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Chapter 380

Rimer let out a laugh as he saw Gwangpungdan baring his teeth and rushing at Raon.

“A person really changes in just one day.”

I’m not just talking about Gwangpungdan becoming as ferocious as a mad dog.

Every time Raon struck down the Gwangpungdan swordsmen, he stimulated their mana circuits and helped them absorb the Saunhwan that they had not yet fully absorbed.
Thanks to this, the Gwangpungdan swung their swords all day, experiencing the absurd phenomenon that the more they were beaten by Raon, the more auras they received.

“That’s not normal.”

Stimulating their mana circuits while fighting against the Frenzy Group not only consumes aura and physical strength, but also mental power.
That was the reason Raon looked a little more tired than usual.

“Anyway, you’re so nice.”

Doing that difficult and tiresome work alone until midnight? In times like these, there was no one more helpful to his colleagues than Raon.


Do-gae came up next to Rimmer and snorted.

“Then why don’t you help me?”
“Can’t you see this?”

Rimmer pointed to his bruised left eyelid and frowned. He took the egg out of his arms, rubbed it around his eyes and sighed.

“I want to help, but my injuries are serious.”
“I don’t think I got anything right? “Aren’t you just staying quiet because it’s annoying?”

Do-gae’s eyes narrowed.

“W-what are you talking about! The physical pain is severe, but the pain in my heart from being stepped on by my subordinates is still bitter! “This won’t get better even if you apply medicine!”

Rimmer turned his head and sniffled.

“Anyway, I’m going to kill you.”

Do-gae sighed and shook his head.

“By the way, are you not telling the kids?”
“You don’t necessarily have to win the fight.”

The first test to be taken when being promoted from dan to major is usually a confrontation with an armed force. However, it was natural that the master was stronger than Dan, so there was no need to win unconditionally.

“The reason for that fight is to see what kind of fight it can produce against a stronger force. “Winning is not a condition.”
“that’s right. There’s no need to win. “But I don’t plan on telling the kids that.”

Rimmer shook his head without hesitation.

“Did you really plan to raise children by making them only aim for victory? Well, at the level those kids are now, I think I can beat them without difficulty.”
“huh? It’s not?”

He smiled coldly as he looked at the Gwangpungdan.

“I just wanted to see those guys who stepped on me suffer a little more.”
“… “You’re not as good as a bandanna.”
“Actually, it’s smaller than a bandang. “That’s what I’m proud of.”

Rimmer said he was a narrow-minded man and chuckled.

“Ugh, you really are… .”

The dogae groaned and looked at Rimmer with pitiful eyes.

“But I don’t think it will be any fun if it continues like this.”

Rimmer’s voice spread cheerfully as if riding the wind. He smiled slyly as he watched Raon and Gwangpungdan becoming more and more mad as they fought.

“This guardian of balance needs to step up.”

* * *

A roar that seems to shatter the sky echoes above the square-shaped training hall.

It was the sound of the cheering of the iron squadron, who were so absorbed in training that their gray training uniforms turned brown with sweat.

The swordsmen of the Iron Squadron, who were swinging their swords while operating the Great Black Iron Sword, radiated an intimidating aura that would send shivers down one’s spine.

“Until there.”

When the blond middle-aged man standing on the podium raised his hand, the swordsmen of the Iron Squadron lowered their swords sternly.
This man who moved the iron pole with a single wave of his hand was none other than Trevin Sieghardt, the iron pole holder.

“The training for the Great Black Iron Screening ends here. From now on, let’s work together to conduct cattle black iron examination.”

The swordsmen of the Iron Squadron immediately bowed their heads, divided into three groups, and dispersed into the training hall.
Instead of the majestic weight of the beef heukcheol examination they performed, it had a sharpness that felt like it would cut the skin just by looking at it.

“group 1. The central aura disperses. To distribute energy accurately. In Group 2, Jin’s balance was lost. Raise your sword a little higher. Article 3… .”

Trevin Sieghard pointed out each group’s shortcomings with a detailed eye and even told them how to improve them.
After hearing his teachings, the swordsmen of the Cheonjeondae struck down their swords with even more excitement.

“after… .”

Unit 1 Commander Carman looked at Trevin’s back and sighed.

“Training never ends.”
“I know. “You can do it in moderation.”

Unit 2 Commander Ores shook his head.

“Although I respect our great lord, I do not understand his caution.”
“That’s a little harsh.”
“Your promotion was delayed because of the Lord’s caution.”

Originally, he should have become a master a long time ago, but the owner, Trevin, took the time to prepare for a perfect promotion, so he was barely able to become a master three years ago.

“I need to stop you now. “The kids are dying.”
“That would be great.”

The two unit commanders let out a short breath and approached Trevin.

“My lord.”

Carman stood behind Trevin and smiled.

“Can’t we stop now? “The match is tomorrow, so the kids need to get some rest.”
“that’s right. “There’s no need to go to this length when we’re only dealing with the Frenzy Troupe.”

When Ores received Camant’s words, Trevin’s gaze returned.

“Just Gwangpungdan?”

Trevin’s gaze sank to the point of coldness.


Ores must have thought he had said something wrong, so he quickly covered his mouth.

“Have you forgotten that the Gwangpungdan won the Six Emperors Duel Sparring? Don’t you think it’s funny that a dan that was just created is getting promoted?”
“Well, that’s not it… .”
“Although Rimmer, the master of the windstorm, has not yet fully recovered his skills, he is a monster called Sieghardt’s lightsaber, and Raon Sieghardt is a genius who is called the greatest of all time even by the Six Emperors. “They are not people we can look down on.”

Trevin continued speaking in a voice that seemed to weigh down the two unit owners.

“Besides, the Gwangpungdan has been training without coming out of the gym for a week now. “What the Iron Squadron should look like is to be perfectly prepared to win no matter how they move.”
“I have nothing to say.”

Ores and Camant did not make any excuses and simply said they had made a mistake.

“… But it is also right to let the children rest.”

Trevin looked up at the sky. He looked at the position of the moon and it seemed like it was already past midnight.

“All sorted.”

He gestured with his hand to call the prosecutors of the Cheonjeondae to the podium.

“Today’s training will end here.”
“My lord! “We can still do more!”
“The competition is tomorrow, so I’ll train a little more and then go!”
“You said the Gwangpungdan hasn’t come out of the training center for a week.”
“We can’t lose to them!”

As if they had heard what Trevin had said to the unit commander, the Cheoljeondae prosecutors shouted that they wanted to train more.

“The match is tomorrow, so I need to rest my body and get it in the best condition. “This is not rest, it is preparation for battle.”

Trevin said this and pointed to small books placed on the podium.

“This is a book containing information about Gwangpungdan. “Please memorize everything before tomorrow’s match.”
“All right!”

Cheoljeondae answered without wavering and lowered his head.

Trevin narrowed his eyes as he looked at the Iron Squadron prosecutors taking care of the booklets.

‘Gwangpungdan… .’

Even if we fight now, it won’t be difficult to defeat the Gwangpungdan.
However, they have the strength to overcome difficult situations. It should never be taken lightly.

‘Until now, there are countless people who looked down on Raon and Gwangpungdan and lost. But I’m not that kind of idiot.’

Trevin looked up at the sky and clenched his fists.

‘Let’s break it down thoroughly and show the difference between the large and the small.’

* * *

The day of the duel between Gwangpungdan and Cheoljeondae.

The glen and Addis Sepia stand on the red spire located on the east side of Bukmangsan Mountain.

“Is that where the duel will take place today?”

Addis pointed to a broken cigar visible beneath the spire.


Glenn looked down and nodded.

“That’s surprising. “I heard they were having a duel, so I thought it would be a one-on-one battle in the sparring hall.”
“This battle is a test to promote Dan to great rank. “You should look at the power of a group, not the power of an individual.”
“Oh, I’m sure so.”

Addis understood Glenn’s meaning and scratched his cheek.

“I was an ignorant merchant, so I didn’t know it was that way.
“no. “Because I didn’t say anything until then.”

There was tenderness in the voices of the two people who were having a drink together.

“So, if the Gwangpungdan wins today, they will be promoted?”
“Not really. “You have to take the test twice, and even if you lose today, it could be a big deal.”
“Even if I lose?”
“exactly. It is a natural fact that the Dan is stronger than the Dan. Winning is even stranger.”

Glenn shook his head, saying that it is rare for Dan to win the competition and get promoted.

“Then we will focus on how to fight against stronger enemies.”
“You understand quickly. That’s right. That’s the purpose of this battle. “The reason we make them fight in the city is to see the response.”
“Nothing about the Six Emperor’s Test is simple.”

Addis let out a sigh as if he was impressed.

“Isn’t it just as scary as Sanghoe?”
“But we exchange money and money, not swords.”
“Sometimes words and money are scarier than a sword.”
“It happens sometimes.”
Glenn smiled slightly, and Addis shrugged.

“We have taken steps to ensure that today’s battle can be viewed comfortably by the Sepia Company, so there will be no difficulty in knowing the situation.”
“Thank you for your consideration. hmm?”

Addis lowered his head and pointed at the prosecutors entering the city.

“It looks like a storm is coming.”

He put his hand into his jacket pocket, took out a portable telescope and held it to his eye.


Glenn nodded, turned his gaze and looked at Gwangpungdan.

“Seeing as you were biting your lip, you seemed a little nervous.”
“Your face is definitely full of confidence.”
“I don’t know if I can fight properly like that.”
“He’s a guy who can show off his skills at any time.”
“Your clothes are wrinkled. “It’s always the same thing that’s not organized.”
“Your hair is neatly combed. “It’s definitely better than that.”

The two people seemed to be unaware that the conversation was not going on, so they only talked about what they had to say.

Roen smiled softly as he watched Glenn and Addis continuing their awkward conversation.

‘You two are having fun.’

The reason why those two words don’t go together is simple. Glenn was talking while looking at Raon Bay, and Addis Sepia was looking at Dorian Bay, so their words were not connected.

‘I understand why we became friends so quickly.’

Even though we only had drinks once, I could understand why Glenn and Addis had such a warm atmosphere. This was because they both had similar dishonest personalities.

‘Now you’re bringing a friend to the head of the family.’

Roen slightly bowed his head to Raon, who was walking toward the center of the city.

‘Thank you for always making things fun… hmm?’

He frowned as he looked at the Gwangpungdan swordsmen following behind Raon.

‘Why is everyone baring their teeth so scary?’

* * *

Raon walked inside, looking at the city, which had collapsed here and there like ruins.

‘This place was created from the beginning for training purposes.’

Buildings and walls in the city are movable training facilities. It seemed like it was installed so that the location could be changed so as not to get used to the geography during training.

‘Then I can just memorize it now.’

I smiled slightly and put all the geography of the city I could see into my head. As I moved around and grasped the geography, I soon arrived at the center of the city and saw prosecutors coming from the opposite direction.

‘Is that an iron squadron?’

The iron squad radiated such sharp force that each swordsman looked like a sword. It was not for no reason that it was a military organization that achieved great results even after being promoted to the top.

‘Among them… .’

Raon saw a blonde middle-aged man walking from the center of the iron squadron. He had an unrivaled sense of intimidation even among swordsmen who radiated intense force. It seemed like that man was none other than Trevin Sieghardt.

-You’re all so weak.

Lars clicked his tongue lightly as if it was no big deal.

-Your subordinates will be scared, but against something so weak… uh?

The guy turned around, looked at the Gwangpungdan, and opened his mouth wide.

-Aren’t you tired?
‘Because I’m pissed.’

Raon smiled and turned around. All of the members of the Gwangpungdan were burning with resentment toward the Cheoljeondae, which had put them through hellish training. If I gave him an order, he was ready to rush at any moment.

“It’s because of them that we went through so much trouble.”
“The enemy of my sleep… .”

Burren, Marta, and Runaan generated particularly strong energy waves as they saw the approaching iron squadron.


Lars was in vain as he faced the madness of the Frenzy Group.

-Why are you getting angry at that guy because you bullied him? I don’t understand!
‘That’s how you treat people.’
-Please tell me that too. I want to learn!
‘I have to pay the tuition fee.’
-Tuition fee? You crazy human being!

The guy was furious, asking what kind of nonsense this was.

-What more do you want when your abilities are taken away every day?
‘That’s the repayment.’
-Yes, payment… .

Lars opened his mouth as if it was absurd.

Raon pushed away Ras who was clinging to him and saw the iron squadron approaching right in front of him.

“It’s been a while since I last saw you.”

Trevin Sieghardt, the iron lord, gave a chin gesture to Rimmer.

“Hey. Trevin. “You’ve become a lot more arrogant.”

Rimmer looked at Trevin and smiled.

“As time has passed, you have gone down and I have gone up.”

He looked down at Rimmer and Gwangpungdan with cold eyes.

“I don’t think I had this kind of personality… Well, it doesn’t matter.”

Rimmer shrugged his shoulders as if he had no interest.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Trevin from behind Rimmer’s shoulder.

‘That’s true.’

According to Judiel’s information, Trevin was said to have a calm and cautious personality. Now it seemed like he was deliberately provoking me.

‘However, I made a wrong choice.’

Because no one is affected by provocation here.

Rimmer was like a fluttering piece of paper and did not fall for provocation, and the Frenzy was already crazy, so it was meaningless.


Raon opened his senses and examined the energy of the entire Cheoljeondae.

‘I have become stronger than when I received Judiel’s information, but it is not a big difference.’

While dealing with Trevin Sieghardt, you can easily win if Rimmer blocks the two vice-owners. That’s because the current Cheoljeondae couldn’t stop Gwangpungdan, which had turned into a wild dog.


The madness and hot breathing coming from the wind troupe behind me felt very believable.

While the Gwangpungdan and the Cheoljeondan were glaring at each other, a middle-aged man in a brown uniform approached.

“This is Harrison, the referee for today’s duel.”

He bowed his head to Rimmer and Trevin in turn.

“The duel method is simple. “You win if you capture the flag in the opponent’s formation or render all enemies incapable of combat.”

Harrison smiled and said it wasn’t difficult.

“However, there is one unique thing about today’s duel: it will reveal who defeated whom.”
“Why are you announcing that?”

Trevin frowned at Harrison.

“It’s an order from above, so I’m not sure.”

Harrison lowered his head as if he was sorry.

“Do you understand the state of being unable to fight?”
“yes. I and the assistant referees around me will make the decision. Even if he abstains further, he will be said to be unable to fight.”
“i get it.”

Trevin nodded as if all his questions had been answered.

“Are there any questions from the Gwangpungdan side?”
“Nothing in particular.”

Rimmer shrugged his shoulders as if he had no interest.

“Then the duel will begin in 30 minutes. Please move the Gwangpungdan to the west, and the Cheoljeondan to the east.”

At Harrison’s instructions, the Gwangpungdan and the Iron Squadron began moving in opposite directions, passing each other.

Raon smiled and nodded.

‘West? Good.’

Since I came in from the east, I could see all the topography of this city when I moved west. The same goes for Cheoljeondae, but I was confident that I could use this terrain better than the other one.

‘I’m looking forward to a match with Cheoljeon Daeju.’

Raon walked toward the eastern formation, thinking this battle would be fun, but that expectation was shattered shortly after the battle began.

[Flame Danju Limer is unable to fight!]


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