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Chapter 368

When people are surprised, they scream, and when they are shocked, they keep their mouths shut.

The current situation at the training ground is shocking. Even though the neck and tail were not fully extended, everyone was half distracted by the presence of the drake that was over 30 meters long.

Raon turned his gaze to the right and looked at the expressions of the merchants.

The merchants who had been cheering and waving their hands a little while ago said that Jesser had won, but their mouths were tightly shut like mutes who had been fed honey.

On the contrary, his eyes were wide open to the point of tearing, and he was busy looking at Drake, who had filled the gym.

‘Other successors will probably be similar.’

He smiled slightly and turned his eyes to Dialun and Palen standing next to him.
Palen, who felt sympathy for Dorian, was so shocked that he sat down, and Dialun drooled as he looked at Drake, whom he could not fully see at a glance.

‘They’re completely out of their minds.’

Jesser, who was standing in the center, had his eyes wide open as if he couldn’t believe this situation.
It looked as if his soul had been completely beaten by Dorian, who had ignored his very existence.

Last time I saw Addis.

‘This way…’ ‘There is no change.’

It’s also unusual.

He was the only one in this gym who was not surprised and looked at Dorian and Drake with calm eyes.
I thought about it before, but it seems like large-scale trading houses are not run by just anyone.

-The faces are all yellow.

Lars looked around and grinned.

– Seeing all the fussing quiet down made me feel like I was eating mint chocolate ice cream!

Raon smiled and nodded.

‘okay. I feel refreshed inside.’

When I returned, I felt refreshed when I saw the merchants who had been talking about the battle being over and collapsed with pale expressions.

“Whoa… .”

I looked to the side at the sound of slow breathing. Dorian clenched his fists and his shoulders were shaking. Seeing the corners of his mouth curl up, it seemed like he felt joy from people’s reactions.

After a short yet long silence, the people who had stood still began to speak as if time had stopped.

“Um, that’s Drake? “Isn’t it a dragon?”
“Even in its current state, it is much bigger than the Drake that Master Jesser brought… .”
“If you spread out your head and tail, it would be over 35 meters long, right?”
“Well, where did you get something like that?”
“Look at that. The scales still have some vitality left in them. “It means that I caught it this time like Master Jesser!”
“Master Dorian moved alone with the White Sword Dragon. then… .”
“I guess it means the two of you caught that monster.”

The merchants swallowed their dry saliva in admiration of Drake’s overwhelming size and Raon’s power.

“Oh, no… .”

Jesser walked up to Dorian’s side, his lips trembling.

“What, what! “Where did you get this!”

For the first time, Dorian appeared in his eyes, which had been ignoring the very existence of his younger brother.


Dorian shrugged his shoulders as if it was no big deal.

“Where did you get it?!”

Jesser shouted as if he had forgotten that he had ignored Dorian until now.

“I caught it from afar.”

Dorian smiled as he answered leisurely, as if he had learned something from Raon.

“You bastard, you’re making fun of me… .”

As Jesser was about to rush towards Dorian, Addis came up to him, clearing his throat.

“Dorian. “Try to unfold Drake properly.”
“Ah yes!”

Dorian ignored Jesser and ran forward, stretching Drake’s head and tail so that they were in a straight line.

Even in its crumpled state, it was larger than Jesser’s drake, but when unfolded, the difference between it and the adult now widened to the point where it looked like a baby.

“Looking at it this way, the size difference is much more significant… .”
“I know. Master Jesser’s drake is about 25m long, and Master Dorian’s drake is over 35m long.”
“If the difference is this much, it can be said that the successor has already been decided.”
“It’s ruined… .”

The merchants who followed Jesser seemed to think that it was all over now, shaking their heads and sighing until the ground disappeared.

Addis nodded while listening to the merchants’ reactions.

“The results are in. With this… .”
“yet! “Not yet!”

Jesser stepped forward, raising his hands. The arrogant eyes were filled with urgency.

“What do you mean not yet?”

Addis slowly turned his gaze and looked at Jesser.

“I admit that Dorian’s Drake is bigger. However, not everything that is bigger is better. The durability of the claws, teeth, and bones is probably better than the one I caught. There… .”

He pointed to the Drake of Dorian and narrowed his eyes.

“Look at those wounds. Aren’t the scales full of cracks? “I’m sure the inside will be a mess and there won’t be much usable about it!”
“surely… .”
“If it was that big, it would have stabbed Gangi multiple times. “I might be broken inside.”
“The scales are very dirty.”

Not only Jesser, but also the merchants who followed him raised their voices to seize the last chance.

Raon chuckled, enjoying their struggles.

‘I’m more confident about that.’

Drake lived for a long time and had many wounds here and there, but the only cause of death was a sword blow to the head.

If someone who knows how to see properly comes, they will be astonished at the cleanly cut wound, which is larger than 30 meters in size.

“Uh, um… .”

Dorian rubbed his stomach pouch anxiously because he had not caught it himself.

“It’s not really wrong.”

Addis looked at the two Drakes in turn and nodded.

“Oh, then… .”
“But it’s not me who decides that.”

He pointed to the gymnasium door where heavy footsteps could be heard.

“The client will decide for himself.”

As soon as those words were finished, the training room door opened, and men with thick muscles who could not be considered orcs came in.

The gray-haired old man walking in front was the most unusual. Although he had stronger muscles than anyone else, he was as short as a child and had a long beard.


Lars quenched his appetite while looking at the old man.

-It’s been a while since I’ve seen you pudgy!
‘Look pudgy… .’

Raon narrowed his eyes as he listened to Lars’ words.

‘Do demons call dwarves pudgy?’

As Ras said, the master of the Gray Hammer Guild was not a human, but a dwarf. It was also one of the famous names whose name was widely spread across the continent.

“Meet the owner of the Gray Hammer.”

Addis stepped forward and bowed to the dwarf.

“That’s an excessive greeting. Sepia Sanghoe Co., Ltd.”

The dwarf stroked his beard and lowered his head slightly.

“I’m meeting Mr. Borgos, who belongs to the continental artisans, so I need to show this level of courtesy.”

Addis smiled and shook her head.

‘Borgos… .’

This dwarf was a man who ranked above the continental craftsmen along with Vulkan, who made the Jecheon Sword, and Kuberud, who made the Requiem Sword.

“If you try to float it, nothing will come out… omg!”

Borgos, who was waving his hands, ran forward with his eyes wide open.
Although his legs were short, he ran at incredible speed and stood in front of Dorian’s Drake.

“W-what is this!”

Borgos, who didn’t seem to be surprised even if a meteorite fell from the sky, trembled as if he had been shocked.

“A Drake this size! “It’s almost like an adult dragon!”

He chewed his lip, saying that although he had been a craftsman for a long time, he had never seen a drake of this size.

“It’s also a water elemental drake with cold energy that is the best for making weapons!”
“Look at these wing bones here! “I don’t think it will break!”
“What about these scales! “It’s so full of cold that if you put it all together, it’ll become a scale armor that’s impervious to swords?”

The craftsmen who came with Borgos looked at Drake and laughed loudly. He looked like he wanted to take it back and make a weapon right away.

“Stupid things.”

Borgos clicked his tongue as he looked at the artisans.

“You don’t see what you should see, and you only see other things.”
“Well, what is that… .”

He ignored the craftsmen’s questions and headed towards where Drake’s head was.

“It’s a blow.”

Borgos swallowed dryly as he looked at the small sword mark that appeared in the center of Drake’s head.

“I killed this huge monster with a single sword.”

He lifted his gaze. It was in front of Raon that the trembling pupils stopped.

“Is it you?”

Borgos took a deep breath and approached Raon.

“I can sense unbelievable sword power from your young-looking face. “It’s hard to describe it even with the word genius.”

He accurately grasped the power of Raon, who hid his energy as befits his name as a continental craftsman.

“May I ask your name?”

Raon nodded politely. I liked the fact that he was treated politely even though he was of a different race and a much higher level person.

“My name is Raon Sieghardt.”
“I’ve heard that name. “Is this a swordsman called the White Sword Dragon?”

Borgos knew his nickname as the rumor spread to the Gray Hammer Guild.

“I have seen many swordsmen with the nickname Geomryong, but among them, he is outstanding. “I think I know why this monster was struck by such a blow.”

He looked down at his sword and nodded.

“Sepia Sanghoe, Inc. “Our guild will choose this Drake.”

Borgos approached Addis without even paying attention to the drake brought by another successor candidate.

“Now, just a moment!”

Jeser clasped his hands together and dug between Borgos and Addis.

“Please take a look at the drake I caught! Although it is small in size, it is hunted cleanly and has almost no scratches on its skin! Plus, since Drake is a wind character, he must have a strong skeleton… .”
“Do you think my eyes are rotten eyes?”

Borgos’ voice subsided to a chilling degree.

“Well, what is that… .”
“I inspected your Drake as soon as he came in here. “I thought he brought something good because he was worthy of his name.”
“Oh, then… .”
“But it seems that the name was a false one.”

Borgos frowned as he glared at Jeser.

“The outside of the Drake you brought is definitely clean. But it caused quite a shock inside. “It wasn’t enough to just attack them with strength, they must have even unleashed magic.”
“Well, that…” .”
“When that happens, the bones break into pieces and the inside of the scales melts, leaving almost no usable parts. In other words, it means yawning.”
“ah… .”

Jesser’s face became as pale as a sheet of paper.

“I want you. No, I’ve been holding a hammer since long before your father was born. “He seemed too easy on me when he tried to deceive me with his weak words.”

Borgos clicked his tongue and turned around as if he was pathetic.

“You did something stupid. Jeser.”

Addis looked down at Jesser and sighed briefly.

“Well, I just did what my father said and somehow brought the items!”
“I never said that. He said that even if stolen items are taken to customers, the items must not be defective. “You completely misunderstood.”
“iced coffee… .”

Jesser knelt on the floor and bowed his head. He had a look of despair, as if he had realized that it was all over.

“Well, it’s ruined… .”
“I can’t believe Master Jesser ended like this… .”
“Master Dialun didn’t get any attention at all.”
“Well, then, is Master Dorian really the successor?”

The eyes of the merchants who stood behind Jeser or Dialun trembled pitifully like the wings of a butterfly being hit by a wave.

“Did anyone predict this outcome?”
“Uh, none. “Who would have chosen Master Dorian!”
“Then isn’t this an opportunity? A chance to stand behind Master Dorian?”
“I see… .”
“If you do well, you can become an executive… .”

The merchants threw away their rotten ropes and lifted their butts off their chairs to get on the new rope called Dorian.
When the results came out, I was going to run to Dorian before anyone else.

“I’ll buy your Drake.”

Borgos approached Dorian and held out his hand.

“uh… .”

Dorian turned around without holding his hand and looked at Raon and Addis.

“… … .”
“It’s all over, so what are you doing if you don’t catch it?”

Raon didn’t speak, and Addis wrinkled his forehead.

“no. “It’s not over yet!”

Dorian seemed to have gotten a hint from Raon’s silence and Addis’ words and smiled, but did not take Borgos’ hand.

“Now let’s start bargaining!”

He raised his voice with confidence.


Addis nodded softly and walked up to Dorian’s side.

“If a product is brought in according to the request of the client, it is the merchant’s job to raise the price of the product as much as possible.”

For the first time, a proud smile appeared on his lips.

“Now you have reached the starting point. Dorian.”

* * *

Dorian and Borgos entered the conference room inside the headquarters and began negotiations.
Behind the two people stood Raon and Borgos’ best disciple.

“I will buy all of Drake’s horns, teeth, claws, and skin and bones as I originally requested.”

Borgos looked up and made eye contact with Dorian.

“Be honest. “I don’t know the market price for the drake you caught, as it’s a top-quality item I’ve never seen before.”
“Ah yes.”

Dorian nodded stiffly.

“The body of an ordinary drake is worth about 800 to 1,000 gold coins, so I think 4 gold bars would be good.”

Borgos wrote 4 gold bars on the contract Dorian gave him.

“Four gold bars?”

One gold bar has the same value as a thousand gold coins. It was truly an enormous amount.

“Uhm… .”

Dorian glanced back as if seeking opinion.

Raon looked at Dorian and slightly turned his eyes.

“Sorry, but it seems a little difficult for that price.”

Dorian swallowed dryly and shook his head.

“Then I’ll add 300 gold coins to the 4 gold bars. “How is it?”

Borgos added 300 gold coins to the amount stated in the contract.

“Then 4300 gold coins… .”

Dorian gasped and turned around.


Raon lowered his eyes again as if he didn’t like it.

“Well, that’s not very good either… .”
“Hmm! Good. “4 gold bars and 600 gold coins!”

Dorian turned around again, and Raon still did not raise his gaze.

“Okay… .”

Borgos groaned without even hearing Dorian’s words. Now you know who sets the prices.

“good! Let’s make it so big that you can’t refuse! “I’ll pay 5 gold bars!”

5 gold bars. Eventually, the price rose to 5,000 gold coins.


Dorian screamed and turned around. Both hands were shaking as if they were trying to accept it quickly.

Raon shook his head with a calm expression.

“uh… ?”

Dorian, Borgos, and even his best disciple widened their eyes.

Unlike them, who were shocked, Raon sipped tea calmly with his arms crossed.


Lars tilted his head.

-How much is that Drake?”
‘I don’t know.’

I heard that the price of the stuffed drake that Dialun brought was about 1,000 gold coins, but I don’t know how much that drake costs.

-But why are you refusing?
‘There’s a saying that when you bargain, you should refuse three times.’
-You did it 4 times?
‘Just in case, I tried it one more time.’
-Is he really crazy? .

Lars let out a sigh as if he was dumbfounded.

“I’m going crazy.”

Borgos frowned and raised his head.

“If I leave like this, I might have to take the successor exam again?”

He gripped the table tightly as if threatening.


Dorian was embarrassed and turned around, but Raon was still calm.

[The test was to bring the drake’s claws, teeth, horns, and bones. He said he wasn’t closing the deal.]

This is not a bluff. Addis clearly told you to bring Drake, but he didn’t tell you to sell it unconditionally.

“Well, the test was to bring Drake’s bars, claws, teeth, horns, and bones. He said he wasn’t up to the end of the deal. “Huh!”

While speaking, Dorian even spit out the unnecessary word ‘pass on’.

“Keuuuuu… .”

Borgos looked up at Raon and his chin trembled.

-What kind of secret power are you talking about?

Lars gaped at the sight.

-If you’re going to do this, sit in front!

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