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Chapter 377

“Ji, are you saying that you will make me stronger now?”

Mark Goeton asked again, his eyes widening.

“That’s right.”

Raon nodded, looking at Mark Goeton’s shaking pupils.

“Of course, this does not mean that we will immediately raise your level, but that we will help Sir Mark demonstrate his true skills. Of course, my rain also serves as training.”

He took out an unsharpened iron dagger and waved it.

“There is no need to be nervous, though. “Because it’s light training.”
-Isn’t this just light for you?

Lars looked this way and rolled his eyes.

‘That could be possible.’

I plan to attack Mark Goeton with an iron dagger rather than a wooden dagger, so if he doesn’t regain his original strength, he’ll be in quite a bit of trouble.

“All right.”

Mark Goeten seemed to understand the meaning of this training and tightened his grip on the black sword in his hand.

“What about Heukseondo?”
“It fits my hand just like I’ve held it before.”
“thank god.”

Raon smiled. I chose it based on the shape and weight of the sword used by Mark Götten, and it appears to have been a good choice.

“But is it okay for me to receive this kind of guidance?” .”
“Sieghart is a swordsman, so there are very few people who use the sword. “If Sir Mark doesn’t use it, it will just rot in the shed.”
“thank you. “I won’t disappoint you.”

Mark Goeten bends from his stance. He was restrained yet polite, as if he had gone back to his days as a knight.

“Then you are doing personal training in the training hall. “I think it will take more than a day to prepare.”
“All right.”

He went to the center of the training hall and started swinging the black sword.

Raon looked at Mark Goeton’s projection and then looked away.

‘I guess I should start too.’

I opened the two volumes of martial arts books I received from Glenn and read them. I read and memorized the whole thing last night, but I skimmed through it again quickly in case I missed something.

‘It’s just as the matriarch said.’

Baekroebido is a martial art that focuses on speed, and Geopokbi is a martial art that only increases power.
Since both martial arts are extremely focused on one group, if they are properly harmonized, a martial arts technique that captures both speed and power will be created.

‘I wouldn’t have given you these two uneducated books just based on that.’

Glenn would have aimed not only to create a new Martial Arts by mixing the two Buddhist techniques, but also to have the effect of growing the level of Martial Arts themselves.

‘but… .’

You can’t stop there.

Heukjeolbi, which I learned in my previous life. I was planning to harmonize stealth and accuracy with the secret martial arts that no martial arts can match.

-It will take a year for someone like you to become a martial artist!

Lars snorted.

-How dare someone who has no concept of rain! Just swing your sword like you always do!

The guy clicked his tongue, saying that it was impossible unless he reached the same level as himself.

‘It’s definitely difficult, but it’s not impossible.’

The first weapon I picked up in my past life was a rain sword. Although I didn’t use it much in this life, I was confident in my understanding of the rain path.

-If you were the king, you would eat mint chocolate ice cream one more time while doing such a useless thing.
‘We’ll see.’

Raon closed his eyes and used the ring of fire. The gently rotating rings resonated at once, creating a pure sound.
My concentration increased to the point where my gaze narrowed, and the lines of Baekreobido, Geopokbi, and Black Jeolbi began to come together in my head.


The first idea came to mind when the ring of fire had rotated about a hundred times.

‘This is not it.’

It was a type of martial arts that focused too much on the speed of Baekroebido, which reduced its power.
I immediately scrapped it and thought about a second idea, but this time I was slow enough to avoid flies by focusing only on strength.

‘It would be better to neutralize the two martial arts with the Black Blade.’

Without the slightest disappointment, I immediately drew up my next plan.

‘This is fun too.’

Raon smiled as he recalled tens of thousands of raindrops flying around in his head.
In his mind, which was filled with nothing but a sword, a small secret path appeared like a sprout.

* * *

Mark Goeten lowered his sword and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

‘It’s the best.’

The black sword that Raon gave me stuck to my hand as if I had been swinging it since I was a child and did not fall off.
It seemed like a much higher-class item than the sword I received from the king when I was in the Knights Templar.

‘You just hand this over…’ .’

This is my first time hearing the name Heukseondo, but I know better than anyone else how highly valuable it is.
This Tao was a treasure that could not be bought even if gold coins were piled up like a mountain.

Mark Goeton let out a short breath and turned his gaze to look at Raon.

‘He’s a really difficult person to understand.’

I was certainly grateful that he was given such a bright sword and that he accepted me as a failure through a short test, but I thought he was an unusual person.

‘But the most unusual thing is… .’

That concentration.

Raon said he was preparing for training and did not move for a day and a half.
It seemed like he was practicing martial arts in his head, but I was shocked that he was able to exert such concentration even though he was not practicing.

‘Thanks to you, my training went well.’

Because there was someone right next to me with incredible concentration, my sense of wielding the sword became much sharper than usual.
I felt like I could use more force than I had now.

“It would be nice to spar at a time like this… .”
“Then let’s do it.”

As Mark Goeton muttered in regret, a low voice came from next to him. When I turned my gaze, Raon was looking this way with his eyes open.

“I made you wait too long.”

He stood up, relaxed his shoulders and ankles, and smiled.

“You said you wanted to spar, right?”
“Oh, that’s… .”
“Our original goal was sparring, so of course we should do it.”

Raon looked at Mark Goeton and nodded.

“I don’t think Sir Mark needs any preparation.”
“That’s right.”

Mark Goeton’s eyes lit up as he adjusted his sword. He had continued to practice Taoism until now, and his body was in a heated state.

“Then let’s get started right away.”

Raon took a quick step back and held Bido in both hands. Without even saying anything to begin with, he sprinkled three rain balls in his right hand at the same time.


The rain that flew in with a sharp sound was aimed at the vital parts of the thighs, shoulders, and abdomen.


Mark Goeten struck down three of Raon’s rain swords, which were aiming for a vital spot, by striking the black sword diagonally.

‘It’s light.’

Contrary to expectations, the rain that Raon flew was neither very fast nor heavy.
To be honest, I felt like the wooden raindrop thrown from the cliff was more powerful.

“How was it?”
“It was a bit too light.”
“As expected. please wait for a moment.”

He remained still and closed his eyes. After a while, Raon opened his eyes and a different energy than before was blooming over his shoulders.

“I’ll go again.”

Raon fired three rain swords held in his left hand at the same time. Just like before, it was aimed at the thighs, shoulders, and abdomen.

Mark Goeten narrowed his eyes and looked at the flying bird.

‘Same as before… hmm?’

It was clearly thrown in the same way as an auror, but the speed was more than twice as fast as before.
Like an assassin’s swordsmanship, there was no sound and the energy felt vague.

‘But it’s not that hard to hit.’

Mark Goeton held his breath and unfolded the Baekjung Diffraction of Byeokrando. The violently bending sword went back and forth between heaven and earth, striking off all of Raon’s secret swords.

Damn it!

Not only did the speed and stealth increase, but the weight and power of the secret weapon also increased. I frowned at the rebound force that was so different from before.

“Raon. This… .”
“Oh, wait a minute.”

Raon stood again and closed his eyes. He opened his eyes a little faster than before and held the secret passage with his right hand.

“Let’s do it again.”

He lightly rose into the air and fired the rain sword a third time.

‘The speed has increased again.’

I felt that the second bido was quite fast, but this time it was even faster than that.
The secretiveness that was difficult to control also deepened. If it had been night, she wouldn’t have been able to clearly see where she was aiming.

Damn it!

Mark Goeton lowered his stance and fired a barrage of attacks from the Byeokrando. The auror, rotating like a windmill, collided with Raon’s secret sword.


The power has increased again.

It’s not just speed and stealth that have improved. The power in the video also achieved growth once again.

‘Does this make sense?’

I just stood still and lost in thought for a short period of time, but I couldn’t believe that the power of the rain sword had changed so much.

“Huh… .”

After struggling to hit the three blades, he let out a hot breath. When he raised his head, Raon had already closed his eyes and was immersed in meditation.

Mark Goeten swallowed dryly and the hand holding the black sword trembled.

‘Well, you won’t get stronger here, right?’

Raon threw the raindrop and thought three more times. Thinking time became shorter and shorter, and the speed and power of Bido became so strong that it was now difficult to handle.

“Haaa… .”

Mark Goeton let out a shaky breath and tightened his grip on the black sword. He bit his lip as he looked at Raon on the other side.

“Then let’s go.”

Raon fired three arrows with a leisurely hand gesture. The rain leaves his hand and falls, permeating into the wind. The momentum was blurry, but the speed was frighteningly fast.


Mark Goeton bit his lip and unfolded the season of Byeokrando, Seomcheonbyeokroe.
A strong zigzag bending strike collided with Raon’s dagger.


Bisu and Tao collide, but their strength is lost. I was so shocked that I couldn’t hit all three daggers, so I pulled my legs back to avoid the daggers and managed to hit only two.

Blood profit!

Light blood flowed from the left thigh where the daggers grazed.

“Okay… .”

Mark Goeton let out a harsh sigh. It seemed like he would have been in real danger if the place from which the daggers flew had not been determined.

“Hey Raon… “Huh!”

Raon was not satisfied with this secret magic and was in a state of deep thought. A chill ran down his spine.

‘What’s wrong with this now?’

Is it really not possible?

If the speed and power became stronger and the rain came flying again, I was not confident that I would be able to catch it.

‘Should I stop you?’

As he was about to say that it would be too difficult to stop, the light returned to Raon’s eyes. Now I don’t even have 10 minutes to think about it.

“It is now somewhat complete.”

He smiled brightly and took out a new vido.

“Now, wait a minute… .”
“Let’s start again.”

Raon shot Bido away with those words. My heart felt like it was sinking as the rain was so fast and secret that I couldn’t even see it anymore.

“Holy shit!”

Mark Goeten lifted up the black sword with his fingertips trembling.

‘What kind of training is this!’

* * *

Raon lightly kicked the ground and threw away the sword he was holding in his right hand. Bido, dyed red by the manga ball’s energy, twisted like a snake in water and disappeared.


Bido reappeared in a split second, spewing out an eerie anticipation towards Mark Goeten’s solar plexus.


Mark Goeten took a step back, chewing his lip until it bled. He turned his wrist so that it bent and struck with the black sword. It was Chungcha Byeokje, the season of Byeokran Island.


The black sword wearing a strong flag and the red colored sword collided, creating a powerful shock wave that swept through the center of the training ground.

Coo coo coo coo!

The blade thrown by Raon pressed on Mark Goeten’s sword as if it were being held by a person, crushing his entire body.


Mark Goeton was unable to overcome the terrifying power of the secret sword and was thrown backwards along with the black sword. The dagger grazed his side instead of the solar plexus it was aiming for.


The combat uniform he was wearing was torn, and red blood was leaking out.

“Huhhh… .”

Mark Goeton stumbled and fell to his knees. His whole body was full of wounds large and small, like freshly made sword marks.

Raon threw the dagger he was holding in his hand and caught it with a smile.

‘Now it’s somewhat complete.’

A new secret martial arts technique created by extracting only the strengths of the White Blade of Speed, the Giant Blade of Power, and the Black Blade of Stealth and Accuracy has finally found its way.


The name of the newly created Bidosul was decided to be Mugyeolbi. It was an arrogant name that implied that it was a perfect secret technique without even the slightest flaw.

-This doesn’t make sense… .

Lars narrowed his pupils into a triangle shape as he watched Bido floating in the air.

– Does it make sense to create a martial arts education at your level in such a short period of time?

The guy screamed that he didn’t understand.

-You haven’t reached the level of transcendence like the original king or your old man, so what on earth did you do?

Raon pushed Ras away and smiled.

‘Just do it well.’
-That sound again! I’m so sick of it!
‘What can I do with something that’s true?’

Of course, it’s not something you can do well.

While living as an assassin, the weapon closest to him was not a sword, but a sword. Even in his previous life, he was able to harmonize the three martial arts in this short period of time because he had great mastery of the Black Blade and had a high level of understanding of the secret path.

‘With just a little bit of trimming, it will be complete. Not just flawless rain… .’

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Mark Goeton, whose shoulders were shaking.

‘Even that person.’

Mark Goeton’s body and aura were activated as if he had been rolling around the battlefield for a while while dealing with the Unsullied Feather. Although his skills themselves did not increase significantly, he was able to use everything he had, unlike before.

‘Now it’s my turn to improve my skills.’

He smiled slightly and gestured to Mark Goeton.

“Sir Mark. “Let’s start again.”
“Again, again?”

Mark Goeton sat down, his chin shaking.

“Isn’t it all over?”
“It’s over. Let’s start now. There are still a lot of areas left to refine. “I think we can increase the power and speed a little more.”
“Now it seems like it’s not at the level I deserve.”

He waved his hand with a pale complexion.

“no. You can do it well. “I believe it.”

Raon raised his fist and shouted to Mark Goeten that he could do it.

‘It’s just the beginning, so why not?’

Now is the most important time to improve Mark Goeton’s skills. It will be a little difficult, and sometimes you will almost die, but it will all be flesh and blood.

-You almost die sometimes, right?
‘then. ‘I’ll control it well.’

Just before I die.

Raon smiled softly and fired a more developed flawless weapon at Mark Goeton. A dagger stained red rushed towards Mark Goeten’s eyebrows, making a quiet cry like a thunder dragon hiding in a thunderbolt.


Mark Goeton let out a loud cheer and launched a barrage of attacks. Although the black sword emitted the brightest light ever, it was unable to overcome the mighty power of the Flawless Feather and was swept away like sand hit by a wave.


A strong explosion sounded, and Mark Goeton was thrown backwards and fell to the ground.

“Keuuuuu… .”

Mark Goeton stood up shakily. His weak arms and legs were trembling.


Raon smiled at that sight.

‘There has definitely been progress.’

A little while ago, Mark Goeton showed more force than he originally possessed. He wasn’t that high, but he climbed up very small stairs.

“La, Raon. If I continue like this, I will die… .”
“I keep going. “Training should not have any gaps.”
“Now, wait!”
“There is no moment in my training.”

Raon fired the flawless weapon again. The dagger advanced as a beam of light and revealed its sharp teeth towards Mark Goeton’s left chest.

“ah… .”

Mark Goeten held the sword tightly with trembling hands.

‘Now, if you do something wrong, you will die… .’

The sense of living as a knight and mercenary shouts out. If you stop it wrongly, it will end like this.

He forcibly tightened his grip and burned all of the sunken auras.


Mark Goeton was not fighting with courage, but was screaming for help as he struck Byeokrando’s final blow.


Eventually, he muttered as his vision darkened as if night had fallen.

I think I came to the wrong place… .

* * *

“Whoa… .”

Buren took a deep breath and opened his eyes. A blue eye light that seemed to be imbued with the wind illuminated the training room.

“Is this Saunhwan?”

He looked at his hands and smiled with excitement.

‘It’s huge.’

As a direct descendant of Sieghart, he consumed many elixirs, but Saunhwan was especially special among them. He not only increased his auror, but also changed his body through practice.

Although it is not about creating a perfect body like in the Hwangol Metamorphosis, it is clear that a body that can move faster and stronger has been created.

‘I could use that now.’

I smiled at the thought that I could also use the Chosik of the Sakpunggeom, which I had not used because I could not cook it perfectly.

Buren looked up at the ceiling and laughed.

“I got help from that guy again.”

The reason why Saunhwan came is because Raon won the six emperor duel sparring. My heart warmed as I felt grateful to the guy who handed over such a precious elixir to me without any hesitation.

‘The way to repay you is to become stronger.’

Raon always thinks about the growth of Gwangpungdan, not just himself. The only way to repay this elixir is for everyone in the Gwangpungdan to grow faster and stronger.

‘Let me see.’

Has it been about 5 days?

There were five ticks past the clock where you could check the date.

‘I guess I should leave now.’

Although I wasn’t able to absorb all of the Four Clouds, I did enough to practice, so it would be more effective to go out and do other training.

Burren stood up and dusted off his dusty training uniform. She opened the door to the training room and went out with an expression that seemed like a happy return.

Perhaps because it was night, the gymnasium was dark. The practice rooms were all closed as other people were still practicing.

“Then Raon and Sir Mark… .”

As I was trying to find the two people who were supposed to be protecting the law, I heard a small explosion coming from the center of the training ground.


A strong shock wave exploded and someone flew through the sky and fell to the ground.

“Well, what is it?”

I strained my eyes to see what was going on, but the condition of the training ground was strange. As if it had been hit by a magic bomb, everything had been dug up and there was no place left intact.

‘What on earth happened?’

I didn’t know that inside the training room because noise and shock were completely blocked, but it seemed like a war had broken out.


While Burren was panicking, something started crawling towards him from a place that looked like a shell had just exploded.


I thought it was a zombie and was about to hit it with a sword, but when I looked closely, I saw that the Nakhwa that came with Raon not long ago was also Mark Goeton.

“Ma, Sir Mark?”
“Save me… .”

Mark Goeten looked bloodied, holding Burren’s ankles and trembling with his blue lips.

“Please save me!”

As Burren was left with his mouth wide open, not knowing what to do, Raon walked out from the sand dust. He threw and caught the bido in his hand and smiled.

“It looks like it ended well.”

Raon gestured to Mark Goeten, who was lying on the floor.

“Sir Mark, we’re not done yet. Let’s do it one more time. Just one more time… .”

Burren swallowed his dry saliva as he looked at the creepy scene.

‘What have you done again… .’

What on earth did a person turn into a zombie?

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The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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