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Chapter 394

Buren’s chin trembled as he looked at the Death Knight’s body falling into pieces and sinking.

‘Death Knight in one blow?’

Was that possible?

I know this because I have had a sword fight with a Death Knight. The guy is strong. Not only was the spirit of death strong, but the level of swordsmanship was also high.

It was hard to believe that the monster that had easily blown away the entire Gwangpungdan and even Mark Goeton, revealing the green eyes that were the hallmark of a nobleman, had died in one blow.

‘What on earth is that guy?’

I fully know that Raon is strong. You probably know better than anyone else.
But a Death Knight who has reached the highest rank. I never imagined that I would kill a special Death Knight with the power of the swamp in one blow.

“That damn… .”

Marta glared at Raon and the hand holding the sword trembled.

‘You monster!’

Just as the Great Light was about to be broken by the Death Knight’s increasingly stronger energy, Raon came forward.
Although I was angry at the look in his eyes that seemed to tell me to step back, I had an uneasy feeling that I wanted to experience the same thing.

This was my first time seeing a Death Knight who grew while fighting, so I thought it wouldn’t be easy to catch him, even if he was Raon.

‘I thought you were going to do the fire and ice as usual.’

Raon’s fighting style is as flashy as Ji’s face. I thought he would fight with fire and ice this time, but he cut the Death Knight’s heart with a single swing of his sword.
Even though I saw it up close with my own eyes, it was unbelievable force.

“Wow… .”

Runaan opened her mouth with a fiercer gaze than usual.

“Raon is really cool today.”

Encia asked me to say Jonjal in front of Raon, so I called it Jonjal without any meaning until now, but today it really looked Jonjal.

It was no exaggeration to say that the sight of Raon, with his black dragon robe waving in the fog and his sword diagonally lowered, was a painting.

However, what comes to mind more than that beautiful appearance is the swordsmanship that cut down the Death Knight with one blow.

The destructive power and accuracy of that sword strike still sends shivers down my spine.

“Lord Budan! “What would happen to us if we caught it so easily!”
“Was that really a Death Knight?”
“That’s right! “We all almost died!”
“It was a monster that was getting stronger and stronger.”
“But why did you get hit with one hit!”

Everyone in the Gwangpungdan looked at Raon with their eyes wide open, as if they couldn’t believe this absurd situation.

“Huh… .”
“My, what did I just see?”
“Is that White Sword Dragon’s real skill…? .”
“They say you will have twelve continents under your feet… .”

The rangers, including Frica, were also shocked and sat down in the swamp, their chins shaking.

“Wow! young master!”
“Wow, that was a touching swordsmanship!”
“Thank you for your effort.”

Yua and Julius smiled brightly and ran around, while Mark Goeten quietly lowered his head.

Raon smiled at the two children and looked at the Jecheon Sword, which was still hot.

‘Not bad.’

For the first time, I tried using a sword technique using a mixture of Mangagong’s flame and the divinity that bloomed in the darkness, and the effect was better than I expected.

A mid-level death knight. I didn’t know that the guy who had been strengthened by the power of this swamp would crumble to pieces without even being able to resist.

‘I gained great power to stab the Black Tower.’

Although his divine power was so low that it could be used up in a single kick, it seemed like it would be a great help in future battles.

-You bastard!

Lars gritted his teeth and made a face.

‘What is it again?’
-What will you do if you take care of it?
‘You said it was dangerous too.’

My subordinates even gestured that it was dangerous, and I don’t know what they were saying.

-It would have been enough if you had just blown the rain from behind without having to come out in the open!

Lars wrinkled his nose, saying he was a weasel who took away children’s opportunities.

‘That’s strange?’

Even if they had just supported him from behind, he could have taken down the Death Knight, but it would have taken longer than it is now.
I was suspicious that someone with a personality breakdown who couldn’t bear boredom even for a moment would say something like that.

‘If this guy doesn’t like it… ah!’

Raon looked at Lars and curled the corners of his mouth.

‘There was an uproar because of the reward you would get from killing the Death Knight.’

Lars’ eyes fluttered as if he had hit the nail on the head. His cotton-like body swayed as if caught in the wind.

-What nonsense! There is no way the King would have thought that way.
‘It’s true that you look embarrassed.’
-No, the king doesn’t care about such things… .

The guy lowered his voice as if an ant was crawling and hid himself inside his ice flower bracelet.

It’s as expected. Ras made a nonsense statement by saying that he did not give the Frenzy Group a chance because he did not want the abilities he would gain after catching the Death Knight.

‘Anyway, it’s not cute.’

Raon shook his head and looked at the Death Knight’s skull.
A very pale green flame was burning in the empty eyeball.

‘This is the loot.’

The trophy you get when you kill a Death Knight is this skull.
The faint flame burning in the eyeball remains, so it is sold at a very high price as evidence of having captured a Death Knight.

‘just in case. ‘It would be better to pack more.’

Raon gestured to Mark Goeton.

“Could you please bring me the Dullahan and the horse’s head that you caught a while ago?”
“All right.”

Mark Goeton took the head from the dead body of a Dullahan that he had left hanging on a vine floating above the swamp.
Red eyes flashed from the hideously distorted face.

‘These two will be enough.’

With the skull of a high-ranking Death Knight and the head of this gigantic Dullahan, it was not difficult to take the lead in the Aryan family.


Raon used his sense of folk tales to bring Glacia’s coldness to its peak.
I looked in all directions, but there was no sign of any undead monsters.

‘The swamp is also sinking.’

The water level in the swamp was dropping very slowly, perhaps because the Death Knight that had caused the problem was removed.

‘It’s all over.’

The Death Knights and the increased number of undead have all been killed, and the swamp is sinking, so everything is over. Now all that remains is to go back.

Raon put the Death Knight’s skull and Dullahan’s head into the subspace pocket and turned around.


At his call, the Gwangpungdan, who had calmed the internal wounds, lined up.

“eww… .”

Gwangpungdan must have felt ominous, so he couldn’t look at Raon properly and only gulped dry saliva.

“It’s unfortunate. Still, I saw him doing his best in battle.”

Gwangpungdan raised his gaze at Raon’s unexpectedly soft voice.

“great job.”
“thank you!”
“After all, it’s Lord Budan!”

When Raon said that he had done a good job in lieu of additional training, the atmosphere at Gwangpungdan became cheerful like flower petals in the wind.

“but… .”

Raon raised his hand as the wind wave began to rise.

“It’s true that I couldn’t catch the Death Knight. “I told you to take care of it.”
“Well, I just worked hard.”
“okay. “I told you I did my best!”

Gwangpungdan retorted with trembling lips, but of course it didn’t work on Raon.

“I like doing well rather than trying my best. “I should have dealt with it somehow.”
“What are we going to do with that guy?” “It’s a death knight!”
“He wasn’t an ordinary guy either, he was a monster that kept growing!”
“My head is getting bigger… .”

Burren, Marta, and Runaan shook their heads, saying it was impossible.

“It’s all because of lack of training. “I was cut with one sword.”
“My sleep… .”

Since these were the words of Raon, who cut down the monster Death Knight with one blow, the Gwangpungdan bowed their heads without being able to refute them.

“I’ll prepare a special menu as soon as we get back. Look forward.”
“Huh… .”
“Damn it.”
“Life ha… .”

Gwangpungdan let out a deep sigh, thinking about what happened after returning to the family.

-Your personality is really dirty.

Lars climbed back onto the bracelet and frowned.

-An extremely evil demon that is rare even in the demon world… .

When the guy said it was terrible, a message popped up.

[By harmonizing different powers, a strong enemy was defeated in one blow.]
[All abilities increase by 5 points.]
[Achievement in swordsmanship increases.]
[The grade of increases.]

It felt like a reward for being the first to harmonize Auror and Divinity to kill a Death Knight in one blow.

‘however… .’

The timing is killer.

I laughed as the reward came up as if I had been waiting for Lars, who had escaped with the bracelet, as soon as he came out.

-Hey, this is why I didn’t want to come out!

Lars gritted his teeth as he looked at the message.

-Stop harassing those kids and the king!

* * *

The throne room of the Aryan family.

Wigen put his hand on his belly, which was protruding like a frog, and took a sip.

“I guess it’s working properly, right?”

He seemed to feel uneasy, so he reached out and bit off a large beef rib whole.

“Do not worry.”

Vainder lifted his gaze and smiled.

“The kids will take care of it.”
“Still, I feel uneasy about something.”

Wigen frowned, licking his grease-covered lips.

“Even if something goes wrong, it won’t matter.”
“It doesn’t matter?”
“With the matriarch’s excellent speech, aren’t you able to roast and boil as many kids as you like?”

Vainder smiled slightly and raised a finger.

“Besides, there is him behind us, so even the White Sword Dragon will not be able to step forward carelessly.”
“A risk! “That’s right!”

Wigen cleared his throat and nodded.

‘Because I didn’t pay bribes for no reason.’

The reason the Aryan family was able to ignore the obligations handed down from their ancestors was all thanks to bribing Sieghardt’s executives.
Now it was time to harvest the fruits that we had invested so much money into.

“Vainder is right!”
“Now that you know what kind of personality Raon is, you will be able to deal with him easily.”
“How much can you do if these guys put pressure on you? “There’s someone behind us!”

The commander-in-chief, finance officer, and supply officer also bowed down and flattered Wigen.

“He also told me not to worry, so I will trust only the head of the family.”

Vainder lowered his eyelids, hiding his eyes, and lowered his head.

“okay. okay. “Just trust me!”

Wigen smiled and nodded at the flattery of the executives.

While the executives of the Arian family were enjoying themselves and laughing among themselves, Wendy, who was standing behind the door, clenched her fists. She walked out before the head of the family with an expression that seemed to make up her mind about something.

* * *

Raon put his hand into his subspace pocket as he watched the Arian family gate slowly open.
He took out the Death Knight’s skull and the Dullahan’s head from his pocket and handed them to Burren and Dorian.


Burren lightly received the Death Knight’s skull, and Dorian was horrified as he lifted Duryhan’s head.

“Why this?”
“People here should know too.”

Raon looked inside the gate with cold eyes.

“Wiggen and his executives almost destroyed this family.”

As I was about to enter through the open door, Wendy rushed out in a hurry.

“Raon. You came… uh?”

Lowering her head, she gaped when she saw the Death Knight’s skull and Dullahan’s head in Burren and Dorian’s hands.

“Death Knight! “Is that too expensive?”

Wendy’s whole body trembled as if she had lost consciousness when she saw the Death Knight’s skull.

“D-Death Knight?”
“Look at that! “It’s true!”
“No, if you have green eyes, you’re a noble person!”
“That thing was in the swamp of death?”

The prosecutors and residents who were standing behind Wendy took a step back in horror.

“Seo, is there really that Death Knight in the swamp?”
“yes. “It was on a pillar at the end of the swamp.”

Raon explained what happened in the swamp. He added aura to his voice so that not only Wendy but everyone gathered at the castle gate could hear him.


Wendy saw Frica standing on her right. Frica nodded her head as if it was all true.

“Ugh… .”

She lowered her head, biting her lip as if feeling various emotions. My cheeks and earlobes turned red.


Wendy calmed down and raised her head. She raised her hand with determination in her eyes.

“Let’s go to the throne room.”

Raon nodded and followed Wendy toward the Gajujeon Hall.

The residents cheered as if welcoming the return of a hero and thanked the Gwangpungdan, but gradually the number of people suspicious of the executives increased.

“Durahan and Death Knight!”
“I can’t believe the Swamp of Death has changed so much… .”
“Well, the higher-ups said there was nothing special… .”
“Look! I told you I was weird! “Why is the water level in the swamp rising when nothing much is happening?”
“Even the grapes had withered.”
“The executives… .”
“Maybe I should have given Wendy some strength.”

Raon smiled, feeling the anxiety conveyed by his son-in-law.

‘It’s working.’

In order to change this family, we need to change not only the pigs lying on top, but also the psychology of the people under them.
The head of the Dullahan, which was absolutely ferocious, was a great help in changing his thoughts.

Raon entered the Gaju battle without saying a word, causing his doubts and anxiety to burn even louder.

Wendy opened the throne room door without even knocking.

The head of the family, Wigen, and the executives of the Arian family were seen gathered on the platform as if in a meeting. Looking at the situation, it seemed like the news had already been received.

“Oh oh… .”

Wigen smiled awkwardly and raised his hand.

“Thank you all for your hard work!”

He raised his voice, putting his hands together as if he was going to treat me differently than when he first came.

“Thank you for your hard work!”
“To capture a Death Knight, the bravery of the Gwangpungdan is just as rumored!”
“Thank you for your efforts for this Aryan family.”

The executives also smiled crookedly, rubbing their hands together like flies. It was completely different from before when he gave me cold eyes.


Raon smiled slightly and stretched out his hand to the right. Dorian handed over the Dullahan’s head, which he was holding with only his fingers.

He grabbed the Dullahan’s head and threw it onto the platform.


The blood remaining in Dullahan’s head was sprinkled on the heads of the pigs who were laughing fakely on the stage.

“W-what are you doing!”
“Hey! “This isn’t alive!”

The executives who made eye contact with Dullahan, whose red eyes glowed even after his death, sat down in horror.


Raon climbed onto the platform, crushing the red carpet in the center of the throne room. A dry energy wave containing discomfort crept over his shoulders.

“Off… .”

The executives, weighed down by the eerie force, stopped glowing and trembled with expressions as if they were about to die.

Raon didn’t even look at them and climbed to the top of the platform.

He held out the Death Knight’s skull to Wigen, who was struggling in his chair. A green light that had not yet gone out flashed.


The throne, unable to withstand the heavy weight of the embarrassed Wigen, fell backwards.

“I am a Death Knight born at the end of the swamp of death.”

Raon pulled up the throne where Wigen was sitting and placed the Death Knight’s helmet on it.

“If the Great Lord Hwangjeon had not called us, this head would have stepped on your corpses and sat on this throne.”

As if to prove his words, the Death Knight’s skull emitted a green flame that had not yet been extinguished.

“Wow, Wendy could have handled something like that!”

Wigen’s lips trembled without even looking at the Death Knight’s skull on the chair.

A sneer appeared on Raon’s lips.

“You don’t even know what’s going on.”

Even seeing the green eyes blooming from the empty eyeballs of the Death Knight’s skull and seeing him say things like that, it felt like he had even emptied his head.

“… “I can’t win.”

Wendy stood behind her and lowered her head. Her expression was full of embarrassment for her family.

“F-Frica! You say it! That Death Knight… .”
“That is a death knight of great value. In addition, there were two Dullahan there. If they had attacked us like that, we would have been annihilated… .”

Frica told the stories he saw without adding or subtracting anything.

“ah… .”

The executives bowed their heads without any response to the truth told by the rangers.

Raon let out a cold laugh and placed his hand on the throne where Wigen was sitting.


Unable to overcome the power in his hands, the huge iron throne was crushed and crushed like scrap metal.

“Hygen Arian, you are not worthy to sit on this throne. I will revoke your position until orders come from Sieghard… .”
“W-what do you mean!”

Wigen stood up, his shoulders shaking. In the meantime, my chin and belly fat started to appear.

“I am the head of this family, what right do you have?”

He gritted his teeth, saying it was nonsense.

“right? to you… .”
“Damn rights!”

Raon snorted and was about to open his mouth when Marta came forward. She came up to her podium, her eyes burning with more heat than ever.

“This pig is still out of his mind!”
“Okay, pig? “You little girl!”
“Everyone in this family almost died because of you. Do you still have anything left to say?”
“What do you know… ”
“I know this, you bastard!”

Martha jumped off the ground and drove her fist into Huigen’s face.


Wigen was punched and thrown to the floor without even being able to defend himself properly.


He really fell off the stage, making a pig-clucking sound.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Martha’s back filled with anger.

‘I’m thinking about old times.’

I don’t know the exact details, but she seemed to feel more anger than others because the village she lived in was destroyed by the White Blood Cult.

“Do you think you can get away with something like this?”

Wigen showed off his missing teeth and pointed at them.

“I thought there was someone behind me… .”
“There is someone.”

Raon walked down the podium with his dark blue eyes shining. A chilling chill bloomed throughout the throne room as the King’s energy wave spread as naturally as breathing.

“say it.”

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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