
They didn’t just swing their swords, they rolled logs, threw rocks, and even scattered supplies, but I had no idea they would be treated like useless people.

‘I admit that Lord Budan is great. Of course I admit it. however… .’

It’s so bad that no one is looking for me!

Among the many people surrounding the Gwangpungdan, there was not a single person who shouted Dorian’s name, let alone Raon.

When I returned to the family after finishing the exam at Ha Bun Castle, I remembered the trauma of being ignored, and moisture gathered around my eyes.

‘Isn’t this really too much?’

As I was shaking my fist in boiling anger, I heard my name called in a low voice from somewhere.


It wasn’t an illusion. It was clear that someone was looking for her.
When I turned my head to where the sound came from, I saw a middle-aged man wearing a white windbreaker waving his hand. It was Radin, the leader of the 3rd scout corps that I had transferred to when I first came to Habun Castle.


Dorian smiled brightly and ran to Radin. When he met someone who welcomed him for the first time, his heart skipped a beat.

“A long time! Dorian!”
“As expected, there is only one captain.”

I nodded, feeling the bridge of my nose twitch.

“You’re still the same. “It doesn’t seem like much has changed.”
“There isn’t any. “I’ve changed a lot too!”

If you didn’t recognize me because it had changed, I would at least understand, but when I told you it was the same, it made me even sadder.

“however… .”
“Do you have any of the yellow apples you gave us earlier? Years have passed, but I still can’t forget that taste… .”

Radin ate the yellow apple, saying it was so delicious that he couldn’t stop thinking about it.

‘Then you didn’t recognize me, but because of the apple?’

Tendons protruded from Dorian’s forehead. Somehow, I thought it was strange that that sly man was pretending to know.

“apologize? Of course there is.”

I released the anger I had been suppressing and put my hand in my stomach pocket. He took out the whole box of her apples and slammed them on Radin’s head.


The apple box crumbled into powder, and Radin fell backwards, screaming.

“Kwaek… .”
“Eat it all!”

* * *

thud! thud!

Repon Robert knocked vigorously on the door of Derus Robert’s office.

“father! father!”

He pounded on the door one after another and called Derus inside.

“Come in.”

After a while, a warm voice came from the room.


Repon Robert adjusted his clothes and opened the door to his office.


Derus Robert put down the pen he was holding on the desk and looked up. A benevolent heat emanated from his eyes.

“Seeing that you rushed in so urgently, it must be about Prosecutor Raon.”
“that’s right!”

Repon Robert nodded loudly. After the Six Emperors duel sparring, he came to respect Raon even more, and there was no one in this family who did not know that he liked Raon.

“What kind of performance did Prosecutor Raon perform this time that made your face so bright?”
“Do you know that they are the Aryan family?”
“I know.”
“Raon went to the Aryan family and punished the corrupt executives who were ruining the family, and even the demons who tried to attack the family… .”

He told me all about the rumors that Raon had saved the Aryan family and driven away the ghosts and undead.

“Right. After all, you are a great friend.”

Derus listened to the story about Raon brought by his youngest son and then nodded quietly.

“And now you’re a real fan of his.”
“I’ve been a real fan for a long time! “The signed uniform is still hanging on the wall!”

Repon smiled and said that he dusted the uniform that Raon had autographed once a day.

“I respect Raon’s military power, but it’s surprising that so many forces worked together to save him in a moment of crisis. Should I say that my heart feels bigger… .”
“Are your breasts getting bigger?”
“yes! “I can only express it that way!”

He looked excited and placed his hand on the left side of his chest, where his heart was.

“Raon is my goal. I definitely want to follow him and stand on the same battlefield as him someday.”
“I think I said it once before… .”

Derus Robert smiled and gestured to Repon.

“If you want to be like Prosecutor Raon, you shouldn’t be here right now, right?”
“ah… .”
“I didn’t practice again and went outside!”
“I’ll go right away!”

Repon nodded and quickly left the office.


The moment the office door closed, Derus Robert’s eyes, which had been laughing like an idiot, hardened like ice.


At his call, a black shadow emerged from the floor. The shadow, which had been undulating like a wave, rose up and was sculpted into the appearance of a handsome young man with impressive long black hair.

“Did you call me?”

The man called Siris knelt down and bowed his head.

“How is the information gathering going on about Raon Sieghart and the Gwangpungdan?”
“We are collecting every single hair. Through this incident, I learned that Ha Bunseong, Owen, and Cheoljeondae are behind him, so it is a great harvest.”
“What about Balkar?”
“There is a rumor that the wizards of Valkar came at the request of Princess Jaina. “It seems to be related to Princess Jaina, not Morel.”
“It didn’t seem like a good relationship… .”

Derus frowned, recalling the Raon and Jaina he saw in Owen.

“I inquired with the black market, and it seemed like they were concealing important information about Raon.”
“I received something from Raon, so it’s worth it. As I said before, don’t blindly trust information on the black market, but be suspicious first.”
“I will.”

Siris nodded.


Derus took off his black leather gloves. The sticky blood that flowed from the back of the hand was connected to the glove like a spider web.
He cupped the blood in his hands and smiled eeriely.

“I caught the demon spirit… .”
“It’s not real, is it?”
“Rimer probably helped. Even if he has grown, he will still be at the master level.”
“To reach the master level at the age of 20, you must be a genius living alone in the world.”

Siris whistled and shrugged.

“That guy is not a genius, he’s a monster. He is beyond human understanding. However, I don’t think we need to step forward ourselves anymore.”

Derus snapped his fingers as he looked at the back of his hand, which continued to bleed.

“My thoughts are similar.”

Siris licked her lips and continued speaking.

“Raon Sieghardt lost four of Ouma. Since the other one is not on good terms with Sieghart, it can be said that he is being targeted by all of Ouma. He might as well use them.”
“That is correct.”

Derus nodded slightly, as if he liked Siris’ judgment.

“Where do you think I should help?”
“Of course it’s Eden, or the White Blood Church. “They say the Black Tower has moved, but compared to those two, the resentment is much lacking.”
“Unfortunately not.”

He lowered his eyes as if saying no.

“Eden is crazy about reduction, and the White Blood Church is crazy about doctrine, so there is not much camaraderie. “He may have already forgotten and is preparing other plans.”
“then… .”
“What we need to see is the North-South alliance.”
“But they’re just waiting to receive the payment…” .”
“It’s not the main body of the North-South alliance, but the deputy leader of the Senate.”

Derus brought up the name of a person who belonged to the North-South Alliance.

“Will he stay still after losing his only grandson? “I don’t think so.”

Siran’s grandson, Tiller, was torn to death by Raon while playing with the lives of the Cheonglu tribe.
Unlike other Ohma, the North and South Alliance retain their humanity, so they are probably preparing to take revenge on their blood relatives.

“Find out what Siran and the Senate are doing, and approach cautiously.”
“All right.”

Siris nodded and disappeared, turning into a shadow just like when he first appeared.

“Enjoy it a lot now.”

Derus smiled dizzyingly as he pressed the wound on the back of his hand and forcibly squeezed out the blood.

“Because you won’t have much time left.”

* * *

The Gwangpungdan and the knights stopped in front of the castle lord’s mansion built in the center of the lower castle.

Milland smiled with satisfaction as he looked at the knights and prosecutors.

“It’s been a lot of hard work. “I’ll give you a week’s vacation, so you can rest well!”

At his instructions, the knights took off their helmets and cheered.

“So are we!”

Rimmer, who had now come to his senses, raised his hand.

“You worked hard, so think of it as a vacation and have fun and eat!”
“Shh, can you take a break? “Raon will be in trouble?”
“I know.”
“Lord Budan, could you please stop it?”
“The risk… .”

The Gwangpungdan swordsmen looked at Rimmer asking for help, but he cleared his throat and turned his head, pretending not to notice.

“Those pants are sober… .”
“I’m not doing anything right.”
“The main character is a gambling elf with a disease.”
“Lala… .”

Rimmer hummed, not caring what the Gwangpungdan was talking about.

“Mr. Rektar. Let’s go. “I have some good drinks.”

Milland smiled as he pointed toward the mansion.

“I guess I have to be indebted to the Lord of the castle today.”

The Sword Demon smiled softly and nodded. Since the two were of similar age, they became quite close friends while traveling.

“Uhm… .”

As he was following Milland into the mansion, he stopped and saw Raon.

“Can I ask you a favor?”
“Please speak.”
“This guy is so shy, can you take him with him and show him around Ha Bun-seong?”

The Sword Demon pushed Mouston next to him forward.

“I and the Lord of Seong are having a drink. What are you going to do there?”
“that… .”
“There are few places so full of blood and the smell of battle. “Look back and think about what kind of battle took place here and how you would have prevented it.”

He seemed to think this would also be a good experience and told Muston to find something to learn from this place.

“All right.”

Although I didn’t like Muston, I received a lot of help from the Sword Demon, and it wasn’t that difficult, so I nodded.

“I’m going with you too!”

Rimmer grinned and joined behind Sword Demon and Milland.

“Are you really going to keep going like this?”
“Hey gambler!”
“Lazy elf!”

Gwangpungdan shouted at Rimmer, but he never looked back and instead disappeared at a faster pace.

“today… .”

Raon stood in front of Gwangpungdan and opened his eyes. He only said today, but fear filled everyone’s eyes.

“It’s a break.”
“What’s going on?”

Gwangpungdan’s eyes widened at the unexpected situation. He kept asking me if it was true.

“Because you’ve worked so hard. Rest until the day after tomorrow.”

Since I needed time to get to Sloth, I planned to give him a break from the beginning.

“The scout leader who marked Dorian with the box earlier will tell you where to stay.”

He pointed at Radin, who was eating an apple while holding his head, and turned his back.

“It’s over, let’s go.”

He gestured to Muston.

“It’s going to be a hassle for you too, so I’ll finish it quickly.”
“… … .”

Mouston twitched his mouth and followed behind. Still, it seemed like he was trying to follow his teacher’s words.

Raon traced his memories and introduced Muston to various places in Habun Castle.

At first, it seemed like he was forcing himself to endure it, but every time a resident he hadn’t seen in a long time greeted him warmly, his complexion turned as dark as a catfish in a stream.

‘It’s annoying.’

The Sword Demon may have made this request in hopes of becoming friends with his student, but no matter how much he thought about it, it was impossible to get close to this bastard.

In order to finish quickly, I walked around the castle and climbed up the castle wall.

“This is the wall of Habun Fortress. At the beginning of the year, it is a place where chaos takes place to prevent the thousands of monsters that arrive. “If it’s you, you can smell the scent of blood embedded in this land.”
“… … .”

Muston still did not open his mouth. He just frowns as he looks at the snowy field where blood stains remain.

“This is the last time. “I’ve shown you everything, now do whatever you want.”
“Raon Sieghardt.”

As Raon waved his hand and turned his back, Muston’s voice was heard for the first time.

“Do not approach Master any more.”

A voice full of jealousy. It was a voice whose expression was predictable even without turning around.

“after… .”

Raon sighed briefly and turned around. Muston, whose face was more distorted than expected, let out thick breath.

“Master changed because of you. “He wasn’t that kind of person to begin with!”
“Say it right? “I didn’t approach Rektar, but Rektar came this way.”
“Even though he was interested in other people’s swordsmanship, he only looked at me, but you. How dare you… .”

Muston screamed that the Sword Demon was originally only kind to him and that everything was ruined because of you.

“When you teach, you give advice on swordsmanship, and you give me a whole fish bone that has been eaten!”
“You idiot.”

It’s bullshit.

After giving himself advice on swordsmanship, the Sword Demon taught Muston why he gave the advice and what changes came about as a result of that advice.

I couldn’t compare the concentration or frequency of teaching, but I was complaining nonsensically.

Raon made eye contact with Muston.
The feeling of jealousy coming from my slanted gaze seemed to touch my skin.

‘It’s amazing in a way.’

I’ve seen quite a variety of people in my past and present lives, but this is the first time I’ve encountered a person who was consumed by jealousy to this extent.
Just as Lars said was snake-like, the eyeball itself appeared to have vertical pupils like a reptile.

“Let’s stop.”

I felt like punching him in the face, but I waved my hand because I had to go to Sloth and it was the Sword Demon’s job to take care of it.

“Your teacher is a fool, don’t look down on other people’s teachers!”
“… … .”

I stopped walking to leave.

“Did you say you wanted to fight again?”
“I’ll give you a chance.”

The chill of blue anger that overwhelms jealousy flickered above Raon’s red eyes.

“You need to be punished.”

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

Reincarnation Genius Sword Master Assasin
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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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