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Chapter 403

Coo coo coo coo!

Raon used the ring of fire as he watched the magic stream pouring down and the salt jade sword being struck by his neck.

Time seemed to pass more slowly than usual, perhaps due to the resonance achieved in the extreme situation.

‘I knew it,’

I felt it as I entered the land of death where the three pillars were embedded.
The energy of death that dwells here is on a different level from the ground I have walked on so far, and there are countless magic circles hidden all over heaven and earth.

‘Of course.’

The Arch Lich had been observing people and commanding the undead since the siege began, so there was no way he could have stayed still without any preparation until now.

It was obvious that a lot of preparations had been made to kill the warriors who rushed here.

‘Especially among them… .’

It looks like he wanted to kill me.

There was only one person who came inside, and when I saw that the magic circle was opened and even the Sangui-level Death Knight hidden in the energy of death was revealed, I could feel the will to kill them first and start at any cost.

‘But you are not the only ones preparing.’

I knew that the Arch Lich was observing this side, so I knew the situation would turn out this way.

Raon curled up his mouth as he watched the Death Knight’s flame jade sword and magic stem getting closer and closer.

‘Las. Make a deal quickly… .’
-I don’t like it.
‘uh? what?’
-I said I didn’t like it.

Before I came here, the guy who said he would restore my stamina and aura, and even lend me coldness and anger, suddenly shook his head in disgust.

Raon swallowed his dry saliva as he watched the flame jade sword getting closer and closer.

‘What are you saying all of a sudden? ‘We agreed to make a deal!’
-Now that I think about it, it seems like only you benefit.

No matter how much he thought about it, Lars lowered his eyes and said it was a loss. He seemed to know that he had the upper hand and went up.

However, as if he had no intention of negotiating, a strange power was conveyed to him, so his thoughts remained the same, but time passed more slowly.

‘Keu… .’

My heart clenched because I could not have predicted this situation.

‘I will receive more anger. ‘That’s it, then?’

Lars continues to push his anger into himself in order to take over this body, but that is not all bad.
Because I learned how to use anger from him, there were both pros and cons.


Lars did not respond but pouted his mouth.

Isn’t this it?

Of course, I thought he would tell me to get more angry, but he didn’t say anything.

‘I don’t have time. If you don’t speak quickly, it’ll all be over. I can’t get anything… .’
‘no way… ?’

Raon frowned when he saw Lars licking his lips.

‘I’ll eat whatever I want, not just after the war is over, but after I leave here and until I return to my family.’
-Hmm… .
‘I’ll also eat the new bead ice cream that Runaan mentioned!’
-It’s a call!
‘You look like a damn insectivore!’

Trying to bargain at such an urgent moment makes me curse.
However, Lars doesn’t know yet, but his bargain may not have gone as expected.

-Let me give it to you properly.

With Lars’ excited voice, vitality fills the body that was weighed down like wet cotton. Heat and cold soared endlessly into the empty danjeon.

In particular, the cold energy grew to such an enormous size that it penetrated through the thick and gigantic dantian.

Raon lowered his center of gravity and extended his requiem sword forward.


What is put on this bright yellow dish is extreme frost and the devil’s wrath. A blue light burned above the red blade engulfed in an alien energy.


The enormous energy, cold, and anger felt in my left hand exploded at the same time. The requiem sword vibrated as if it would break, and a cold surge that seemed to freeze the world rose.


Using the Requiem Sword as a medium, a silver aurora bloomed, and the magic falling from the sky and the Death Knight unleashing hellfire froze at the same time.

“Ugh… .”

Raon bit his lip as he looked at the frozen world.

‘It’s not easy either… .’

I feel sick and feel exhausted. I feel like I want to collapse right now.
It was possible thanks to Ras’ help, but it seemed like it was still too much for him to use the silver aurora on his own.


The sound of the Death Knight’s body creaking is heard in the ice. Judging from the fact that he tried to move even after being hit by Lars’ technique, he was stronger than I thought.


Raon endured the pounding pain in his chest and put the heat of the cartoon ball into the Jecheon sword he was holding in his right hand.

Pead deud deuk!

The heat rays rising from the red-hot blade shattered the body of the Sangui-class Death Knight frozen right in front of him.


The huge ice pillar created by the silver aurora was split by the red island and rained down into pieces.

“What is that again… .”

Miland, Lord of Habun Castle, gaped as he looked at the ice barrier that Raon had created.

“Well, it seems like magic, but it’s not magic. It’s literally a phenomenon itself… .”

Morel said this was absurd and opened his eyes so wide that they almost popped out.

“Has swordsmanship changed?”
“It’s not that I’ve changed, but I think my skills have improved in the meantime.”

The Three Princes and Borini Keaton swallowed their dry saliva when they saw not the silver aurora, but the enemy island that had split the Death Knight with a single blow.

“Now it’s all about the circus.”

Iron Lord Trevin sighed and shook his head.

“Is that a human?”
“I’m more scared of those humans than the undead… .”
“I shouldn’t fuss.”

Gwangpungdan also muttered that he was a really sick person after seeing this ridiculous scene.

* * *

“What is this!”

The Arch Lich stepped back as he saw Raon, who had blocked hundreds of magic spells and the Death Knight’s sword with just one move.

‘It’s ridiculous… .’

Is it possible to suddenly regain one’s aura?

I knew that young Sieghardt could create a cold barrier, but I thought it was impossible with his current aurors and physical strength.

However, just before the sword and magic touched, the bastard exploded an enormous aura that did not exist in the Danjeon, creating that ridiculous pillar of cold.

‘Well, like that…’ .’

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t understand the current situation.

But now, getting out of this dangerous situation is more important than knowing the secret. Because the enemy wasn’t just that young guy.

‘What should I do?’

It wasn’t difficult to summon the Death Knight again, but I couldn’t think of a way to kill all of those humans.

As the Arch Lich moved the thread of fraud to revive the dead Death Knight, young Sieghart motioned behind him.

“It’s all over. Please come in now.”

As he gestured, the humans waiting behind him slowly stepped onto the ground as death.

‘It’s your chance!’

People may not know this, but the magic circle installed in space is not disposable, but continuous.

Even that guy wouldn’t be able to continuously use the wall of cold he just created, so activating the magic circle when they all come in could cause fatal damage.

Humans entered the land of death without hesitation and began wiping out the unfrozen undead.


The moment the last person entered the ground, the Arch Lich activated the magic circle again.

He dropped his attack magic and tried to accelerate the Death Knight’s resurrection, but he stopped abruptly.

‘uh… ?’

The magic circle does not activate. It wasn’t to the point where it couldn’t be activated, but all the magic circles that were supposed to be fine even if left for a month started to melt.

“W-what! Why the magic circle!”

I was so embarrassed that the death knight resurrection magic I was making stopped when I heard young Sieghart’s voice.

“why? “Can’t the magic circle activate?”

He grinned as he twirled the dagger that created the ice barrier with his finger.

“No way, with that dagger… .”

I had seen many times breaking magic and magic circles with that ominous magic sword, but I never imagined that it would nullify all the magic circles in this place.

“What on earth are you! “What are you doing?”

Raon smiled slightly as he watched the Arch Lich shaking his chin. He must have been so embarrassed that his blue eyes fluttered as if they were about to go out.

‘It worked.’

No matter how good the requiem sword is, it is impossible to break all those magic circles at the same time.

After identifying the center of the magic circle through the ring of fire and destroying it with the silver aurora and magic blood, it seemed to have worked well.

“This relieves stress!”

Buren grinned as he crushed Spatoy’s body.

“Get your heads off you boring skeletons!”

Marta only smashed the heads of the undead, as if resolving what had happened so far.

“Finish quickly and sleep! sleep! sleep!”

Runaan seemed to have reached his limit, and with his purple eyes filled with blue fighting spirit, he cut the Dullahan into four pieces.

“The end is in sight!”
“Things that are nothing special!”
“Screw everything!”

Not just Gwangpungdan. The warriors and wizards of the four forces began to pour out their mana and slaughter the undead, thinking that the end was in sight.

Because so many powerful forces had gathered, not long after, all the undead monsters except the Arch Lich were defeated.

“Now there is only one dry bone left.”

Milland stood next to Raon and pointed his sword at the Arch Lich.

“He’s a Sanggwi-level arch lich, so he’s not common. “It would be fun to experiment.”

Morel smiled eeriely as he compressed a firestorm in his grasp.

“If you see this level of undead running around, you have to get rid of him at all costs.”

Borini Keaton approached with a sharp spirit.

“Are you saying that he is the culprit who brought us here? “You’re an arrogant bastard.”

Trevin raised his sword and glared at the Arch Lich.

The Arch Lich’s fingertips seemed to be trembling due to the powerful energy waves generated by the four people.

“What do you want to do now? “Are you left alone?”
“You are not alone.”

Arch Lich gritted his teeth and raised his hand. A huge morale stirred, and the Death Knight and his superior undead who had died moments before appeared beneath him.


The Death Knight immediately raised his sword and apologized to the Arch Lich.

“There’s no need to be sorry.”

Raon answered on his behalf and smiled slightly.

“Your friend will soon follow suit.”
“Shut up!”

The Death Knight grits his teeth and rushes in. Faster than before. It felt like I was walking with all my might.

‘It’s fast. but… .’

It’s the way I know.

Raon extended his right foot forward and raised his sword from below.


A ferocious sword strike imbued with the magic of the Gwanga Sword struck down the Death Knight’s flame jade sword.


The Death Knight’s chin trembled as if he could not believe that his sword was lightly pushed away.

“The Death Knight who was here before is your clone, right?”
“How did you… .”
“Because the swordsmanship is the same.”

That Sanggwi-level Death Knight used exactly the same fighting style, footwork, and swordsmanship as the growing Death Knight seen here before.

Because the posture, physique, and swordsmanship were the same, I could tell that it was his alter ego, and I was able to strike the sword without difficulty.

“Nonsense! “You’ve only dealt with it and figured out my sword?!”

The Death Knight attacks again. As if he was conscious of her words, he used her footwork and sword techniques a little differently, but I didn’t feel that much of a difference.
The flow of swordsmanship that one has learned is not something that can be easily changed.

‘It’s similar.’

Raon moved forward after slaying the Death Knight’s Flame Jade Sword with the Jecheon Sword imbued with the flow of Snow Wind Sword.

When the distance between him and the Death Knight narrowed to just around the corner, he used his requiem sword to create a silver sword dream.


Yogi’s blade protruded from the shadow of a short blade passing by like a dream and cut through the Death Knight’s core.

“ah… .”

The Death Knight dropped the Flame Jade Sword without even knowing what had hit him.

“This… .”
“Is this your first time seeing me?”

Although he used a lot of sword skills while catching the undead, he deliberately didn’t show anything like the silver sword.
The Death Knight’s core exploded at the silver sword he saw for the first time and crumbled into powder.

No matter how much this is a land full of fraud, it will not be able to be revived right away this time.


Arch Lich also avoided the combined sword attacks of Milland and Borini Keaton, but fell to the ground after being entangled in the flaming snake opened by Morel.

“Wow… .”

Although he couldn’t feel the pain, the Arch Lich groaned and trembled as if he was shocked.

“Hey, these guys!”

Raon stepped on the Taehwabo and approached the Arch Lich when he cut off the flame snake and was about to activate black magic.

‘If you just hit it, you’ll definitely avoid it.’

Even though the Arch Lich is a wizard, considering what he has done so far, he should not be taken lightly. Even if he doesn’t have much time, he has to cut properly.


Arch Lich looked this way and raised his hand. A dark purple flash rose from his gray finger bones.


Raon drew a wave with the Jecheon Sword. The white shadow that bloomed from the blade gently embraced the flash of light caused by the Arch Lich.


At the same time, a red-colored sword explodes from the requiem sword extending from the left. Hemophilia. The cries of the dead, which the Arch Lich saw but could not hear, stopped his movements.

‘One more step here.’

Raon stepped forward with his left foot and drew the character ‘十’ with the Baekyoungseom that had absorbed black magic and the requiem sword sprinkled with blood rain.

“ugh… .”

The Arch Lich tried to move somehow as he saw the two swords approaching, but the cries of the blood warrior still did not let go of his limbs.

Pead deud deuk!

The Heavenly Sword and the Requiem Sword fall, and the Arch Lich’s body splits into four parts.


The power of Milland and Borini Keaton poured over the torn body of the Arch Lich, and Morel’s firestorm exploded.


The Arch Lich disappeared into a land full of fraud, leaving behind not even a single bone fragment.

Since I couldn’t break the soul orb, I will be resurrected someday, but it will probably take a very long time.

“It’s over!”
“It’s finally over!”
“Ugh! “I can finally sleep now.”

The Gwangpungdan, who had fought for six days, shouted with joy, saying that they could now rest.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the ground where the Arch Lich died.

‘It’s a little strange.’

The morale of the Arch Lich and the Death Knight was certainly terrifying enough to give you goosebumps, but the actual battle was not that difficult.

Many of the plans they made were ruined, and even though the helpers were excellent, I felt like they were caught too easily, which made me feel depressed.

“Lord Seong.”

Raon turned around and approached Milland.

“It wasn’t easy for these guys… .”

It was time to tell him what I was thinking.

“As expected, you are quick-witted.”

Accompanied by an eerie voice, the land of the dead shakes once again. Unlike before, the very energy of death that had spread across this land was moving.


A black grasp rose from the ground and death bound everyone who entered the earth hand and foot.

“W-what! This!”
“Uh, black hand?”
“Is that lich dead yet?”

The warriors and wizards poured swords and magic towards the black hand, but the black hand never disappeared.

“this… .”
“Go, you can’t even erase it with a strong sword?”

Milland and Borini Keaton’s eyes trembled as they looked at the black hands that could not be erased even by the river.

“It’s not magic!”
“I can’t believe this doesn’t cut…” .”

The black hand did not melt even with Morel’s fire magic, nor was it cut with the strength of Trevin, who had reached the highest level of master.

“I’m absorbing mana!”
“Everyone, raise your aura and prevent energy from escaping!”

As the Three Princes and Milland said, the black hand not only blocked movement, but also absorbed the person’s physical strength and mana.


Raon struck down the black hand holding his wrist with his requiem sword. Even though he used the magic blood vessel, his black hand did not disappear.

‘It means it’s not magic.’

These hands were not magic. It was a phenomenon that used energy itself, like the silver aurora.

“Keuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… .”
“If you continue like this, you will lose all your vitality and become a zombie!”
“Move somehow!”
“I’d like to, but there’s no way!”

As the people struggled in panic, a small tremor arose from the ground where the three pillars were embedded.


As if a swamp had filled up again in the land of the dead, a monster dressed in black robes arose with a huge but slow ripple.

“ah… .”

Raon’s fingertips trembled when he saw the Arch Lich mask worn by the monster.

“A ghost?”

It was clear that he was an executive of Eden and a ghost demon who had inherited the power of a high-ranking Arch Lich.

“This is my first time meeting you in person. Raon Sieghardt.”

The Demon Spirit let out a heavy voice and slowly rose into the air, looking down at the humans.

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am for bringing them here.”

He extends his right hand downward. A powerful light rose from the black orb in his hand, incomparable to that of the Arch Lich.

“It’s worth experimenting without going back right away.”

Raon bit his lip as he watched the purple sphere of light become as huge as the sun.

‘I thought there was someone, but it was a ghost… .’

Damn it.

Tacheon told me that he was giving up for a while, and Merlin didn’t come to visit me, so I didn’t think that Eden was behind this war.

‘no. My mistake. I shouldn’t have simply assumed it wouldn’t come.’

Mullin said that many personal duties are assigned to executives.
Since Eden is a group of crazy people, they should have kept in mind that they could ignore Tacheon’s words and attack alone.


It doesn’t mean there isn’t a stepping stone for a reversal.

Raon simultaneously raised the anger and fire that had sunk to the bottom of his soul.

Coo coo coo coo!

A force so large that it distorted the bones and skin was released, and the black hands that were holding the hands and feet were crushed.


I kicked the damp ground and jumped towards the ghost.

I nullified the magic with Baekyeongseom and was about to cut off the Ghost Demon’s head with the requiem sword, when the bastard put his left hand forward.

“Wouldn’t it be better to stop?”

With those words, Yua and Julius appeared from the ghost’s left hand.

The two children were shaking like shirts hanging on a clothesline, with their eyes tightly closed as if they had fainted.

‘FALSE? No, the vitality… .’

I wanted to believe it was fake, but the presence and presence felt were real. It doesn’t matter if it’s fake, but if it’s real, you can’t cut it.

-It’s the pineapple girl!
‘Damn it!’

What Lars said is not wrong. Raon used his Aura with all his might and forced his body to stop in the air.

Less evil!

When my feet touched the floor again, a larger black hand than before came up and tightly hugged my feet.

“It’s a wise choice.”

The Demon Ghost sneered in its heavy voice.

“Because these are the children I personally brought to the Aryan family.”
“I didn’t feel you moving?”
“Because they moved while hiding behind a fraud.”

He said that for that purpose he made the fraud spread throughout the land.

“Don’t be too upset. It wasn’t you who found these two kids first, it was me. “From my perspective, you took it from me.”

The Demon Ghost looked at Yua and smiled.

“This child is bigger than I thought. I’ve been corrupted by your hands, but don’t worry. “Sooner or later, I will kill thousands of people with just one song.”

He let out a cool smile, saying he was looking forward to it.

“Then let’s finish it.”

A huge light shimmered once again from the bead held out by the Demon Ghost.

Coo coo coo coo!

It was a manifestation of the oppressive force of the morale itself that could not be stopped even by the magical blood of Baekyoung Island and the Requiem Sword.

Since I already had Ra’s’ help, I couldn’t think of a way to stop it.

‘Should we attack again? No, then you can use Julius as a shield. But if we stay still, everyone will die… .

It’s so complicated that it breaks my head, but I can’t think of a way to do it.


Even though my thoughts have not yet been organized, the sphere of fraud created by the Demon Ghost is ready to fall.

‘I can’t help it. I tried to save it, but… .’

As I was trying to raise the divine power that I had tried to hide until the end, a clear breeze tickled the tip of my nose.

No, it’s not just the wind. The sharp and noble scent of lightning was with him.

‘no way… .’

When I raised my head, he was already behind the Demon Ghost.

The blade of wind and lightning struck by the red-haired elf tore apart the body of the ghost.

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

Reincarnation Genius Sword Master Assasin
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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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