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Chapter 367

Raon left the black market and headed to Sepia Store. When passing by a shopping center affiliated with a commercial association, the merchants’ gazes fell like arrows.

“Are you looking at me cruelly?”

Dorian swallowed his dry saliva as he felt the eyes of the merchants.

“Why are they looking at me like that?”
“Just checking to see if you brought Drake.”

Information has spread throughout the Chamber that Addis Sepia has issued a test to bring a Drake to select a successor.
Since it was a matter of deciding the next owner of the business, it was natural for the merchants to look at him like that.

“I didn’t bring anything.”
“It must be in a pocket of subspace.”
“Then does it have toenails, fingernails, and bones like the third lady?”
“I might not have brought that either.”
“Still, I went with the White Sword Dragon, so I guess I could have saved that much.”

As the merchants saw Raon and Dorian heading to the headquarters, they were convinced that they had not brought Drake, but only a few parts of Drake.

“In the end, does the position of successor belong to the second master?”
“I guess so. “I never imagined that you would come and rescue Drake in just a week!”
“As expected, his connections are amazing.”
“It’s a treasure that money can’t buy.”

The merchants who followed Dorian’s second brother, Dialun, smiled as if the fight was already over.

“You’re talking nonsense.”
“The first master hasn’t arrived yet.”
“It’s hard to get excited already.”
“that’s right. “Jesser would bring more than just a stuffed Drake.”
“Don’t shed tears later.”

The merchants who followed the first Jesser rolled their eyes as they looked at the merchants standing behind Dialun.

“If you are the first master, you might be able to catch the whole Drake.”
“okay. “It’s also so big that it can’t be compared to stuffed animals.”
“I’m looking forward to seeing how the successor exam ends.”

There were also merchants who smiled leisurely and were confident of victory, as if they had heard the information that Jesser had captured Drake.

“In the end, it will be decided between the first and second masters.”
“It was decided from the beginning.”
“It’s a pity that the third girl fell so easily. “She didn’t seem like the kind of person who would lose so vainly.”
“I had high hopes for Master Dorian since he brought the White Sword Dragon, but he seems to be too young.”
“I can’t help it. “He must have only trained his sword skills at Sieghart.”

The merchants only talked about those two men, as if the selection of successors had already been narrowed down to Jeser and Dialun.

“Ugh… .”

Dorian stopped in front of the gun platform and his hands trembled.

“What are you doing when you’re not going in?”
“I can’t help but be angry! “We should show them what we caught!”

The guy put his hand in his stomach pocket and turned around, saying he would show the Drake to the merchants.


Raon sighed and punched Dorian in the back of the head.


A cool sound, like a watermelon breaking, erupted, and Dorian sat down, clutching his head.


The guy looked like he was crying and raised his head.

“Why, why are you hitting me!”
“You hid the information to the best of your ability, so why show it?”

Raon used his magic to block the sound from escaping and then shook his head.

“No one thinks you’re winning now, right? “Even though the exam isn’t over, everyone thinks your older brothers will take over as successors.”
“Yeah, that’s right. So go ahead and say… .”

Dorian rubbed his stomach pouch and frowned.


Raon looked at Dorian and clicked his tongue briefly.

“Imagine that 35-meter drake coming out of your belly just as your brothers are confident of victory and the other merchants are celebrating. “What do you think?”
“You must be mesmerized.”
“Don’t you want to see that mesmerized expression?”
“Bo, I miss you! I would like to see! “Let me see!”

Dorian nodded, his eyes round like a hungry Lars.

“therefore. Hold on. “The humiliation now is nothing compared to the joy that will come back.”

Raon patted Dorian on the shoulder and smiled.

‘I have to give that much of a shock to eat this Sanghoe.’

On the day when the succession test results are announced, not only the headquarters’ employees but also nearby merchants will gather.

If you bring out the Drake when everyone is sure that Jesser will be the successor, you can make a strong impression on the merchants who have ignored Dorian until now.

In other words, it will be a big step towards eating this Sanghoe.

– Just by looking at what you’re saying, it’s already like your boss.

Lars frowned at Raon.

‘Actually mine. No, because it will be Dorian’s Company.’
-look! They say you’ll lose again!
‘It’s been a while since you came to your senses. ‘I guess the macaroons were delicious?’

At the black market, Denning Rose handed him a macaroon to eat together, and it seemed delicious so Lars returned to his usual routine.

-It was awesome. If it weren’t for that, I would have made that child my king’s servant.

Lars quenched his appetite, saying he regretted the decision of the village chief’s granddaughter Lucy to give him macaroons first.

‘I can’t express the real taste.’

Raon looked at Lars and sighed.

‘If you’re going to describe the taste, try doing it like Denning Rose did earlier. There is something rewarding about giving food.’

Denning Rose expressed the taste of raspberry pie and macaroons in a gourmet, luxurious way.
There was something I could relate to, so much so that I wanted to give another dessert as a gift.

-If you do it, you can do it well!
‘Then try it.’
-Okay… .

Lars scratched his chin with his round fist and then lifted his head.

-The macaron cookie was as crisp as tree bark, and the raspberry cream was as soft as a cloth!
‘… … .’

I think I remembered what Denning Rose said and followed the analogy, but it’s a world of difference. I had no idea where to start.

‘You have no talent.’
-Ugh… .
‘Knock it off.’

* * *

Raon told Dorian to rest and went to Palen’s room.


When I knocked lightly, a nervous voice came from inside.

“who is this!”

An equally irritating sound of footsteps was heard and then the door opened.

“Don’t come looking for me… omg!”

Palen, whose hair was loose, stopped screaming and then closed her mouth tightly.

“Oh, you’re here.”

As soon as Palen, who had been acting like a fierce beast, saw Raon’s face, he turned into a herbivore and shrugged his shoulders.

Raon looked around. Perhaps because Palen had bitten someone, there was no one around. She went into her room like she was at home.

“Well, did you go well?”
“I will ask the question.”

Raon cut off Palen’s words.


Palen’s eyes were still filled with fear.

“Didn’t you get a call from Heuksa before I came back?”
“Oh, there was no contact whatsoever. I hung a cloth on the window, but it didn’t come… .”

Palen shook his head, saying he had lost contact since sending the information.


Raon smiled and nodded.

‘It looks like they’re trying to erase the black death.’

Originally, when an assassination group failed a mission, they had to pay a penalty or send an additional assassin to complete the mission after contacting them that they had failed.
Not doing both meant that Derus would erase the name Black Death.

‘It’s clear how it’s going to move.’

Since it happened to me 3 times, it will stop for a while.

He was attacked three times, and even the orphanage and the undersea dungeon were taken away, so if Derus’s personality is anything to go by, he would be so angry that he would actually have become cold-hearted.

Considering that he was trying to eliminate even the Black Death, it was clear that he would not get involved for the time being, but would gather information and then delve into the dark side or weaknesses by surprise.

‘Still, we must not let down our guard.’

Derus is an extremely persistent and cool-headed person. No matter how much he grasps his thoughts, he must hold his whole heart.

Raon gathered his thoughts and turned his head to Palen.

“Did you bring anything for the test?”
“yes. But it looks like it’s already finished.”

Palen chewed his lip.

“The second brother is bringing a whole drake, and the eldest brother will bring just as much. “It will be impossible for us to win.”

She seemed to think that Dorian had arrived empty-handed and had not caught Drake in the Jamari Mountains.

“I guess so.”

There was no need to tell Palen the truth, so I nodded and stood up.

“I won’t be visiting you again anymore. “You know what I mean, right?”
“Ji, forget everything that happened so far…” .”
“You’re smart.”

Raon smiled and grabbed Palen’s chin.

“You will have to forget it to the point where you will not be able to open your mouth even if you drink alcohol or are brainwashed. “If she has a problem, she will come back.”

As soon as Merlin said he would come back, Palen got scared, struggled, and fell backwards.

“I will never do that! So please! please… .”

Palen knelt down and rubbed his hands together.

“You just have to watch your mouth.”

Raon covered his mouth with his finger and looked down at her.

“yes. yes never!”

Palen nodded his head with blood-filled eyes. Judging by her terrified state, it seemed like she had no intention of ever bringing this up.

‘What on earth did Merlin do to make him so scared?’

Raon let out a laugh as he left Palen’s room.

-Bo, the king doesn’t really want to know.

Lars’ whole body trembled, as if he was thinking of Merlin.

-It’s good not to know about such a madwoman!

The guy shook his head, saying he didn’t know and didn’t want to see it.

‘You said you had a similar experience, right?’
-That’s right! There was something very leech-like.
‘It’s a leech… .’

While talking with Ras, I went to the dormitory, and Dorian and Addis’ butler Rigwin were standing in front of the door.

“Raon. “The owner of the store wants to meet you. Do you have a good time?”

Rigwyn bowed his head politely.

“it’s okay. Let’s go.”

Raon nodded. As he had expected to some extent, he followed Rig Win and headed to the Chamber of Commerce’s office.

When I opened the office door and entered, I saw Addis Sepia sitting at the desk and looking at documents. She looked the same and had the same posture as before, as if she had stuck to a routine.

“It’s been a while since I saw you.”

Addis put down the pen on the document and raised his gaze to look at Raon.

“Did your departure go well?”
“Please ask the person concerned rather than me.”

Raon smiled and pointed at Dorian.

“hmm… .”

Addis nodded and turned her eyes to Dorian.

“Did you get anything?”
“yes… .”

Dorian nodded weakly, as if he understood what was said just a moment ago.

“Seeing as your voice is weak, it looks like you didn’t get what you wanted.”
“Uhm… .”

Seeing that he didn’t answer properly, it seems like he decided to keep quiet as he’s not good at lying.

“Drake is a strong, but rare monster. There is no shame in not being able to find or capture the original form. but… .”

Addis shot a cool look at Dorian.

“That’s something you would only say at an ordinary commercial meeting. “If you want to stand at the top of this Sepia, you have to make a Drake that you don’t have.”
“Yeah, that’s right.”

Dorian wiggled his fingers and nodded. Looking at her red cheeks, she looked like she wanted to take Drake out and show him off right away.

‘Of course.’

He’s the type of guy who takes things out of his stomach pocket whenever something happens, and since it’s an opportunity to show off to his father, who used to ignore him, he’ll definitely be tickled.
However, if you endure now, you can achieve greater things.

“Take out what you brought and look at it. “Let me see how much it is.”

Addis’ voice was cold, but her hand gestures were gentle. He seemed to be trying to give advice.

“Oh, no.”

Dorian shook his head, holding his stomach pouch tightly.

“I have to fulfill my expectations… .”
“Well, that’s not it! Ugh!”

He looked at Raon and his lips trembled.

‘Ugh… .’

Raon sighed inwardly and closed his eyes tightly.

“I need to know what you have prepared… .”
“I can’t do this because the owner of the store could see my items and leak information to other successor candidates!”

Dorian raised his head and shouted.

Raon looked back at Dorian and smiled slightly.

‘This is fine.’

It seems like he just said what came to mind, but it was a pretty good way to say no to Addis.

“Are you saying I could be your enemy?”
“Yes, that’s right.”
“Hmm… .”

Addis rubbed her chin and nodded. His gaze became more subdued than before, but the heat deep within his eyes actually burned hotter. I think I liked Dorian’s answer.

“i get it. Then go out. “Let’s take the exam on test day.”

Addis waved his hand and said he wouldn’t mind.

“ah… .”

Dorian’s lips trembled and he rubbed his stomach pouch at the cold response.

“excuse me… .”
“let’s go.”

Before Dorian had an accident, Raon said hello to Addis and dragged him out of the office.

“Hmm… .”

Rigwyn smiled as he looked at the door through which Dorian and Raon left.

“The youngest master has definitely grown up.”
“okay. You see me as an enemy and speak so boldly. “A lot has changed.”

Addis nodded, tapping her fingers on the desk.

“It certainly seems important who you are with. White Sword Dragon. “I am not a person who can be judged based on age or incapacity.”

Rigwyn nodded with eyes filled with pride.

“So it’s meant to be.”

Addis smiled with satisfaction as she grabbed the pen she had put down.

“I’m looking forward to exam day. “It looks like we have prepared something very interesting.”

* * *

The day the Gray Hammer Guild comes to visit and the last day of the successor exam.

Raon walked lightly towards the company’s training hall.
There were a lot of people sitting inside the training hall, and they appeared to be Sepia Merchants from all over the continent.

“Looking at it like this. “There are a lot of merchants at the Chamber of Commerce.”

Dorian swallowed dryly as he looked around at the merchants filling the training hall.

“It’s a test to determine who will be the next owner of the company, so of course you have to come.”

Choosing a successor is an important task that can determine the future of Sepia merchants, so everyone took time out of their busy schedules to come here.

“If I become the owner of the company, will all these people be under me?”
“okay. I mean, you have to take responsibility for all of them. “Can you do it?”
“So, honestly, I’m not confident. however… .”

Raon turned his gaze to Dorian. He had his head down and the back of his neck was shaking.

“Wouldn’t it be okay to get help from someone else?”

Dorian slowly raises his face. Although he was trembling, his trustful eyes were filled with a subtle glow.

-That cowardly little boy is finally saying something he likes.

Ras smiled proudly as he praised Dorian, which was rare.

‘I see.’

Asking for help is courage.

“That’s a good answer.”

Raon nodded with satisfaction.

“If you don’t have enough strength, it’s a good idea to ask someone you trust for help.”
“Thank you! Lord Budan will help you too!”
“But I’m expensive. It’s also very expensive. know?”
“uh… .”
“I also give you some friend money in advance.”
“Oh, yeah… .”

Dorian’s eyebrows drooped, and his lips turned blue.

-Why are you killing the spirit of this king’s subordinate again?

Lars grabbed his sleeve and screamed.

‘It’s fun.’

I lightly tapped Dorian on the shoulder and headed toward the center of the training ground. His second child, Dial Rune, and his third child, Palen, were there.

In front of Dialun, there was a whole drake that was a little less than 20 meters long, and in front of Palen, the drake’s claws, teeth, and horns were neatly arranged.

‘Jeser didn’t come.’

The eldest son, Jesser, has not yet arrived at the Sanghoe. I laughed because I thought I knew what he was aiming for.

Raon went and stood next to Palen with Dorian.

“Oh, hello.”
“It’s been a while since I saw you.”

Palen greeted awkwardly, and Dialun bowed his head with a slight frown. Even though they both got the ingredients, their expressions were not good.
It seemed like everyone knew what Jesser was bringing.

“We are bridesmaids. The result has already been decided. “It’s my brother’s victory.”

Dialun looked down at Drake’s stuffed animal and bit his lip.

“Why is Master Dialun’s expression so dark?”
“I know. “I took Drake as is, but why are you already looking like you’ve lost?”
“The rumor is late. “Master Jesser is bringing a much larger drake than that one!”
“really? But why aren’t you coming?”
“Just waiting. “The best time.”

The rumor had spread to everyone, and everyone seemed to be convinced that the eldest son, Jesser, would be the successor.


Before the sun stood at the center of the sky, the gymnasium door opened and Addis, the owner of the Sepia Company, came in.
He stood in front of the three successor candidates with calm but powerful steps.

“We will have guests from the Gray Hammer Guild soon. “Let’s check the items you brought before they arrive.”

Addis turned his back and looked at the three successor candidates one after another.

“Shanghoe Lord.”

Dialun raised his hand and narrowed his eyes.

“Brother Jeser hasn’t arrived yet.”
“Time commitment is also an essential virtue for a merchant. If you don’t arrive by noon, you will be disqualified no matter how good of a drake you brought… .”
“Please bear with me.”

As Addis frowned and Dialun’s face was about to turn red, Jesser’s calm voice was heard.

“Where is it?”
“We’re up!”
“It’s coming from above!”

Everyone raised their heads at the merchant’s shout. The black dot next to the sun, like a star during the day, grew bigger and bigger and fell to the center of the training ground.


The impact wasn’t that great, probably due to the use of magic, but yellow sand dust rose thickly over the training ground.


As Rigwin gestures, the sand dust settles and the object that fell in the center of the training ground comes into view.
There was something huge lying on a gray board that seemed to be over 30 meters long and wrapped in thick cloth.

“It’s not noon yet, so it’s not too late, right?”

Jeser, who was riding on a plank, went and stood in front of Addis.

“hmm… .”

Addis nodded slowly.

“okay. “It came to the right place.”
“thank you.”

Jesser bowed his head politely. His posture and expression were overflowing with the confidence that he had already won.

“It looks like everyone else has already taken it out. “Then I should show you what I brought.”

He turned back, lifted the black cloth draped over the board, and threw it away. The cloth flew high into the sky like a fluttering flag, and Drake, who had been hiding under it, appeared.

Jeser’s men approached and stretched out Drake’s head and tail. Its magnificent size seems to fill half of the training hall. It was a huge drake, well over 25 meters long.

“Um, is that Drake?”
“Why is it so big? “Isn’t it a dragon?”
“Wow, I’m crazy. This is at least as good as it gets. “It’s the end result!”
“Master Jesser will be the successor.”

The merchants who filled the training hall cheered. Listening to the shouts that echoed through the sky, it seems that there were far more merchants who followed Jesser from the beginning than other candidates for successor.

“Ugh… .”
“Damn… .”

Dialun and Palen bit their lips when they saw the Drake brought by Jesser. The difference was so great that it seemed impossible to even think about competing.


Jesser stood proudly and enjoyed the gaze focused solely on him.

Raon smiled slightly as he looked at that.

‘As expected.’

I didn’t come this far for this production.

If it had been Jesser’s connections, it would have been able to arrive quickly by using magic, but seeing as it did not arrive by the end of the day, it was clear that he was trying to capture the hearts of the merchants using this spectacular display.

‘It was amazing. but… .’

In the end, you will be the bridesmaid.

It seemed like the situation he created would create a more interesting scene.

“Now it’s a winner.”

Jesser looked down at the other successor candidates with an arrogant gaze.
Just like in the restaurant, Dorian didn’t even look at him. He didn’t seem to regard me as a younger brother or even a competitor.

“Why don’t we let the other kids in…” .”

Addis raised his hand and stopped Jesser.

“We haven’t taken Dorian out yet.”
“You didn’t bring it, did you?”
“well. “I don’t know.”

Addis looked at Dorian and Raon standing behind him.

“If you brought anything, take it out.”

Dorian swallowed dryly and stepped forward.

“Everyone, please step back.”

He gestured to Palen, Dialun, Jesser, and his men behind them. As if that wasn’t enough for him, he even made the people who came out in front to watch retreat.

“What are you doing that for?”
“Aren’t you bluffing?”
“Things like that happen, too. “Like the last struggle.”
“I have to do something like that to attract attention.”

The people backed off because they were in front of Addis, but they laughed at Dorian and shook their heads.

“Whoa… .”

Dorian slowly took a breath and looked at Raon.


When I saw him smiling approvingly, I put my hand in my stomach pocket. The first thing that appeared was the head of a small reptile like a lizard.

“what! “That!”
“I told you to catch a drake, or a lizard!”
“It’s all over… uh?”
“Uh huh!”

However, the moment it emerged from the stomach pouch, the reptile’s head swelled and became a drake of such enormous size that it could swallow several humans whole.

“Ahhh… .”
“Well, that… .”

The moment Drake’s body, which was over 35 meters long, was fully revealed from Dorian’s stomach pocket, the jaws of the successor candidates and merchants, including Jesser, dropped open.

The gymnasium, which was full of loud and small noises celebrating Jeser’s victory, fell into silence as if it had become a library.

Raon smiled, capturing that silence in his eyes.

‘I wanted to see those expressions.’

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