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Chapter 365

Raon left Dorian shaking and looked at the people who had fallen on the peak.

‘It’s not that bad.’
-okay. It has improved a lot.

There were black holes in the villagers’ bodies, but they were not large, and many black veins did not protrude. It was a world of difference from when I first came here and looked at it with a sense of folklore.

‘Did you take first aid well?’

I thought they only gave painkillers, but the people’s condition was better than I expected. As I was about to ask what was done, the glass bottle next to the patient caught my eye.

‘Did you write this?’
-Okay, it smells dirty and dirty.

Lars frowned as he looked at the glass bottle.

‘You have no choice but to do that. Because it’s holy water. It’s also very expensive holy water.’

Holy water is not just holy water, it is real holy water brought from the Holy Kingdom of Kelton.
Regardless of how expensive it is, it is difficult to buy even if you have the money, but it seems like you used it without hesitation.

Raon smiled and looked back. Even though Dorian was scared of the impending hell, he was feeding water and food to the injured people.

-That guy is so nice it’s embarrassing. It’s the perfect way to get scammed.
‘Do you see physiognomy in the demon world?’
-Do not ignore the demon world! There is even a systematic contemplative plan! Their personality changes depending on the length of their horns!
‘There’s everything.’

Raon smiled and nodded.

‘Anyway, I can’t hate that guy because he’s like that.’

Although he was timid and had some shortcomings, he was a kinder person than anyone else.

‘When I go back, I’ll have to train 5 times as much as 4 times as much.’

Since I couldn’t just leave this person, who was said to be a personality wrecker, I decided to reduce the amount of training a little.

-Oh, is there no option to not do it?
-Really, what kind of person is this… .

Lars shook his chin as if it was absurd.

Raon turned his head and placed his hand on the shoulder of the old man in front of him.

‘Now, now…’ .’

How do I remove this?

Dark mana is negative energy. It was not easy to completely remove it because it stuck to the human body and did not come off easily.

‘I have no choice but to burn it with a ring of fire and a cartoon ball… hmm?’

When I was about to burn away the dark mana, believing in the purifying power of the ring of fire and the purity of the manga ball, the requiem sword in its sheath rang out.

‘You can do it?’


As if it was true, the requiem sword cried even louder.

‘hmm… .’

Since there was no way the requiem sword could lie, I decided to test it and brought the red blade to the old man’s wound.


The requiem sword created a bright yellow energy and began to absorb the dark mana that resided in the old man’s body.
The black blood vessels subsided, and the black hole narrowed, eventually disappearing completely.


Red blood flowed from the wound where the dark mana had completely disappeared, and the old man’s complexion began to return.

“it’s okay.”

Raon smiled and pulled out his requiem sword. Just as he had promised, he absorbed all the dark mana inside the old man.

‘I can’t believe something like this happens…’ .’
-Yogina, blood energy, and magic energy are similar to yin energy. It’s a useless talent anyway.

Lars waved his finger if it was nothing special.


The Requiem Sword ignored Ras’ words and was busy digesting the dark energy it had accepted.


Dorian, who was watching from the side, was startled and ran over.

“Let me stop the bleeding for this person.” “I’ll treat the next person.”

Dorian’s complexion brightened as he saw the old man’s color return.
He immediately took out a hemostatic agent and a bandage from his stomach pocket and stopped the bleeding on the old man’s wound.

‘to the next… .’

As I was about to look at the wounds on the young girl lying behind the old man, a message flashed before my eyes.

[Excellent heart… .]
[A higher state… .]

He immediately turned off the message and brought the requiem sword to the girl’s wound.

-Are you not looking at it? It seems like a lot… .

Lars’ chin trembled and he glared at where the message had disappeared.

‘Because that’s not important.’

Now was not the time to rejoice in the growth, but the time to heal people as quickly as possible.

The Requiem Sword absorbed the dark energy like Ras was eating ice cream, so all treatment was completed around the time the sunrise began.


The requiem sword let out a satisfied sigh as if its stomach was full, and then quietly fell into sleep. It felt like preparation to digest all the dark energy.

“It’s all over!”

Dorian grinned after stopping the bleeding on the middle-aged man’s shoulder, which was the last.

“What should we do now?”
“There are two problems.”
“okay. “The first one is me, Drake.”

Raon pointed to the Drake stuck on the peak just below.
Originally, they would have asked the black market to move, but the situation was urgent and they were unprepared.

“Why are you worrying about that?”
“It’s simple.”

Dorian shrugged his shoulders as if it was no big deal and went down the peak. He lifted Drake’s head and stuffed it into his stomach pouch.

Coo coo coo coo!

A huge drake fell into Dorian’s stomach pocket as if using a shrinking spell.

“Huh… .”

Does that all go in?

I was so shocked that I couldn’t speak. The sight of a drake measuring over 30 meters from head to tail entering the stomach bag was beyond shocking and even terrifying.


Dorian jumped lightly and climbed back up to the peak.

“see. “It’s no big deal, right?”
“Yeah, that’s right.”

Raon nodded awkwardly.

“Then what is the second one?”
“We have to move people.”

Raon pointed to the fainted people. Because there were so many people, it was not easy to take them all to the village.

“It takes too long to take everyone down one by one.”

Even though I had removed the dark energy, I had used up a lot of my stamina, so I wanted to go down quickly and let them rest.

“Is it possible to connect these peaks to create a sloping ice sheet?”

Dorian pointed to the peaks that rose like stairs.

“Is it possible.”

Raon nodded. Unlike the manga ball’s heat, Glacia’s cold energy was not used much. We were able to do as much as we wanted, such as creating a sloping ice surface.

“Then please make it. “I’ll go there in one go.”

Dorian grinned and put his hand in his stomach pocket. He came out again and held a luxurious carriage in his hands. It was also a huge carriage that had to be pulled by eight horses.

-Do you have a carriage?
“Is the carriage coming out?”

Raon and Lars opened their mouths at the same time.

‘No, should I be surprised by this?’

Drake went into that pocket, and it wasn’t unusual for a carriage to come out.

‘Amazing or whatever… .’

Once I have that, it will be easier.

Since he and Dorian could control the speed of the carriage in front of them, they were able to get to the village much more easily and quickly than taking each person with them one by one.

“Of course you have to take the carriage with you. “It’s a necessity.”

Dorian grinned as he fastened chains to the wheels of the chariot to prevent it from slipping.

Raon swallowed dryly as he looked at Dorian, who smiled as if it was obvious.

What is something that is not essential to you? .

* * *

When Raon and Dorian arrived at Weathers Village with their people using a carriage, the sun was already in the center of the sky.

We tried to quickly remove the rubble so that people could rest, but many people were already there and were restoring the village.

“I meet the White Sword Dragon. “My name is Henderson and I work directly under the branch manager.”

A middle-aged man with half of his gray hair slicked back came forward and bowed his head. It was an unmanned person standing next to Denning Rose.

“How did you get here?”
“The branch leader instructed us to restore the village as the White Sword Dragon will come back to rescue the people.”
“her… .”

Raon looked at Henderson and laughed.

‘Did you expect me to win?’

Denning Rose would have figured out that the assassins had moved here.
It is expected that he will rescue people through the hordes of assassins and the Black Tower. No, it was surprising that I believed it.

‘She’s an unusual woman.’

Even if the choice was just a little bit wrong, all the people in the black market could have died, but judging from the fact that he trusted this side and sent people there, he was not an ordinary person.

“I also brought a priest and a healer. “Please leave the treatment of the villagers to us.”

Henderson pointed behind him. In addition to the workers restoring the village, there were elderly people wearing priestly robes and people who appeared to be healers.


Dorian nodded and opened the carriage. People were brought out in compressed chariots and placed in front of priests and healers.


The priest sighed and lifted his head.

“Boo, it’s definitely a wound caused by dark energy, but it doesn’t even leave a reverberation! What is this… .”

He looked at the people’s wounds and opened his mouth as if it was absurd.

“How on earth did you treat him?”
“It’s thanks to this guy using the holy water at the right time.”

Raon pointed at Dorian and smiled.

“After that, I used my aura to erase it.”

I didn’t want people to know the power of the Requiem Sword, so I lied about it.

“Even if you use holy water, it doesn’t come off this cleanly, so it’s amazing! “I don’t think there will be any aftereffects!”

The priest smiled, saying it was fortunate. He blessed people’s bodies to increase their resilience and then left their wounds to healers.

“You really have amazing skills!”

After blessing all the villagers, he came over and held their hands.

“Are you sure you don’t want to join me? “With your skills, some may say that you are the reincarnation of a saint.”
“haha… .”

Raon laughed awkwardly.

‘I guess you don’t know who I am.’

For a priest with outstanding skills to say something like this, it seems that the requiem sword handled the job well.

“I’m not that great of a person…” .”
“Priest Kamen. “This man must be tired after fighting all night.”
“Oh, I’m sorry. “I made a mistake.”

The priest bowed his head politely and then stepped back. Although he was a little impatient, he didn’t seem like a bad person.

“I have prepared a place for you two to rest.”

Henderson pointed to the barracks set up on the right. It had been erected as a top-of-the-line tent; it was spacious, stiff, and had no smell.

“hmm… .”

Raon quenched his appetite as he watched Dorian blankly examining the tent.

‘Dorian better rest.’

He started by climbing the peak with his bare hands, fought with Drake, and even pulled the carriage, so he must have been exhausted to the point of collapsing.

“Lord Budan. Let’s rest first… .”

Dorian smiled and lowered his head, then fell back.

-You’re tired.

Looking at his condition, it seemed like he had passed out due to relaxation.

‘I heard he’s a fun guy.’

Smiling, he laid Dorian down on the bed inside the barracks and went into his quarters.

“Whoa… .”

Raon sat down on the bed inside the barracks and sighed.

‘Fortunately, I did everything I could.’

They prevented Derus’s surprise attack, annihilated the black leader and the dark spirits, and even safely rescued the kidnapped people.
It was no exaggeration to say that it was the best result, as we even obtained the Drake that we came here for.

-It was a slight difference, but it wasn’t bad.

Lars nodded.

‘Then shall we check what we got?’
-What did you get? What did you get?
‘The gifts you gave me.’

Raon grinned and reloaded the message he had previously turned off.

-The King gave you a gift… Oh my!

I left Lars gaping and looked at the message.

[You have fooled many enemies with your outstanding courage.]
[You have overcome the passing of two martial artists of a higher level.]
[All abilities increase by 8 points.]

It seemed like the points were awarded for making the Black Tower and the Germans fight each other, and for overcoming the passing techniques of the Black Tower and Roktan. However, the message is not over yet.

[The level of the attribute increases.]
[The level of the attribute increases.]
[The grade of the attribute increases by 2 levels.]
[The level of the attribute increases.]

The second part was about increasing the level of the characteristics used this time. I naturally expected that the sense of the tale and the silver screen of the tale would increase, but I had no idea that the poison resistance would increase by two levels.

‘It seems that the effect of eating the ghost jellyfish’s poison blocked the Roktan’s poison.’

With my current level of poison resistance, I might be able to withstand Roktan’s poison without using the Ring of Fire.
In addition to fire speed and water speed, even poison resistance. I felt that my gaps were disappearing more and more.

-Does this make sense?

Lars’ lips trembled as he looked at the message.

-Does it make sense to increase your abilities and characteristics just because you caught people like that?
‘You did well.’
-Doing well is a piece of cake! Even if the king presses it with his little finger. No, isn’t it too much to give out stats just for killing people who would die with just a single booger?

The guy picked his nose, which wasn’t even there, saying that he could really do it with just snot. Now that I think about it, I don’t know how I can smell when I don’t even have a nose.

-This king does not approve! Honestly, you didn’t do anything and just watched the fight!
‘I finished it. And what if you can’t admit it, I’ve already come in. ‘Slit your stomach.’

I grinned as I felt the joy of increasing 10 points.

-Ouch! If only I could… .

Lars gritted his teeth, glaring at his stomach.

-When the king returns, he will destroy the system and rebuild it! Such a stone head!

‘… … .’

I wanted to say it was you who was the one with the stone head, but I held back because I thought it would make me throw more fits.

‘I’m sorry, but I have something to tell you.’
-What is it again this time?
‘I think it would be difficult to eat raspberry pie and stewed chestnuts.’
-What kind of bullshit is that!

Lars rolled his eyes. Her fingertips trembled as her eyes looked more intense than when her abilities were taken away.

‘People got hurt and died. ‘It’s hard to ask for something like that in this situation.’
-That’s nonsense! Why did King Bon come here?
‘I don’t know if I’ll be here for a week, but I have to go back in two days. ‘I’ll buy you something delicious at the store.’
-I hate it! The King will definitely eat the raspberry pie and stewed chestnuts here!

The guy shook his head and held on to the floor, saying he could never go. He felt like watching a child lying on the floor at the market asking for candy.

‘No, I can’t eat it even if I want to.’

The village collapsed, and there were many casualties. It’s when you want to repay someone, but you can’t move mentally or physically.

-joy! You look down on humans too much.
-You don’t want to take money from people, do you?
‘of course.’
-Then, let’s make a bet with the king.

Lars said that and sent a message.

[ proposes a bet.]
Condition: Leave Weathers Village without being served raspberry pie and stewed chestnuts.
When successful: All abilities +10.
In case of failure: Generate 10 emotion points for , return to Sepia Store and eat all the food wants for 3 days.

-how is it? If you’re that confident, take it.

Lars snorted and snorted, pointing to the details of the bet.

‘… good.’

Since I could now use anger, I accepted it as a bet that didn’t bother me too much.

‘Instead, like I said, I’ll be leaving in two days.’

Lars smiled and nodded.

-You are a devil and don’t know anything about humans.
‘No, you are the devil…’ .’

* * *

two days later.

As expected, people bowed in gratitude and shed tears, but they did not bring raspberry pie or stewed chestnuts.

Raon chuckled, looking at Lars who frowned.

‘I told you. I said it couldn’t be done. ‘Now is not the time to make dessert.’
-It’s not over yet!

Lars shook his head, saying it’s not over until it’s over.

‘It’s meaningless. Like I said, we’ll leave before lunch.’
-I know.

Raon left the village and looked around. He thought there might be the Black Tower, the shadow of Derrus, or monsters, so he stretched out his senses, but luckily he felt nothing.

Since there were drones sent from the black market, I felt like I could leave without any worries.

-Anyway, don’t worry.
‘It’s better than you who only wants food.’
-Bonwang is just a hobby… .
‘The way I see it, your life is food.’

When I returned to my lodgings after teasing Lars, the chief of Weathers Village was waiting for me.


The village chief lowered his head so much that it touched the ground.

“You’re here!”
“You don’t have to say hello like that.”

It was quite a burden to see not only the village chief, but all the villagers greeting me like that.

“no. “This is not enough.”

He smiled awkwardly and shook his head. He pursed his lips, saying that it was a light that he would have to pay back for the rest of his life.

“I heard you were leaving today. Is that true?”
“yes. “I have something important to do.”

Raon nodded. Since he didn’t know what would happen in the successor competition, he had to go to the Sepia Chamber of Commerce in advance to prepare.

“okay. “You really are just helping.”

He bowed his head again, saying he was sorry.

“It would be nice if we could at least receive the compensation we collected… .”
“You should use it to restore the village.”

Raon shook his head. He wasn’t doing it for money anyway, so he was satisfied with just winning his bet with Lars.

“Then please accept something else.”

As the village chief looked behind him, a girl with freckles on the bridge of her nose came forward and held out two boxes.

“My granddaughter made it with the best raspberries and chestnuts left in the village. Please enjoy it and come back later.”
“Thank you. benefactor”

He and his granddaughter bowed their heads at the same time.

“uh… .”

Raon gaped as he received the luxuriously packaged box.

‘You made this?’

They hadn’t even held a funeral for the victims yet, but they didn’t know they would be giving him a special product. I was speechless because it was so absurd.


Lars held his stomach and let out a frivolous laugh.

-Didn’t the king say so! You are a devil and do not know humans!

The guy talked about being a devil as if he were a human being.

“Okay, thank you.”

A message came up when Raon was trying to open the box while forcing himself to keep his expression on his face. He bit his lip, thinking of course defeat.

[You have won the bet with .]
[All abilities increase by 10 points.]
[Due to the effect of winning streak, an additional 5 points increase.]


However, the message spoke of his victory.

-What, what! Have you really turned around? Why did the main king lose?
‘I don’t know either.’

Raon tilted his head and opened the lid of the box. After seeing that, I realized why this message came out.

‘It’s not pies and stews.’

What was in the box were pink macaroons made with raspberries and chestnut soup.

-uh… .

Lars gaped at the two dishes.

“This is a new dessert that follows in the footsteps of raspberry pie and stewed chestnuts. “Please, my benefactor, eat first.”

The village chief smiled and said that it would taste better than raspberry pie and stewed chestnuts.

“It looks really delicious.”

Raon nodded while looking at the two desserts. He wanted to hold back, but he kept laughing and covered his mouth with his hand.

-What is this!

Lars looked up at the sky and screamed at the unexpected situation.

-Why are you always like this? Why did I have to make a new dessert now?
‘I said thank you.’
-Bring raspberry pie and stewed chestnuts!

This is being forced!
Why does the world hate King Bon!

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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