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Chapter 372


While Raon was smiling eerily, Runaan came out like a thunderbolt and held out a square box.
It was a box containing beaded ice cream that I often saw.


She opened the lid of the box and tilted it forward. I saw two pieces of cookie and mint chocolate ice cream.
Bead ice cream. It seems like I really didn’t want to train because I had to give up the mint chocolate.

‘where… .’

Raon looked at Runan’s face hiding behind the box. Looking at his fierce eyes and calm expression, it didn’t seem like he particularly wanted to train.

‘I guess they really just gave it to me to eat.’

When everyone was frowning because they didn’t want to train, he handed out ice cream as if it was obvious, but I always felt that he was an unusual guy.

‘My skills have improved a lot.’

Runaan’s inaction was at a higher level than when he was in Owen.
To be able to change from the top level of Expert, which is difficult to achieve, means that you put in a lot of effort every day.

-What are you doing!

Lars stuck out his tongue while looking at the ice cream.

-You can’t even take what’s given to you! Eat quickly!

The guy beat his back like a drum, saying the ice cream was going to melt.

‘I need to train you.’
-Can’t we do training tomorrow? Even if I kill you, I will kill you tomorrow!
‘I have no intention of killing you.’

It’s really just training, so I don’t know why everyone is making such a fuss.

“thank you.”

Raon smiled as he accepted the box Runan held out.


Runaan nodded as if telling her to eat quickly.

As the atmosphere softened, Buren and Marta approached cautiously.

“La, Raon. long time no see. “Did your trip go well?”
“Why did you come so late! “You make it sound like you’ll be back right away!”
“It was a bit much work.”

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the two people.

‘This side was also properly trained.’

Marta and Burren had also grown as much as Runaan. It was clear that these two had been training with all their might.

‘Same goes for the other guys.’

Although it was not at the level of Runan, Marta, or Buren, its level had risen to the point where other members were unrecognizable.
It seems like everyone came together and overcame the tedious and difficult training. This was an achievement worthy of recognition.

-Use it! Haven’t you become a lot stronger? Write it today! Please forgive me.
‘Wipe your spit and tell me.’

Lars was so focused on the ice cream that he drooled without even looking at the members.

“I trained really hard while you were away. I just said it out of confidence. “Never mind, how about taking a break today?”
“okay. “I wonder if that bastard is talking nonsense for a day or two.”

Burren and Marta glanced at Crane with frowns.

“that’s right! Lord Budan!”
“Handsome Lord Budan is patient!”
“Oh, I haven’t even finished training today!”
“It’s late, so let’s start tomorrow!”

Other members of the Gwangpungdan also came rushing over and forced smiles so as not to miss the opportunity.


Runan didn’t care about that or not and just stared at the ice cream box.

“It’s definitely changed.”

Raon made eye contact with everyone in the Gwangpungdan and nodded.

“As you say, it is an achievement worthy of recognition.”
-Oh oh!

Lars took a long sip of his mouth, probably thinking he was about to eat ice cream.

“As expected, our Budanju has a big heart!”
“Because I trained without missing a day.”

Burren and Marta also smiled excitedly, as if they thought there would be no additional training.

“So give me a chance.”
“What opportunity?”

Raon pointed to Dorian, who was chewing a cookie behind him.

“If I trained really hard, I think I could beat Dorian, who wasted my time by going with me, right?”

I turned my finger and aimed at the crane standing awkwardly.

“If Crane fights Dorian and wins, I’ll let him go cleanly and give him free time tomorrow.”
-You really… .

Lars, who knew everything about the situation, let out a sigh.

‘why. ‘Crane might win.’

I smiled and looked at Dorian. Through this journey, he rose to the top level of Expert and strengthened his confidence.
Even if it is difficult for the managers, they can break the crane no matter what.

“If you lose… .”

Raon looked down at everyone with colder eyes than when he first saw them.

“We are training from now until the sun rises tomorrow.”
“it’s okay!”
“If it’s a bet like that, I’ll take it!”

Burren and Marta smiled brightly, as if they thought Crane would win.

“I only trust you!”
“Don’t just shut your mouth, make sure you win!”
“crane! “Show us our blood and sweat!”

Other Gwangpungdan members also waved their hands and shouted, predicting Crane’s victory.
Crane was the co-pilot, and since there was a big difference in skill between him and Dorian, everyone thought he had already won.

“Bu, Lord Budan!”

Dorian came forward with a puzzled look on his face.

“Can I beat the co-pilot?”
“Win and sleep. They’re even letting their guard down. “If you can’t finish it in one blow, you’ll have to climb the mountain all night alone.”
“Hi… .”

Dorian closed his eyes for a moment and remembered his time in Lorcan.

‘It was hell.’

While climbing the rock wall, Raon rolled rocks and trees from the top and dropped them to the ground.
Of course, I saved him before he died, but I could never forget that because I really felt what death was.

‘I was the only one in Gwangpungdan who did that!’

The only people here who went through that hell were myself and Mark Gotten. He couldn’t do that crazy thing alone.

“Keuuu! “I won’t die alone.”

When Dorian opened his eyes, his eyes were filled with blue heat. He ran in front of the crane, grabbed his training sword, and flicked his hand.

“Go for it!”
“You arrogant guy!”

Crane glared at Dorian and bit his lip.

Raon stood between the two and lowered his hand.

“Come on, let’s solve the problem with the sword.”

With those words, he raised his lowered hand.


As soon as the sparring began, it was Dorian who made the first move. He gritted his teeth and struck down his sword as if he was in a desperate situation.


Crane snorted briefly and raised his sword to block Turo.

“You’re still in a hurry. You can never beat me like this… uh?”

He felt the energy coming from Dorian’s sword and widened his eyes in embarrassment.

‘What, what! Why are you so strong?’

I tried my best to block Dorian’s sword, but it was already too late. His sword was in front of his forehead.

“Now, wait!”

Dorian slashed his sword without listening to Crane’s words.


The training sword struck the exact center of Crane’s forehead, and he closed his eyes and fell down.


Dorian held his sword tightly and let out a hot breath.

“I can’t die. You can never die alone! Even if we die… .”

He seemed possessed by something and muttered that he couldn’t die.

“ah… .”
“Oh, the crane lost? No matter how hard today’s training was… .”
“Does this make sense?”

The Frenzy members gaped as they looked at the fallen crane and the fuming Dorian.

“What did I see?”
“I don’t know. Fuck… .”

Buren and Marta also trembled at the unexpected situation.


It was Raon’s hand clapping that woke them up from their confusion.

“It’s a winner.”

Raon curled up the corner of his mouth as he looked at the rapt prosecutors.

“No complaints now, right? Then let’s go. “To go to the excellent training I prepared.”

With those words, Raon picked up the fallen crane. Since I had to be given equal opportunities to become stronger, I had no intention of leaving her unconscious.

-this… .

Lars’ lips trembled as he looked at Raon’s back heading towards Bukmangsan Mountain.

-This is something even devils don’t do these days.

Making bets with a fixed outcome is something that is not done even in the demon world. I don’t know how that devil’s head was made.

-As expected, that guy is in the demon world… No! First, eat mint chocolate first!


Glenn Sieghardt walked around the throne room with a frown. His eyes were shaking slightly as if he was anxious.

Glenn, who had been circling on the stage for a while, sat down on the throne and bent down.


He lowered his eyebrows as he looked at Roen below the podium.

“It’s been a while since you said you passed through the main gate, so why aren’t you coming?”
“It seems like you were considerate of the matriarch.”

Roen smiled and lowered his head.

“yes. Because it’s late.”

He turned his gaze and pointed to the moon rising in the sky.

“I think it would be rude to meet you now, so I will come visit you tomorrow.”

Cheryl also smiled and said that Raon did it because he was thinking of Glenn.


Glenn cleared his throat and looked down.

“There is no particular need for such consideration. After all, you’re only doing useless things.”

He licked his lips regretfully.

Roen and Cheryl looked at Glenn with soft smiles.

“Oh, then shall I bring you?”

Rimmer, who was leaning his back against the round pillar, raised his hand.

“I also want to see my student after a long time. Let’s bring him now. what.”
“hey. “I’m just resting. What are you doing?”
“no. “If he had that personality, he would have gone to the training ground.”

Rimer clicked his tongue and said, “You don’t know Raon very well.”

“how to do? Shall I bring him?”

He looked at Glenn and waved his fingers from side to side.


Glenn looked down at Rimmer without answering.

“Ah, I guess you don’t like it. Then I’ll just have to go see it. I should have a drink with a student who is over 20 years old. See you tomorrow then… .”

Rimmer waved his hand and was about to leave when Glenn slammed the handle of the throne.

“… “Bring it.”
“Yeah? “It’s so small I can’t hear it.”
“T-bring him.”
“What did you say? “I don’t know what you’re talking about because you’re a grandfather who doesn’t even take care of your grandchildren.”
“You… .”

Glenn’s anger caused a thick thundercloud to bloom in the air.

“Oh! If I drop this, I can’t go! “No, I’m not going!”

At those words, the cerebral energy that had filled the throne room disappeared at once.

“As expected, Raon is straight!”

Rimmer chuckled and opened the throne room door.

“I’ll bring you right away!”

He waved his hand slyly and left.

“If Raon returns, please hold on to that.”
“all right.”

Roen and Cheryl nodded at the same time.

Cheryl smiled coldly as she looked at the door through which Rimmer left.

“I guess I’ll clean up an elf invoice today.”


Buren bit his lip as he climbed the cliff of Bukmangsan Mountain.

‘How did Dorian become so strong?’

Even though I only saw one sword, I could feel that his power was on a different level than before.
I thought I experienced hell here, but it seems like hell was really sitting next to Raon.

‘Still, I’m glad they didn’t do anything that harsh.’

To be honest, training to climb a cliff while blocking Auras wasn’t that difficult.

‘It’s literally a fundamental training.’

Climbing a cliff bare-handed is one of the outstanding physical exercises that has been passed down since ancient times. Even when I was a trainee, there was a time when Rimmer said he was annoying and told me to go up the mountain.

“I was wondering what I had prepared and it turned out that this was enough.”

Martha also smiled and said that climbing the cliff was a piece of cake.

“Hmm… .”

Runaan dozed off while climbing the cliff to see if she had more time to spare.

“I heard that Lord Budan is not a devil at all.”
“I know. “I almost lost my heart because I thought they were doing concentration training again.”
“If that had been the case, we would have dug a tunnel.”
“Even Lord Budan has a conscience.”

Other members also had a light conversation while climbing the cliff to see if they were comfortable with the training.

“I’m not that kind of person… .”

Crane frowned with a large lump on his forehead.

“Lord Budan. “I don’t think I’ll be able to finish this training that involved beating me up so easily.”
“He’s a human too, so treat him appropriately.”

Buren shook his head, saying that Raon was a good guy by nature.

“No, he’s kind, but he’s a person who doesn’t compromise when it comes to training.

As the crane finished its meal, a loud noise as if something was breaking was heard from the top of the cliff.

“What does this mean… “Wow!”

The crane stopped talking and fell down after being hit by a stone that fell from the top of the cliff.


He fell down and disappeared without being able to grab anything.

“Wow, crane!”
“What is this!”
“Why did a stone suddenly fly… .”
“What happened!”

Burren, Marta, and the members of the Frenzy Troupe raised their heads at the same time.

thud! Coo coo coo coo!

Logs were falling from above along with the sound of the cliff collapsing.

“Sat, log?”
“Why is there a log here?”
“This is crazy!”

The members of the Gwangpungdan screamed and ran away from the cliff to avoid the log.

“A safe place… “Wow!”

However, stones flew to where they were hiding and they began to fall to the floor one by one.

“Oh, stones are flying!”
“If you fall, you die!”

The members of the Gwangpungdan escaped by quickly crawling up the cliff like insects, but the stone flew as if it had been waiting and hit a vital spot.

“Sa, help me!”

The prosecutors disappeared one by one, leaving only a few words to scream.


Marta barely dodged the stone that flew at her head and raised her head high.

“Hey you idiot!”

She gritted her teeth and spit out double insults at Raon at the top.

“Did you really come back crazy?! Kill them all… Wow!”

Martha was hit in the side by a stone and fell to the floor before she could finish swearing.

“ah… .”

Buren gaped. Now all that was left was Runaan, who was still dozing off, and himself.

“Lu, Runan! wake up! This is really going to kill me… “Huh!”

As I was trying to wake Runaan, a fist-sized stone came pouring in from the top.


Buren pressed his body close to the cliff to avoid the stone that flew at his temple. But that’s not the end. Stones rained down from here and there as if he had been waiting.

“You can never die!”

He used all his strength to climb up the cliff and dodge the piles of stones that hit him like a meteor shower.


When I barely avoided the stone aimed at my shoulder, a fist-sized stone fell on my forehead.

‘This is it.’

I smiled slightly and threw the stone away, and a second stone followed right behind it.

“That damn bastard… Hehehe!”

When I was hit squarely on the forehead with a second stone, my hands and legs lost strength.

‘Psycho bastard. It even contained an aura… .’

Raon must have been so crazy that he placed an aura in a stone that caused psychological shock. He was so weak that he couldn’t hold on.

Burren fell from the cliff half-conscious.

“ah… .”

I wanted to hold on to something in the middle, but I didn’t have the strength.

‘I’m going this way because of that crazy guy.’

I really wanted to defeat my father.

When he was hiding in the villa, Raon promised to help him defeat his father one day, but he was unable to achieve that. No, at that time he ended up dying because of the guy who helped him.

‘Hello everyone… uh!’

As I was thinking about death, something soft supported me.

“ah… .”

When I raised my gaze, I saw a middle-aged man with a clean-cut appearance who had come with Raon earlier. It seemed like he held my body without the slightest shock.

“Are you okay?”
“Gwae, it’s okay. thank you.”

Burren nodded and stood on the floor.

“captain. “It’s late.”
“But you lasted the longest.”
“Wow, I was really scared… .”

Other prosecutors were also sitting on the floor without any injuries.

“Fuck… .”

Martha pounded the cliff with her fist and ground her teeth in exasperation.


As Buren stood there in a daze, Runaan fell down with a faint groan.

The middle-aged man moved lightly and caught Runan, then placed him on the floor.

“thank you.”

Runaan bowed her head without being embarrassed, like she had experienced many times.

“What should I do now…” .”

When everyone was looking at each other and not knowing what to do, Raon’s voice was heard from the top of the cliff.

“I didn’t forget to train until the sun rises! “Come back up!”

The bottom of the Gwangpungdan members’ eyes darkened as they heard Raon’s cheerful and bright voice.

“Keuuu! Where are ghosts and devils, what are they doing? “Don’t take that away!”

Lars, who heard Marta’s voice from the top of the cliff, shook his head.

-Beef girl. sorry.

Even this king can’t handle it… .


Raon smiled as he saw the Gwangpungdan members starting to climb the cliff again.

‘There are definitely talents.’

The Gwangpungdan members had only been hit once, but they were moving in preparation for stones flying from above. As expected, they are wise guys.

“Dorian. “Are there any more logs and rocks?”

Raon extended his hand to Dorian, who was shaking next to him.

“It’s a necessity, so it’s there… .”
“I’ll provide supplies later. Take it out.”
“yes… .”

Dorian nodded and reached into his stomach pocket and pulled out a log and a rock.

“It’s just right.”

Raon left the log intact and split the rock into fist-sized pieces.

“I won’t lose this time!”
“I’ll feel better if I go up and punch that person!”
“It will never fall!”

I could see the Gwangpungdan members coming up from below, cheering. Perhaps because of anger, he was more passionate than before.

“okay. “It tastes like it should be.”

Raon smiled coldly and rolled the log toward the place with the most Gwangpungdan members.

Coo coo coo coo!

A log fell on the head of the Gwangpungdan member with a loud noise like a cliff collapsing.

“The crane fell again!”

Two people fell from one log. The previous time I threw it, more than five people fell, so it was an outstanding achievement.

Raon dropped logs in succession to eliminate more than 10 people, then picked up a rock.

“It’s real from now on.”

As I was about to throw a stone while grinning, a cool and gentle breeze blew from behind.

“Why are you bothering the kids as soon as you arrive?”

I turned around when I heard a trembling voice. He was waving his hand with a smile similar to the one Rimer used when gambling.


Raon put down the stone, stood up, and looked at Rimmer.


After getting the artificial short circuit, I got stronger day by day, but now I felt like a different person. It felt like a sharp thunderbolt in the light wind.

“You didn’t just play around.”
“No, I was playing and eating?”
“hmm… .”

I gave him some praise, but I got a ridiculous retort back. Of course, Rimmer. I felt like I had returned to Gwangpungdan.

“Let’s stop playing and go.”
“When you get home, you have to say hello to the adults first. “The head of the family is looking for you.”
“At this time?”

It was late, so I was planning to go to Gajujeon tomorrow, but I didn’t expect to find him first.


Rimmer nodded with a cool smile.

“I guess they want to give me a gift.”

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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