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Chapter 385

An urban training ground where the storm of human anger passed.

Rimmer rose from the cracked ground with hundreds of footprints.

“Wow… .”

Rimmer shook his shoulders and let out a loud moan.

“Wow, I really almost fell behind.”

It’s not a joke. If I hadn’t used all the Aurors I saved during training for defense, I would have already been on a sailboat bound for the underworld.

‘In fact, the head of the family was in less pain.’

Is this human malice?

The fists of Gwangpungdan and Cheoljeondae were painful, but the most painful thing was the kicks of the gamblers.

Their anger, which barely got their money back from the 7x jackpot, pierced their aura and lodged in their bones and flesh, causing excruciating pain.


Rimmer sighed and shook his head.

“I’m sick and have no money. “I guess I’ll have to eat Nadine bread for a while.”
“Then why did you do that?”

As I was about to get up using my sword as a cane, I heard a low voice coming from my right.
When I raised my head, I saw Raon approaching, radiating an eerie aura.


Rimmer stepped back in horror.

“Oh, are you gone yet?”

Raon did not answer, but lowered his gaze to the point where it gave me a chill.

“Are you really going to step on me again? “Isn’t that right?”
“I’ve used all my Aurors, so if I get hit more, I’ll be in the nether world! “I’m descending into the underworld just a little!”

No matter what I said, Raon didn’t stop walking. He came right in front of me and lowered his red eyes.
When I looked into those eyes, I started feeling sick and hiccuping.

“Woof! La, Raon. sorry. But I really didn’t mean to cause an accident… .”

My chin was shaking in fear, not knowing what would happen, but Raon didn’t throw a punch, but instead plopped down right next to me.

“What do you mean by hitting? “If anyone hears it, they’ll think you’re a gangster.”

Raon chuckled and put his hand into his subspace pocket. He took out Dorian’s round snacks, beef jerky, and two bottles of whiskey and placed them on the floor.

“W-what is it?”

Rimmer’s lips trembled as he relaxed his defense blocking the vital area.

“Why don’t you have a drink?”

Raon opened the lid of the whiskey and handed it to Rimmer.

“uh? uh… .”

Rimmer accepted the whiskey with an awkward gesture, like an octopus with crossed legs.

Raon sipped the whiskey lightly as if he were drinking water. He didn’t want to get beaten any more, so he followed him and drank whiskey.

‘It’s delicious…’ .’

The whiskey seemed to have a vanilla scent, perhaps because it was quite high quality. I also liked the intensity of the alcohol that hit my throat.

“It’s okay.”

Rimmer seemed to be intoxicated, so he took a sip of whiskey and chewed the snack that was put out in front of him.

“The snacks are cheap compared to whiskey, but these are still good.”

As he took another sip of whiskey and felt warmer, Raon opened his mouth.

“Are you trying to hand over the title to me?”

Rimmer’s hand, which was heading toward the beef jerky, stopped at his low voice.

Raon smiled slightly as he looked at Rimer’s eyes.

‘As expected, you tried to hand over the position to me.’

Today Rimmer was different from usual.

Since it was an important test for Dan, it was natural for Glenn to come, but he used a trick that was too obvious.

Because of that, public opinion was so loud that when Raon Sieghardt was promoted to Gwangpungdae, Raon Sieghardt should be the leader instead of Rimmer.

I only knew after hearing those words. What was that stupid elf aiming for?

Rimmer tried to create a situation where it would be natural for him to hand over the position of Great Lord after making his own reputation the worst and Raon’s reputation the best.

-You did something useless.

Lars also snorted as if he understood what I meant.

-He has a lot of affection, but he is a stupid guy. however… .
– Are those ears really detachable and can I just pull them on?
‘Please go away.’

Ras, who was looking back and forth at Rimmer’s long ears, was blown away with the back of his hand.

“Why did you do that?”

Raon chewed the beef jerky while asking the question he wanted to ask the most.

“ha… .”

Rimmer did not answer, but sighed briefly.

“It was just fine, but I was sober. “Why are you so perceptive?”

He chuckled and took a sip of whiskey.

“Raon. You are what I expected. No, it’s growing faster than anyone expected.”
“Not to that extent.”
“That’s about right. “If you are the person you are now, you can do your part well even if you take on the role of a major shareholder.”

Rimer laughed and said, “You have the qualifications and ability to do that.”

“I just thought it was time to support you from below instead of looking down on you from above.”

Raon poured whiskey down his throat while listening to Rimmer calmly reciting his words.

Perhaps because I swallowed it right away, my esophagus and stomach became hot as if I had been burned. I opened my mouth with that heat.

“If I become the head of the family, I will be called to the head of the family a lot, so I don’t want to do that. “I will teach the kids behind the scenes, so Danju will continue to do the annoying and scolding work.”
“Yumma! It’s hard for me too! When that spirit sees me, he gets struck by lightning! “Now there is more brain energy than wind in the Danjeon!”

Rimer screamed that his Danjeon was going to be torn.

“Anyway, I can’t do it anymore! You’ll surpass me in a little while, and the kids are growing like bean sprouts, so you’ll be in charge as Gwangpungdae turns into… .”
“Danju. “No, Master.”

Raon downed the bottle and interrupted Rimmer.

“I believe that being a teacher is not just about teaching martial arts.”

In his past life, it was his zookeeper, not his teacher, who taught him the art of killing.
Since I only learned the art of killing people, my relationship with Rimmer, who taught me what a true teacher is, was precious and important.

“Me and the Gwangpungdan still want to move forward while watching Danju’s back.”

Becoming a lender is not that important. The current Gwangpungdan. I just hoped that my priestly relationship with Rimmer would last longer.

“I brought this alcohol because I wanted to drink it with my teacher for the first time.”
“Raon. you… .”

Raon immediately shook off the remaining whiskey in the bottle and stood up.

“I ask you to teach me more in the future.”

He nodded and left the training center.

“ha… .”

Rimmer took a deep breath and lowered his head. His shoulders trembled slightly.

“You did a good job with your student.”

He took a gulp of whiskey and raised his eyebrows.

“I can’t just stay still like this.”

* * *

-Tsk, what a waste.

Lars took a long sip, as if he felt something was missing.

‘What’s the waste?’

Raon tilted his head while looking at Lars.

-I should have checked to see if the ears were really prefabricated… .

I shook my head and was about to head toward the main building when Gwangpungdan, who had been waiting at the entrance to the training center, came running.

“Lord Budan!”

Dorian, who was not eliminated until the end of the battlefield, waved his hand vigorously.

“Now it’s coming.”
“It’s all over, why did you ask me to wait!”

Burren smiled peacefully, Marta frowned, and Runaan nodded and dozed off.

“Hi… .”

The crane looked at the ground and trembled, like a pheasant meeting its natural enemy.

Raon stood in front of Gwangpungdan and smiled softly.

“Thank you all for your hard work today. “There was a big problem because of someone, but everything went according to plan.”
“It’s only natural that I endured that hell!”
“We were able to win thanks to everyone coming together as one.”

Marta snorted, and Buren raised his clenched fist.

“I passed the training in cessation of caution, so this is easy.”
“I almost died more than once back then.”
“Now if we just pass one more test, will we become masters?”
“I’m looking forward to it. Gwangpungdae!”

Gwangpungdan laughed excitedly as if they were looking forward to being called Gwangpungdae in the future.


Gwangpungdan’s laughter stopped at Raon’s cool voice.

“When everyone was doing their part, someone made a big mistake.”

As soon as those words were finished, everyone’s eyes turned to the crane.

“Ugh… .”

Crane trembled and raised his hands.

“It’s not that I want to fall… .”
“Dorian was in command, so I couldn’t look behind me, so I blocked him, and I ended up getting hit!”

He bit his lip, saying that it was also Dorian’s fault for not paying attention to what was going on.

“Um, me? Not me! “You moved while properly protecting yourself!”

Dorian was so startled that he waved his hand so hard that it could not be seen.

“I was actually protecting you when I got hurt!”
“Stop lying!”
“It’s true! “You are the leader, so I must protect you!”
“I was able to avoid all of that because I had eyes on my back!”

The two people fought and screamed at each other.


When Raon clapped his hands, Crane and Dorian fell silent.

“No matter who was at fault, it doesn’t change that the crane fell first.”
“Ugh… .”

Crane’s chin trembled, and Dorian looked triumphant.

“It would be right to punish Crane, but I am reminded of what Burren said a moment ago.”
“huh? me?”
“okay. “The saying that the Gwangpungdan became one and won.”

As Raon’s mouth rose, a light of anxiety seeped into Gwangpungdan’s eyes.

“In other words, one colleague’s fault is everyone’s fault. “Today is all about the rest of the training.”
“ah… .”
“Hey, you crazy bastard again!”

Burren and Martha opened their mouths at the same time.

“Hey, you won, but you’re going to do group training?”
“That person is really crazy!”
“It’s clear that the two words ‘training’ are stuck in my brain!”

The Gwangpungdan swordsmen also opened their eyes and trembled.

“Well, to tell the truth, the crane wasn’t the only problem. First of all, Marta did not think about linking up with her teammates when rushing, Buren should have been more active instead of acting as a cushion in the middle, and Runan was too focused on defense. If he had moved a little faster, he would have caught Camant more easily. And Dorian… .”

Rather than fighting Trevin, Raon recited the Gwangpungdan’s mistakes as if he had been watching from the side.

“Well, how did you see that?”
“You have four eyes, not two?”
“It’s a ghost. People can’t do that… .”
“Do I really have to train if this happens?”
“The exam just ended… Hehehe!”
“If you see that guy, the devil is sure to rush in and say he’s your friend!”

Gwangpungdan gritted his teeth as if he was fed up.

-I’m sorry. Not a friend, but a leash… .

Lars sobbed, saying he was in the same situation.

“Lord, kill me! “If we don’t kill that thing, we’ll really die!”
“Martha is right this time! let’s go!”
“Now that you are exhausted, this is your last chance!”

The Gwangpungdan screamed and rushed towards them.

Raon smiled excitedly as he looked at Gwangpungdan, who showed even more fighting spirit than when fighting Cheoljeondae.

“It’s only fun when there’s rebellion.”

* * *

Glenn frowned as he looked at Rimmer who suddenly came to the family battle.

“What’s going on?”

Just when I was thinking of throwing a lightning bolt at him for telling such nonsense, Rimmer raised his head.

Rimer’s eyes flashed sharply, as if he had returned to the time when he was called Sieghardt’s lightsaber before ‘that incident’ happened.

“I guess I was too fast.”

Rimmer looked at Glenn and smiled slightly.

“If you were the head of the family, you would have noticed, but at the end of this exam, I was planning to send Raon as the head of the household, and leave myself as the assistant head or guardian. However, I think we will have to watch from a little higher up.”

Glenn looked at Rimmer without the slightest surprise, as if he knew everything.

“You always do stupid things, but what kind of wind has blown this time?”
“The wind blowing from outside, not from within, is quite strong, so I can’t resist.”

Rimmer looked out the window and nodded slightly.

“I found out that Raon was trying to hand over the position of head lord. “He’s a very quick-witted guy.”
“What did the kid say?”
“Being a teacher is not just about teaching martial arts. He asked me to stand in front of the Gwangpung Dan a little longer.”
“hmm… .”

Glenn licked his lips and looked at Rimmer. Eyes that were dead like rotten fish come to life. I don’t know how long it’s been since I last saw something like that.

‘That guy is really… .’

Raon seemed colder than anyone else, but had a warmth that was second to none.
I could feel that Rimmer gained strength from the child’s words.

“So what do you think…” “There’s no need to ask.”
“Before, I wanted to see the children grow up a little more and see Raon rise to the top of the family, but now… .”

Rimmer smiled without a wrinkle and raised his head.

“I want to be there. “I think I need to be a little more serious, too.”
“is it.”

Glenn smiled slightly and nodded. I couldn’t help but smile at the thought that my beloved subordinate had regained his original form and that it was my beloved grandson who had made it happen.

“I’m writing it down. “It would be best to write this down in Volume 1.”

Roen began writing down Raon’s famous lines that Rimmer had told him a little while ago in the Raon Gospel.

“While drinking with Raon, old thoughts came to mind… .”

The atmosphere that had been softened by Glenn’s cold voice became as cold as ice again.

“What did you just say?”
“I had a drink with Raon. It may have been my first time, but it was really good… Eck!”

Rimmer opened his mouth as he spoke. The largest brain flag ever soared from the ceiling of the throne room.

“Go, matriarch? What is this suddenly… .”

The atmosphere was definitely nice, but why was it so scary? I don’t know if it was really pulled up like it was going to kill me.

“Well, I really didn’t do anything this time? “I just drank alcohol with Raon!”
“That is your mortal sin.”

Glenn clenched his teeth and dropped his brain energy with an expression he did not show even when dealing with the White Blood Cult Leader and Tacheon.

“Now, wait!”

* * *

After training with the Gwangpungdan until midnight, Raon headed to the annex.

‘Everyone was satisfied.’

When everyone’s eyes were filled with venom because they behaved terribly even after the exam, I gave them a week’s vacation, and everyone’s eyes became as clear as the sky after the rain.

-Okay… .

Lars looked over and groaned in pain.

-I don’t understand. A week’s break was originally supposed to be given, but why do people like it so much?

Even after the test was over, the guy muttered that he didn’t understand why he liked the demon he trained.

‘That’s how to deal with subordinates.’

The most important thing when dealing with people below you was when and how to give carrots and sticks.

Because of the crane, the training that was supposed to last several days was completed in one day, and the original week of vacation was provided, so it was natural for everyone to be happy.

-Hmm, is this a method of tormenting them first and then letting them go? .

Lars began writing something in his round hand.

‘What are you doing?’
-You are taking notes on how to train humans.

The guy turned his head and smiled broadly.

-If I return to the Demon World or take over your body, I will use it! If you master this education, conquering dimensions will not be a dream!
‘… ‘Is that so?’

It may sound like a dream like conquering dimensions, but handling subordinates properly is not easy.

It is necessary to understand each person’s emotions and state and take different measures. However, if Lars is clueless, he might make everyone faint before they can even make him listen.

‘Try hard. Don’t kill the kids… uh?’

Raon lightly patted Lars’ fluffy head and then opened his mouth.

A small hedgehog was waving its hand on a tree in front of the annex.

-Okay, the hedgehog said hello… .
‘no way… .’

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