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Chapter 376

Raon smiled as he looked at the box that non-banquet owner Chad had put down.

-What is that?
‘A gift from the Beast League.’

What’s in that box is the Death Pill sent by Ogram, the Lord of the Beast League. The elixir that was said to be sent after losing the bet with Glenn has now arrived at the family.

“Then I will open it.”

Chad unlocked the rock-thick box with a brown key that looked like it was made of wood. He stepped back as if to open the lid himself.

“thank you.”

Raon bowed his head to Chad and opened the lid of the heavy box. At the top was a letter scrawled in rough handwriting.

[The promise was kept.]

It was a letter so simple that it was clear that it had been sent by Ogram. I don’t know how big the bowl is, since they don’t even show any condescension while sending over 30 Saunhwan.

I put the letter away and looked inside the box. It contained dozens of wooden armors the size of her fist, and the inside was protected by leopard vines, which are said to be softer than cotton.
Unlike a simple letter, it seemed like it was sent with a lot of care.

“It’s Saunhwan.”

Chad smiled as he looked at the wooden armor in the box.

“yes. It seems that the Beast League Lord did not forget to place a bet and sent it to us.”
“The League of Beasts is simple, for better or for worse. “When they make a promise, they keep it unconditionally.”

As Chad said, the warriors of the Beast League abhor lies and cowardice. Of course I believed they would send it.


When I counted the number of Saunhwan in the box, there were thirty-five, the same number as Gwangpungdan.

‘You said you wouldn’t give it to me, but you sent it properly.’

I received one first when I was in Owen, so I should have 34, but I asked Ogram to give me 35 because there was one more person inside Gwangpungdan.
I was worried because he said he didn’t like it, but contrary to his words, he gave me one more thing.

“There are so many saunhwans, it’s impossible to buy them even if you pay money.”
“Iknow, right.”

Raon nodded. Saunhwan is not only an auror, but also has the effect of creating a physique suitable for using the martial arts learned by a warrior.
It was not for nothing that the League of Beasts boasted of an elixir.

“It must have been heavy, but thank you for bringing it here.”

Raon stood up and bowed his head to Chad.

“Oh, no.”

Chad waved his hand as if it was no big deal.

“I just wanted to tell you good news quickly.”

He smiled and said he was glad you were happy.

“I look forward to hearing good news soon.”

Chad bowed his head in a polite manner, then turned and went down Mt. Bukmang as if he had no regrets.
He climbed halfway down the mountain and clenched his fists.

“it’s okay.”

This time too, I made a good impression on Raon. He felt rewarded for carrying that heavy box all the way up here alone, without coming with other agents.

‘As expected, my eyes are accurate.’

Not only did Raon win the Six Emperors’ duel held in the Kingdom of Owen by defeating all of the Twelve Stars on the Continent, but he also obtained the cooperation of the Sepia Company.
Although he was still young, he was someone who would rise higher than anyone else on this continent.

‘And above all… .’

I like those four people.

Glenn, Cheryl, Loen, who can be said to be Sieghardt’s powerful people, and even Rimmer, who is a little behind. The person they all support is Raon.
Sieghardt’s future was clearly focused on Raon.

‘I’m glad I showed it well in advance.’

I felt relieved because I had a good impression on Raon even when he wasn’t doing much. The friendships you have built so far will be of great help in the future.

‘This is social life, let’s cut it down.’

Chad grinned and walked down Bukmang Mountain with steps as light as a feather.

* * *

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the forest Chad had left.

“What news do you expect to hear?”

I’m not sure if I’m expecting Gwangpungdan to become stronger after taking this elixir, or if I’m expecting another performance.

It wasn’t just the words, but Chad’s actions themselves that were strange.

‘Isn’t that person strange?’
-That’s right.

Lars lowered his eyebrows and nodded.

-It makes no sense for the so-called head of an intelligence group to bring this box alone.

Chad has trusted subordinates. I could have sent them away or had them carry the box, but it felt strange to bring this heavy thing by myself.

‘It’s not just to look good.’

There must be an ulterior motive.

If this was your first time in life, you might have thought that Chad was kind, but since his previous life was so rough, you could tell that he had other intentions.

‘I’ll have to continue to be careful.’

After moving Chad up a little higher on the list of people to watch out for, I looked at the Death Pill in the wooden armor. All thirty-five pieces were genuine, without any defects.

‘It’s just right.’

Raon closed the lid of the box again and headed to the edge of the cliff.
While I was talking with Chad and checking the Four Clouds, Gwangpungdan had already reached the top of the cliff.

“That devil must be put to rest here! “They don’t treat me sober!”

Rimmer, who had fallen to the bottom, was climbing the cliff at the top.

“I will hang you on the cross!”

Martha jumped up with eerie eyes that looked like they had been sharpened with blades.

“OK! “I’ll cut your throat!”

Before they knew it, the two were discussing how to get rid of Raon.

“It’s all crazy… .”

Buren shook his head and crawled up the cliff at the same speed as Marta.


Runaan climbed the cliff leisurely, nodding as if he were a sloth.

“Absolute death!”
“Let’s go!”
“I can’t live like this!”

The deadly force unleashed by the Gwangpungdan members took shape and was piercing the skin. It seemed like they were going to swing their swords as soon as they got here.

‘It’s come up a lot.’

Perhaps because it was taking so long, it seemed like I couldn’t drop everything with just the wooden raincoat.

-No matter how you are, it would be impossible for you to drop all the trees.

Lars laughed as he saw the prosecutors coming up.

-This training will end here.

The guy waved his finger, saying it was regrettable.

-You’re not swinging your sword like you’re swinging an earmark, are you? Shamefully?
‘Of course I wouldn’t do that.’

Raon shook his head. Because Li Mer committed a foul, he only took out his sword and had no intention of using it again.

-Then it’s over… .
‘But there is a way.’
-Is there a way? It’s all up already?
‘of course.’

Raon stood at the edge of the cliff holding the box containing the elixir. He smiled as he watched the Gwangpung members coming up with deadly eyes.

‘If the game is unfavorable, just break it.’

He jumped off the cliff while holding the box.

“This is the end of my cliff climbing training. “Come down quickly.”

As he descended to the bottom, he gestured to the Gwangpungdan members clinging to the cliff.

‘Because I’m the person in charge of training. ‘I decide the end too.’

It was an action without any problems since he was currently the top decision maker for the training of the Gwangpungdan.

“Go, suddenly?”
“It’s all up, but what’s the end?”
“You damn bastard! Where!”

Limer and the members of the Gwangpungdan screamed in anger as they saw Raon falling.


Raon kicked the cliff just before it hit the ground and landed gently on the ground.

-You really… .

Lars gaped, saying that this was something even the devil wouldn’t do. He was so dumbfounded that he seemed speechless.

The swordsman came to the side and lowered his eyebrows.

“You acted like you were going to train all day, but why did you come down already?”
“Because something more urgent has come up.”

Raon put down the box in his hand and smiled.

“What is that box that makes a training fool like you give up training?”
“Oh, this is…” .”

As I was about to explain the box, the Gwangpungdan members jumped down from the cliff and landed roughly on the floor.

“You bastard! How can something like this happen? “They all went up!”

Rimmer came over, grabbed his collar, and shook him.

“You have to worry today! “We have to rush in and beat them all!”

Even the calm Burren gritted his teeth as if he was angry.

“Just right.”

Marta was already ready to strike and was clenching her fists.


Runaan was still clinging to the cliff, probably because she was sleeping and couldn’t see the situation.

“It’s really arbitrary… .”
“Are you a tyrant?”
“Why did you suddenly stop training!”

Dorian whimpered, saying it was becoming increasingly difficult to handle. Other Gwangpungdan members also frowned and complained.

“okay. okay.”

Raon sat on a box and listened to all the complaints of the Gwangpungdan members.

“If you want my training that much, I can’t help it. Keep training. instead… ”

I opened the box with a smile filled with joy.

“I will take care of all of this saunhwan.”
“Sa, Sa Unhwan?”
“The one you bet with the Beast League Lord in the Owen Kingdom?”
“You’re finally here!”

The Gwangpungdan members came running with red flames in their eyes.


Raon shouted as if scolding a puppy and closed the box.

“You said you want to continue your cliff climbing training.”

At those words, all the Gwangpungdan members who had been yelling a moment ago kept their mouths shut.

“That shameful bastard… .”
“How does it get crazier the longer you go?”

Burren and Marta’s faces hardened as they said people were becoming more and more evil.

“Woah, elixir… .”
“That’s Saunhwan too.”
“But pride… .”

The members of the Gwangpungdan were also hesitant to ask for the elixir because they had been making a fuss a little while ago.

In particular, there was nothing more to say because the reason why he got that Saunhwan was because Raon won the six emperor duel sparring master class.

“joy! You probably don’t have my elixir anyway.

Rimmer narrowed his eyes and grabbed the sword hanging on his waist.

“I’m just going to destroy that guy right here… .”
“Is there one?”

Raon pointed to the box containing the Saunhwan that Rimmer was sitting on when he was about to draw his sword.

“I asked the Lord of the Ogram Alliance to make sure to take care of Danju as Gwangpungdan as well.”
“Did you see me lying about something like this?”

The number of Saunhwan in the box was 35. Of course, there was also Rimmer.

“Raon budanjuniiyim!”

As soon as Rimmer heard that he had the elixir, he rushed forward and swatted his hands together like flies. The voice changed from soft to harsh.

“I have always respected you, Lord Budan! The boldness of making a request to the leader of the Beast League and the consideration of this ugly Danju! “I will continue to be loyal!”

He bent his back ninety degrees as if he were his subordinate.

“Inoooooms! Can’t we kneel down right now to Lord Budan, who worked hard for us? yes?”

Rimmer lowered his head to Raon and shot a sharp look at the Gwangpungdan member who was gaping behind him.

“How much our Lord Budan suffers because of you who are weak! “Come and apologize right now!”

He started scolding Gwangpungdan as if he were now Raon’s spokesperson.

“Bu, Lord Budan!”

The quick-witted crane was the first to come forward and kneel down.

“I can do anything the Lord of Budan tells me to do. Even if you tell me to die, I will follow you!”

Crane got hit the most among the Gwangpungdan and even though he fell, he bowed his head faster than anyone else. As expected, he was a quick-witted guy.

As Rimmer, who he trusted, and Crane, who had been hit the hardest, bowed their heads, the other members of the Frenzy Troupe were not to be outdone and also jumped forward and knelt down.

“Lord Budan! i love you!”
“I will follow you for the rest of my life!”
“Raon! Raon! Raon!”
“The light and salt of Gwangpungdan!”

Raon’s praise and cheers came out endlessly from the mouths of the Gwangpungdan, who had been swearing just a moment ago.


Runaan, who had finally come down from the cliff, looked around blankly.

“Good job. “Good job.”

Runaan, not knowing anything, stood next to the Frenzy Group and shouted loudly. Now the only people left were Burren and Martha.

“That kid must have been a loan shark or a real devil in his past life.”

Martha gritted her teeth as she watched Raon enjoying the praise of the Gwangpungdan as if he were the leader of a religious cult.

“Even if you are a loan shark, now is the time to borrow money.”

Buren bit his lip and approached Raon.

“If you go, you’re selling your pride!”
“Can’t you see Danju crawling? That’s the adaptability of an adult! “When you have to bend, you have to bend!”
“ah… .”
“You have to become strong even if it means selling your pride. “That way we’ll never see something like that again!”

He pushed away Martha, who was trying to stop him, and went in front of Raon and bowed his head.

“Thank you Lord Budan for your blessings!”
“The third team leader has also arrived.”

Raon smiled brightly and received Buren’s greeting. He turned his gaze to the last remaining one, Martha.


The Gwangpungdan members also turned their heads to follow Raon’s gaze. More than sixty red eyes pressed down on Martha.

“Ugh… .”

Marta couldn’t overcome the looks in the eyes of the members who were now starting to feel camaraderie, and came towards her, flailing around like a zombie.

“Jo, damn Raon… .”

She stood next to Runaan and muttered the same thing.

In the end, everyone in the Gwangpungdan gave in and the cliff training ended.

Raon crossed his legs on the box and smiled as he looked at the Gwangpungdan.

‘Did you see it? This is how to break a board and create a new board.’
-Uh… .

Lars’s blue lips trembled as if he was shocked.

-This is the coming of the devil… .

* * *

After returning to the 5th training camp, Raon handed out Saunhwan to the Gwangpungdan prosecutors. At the end of Rimmer, everyone was given the gift of death, and the Gwangpungdan members’ eyes lit up like puppies that have seen their food.

“This is Saunhwan.”

Rimmer opened the wooden armor and smelled the scent of Saunhwan, and his whole body trembled.

“Take it right away. “If it’s an elixir of Shaunhwan’s size, even if you take it now, you’ll have to practice it until the day after tomorrow.”

Burren seemed nervous and swallowed dry saliva while holding his wooden armor.

“okay. “There’s no need to waste time.”

Martha agreed and opened the door to the training room.

“When taking elixir and practicing the exercises, impatience is poison.”

Do-goe blocked the front of the training room and frowned.

“Especially when it comes to elixirs as strong as Saunhwan, you need to be more alert.”

He must have felt attached to Gwangpungdan and gave him sincere advice.

“Because me and that devil guy will protect the law. After completing the exercises calmly… .”
“There is no need for that.”

Raon interrupted Dogoe’s conversation and approached him. He smiled as he handed me the last piece of wooden armor he was holding in his hand.

“Because you also have to practice, Mr. Commander.”
“what? This is yours… .”
“no. “It’s yours.”
“W-what kind of crazy talk are you talking about!”

Do-gae opened his mouth wide, asking why he was talking nonsense.

“I ate it when I was in the Owen Kingdom. If you take the same elixir, the effect will be halved, right? Because if I eat it, Saunhwan will no longer be able to use even a mid-level elixir. It is right for the Commander-in-Chief to eat it. “I asked for 35 for that.”

Revealing the truth, he handed out the Saunhwan to Do-goe.

“Umm… .”

Do-goe received the wooden armor containing the Saunhwan with a puzzled expression.

“I really don’t know what you really are.”

He tilted his head, saying he was confused as to whether the devil he showed earlier was real or whether the consideration he showed now was real.

“I’ll take both of you.”

Raon smiled slightly and pushed Dogoe’s back.

“It’s been a while since you took care of yourself.”
“B-but… .”
“You worked hard.”

Do-gae was captured by force, and despite his seniority and status, he faithfully helped Gwangpungdan train. Knowing his sincerity, it wasn’t a waste at all for him to receive a gift.

“It’s better for a young guy to eat two than an old guy like me…” .”

Contrary to his words, Do-goe held the wooden armor containing the Saunhwan tightly.

“Ah, old man, you’re bothering me because I’m going to eat it anyway. Then give it to me. I’ll take two… “Wow!”
“You go away!”

He came up and kicked Rimmer, who was waving his finger, in the stomach.


Raon clapped his hands and looked at everyone in the Gwangpungdan.

“I and Sir Mark will stay here to protect you. “Let’s all finish the exercises calmly.”

After giving the order, all Gwangpungdan members stood in front of the practice room. Before they entered, they turned around and bowed to Raon.

“thank you!”

Everyone expressed their sincere gratitude and then entered the practice room.


Rimmer was smiling while standing in front of the workshop door.

“Good job.”
“You even took care of that inspiration.”

He pointed to Do-goe who entered the training room.

“It’s not easy to take care of someone who originally works behind the scenes. You will be a good leader. “I guarantee it.”
“I don’t really trust the gambler’s bets.”
“I quit gambling!”
“I understand you were there yesterday too… .”
“I’m going!”

Rimmer quickly waved his hand and entered the training room.

Raon turned around after confirming that a powerful flow of mana was moving in all the training rooms. Mark Goeton was standing in the center of the gym in a straight posture.

“I’m sorry I don’t have the elixir. “Because Sir Mark wasn’t there at the time.”
“it’s okay.”

Mark Goeten shook his head, saying it was natural.

“I have another gift for you instead.”

I opened the subspace pouch I borrowed from Dorian, took out the black sword I got from Glenn, and held it out.

“I can’t have my vassals using shabby methods. Please use that in the future.”
“Hey, I don’t think this is normal… .”

Mark Goeton’s lips trembled as he looked at the blade of the Black Sword.

“I haven’t done anything yet, so I can’t receive such a valuable item!”

As a master-level martial artist, he knew the value of the black sword and shook his head.

“I’m not just giving it to you.”

I took out two books of martial arts that I had recently acquired from my pocket.

“I’m giving it to you in return for helping me with my training. “There is no need to feel burdened.”
“If it’s training… .”
“Because they will come out stronger.”

Raon smiled as he looked at the training room where the Gwangpungdan members entered.

“In the meantime, we must also become stronger.”

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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