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Chapter 392

Raon scratched his neck as he watched the zombies and skeletons falling like leaves in the autumn wind before the sword of the Gwangpungdan.

‘It’s a little strange.’

The original characteristics of undead monsters are strong regeneration and weak defense.

The lowest level undead, zombies and skeletons, are so weak that they have no defense, but the bodies of the zombies here seemed to be stronger than those of unmanned people.

“Mr. Frica.”

At Raon’s call, Frica came to the side.

“W-what’s going on?”

Frika, frightened by the harsh energy waves of the Gwangpungdan, approached with her shoulders trembling.

“It seems like the bodies of zombies and skeletons are harder than you think. Do you know anything?”
“uh… .”

Frica widened her eyes in surprise.

“I’m destroying everything in one blow, but how can I…” .”

He pointed to the Gwangpungdan making light work of skeletons and zombies, and his chin trembled.

“Because it’s different.”

If they were ordinary zombies and skeletons, their bodies should have been torn apart by just being hit by the energy wave created by the frenzy.
The bodies of the undead monsters here now were several times harder than those of the existing undead.

“It is as the Lord Budan said.”

Freeca nodded while looking at the zombies.

“Since the water level in the swamp has risen, the bodies of the undead have become harder. “There were several cases where a person did not fall down even if they were hit in the head with an arrow.”
“Even in this situation, you didn’t go out to scout?”
“Of course, Wendy reported it to the head of the family, but there was no reason to be afraid of zombies, and orders were given to shoot two shots if one shot doesn’t kill you.”
“Two feet… .”

Raon let out a laugh. It seems that Wigen was a more broken person than he felt yesterday.

“Why isn’t the Ranger Captain moving?”
“Well, the person who hates going out for reconnaissance the most is Vainder.”
“But you are sitting in the position of leader.”
“that is… .”

Raon twisted his mouth as he looked at Frika who couldn’t speak.


Lars also wrinkled his nose as if he was dumbfounded.

-As befits a family stuck in a swamp, there is nothing but stinking trash.
‘okay. ‘It can’t even be recycled.’

There were many hints about this anomaly.

The swamp water level has risen, the number of monsters has increased, and the physical strength of the undead has become stronger.

If just one of those three phenomena occurred, they should have rushed out and scouted, but Wigen would have ignored it, saying it was annoying and that nothing much would happen anyway.

‘It’s drawn on my head.’

The face of Wendy, who begged to look into the swamp, and the face of the pot-bellied matriarch, who ignored her and started a fight with other executives, came to mind.

-The king can see it well too.

Lars placed his hand on his forehead and clicked his tongue.

-A similar thing happened in the demon world. Accidents are caused by those poor minds, and the damage is borne by the people.

He pretended to slit his throat, saying the guy wasn’t worth saving.

‘okay. ‘That’s more urgent than the swamp.’

I decided to get rid of Wigen and the officers for the sake of the people who left the mission and lived in the Aryan family.

“How long are we going to take to get rid of zombies?”

Raon put strength into his left foot and moved forward. He cut through the fog that filled the swamp and built his right hand capital. A strong storm arose in the arms that stretched out like a flash of lightning.


The swamp was dug so deep that the bottom was visible, and the mud became a waterfall gushing backwards.

Coo coo coo coo!

When the mud in the air fell back to the ground, there was not a single zombie or skeleton left in sight.

Raon turned around. Looking at the Arian family’s castle, which was only a vague shape, I raised a sad look in my eyes.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

What excuses will the pigs make to keep their positions?

* * *

Frica, leader of the 3rd ranger team of the Arian family, clutched her temple as she ran through the swamp at the front.

‘What should I do?’

Yesterday, when I was resting after guiding Raon and the Gwangpungdan to Gajujeon, Vainder, the leader of the rangers, came to visit.

Since I don’t like Vainder that much, I said I was tired and was about to leave when he grabbed my shoulder.

[Frica. Now it’s time for you to move up, right?]

He asked how long he would be stuck in the position of leader 3 and asked if he was interested in the position of ranger leader.

The steps naturally stopped. The Ranger Captain is one of the family’s executives and is blessed with money, status, and fame. Because he was in a position to have everything.

[Compared to the reward, the task is simple. All you have to do is change the search location a little.]

Vainder smiled softly and unfolded the map.

He gave me a direction that took me not to the end of the swamp of death, but to the right and heading somewhere else.

[No need to worry. From this point on, we will only change direction to the level of our toes. You won’t notice.]

He smiled and said that even if Raon was a master, he wouldn’t know the direction of a swamp he was visiting for the first time.

[As long as you get this far, you will be in my position within a year.]

When I asked him what he would do if there was something really dangerous at the end of the swamp, he said that we could solve it by sending the Hwangjeon Sword Team after the Gwangpungdan returned.

[First of all, we have to live first. If you get caught by the Frenzy, you’ll get caught by Sieghart. Responsibility will fall not only on the executives, but also on the rangers, right?]

Next to the carrot was the stick. He bit his lip because he couldn’t call himself that clean either.

[I’ll tell Wellis, and I’ll wait for him to make a wise choice.]

Bainder said and left. He had to refuse for the sake of Wendy, who had helped him so much, but he couldn’t find the words.

“hey. captain.”

As Frica was biting her lip and thinking, Wellis came up next to her. He used the ranger’s code to speak to him.

“When will you do it.”

Wellis rolled his eyes as if he was anxious and made a hand signal indicating that he had to start from here before he could go back far.

“Whoa… .”

Frica closed her eyes and remembered the conversation with Wendy that took place early in the morning.

[Take care tomorrow. If we miss this opportunity, this family will never be able to escape the swamp.]

Unlike Vainder, she offered neither carrots nor sticks. She just did her favor person to person.

‘Wendy Arian… .’

The stupidest woman I’ve ever known.

A person named Wendy lived a more comfortable life than anyone else, but she lived a more difficult life than anyone else.

She wore sandbags while the ladies wore jeweled bracelets, and ran in the scorching sun holding a sword while the ladies held parasols.

Because these were the sincere words of a military man who risked everything to change his family, I was drawn to them even without the carrot, and I felt sick even without the stick.

‘You look like a damn woman…’ .’

It is not affection or pity. Wendy’s life, which he had observed since her childhood, was blocking her offer.


Frika came to her senses and opened her eyes when she heard Wellis’ shout once again.

“If you cross this road, it will be too late to change direction.”
“I’m sorry… .”

Frica looked ahead with straight eyes and smiled.

“It goes on like this.”
“what? What is that… .”
“This is the last chance to change this family.”
“profit! “Do you think you’ll be safe as a leader?”

Wellis rolled his eyes, asking if you had your feet in the mud too.

“I guess Vainder told you to threaten me like that, right?”
“that… .”
“are you okay. “I have no intention of pretending to be clean.”

Freeca nodded as she looked at Raon running behind her.

“I also pay for my sins. “I don’t want to do anything that will tighten my heart anymore.”

He ran through the swamp at an even faster pace without even turning around when Wellis called.

* * *

A day has passed since I entered the swamp of death.

Thanks to the Gwangpungdan quickly destroying hundreds of undead, it seemed like they could reach their destination, the end of the swamp, if they went just a little further.

Raon smiled slightly as he watched Frica’s back run so hot that he could feel it.

‘I guess this family isn’t completely ruined either.’

I knew that Frica had other ideas.

Wendy asked him to trust her, so he waited without questioning him, and he seemed to have made up his mind. He had no hesitation in his steps.

‘Did the so-called Ranger leader use a trick?’

Since Fraca and Wellis were Rangers, the one who gave them instructions would have been the Ranger’s leader named Vainder.

‘Maybe it’s the direction.’

In this wide swamp of death, you cannot reach your destination even if you turn just slightly.

It was clear that Vainder was trying to show that there was nothing wrong here by leading them to the outskirts of the swamp, not the center.

‘It wouldn’t have worked anyway.’

This level of fog and swamp has no effect on Raon, who has a ring of fire and a sense of lore.
If Frica had gone in a different direction, he too would have been subject to disposal upon his return.

Raon looked back.

‘There’s no problem over there either.’

Even though the Gwangpungdan members fought and ran all day, none of them showed signs of fatigue.
Rather, it seemed like he was relieving his accumulated stress by defeating undead monsters.

‘Yua and Julius are also amazing.’

Even though those two were sweating profusely, they gritted their teeth and ran so as not to fall behind their seniors. They are proud guys.

‘When I get back, I’ll plan a special training session for you.’
-Well, that’s not a reward, it’s a punishment, isn’t it?
‘It’s a prize. ‘You can grow faster.’
-That’s your idea! Pineapple Girl doesn’t want that kind of award!

Lars gritted his teeth saying he wanted to open your head.

‘Then ask me later… .’

When Raon turned his gaze again, a strong force arose in front.


The energy of death is completely different from before. It was clear that they were high-ranking undead, incomparable to zombies and skeletons.

‘You mean there was this level?’

I laughed. Because that bastard’s presence alone was enough to jeopardize the Aryan family.


Raon raised his hand with a faint smile.

“There is an enemy ahead. “Get it cleaned up as quickly as possible.”

Gwangpungdan responded as one person and jumped forward ahead of the rangers.


After about 10 minutes of running like that, a corpse that looked similar to a zombie but moved four times faster came running from behind the tree on the left.

On the other side, a skeleton with dull gray bones was approaching, holding a sword and a shield.

“Uh… .”
“Ghoul, ghoul!”
“It’s the Skeleton Warrior!”

Ghouls and Skeleton Warriors have stronger strength and durability, and move faster than zombies and skeletons.
It’s even poisonous, so if you catch it like a zombie, you’ll suffer great damage.

Chiri ririn!

The windstorm struck the swamp even harder. A variety of sword energy bloomed from their swords and poured out towards the Ghouls and Skeleton Warriors.


The surface of the swamp split like a spider web, and the running ghouls and skeleton warriors were cut into dozens of pieces and sank.

“They keep coming!”
“Calm down!”

As Burren and Marta ran towards the ghouls and skeleton warriors, a huge horse jumped out from between the vines on the right.


It had a black body and was twice as large as a normal horse, and on top of it was a giant wearing red armor.
However, his head, which should have been on his neck, was held on his left arm, and in his right hand he was holding a large ax the size of the torso of an adult man.


Burren saw Dullahan and raised his Auror to full strength.

“I hate that head!”

Martha kicked the swamp hard and jumped forward.

“Isn’t your head heavy?”

Runaan looked at the head held by the Dullahan and raised his sword upward.

The three leaders go first and strike their swords at the same time. When the three rays of sword energy came together like a constellation, Dullahan swung the ax in his right hand.


The energy of death radiating from the ax completely blocked the sword energy of Burren, Marta, and Runaan.


Dullahan did not stop in defense, but raised the ax from below. A black-colored gun shot towards the necks of the three people.


Runaan stepped forward and released the frost energy. The cold air that spread gently like a wave wrapped around my body and froze it.


Burren jumped out from behind Runaan and struck with his sword like lightning. The cold wind carried by the blade pierced the Dullahan’s morale and tore through its armor.


A red-hot glow emanated from the head held in Dullahan’s left hand. He drove his horse forward as if he were going to crush Burren.

Coo coo coo coo!

As the horse’s hoof, full of morale, was about to crush Burren, Marta rushed in from the right. She pulled up all of the Titan’s aurors and struck down the sword she held with both hands.


Dullahan raised the handle of his ax and struck it towards Marta’s sword.


In a clash of forces, a violent explosion occurred in the center of the swamp, and the Dullahan and the three leaders each retreated to the back.

Raon whetted his appetite after seeing the Dullahan’s armor that had fallen off due to incontinence on his shoulder.

‘Now it’s clear.’

The undead here have a strong spirit of death.

Zombies and skeletons were too weak to be vague, but thanks to Dullahan, things became clear.

Although Dullahan has very strong physical strength and defense among the undead, it does not make sense that he only received that much damage from Burren, Runaan, and Marta’s attacks.

The undead here had a greater amount of morale than ordinary undead.

“This guy is so hard!”
“Because there is no head, there is no place to attack!”

Buren and Marta bit their lips as they backed away from the Dullahan.

“From the horse’s head.”

Runaan’s chill rose as she glared at the horse the Dullahan was riding.


Even though the Dullahan’s armor was crushed and bones and flesh were falling off here and there, it exuded a stronger morale than before.

“Why are there so many of these guys?”
“They said it was nothing special!”
“Shut up and catch me first!”

Since the leaders were blocked by the Dullahan, the other frenzy groups were also unable to move forward due to the number of approaching Ghouls and Skeleton Warriors.

As Raon was quietly watching the battlefield, Mark Goeton approached.

“Lord Budan. “I will also come forward.”

Mark Goeton shook his head as he was about to pull out the sword.

“Those guys can do it.”

It is true that the undead here are strong, but they were definitely not at a level that the current Gwangpungdan couldn’t catch.


Raon took a deep breath and added aura to his voice.

“Did I train you too gently?”

The hands of the Gwangpungdan that were fighting at that cold voice twitched at the same time.

“I told you to clean it up quickly, but there’s still a lot left. “I need to prepare for new training.”

As soon as those words were finished, a dark glow began to bloom on Gwangpungdan’s shoulders.

“Oh, no! never!”

When Dorian screamed and stretched out his sword, the wall of Skeleton Warriors in front collapsed.

“Do, charge!”
“Wipe it all away!”

The Frenzy’s eyes lit up and began tearing apart the Ghouls and Skeleton Warriors.

Watching the undead melting under the swords of the swordsmen, it felt like I was dealing with zombies, not ghouls.


A powerful yellow energy burned above Martha’s sword and blew off the Dullahan’s entire shoulder.

“I don’t want to do any new training!”

Buren snorted and stabbed the body of the horse Dullahan was riding. A small storm bloomed from the blade and tore through the dark horse’s body.

“Let’s get some sleep.”

Runaan unfolds the story at length. Darker silver petals spread out from the silver blade and wrapped around the Dullahan’s body.


Pieces of cold, similar to Hwaryeong but with a different texture, froze the Dullahan’s body, which lost its balance.

Blah blah blah!

Buren, Runaan, and Marta rushed at the same time and mercilessly broke the frozen body of Dullahan.

Coo coo coo coo!

The three leaders and the Gwangpungdan tore apart all the undead and then looked back.

“Well, it’s so easy to defeat ghouls and skeleton warriors… .”
“The Dullahan is shattered!”
“I knew it was strong, but I didn’t expect it to be this much… .”

The rangers swallowed their dry saliva as they watched the Gwangpungdan easily defeat the undead with strong morale.

Raon nodded leisurely, looking at the Gwangpungdan.

“look. You can do it. “Why are you taking your time?”

At those words, the madness in Gwangpungdan’s eyes burned even stronger.

“Okay… .”
“That damn bastard!”
“Stay still… .”
“Being weak is a sin.”

Gwangpungdan couldn’t argue and just trembled with his fists.

“Mr. Frica.”

Raon gestured to Frica, who was next to her with her mouth wide open.

“We’re almost done now, so let’s go quickly.”
“Oh, I understand.”

The Rangers took the lead again and led Raon and Gwangpungdan. The fog became increasingly thicker, but the monsters no longer appeared.

After Dullahan, without encountering a single zombie, the three pillars at the end of the swamp began to appear faintly.

“Is Dullahan finished?”
“I guess so.”
“Luckily it ended easily.”

When everyone relaxed and tried to smile, Raon raised his hand.


At his instructions, the Gwangpungdan and the rangers stopped.

“Why all of a sudden?”

Raon smiled, pointing down the pillar.

“Because the owner of the swamp is coming up.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the swamp beneath the pillar began to boil. The yellow-green mud turned black, and pure white bones slowly rose upward.


The white skeleton was covered in black and red armor all over, and red flames spewed out from its empty eyeballs.

Coo coo coo coo!

Not only the rangers, but even the Gwangpungdan held their breath due to the wave of energy that was on a different level from the undead they had seen so far.

“D-Death Knight?”
“Why is this guy here… .”

The Rangers’ chins trembled and they took a step back due to the Death Knight’s terrible morale.

The Death Knight, known as the Death Knight, glared at Gwangpungdan with his eyes full of intelligence.

“Ugh… .”
“Is this a Death Knight?”
“I really see everything… .”

The Gwangpungdan, led by three leaders, raised their ranks and fought against the Death Knight’s energy.

Raon raised his eyebrows as he looked at the Death Knight and the Gwangpungdan.

“A good educational material has arrived.”

At that cold voice, Gwangpungdan’s shoulders trembled more violently than when he saw the Death Knight.

-Is that line correct here? .


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The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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