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Chapter 381

10 minutes before the showdown starts.
Raon smiled when he saw the yellow flag planted at the Gwangpungdan headquarters.

‘It reminds me of the old days.’

Looking at this flag, I remembered the time when I was a trainee and had a team match with trainees from the 6th training camp.

-Didn’t that earmarker tell you a day ago back then?

Lars giggled like a child.

‘It did. I did… .’

He frowned and looked back at Rimmer.

‘Why did you tell me one day in advance when you were also participating this time?’

Even though he didn’t tell the trainees for fun at that time, it was truly absurd that he said it a day before while he was also participating.


Rimer yawned, wiping away his hair that was floating from oversleeping. When I met his eyes, I grinned and tilted his chin.

“why? “Is this your first time seeing a handsome elf?”
“… no.”

Raon sighed briefly and gestured to the Gwangpungdan.


The Gwangpungdan gathered around the flag with a faint glow in their eyes.

“First of all, I figured out the entire city formation. I’ll draw a map below… .”

As we were trying to make a plan based on the terrain we had identified, the ground suddenly shook violently and the walls and buildings of the urban training center began to move.

[For fair battles, we will transform the urban training grounds.]

Referee Harrison’s voice rang out over the dust that shook the entire city and the giant mana needle.

[The urban battle between Gwangpungdan and Cheoljeondae begins now!]

With Harrison’s voice heard 30 seconds later, the walls and buildings that had been moving randomly stopped with a thud.

“Did you change your location again earlier?”

Buren frowned as he looked at the training ground where the dust had not yet settled.

“I heard monkeys fall from trees too. I guess you never thought of this?”

Marta looked up at Raon and smiled.

“I guess I need to figure out the terrain again?”
“no it’s okay.”

Raon drew a map on the floor and shook his head.

“Because we also considered situations where the terrain changes.”
“You thought about that?”

Buren opened his mouth as if he was dumbfounded.

“Because I thought there was a possibility that the terrain could change once more.”

After confirming that the devices inside the training site could move, we also predicted how the buildings and walls would move.

Even the Cheoljeondae will not know everything about the transformed terrain, so if you open your sense of the story and understand the terrain, you will be in a more advantageous situation than before.


Martha frowned and turned around.

“Not funny.”
“Whose side are you on?”

Raon let out a laugh and opened up his sense of folklore with all his might. I began to feel everything around me, along with the feeling that my skin was stretching endlessly.


As I was slowly assessing the topography of the city from nearby, Rimmer raised his hand.

“I’m going to do some reconnaissance.”
“yes? “Reconnaissance?”

Raon frowned at Rimmer.

‘There’s no way this person would do something like reconnaissance… .’

I don’t know if I just take a nap in the back because it’s annoying. The thought of going out to scout first sent a chill down my spine.

“no. I’ll come back. “The captain never goes out on reconnaissance.”
“I do not know? “If anyone takes the lead, it’s Rimmer!”
“It is enough to lead by example by serving as the two vice-captains of the Iron Squadron.”

He must not be left out as he has to deal with two sub-owners.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be waiting for you soon to become the Great Lord.”

Rimmer made a powerful hand gesture and then jumped onto the building whose walls had collapsed.

“wait for a sec… .”
“I’ll be back soon.”

Rimmer turned into a green wind and rushed east without any time to stop it.

“What’s going on Danju? Are you sorry for telling me about the fight late?”
“Is that possible? “I just took the wrong medicine.”

Buren let out a sigh, and Marta snorted.

“I think it hurts.”

Runaan nodded with blind eyes.

“Maybe you think it’s a dream?”
“You could have bet all your money on us.”
“Oh, that’s right! “It’s a gamble!”

Other members of the Gwangpungdan also gave various reasons for Rimmer’s unusual appearance, but none of them were good reasons.

-It feels like the ear plugs are going to cause an accident.
‘I feel it too.’

That person shouldn’t disappear.

If Rimer doesn’t deal with the two vice-owners, everything goes wrong. I want to chase after it, but it’s already happened. It’s better to make a plan quickly now.

Raon drew on the floor the topography of the city that he understood based on the sense of the story.

“Everyone gather together. I will now explain the operation. Because the road on the right is the largest. 1 trillion… .”

While I was calling the Gwangpungdan again and explaining the terrain and strategy, I heard Harrison clearing his throat.

‘Seo, no way… .’
[Iron Squadron Commander Ores is unable to fight!]

Contrary to the anxiety that made my heart beat wildly, it was news that Ores, the second vice-captain of the Iron Squadron, had been eliminated.

“Oh oh! What is this!”
“It’s Danju!”
“Is Danju finally doing his job?”
“Tomorrow the sun will rise in the west!”
“Rimer! Rimmer! Rimmer!”

The members of the Gwangpungdan cheered Rimmer’s performance to the point where the madness in his eyes disappeared.

-her? Do ear plugs work?
“You defeated the vice owner? Danju?”

Raon and Lars let out a flurry of confusion, but Harrison wasn’t finished talking yet.

[Flame Danju Limer battle is not possible!]

As soon as that voice was heard, the laughing prosecutors simultaneously closed their mouths.

Raon. No, the same thought occurred in the minds of everyone in the Gwangpungdan.

That damn elf abstained on purpose… .

* * *

Trevin Sieghardt, the iron lord, frowned as he saw Rimmer sitting down in front of the collapsed wall.

“What on earth are you thinking?”

Rimmer shrugged his shoulders with a calm expression, as if he was enjoying tea time.

“Why did you abstain as soon as you knocked out Ores?”

That guy hit Ores in the back and knocked him out while he was out scouting, then came this way and immediately absconded. It was so ridiculous that he felt like his preparations for a fight were in vain.

“I’m tired.”

Rimmer sighed and shook his head weakly.

“I’m getting old and my bones are sore, so I can’t fight for long.”
“It doesn’t look like that at all?”

Trevin chewed his lip.

‘Something was different than before.’

The wind was not the only energy that Rimmer used when striking Ores. A much more ferocious energy was imbued with his sword.

“What are you aiming for?”
“All I’m after is money?”
“Stop talking nonsense!”
“Really. You don’t have to worry about me, you just have to follow the plan. “Go quickly and destroy the panicked Gwangpungdan.”

Rimmer waved his hand, telling us to rush right now.

“Whoa… .”

Trevin took a deep breath.

‘What on earth?’

I had made numerous plans to prepare for the movements of the Gwangpungdan, but I had never thought of a situation like this. I had no idea what Rimmer was abstaining from.

“What are you doing! “Go quickly and catch Gwangpungdan!”

Rimmer stamped his foot, saying that he would be late like this.

“Umm… .”

Trevin chewed his molars as he watched Rimmer struggling.
Since the situation was not understood, no instructions could be given. It felt like her chest was congested, as if she was pretending.

“Great, great lord. “Don’t trust the author!”
“This man is called a conman, so he must have some ulterior motive!”
“Aren’t you good at telling lies from the beginning?”

The prosecutors of the Iron Squadron also glared at Rimer, saying there must be another reason.

“Ah, this is frustrating! There is no such thing! “It would be advantageous for you to attack now!”

Rimmer pounded his chest and twisted his mouth.

“Rimer. Those who are eliminated should not talk like this.”

One of the assistant referees came over and covered Rimmer’s mouth.

“You foolish bastards! Go now! Go beat those bastards! This is not the time to be cautious… “Eup!”

He shouted to Gwangpungdan to run until the last moment when he was dragged away by the assistant referee.

“Ugh… .”

Trevin bit his lip as he watched Rimmer being dragged away.

‘I don’t know.’

The more I look at it, the more I don’t understand that crazy elf’s words and actions. The Cheoljeondae prosecutors also swallowed their saliva, feeling anxious.

‘It’s clearly a trap… .’

Gwangpungdan is not a place to be installed just ignorantly believing in power. There must have been a special plan, but no matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t figure out what it was.

“Oh my lord? “Why not give it a try?”

Unit 1 owner Carman approached me and asked me to go there.

“no. There must be an ulterior motive. “Let’s start with reconnaissance.”

Tverin did not order an all-out attack, but rather a small group of reconnaissance.

‘As long as I don’t get hit or my flag is taken away, it’s okay.’

If you avoid those two, you will never lose.

“Each group’s scouting party is divided into directions determined by me… .”

While giving instructions to the prosecutors, I wiped the cold sweat from my forehead.

‘Damn… .’

I feel like I’m falling into an invisible swamp.

* * *

Addis Sepia looked up from the telescope and trembled.

“Ji, what is this situation now? Why did Gwangpung Danju suddenly abstain? .”

Rimer cheered after defeating a prosecutor who appeared to be an official of the Iron Squadron, but instead of running away or fighting, he immediately raised his hand and shouted, “Abstain.” He didn’t even look tired, so I didn’t understand why he gave up the fight.

“after… .”

Glenn clenched his fists so tightly that his palms turned white.

“I guess that elf doesn’t want to live anymore.”
“ah… .”

Addis swallowed dryly at his dry voice.

“Well, you’re a famous swordsman called Sieghardt’s Light Sword, so don’t you have something on your mind?”
“That guy has a brain, so of course he has thoughts. but… .”

Glenn turned his gaze to Addis. She felt anger burning in her red pupils.

“That kind of method only earns you a beating. “It also hurts so much.”

He twitched his fingers as if he wanted to jump out and beat Rimmer.

“Well, I see.”

Addis smiled awkwardly and lifted the telescope again to look at where the iron pole was.
Even though Rimmer abstained, they did not move immediately and only sent a small scouting party to assess the situation.

“hmm? Why isn’t the iron squadron moving? “If we go now, we can secure our victory.”

Glenn looked down at Trevin, the iron lord, and clicked his tongue briefly.

“Because I have a lot on my mind.”
“If you are thinking… .”
“Cheoljeon Daeju was a cautious and deep-thinking child from a young age. “He is so shocked by Lee Mer’s antics that he is unable to make a sound judgment.”
“Ah, then because of the lightsaber that went without thinking… .”

Addis clapped his hands as if he understood now.

“That’s right. “This kind of situation would not have occurred in the plan that Lord Cheoljeon had planned in advance, so he was embarrassed and was trying to gather information first.”

Glenn narrowed his eyes as he looked at Trevin biting his nails.

‘I haven’t fixed my shortcomings yet.’

Trevin has excellent skills, concentration, and patience, but there were times, like now, where excessive caution became a disadvantage.

If Rimmer had boldly charged in this time, thinking he was Rimmer, he would have been able to start the battle with a huge advantage.

“Thanks to… .”

Glenn’s gaze returned to the western terrain where the Gwangpungdan was located.

“It looks like these kids have an interesting opportunity.”

* * *


Lars burst into laughter, waving his round arms.

-If you abstain on purpose, your ears are always crazy!

This is why he sometimes said that he liked Rimmer.


Raon frowned as he pushed Ras away who was making noise.

‘It’s obvious what that idiot Danju was thinking.’

Rimmer must have abstained on purpose so that he could have returned after defeating Ores, the second vice-captain of the Iron Sentai.

‘The reason is probably to make us suffer.’

It was clear that he was trying to avenge what had been trampled upon by creating a very difficult win situation.

‘I’m sure if we had fought like this, we would have won.’

Everything would have been easy except for me dealing with Trevin Sieghardt.

If Rimmer took charge of the two unit commanders as planned, ate the Four Clouds, and the half-conscious Gwangpungdan defeated the Cheoljeondae, they would have easily won this battle.

However, the situation changed completely as Rimer disappeared after dealing with only one vice-owner. If the Iron Squadron were to come running right now, it would be an incredibly difficult fight due to the numerical superiority and difference in skill level.

“What are you going to do?”

Buren sighed and approached.

“What should I do!” “Except that person, we’ll have to fight among ourselves!”

Martha gave the answer.

“let’s go.”

Runaan immediately pulled out his sword as if nothing had happened.

“Oh, it’s ruined! I’m really screwed! We won’t make it!”
-It’s always fun to see people’s despair.

Dorian sat down holding his head, and Ras grinned next to him.

“Everyone, please stay still.”

Raon struck the heads of Dorian and Lars and walked forward. I expanded my sense of the story and looked at the eastern formation, as the Aura consumption was extremely high.

‘Are you not coming?’

Now that the big mountain called Limer has disappeared, I expected the Iron Squadron swordsmen to come running with all their might, but they didn’t move.

‘No, move. however… .’

Too little?

The iron squadron consists of three people from three directions. It was also moving very slowly.

‘Surely reconnaissance?’

Other than reconnaissance, there was no reason for the prosecutors to move so slowly.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he noticed the movements of the prosecutors.

‘Why don’t you rush in right away and send the scouts…? ah!’

As I thought about why they would have sent a reconnaissance and Trevin’s personality, the fog cleared from my mind.

‘Even the Cheoljeondae is embarrassed by this situation.’

Anyone would be surprised if the opposing team’s captain suddenly appears, grabs one of the vice-captains, and abstains. In particular, Trevin Sieghardt was a very cautious person, so it was clear that he was even more embarrassed and moved the scouting party without moving the main force.

‘You think very highly of me.’

As befits Trevin’s cautious nature, he valued Raon Sieghardt’s name very highly.

‘There are enough corners to use.’

Raon motioned with his hand to collect the windpipe and explained everything he had just noticed.

“Well, that’s how it goes?”
“Damn Danju’s crazy actions turned into a plan… .”
“Then can we just rush in?”

Buren let out a laugh, Marta laughed as if it were refreshing, and Runaan fiddled with his sword as if he wanted to go back after a quick fight.

“that’s right.”

Raon looked at Runan and nodded.

“This is an opportunity to put pressure on them.”

If we moved in a way that broke Trevin’s prediction, it was certain that they would be embarrassed and remain silent this time too.

“I’ll make a surprise attack on Bido and deal with Unit 1 Commander Kamang. After that, as originally planned, we will face off against each other… .”
“for a moment.”

Martha raised her hand. She had a rare calmness in her eyes.

“Can’t I deal with that unit owner?”
“It’s impossible.”

Raon shook his head. Although Marta’s talent is recognized, it is impossible to deal with a master who has overcome the barrier at this level.

“Then what if I do it too?”
“I want to do it too.”

Burren and Runaan also took a step forward and put their faces in.

“Hey guys .. hey guys! “Why are you wearing it?”
“They say you can’t do it alone.”
“that’s right. “Martha is weak.”
“shut up!”

Raon nodded, looking at the three people growling at each other.

‘I guess it’ll be okay?’

One or two might be too much, but three would be enough to get by. It was not a real fight, but a sparring match, so in a way it was an opportunity.

“let’s go.”

Raon smiled as he took out an unsharpened raincoat.

“Let’s show that simple ignorance is the best.”

* * *

East Iron Squadron formation.
The prosecutors who had gone out to scout came running with urgent expressions.

“Great, great lord!”
“The storm is coming. Well, but… .”

The prosecutors looked back and swallowed dry saliva.

“They are running at random like a pack of rats without any formation.”
“me too… .”

Trevin Sieghard bit his lip and nodded.


Through the widely spread energy, I could feel the movement of the wind storm rushing like an animal without any rules or order.

‘What on earth are you thinking? Raon Sieghardt.’

That’s not the only thing that’s unsettling. Raon could not be sensed in the presence of the Gwangpungdan prosecutors. It was clear that it was moving separately.

“Uh, what should I do?”
“Strengthen your defenses.”

Trevin let out a heavy breath and told us to be fully prepared so that the examination could occur at any time.

‘We have to block every corner where they can win.’

There are two things Raon can aim for. The flag and Trevin himself are at the center of Jin. If you protect those two properly, you will never lose no matter what situation they create.


As I turned my gaze to follow the finger of Unit 1 Commander Kamang, I saw a group of wild winds running like crazy. They literally ran like mad dogs with yellow madness in their eyes.

“It’s not really a tempest, it’s a rabid dog.”

Trevin frowned and raised his hand.


Following his shout, the Iron Squadron began to deploy its formation. At the moment when the swordsmen’s aurors gathered at the center of the camp, a red-hot secret light flashed in the darkness behind the wall.

“I knew it would be like this!”

Trevin’s eyes lit up as he watched Raon throwing the raindrop.

‘It’s not an ordinary bido!’

Not only was Bido fast and stealthy, but it also contained tremendous power inside.

‘It wasn’t me he was really targeting.’

He turned his attention not to Vido, who was rushing towards his heart and throat, but to Kamang, the first deputy.

“Kaman! It’s the heart and the neck! Use the season to stop it!”
“All right!”

Carman didn’t doubt Trevin’s orders at all, and poured the strongest attack on the struggling Vido.


Camang’s legs were stuck in the ground up to his ankles due to the powerful energy contained in the rain, but thanks to his proper defense, he did not suffer much damage.

‘it’s okay!’

After confirming that Camant was safe, Trevin struck away the rain that came close enough to touch his skin. Thanks to his precautions in advance, he was able to release the energy contained in his secretory without difficulty.

“Using the formation again… .”

As he was about to give instructions again, a scream was heard from inside the steel pole. The three commanders were lying down, clutching their vital points.

“no way… .”
“That’s true.”

Raon Sieghardt swung his sword down with a chilling voice.


The fierce sphere of flame that was formed in the sword attack weighed down the ground and prevented the completion of the Black Iron Sword.

“If you think too much, it can be poisonous. “Sometimes being ignorant is the right answer.”

Raon smiled coolly as he crossed swords with Trevin.

“Rad dogs.”

A fierce madness stood out in the eyes of the Gwangpungdan members who heard their master’s call.

“Bite everything.”

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The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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