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Chapter 39


Raon unfolded all twelve forms of Garam footwork and then let out a light breath between his teeth.

‘Are you okay?’

My body moved according to the posture and flow of the walking method I had pictured in my head.

I feel like I’m looking at myself from someone else’s perspective.

When practicing martial arts in the future, I thought it would be a good idea to use the ring of fire to first understand the flow clearly and then move the body.


Raon narrowed his eyes. The training room, which should be noisy due to footwork training, was as quiet as a library.

Raon felt strange stares and turned around.

“crazy… .”
“W-what… .”

Burren and Marta were half-fazed with their mouths wide open, and Runaan waved his clenched hand. The shape of his mouth told me to tell him.

It’s not just the three people. The eyes of all the trainees and instructors in the training hall were so big that they seemed like they were about to pop out.

“Why… .”

Raon turned around again at the call filled with surprise. Rimer, who had been lying on the platform, came down and was standing in front.

“Did you know the Garambo method?”

His green eyes trembled slightly as if plucking the strings of a harp. It was a definite surprise.

“no. “It was my first time seeing it.”

The flow was similar to the shadow method I had learned in my previous life, but I had never heard of the Garambo method.

“But how?”

Although many things were omitted in Rimmer’s words, I was able to understand what he wanted to say thanks to his expression.

“What should I say?”

Raon scratched his lips and smiled slightly.

“I could read the flow.”
“Can you read the flow?”
“yes. “When the instructor showed me the steps, I looked at the flow, not the posture and order.”

The Garambo technique had a similar flow to the shadow technique I had learned in my previous life. Thanks to this, I was able to grasp the gist of it without difficulty.

“When I looked at the forest as a whole, not at the trees, I could see how the walking technique flowed.”
“Ha, me.”

Rimmer held his head as if he was at a loss for words and only let out an exclamation.

“I thought I could last a week.”

He muttered that he didn’t know that the method he had found so hard would be so easy to break.

“No, no. There’s nothing to be sorry about. “She was just surprised.”
“hmm… .”

Raon licked his lips without being heard.

‘Was it too fast?’

The moment I saw the step, I felt joy at the flow, so I just re-enacted it, but I didn’t expect it to be so surprising.

‘Well, even in my past life, I was confident in one step.’

In my past life as an assassin, I was not a master in the use of force itself, but I was not inferior to a master in fighting techniques.

-Humans are truly pathetic to be surprised by such a step. The ice flower steps that King Bon made when he was in the demon world could freeze a mountain and an ocean with just one step… .
‘Oh, yes.’

He suddenly jumped out and slapped Lars, who was showing off.


Rimmer cleared his throat once and turned around with his back.

“I definitely did well for my first time, but my attitude is still lacking. The flow is okay, so pay attention to each shape. “Ask questions to the instructors, not me.”
“All right.”

Raon nodded and turned around. Since it was my first time watching it, I felt quite a few shortcomings.

“Um, teach me that?”
“I think you’re better than me… .”

The instructors shook their heads with tears in their eyes so much that their eyebrows went down to their cheeks.

* * *

After completing her training in the Garam method, Martha left the training center with her butler Kamel.

“That walking method looked good.”

Carmel scratched her chin and smiled.

“It is suitable for laying the foundation before learning the master’s method. “You’d better learn it properly.”

Marta nodded slightly as she walked towards the main building.

“miss. “Did something happen?”

Camel, who sensed that she was different from usual, came right next to her.

“after… .”

Martha, who had remained silent, wrinkled her nose and turned her head.

“How difficult is it to learn the walking technique?”
“Hmm, the basic steps are clear, but the flow is quite difficult, so it’s not easy to learn.”

Camel closed her eyes for a moment and then opened them.

“The lady has a talent for footwork, so you will be able to understand the flow in about three days.”
“three days? Fuck… .”

Marta shook her head with a puzzled look in her eyes.

“Then is it possible for a trainee to learn the step in one go?”
“Martial artists who have reached the level will imitate it as soon as they see it, but it is impossible for practitioners. “There is no theory, knowledge or experience in footwork, and the depth of martial arts itself is thin.”
“There’s a guy who did it.”
“yes? What is that… .”

Carmel’s eyes widened.

‘That works?’

No matter how basic the Garam Bobeop is, the flow of martial arts it contains is sincere.

It is impossible for a trainee to learn it right away unless he or she is a monster who has learned the steps since birth.

I saw Martha’s face. The expression of surprise still hasn’t gone away.

When I saw that, a trainee’s name flashed through my mind.

“Could it be that the trainee is Raon?”
“Who else could it be but that crazy guy?”
“Well, something like that… .”

Camel barely managed to stop the curse from coming out by covering her mouth.

“Can you explain the situation?”
“After the walking technique demonstration, when everyone started practicing, he closed his eyes and stayed still, but opened his eyes just before the end of the training session. After that… .”

Marta told Camel all about the amazing sight she had seen in the training hall.

“her… .”

Carmel shook her head.

‘You’re out of your mind.’

Closing your eyes and remaining still for a long time means that you have learned the Garambo technique in your head.

‘To know how to use imagery at that age… .’

I just thought he was a little more talented. So much so that light comes back to the annex.

But no.
Raon Sieghardt was a monster who would become the bridge that could connect the light of the main building to the annex.

‘I need to report it right away.’

This was very important information. I think I should tell Denier this story right after I drop Marta off at the main building.


As I walked, I couldn’t see Martha next to me. She turned around and saw him walking behind her with his head down.

‘Tsk. ‘That was so insensitive.’

It hasn’t been long since Marta was defeated by Raon, and she seems to have been too indifferent.

“miss. Mr. Raon and the young lady have different talents. It’s not about who is high or low… .”

Carmel, who was offering words of comfort, raised her head, made eye contact with Marta, and closed her mouth.

‘Those eyes.’

Martha’s eyes were not those of a loser.

It was the look in the eyes of a challenger, a beast that would rip off the backs of those who went ahead.

And it was the same look in her eyes at the White Blood Church branch where she first met.

“thank god.”

Martha smiled crookedly.

“Because the guy who beat me wasn’t a fake.”

Goosebumps rose from the murderous smile that bloomed from his elegant appearance.

‘You thought wrong.’

Camel swallowed dry saliva. Marta was not disappointed by the difference in talent with Raon.

He was excited at the thought of defeating Raon, who was stronger and more talented than him.

Martha was the kind of person you didn’t need to worry about or think about.


Carmel lowered his head, and Marta passed him.

When I saw her small but confident back and her confident steps, I could see her future.

The image of a frighteningly beautiful swordsman looking down on the world from the highest throne.

* * *

“… That’s how it happened. Does it make sense that at that age she would be learning the steps in her head? “The matriarch’s grandson must be a genius!”

Rimmer grinned as he looked at the Tiger Rock on Mt. Bukmang, where he met Glenn every time.

“Can you become Raon’s butler? “Every time we meet, we only talk about that kid.”

A solemn voice poured from the rock, and Glenn’s expressionless face was revealed.

“I’m just answering the matriarch’s curiosity.”

Rimmer did not lose his smile despite Glenn’s cold atmosphere.

“Aren’t you surprised that your grandson learned the steps through imagery?”
“It’s probably not a real image. “If you want to learn martial arts mentally, you have to be at least the highest level of expert.”

Glenn waved his hand lightly. She just couldn’t hide the slight trembling of the corners of her mouth.

“He must have read the flow of the walking method as they say he saw the forest, not the trees. “Because Garambo is a technique that focuses on flow.”
“But isn’t that great? “Where can you find a guy like that!”
“… … .”

Glenn didn’t answer. She turned her back and just watched the main building at the bottom of the mountain.

“You seem happy. “It’s a good thing you came to talk to me.”

Rimmer glanced at Glenn’s expression and smiled.

“noisy. When you’ve said everything you have to say, come down. “I say this every time, but I also care about other children.”
“You don’t believe me. That’s a lightsaber. Light saber. “It’s taking care of itself.”
“What kind of lightsaber does this guy who is dying have?”

Glenn waved his hand as if he was annoyed, but Rimmer did not go down and instead leaned his back on Tiger Rock.

“Well, the people in the main building are a little busier than usual. “What are you preparing?”

Rimmer whistled when he saw people moving around in the main building.

“It’s not preparation, but there are guys who come looking.”
“The ones coming to visit?”
“A delegation from the Kingdom of Owen is scheduled to arrive in a few days.”
“Emissary from the Kingdom of Owen… .”

Rimmer narrowed his eyes. Owen is a kingdom located in the center of the continent and, along with Sieghart, is one of the six emperors.

“no wonder.”

There are very few forces that maintain friendly relations with Sieghardt. I thought it was strange that a guest was coming, but at least it was the Owen Kingdom, which I was acquainted with.

“Who is the representative of the delegation?”
“They say it’s the Three Princes. “In reality, he might be the Duke of Tartan.”
“Oh, that crazy guy ended up becoming a duke.”

A cruel smile appeared on Rimer’s lips when he heard that he was the Duke of Tartan.

“uh? for a moment! Aren’t the Three Princes of Karten still young? Raon or Buren must be the same age… .”
“I don’t know because I’m not interested in that.”

Rimmer nodded. Unless King Owen came as an envoy, there was no need for Glenn to be interested.

“Instruct trainees to maintain an orderly posture so that they can be confident at all times.”
“yes? “Us too?”
“The three princes are coming with the kingdom’s knights in training, and they said they would like to observe the training of swordsmen and trainees.”
“Did you allow that?”
“Of course.”

Glenn’s deep red gaze turned to Rimmer.

“If showing off makes you weak, it is not Sieghardt’s sword. “We don’t hide or run away.”
“… “It’s been a while since I heard that.”

Rimmer muttered, “I used to hear it every day,” and smiled a little bitterly.

“If your curiosity is answered, come down. “How long will the so-called chief instructor stay away from the training hall?”

Glenn lowered his mouth and frowned.


Rimmer raised his hands as if saluting and bowed. He turned his back and went down when he suddenly stopped.

“Hmm… .”

He whetted his appetite while looking at the training hall 5 in the distance.

‘Three princes and a knight in training… .’

When I heard that there were people of Raon’s age on the mission from the Kingdom of Owen, a very good idea occurred to me.

Rimmer turned his head to look at Glenn and grinned.

“That look. “I’m having strange thoughts again.”

Glenn wrinkled his nose as if he saw something he couldn’t see.

“no. “It won’t be strange.”

Rimmer smiled even more slyly and shook his head.

“Because it will be helpful to the young Sieghart sprouts.”

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The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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