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Chapter 364



Water……. My throat is burning…….


Stand up!

He woke up and looked around in a hurry with his eyes wide open.

What about here?

When I opened my eyes, a strange ceiling…….

No, not this!

Hye Yeon freaked out and looked around. I’ve been lying alone in a deserted room all this whole time.

“I, what have I done……?”

Only then did what happened last night begin to pass through Hye Yeon’s mind.

Oh, my God! This monk is a good drinker.

There you go. There you go! One more! One more!

Wow! Now you’re talking nonsense. Giggling!

“Oh, Amitabha! Amitabha Buddha! Amitabha Buddha!

Hye Yeon’s face, which vividly recalled her scandal last night, quickly turned red.

“Maguni, you’re stuck!’

No. No.

It’s not that I’m stuck, I’m drinking with my harness.

I remembered Chung-Myung giggling and drinking in front of him since he was half unconscious.

The mere reminder of that wicked smile shook my whole body.

But this wasn’t to blame Chung-Myung.

“Have you completely forgotten about me because I’m not good enough to break the rules?’

It was something that should never have happened as a Buddhist. Forgetting what you did for learning, even if you broke the rules!

Hye Yeon quickly refined her dress.

What about the time?

Judging by the dim light coming in, the sun had only just begun to rise. At this point, you can wash yourself and get ready before others open their eyes.

So he quickly went to the door and popped it open.

However, he was surprised and had no choice but to stop with his mouth wide open.

“No, they’re missing! Your legs are playing, right?”

“Strike it straight! Straight!”

“You may fall down with a sword, but you can’t miss it! Where do you miss the sword? It’s only when he dies that the sword is missing!”


Hye Yeon was mesmerized by the sight of the smoke screen.

All of Hawasan’s disciples, who were drinking to death with him yesterday, were sweating like rain and training.

From this time on, everyone?’

I’m sure I drank until dawn yesterday, but from this early morning, everyone is training as if it’s natural?

That’s too aggressive?

No, the word radical doesn’t fit. Hard or passionate would be a more accurate expression.

This is Hwayeongmun.’

But this question was also resolved in a flash.

Turning to the side, the Mundos of Hwayeongmun were also in full swing of training, sweating beads on the side where Hwasan’s disciples were rolling.


Hye Yeon unwittingly shouted no.

‘I’m ashamed.’

Although it was the first time to drink alcohol, the sight of everyone training as if nothing had happened except him shocked Hye Yeon.

‘Hwasan is not a reason.’

Didn’t you admire the Wasan’s performance in this competition?

That skill couldn’t have been earned for free. He could not have become so strong if he had not been trained in training by changing himself day by day.

What did I see?’

The people of the world thought that they would be different from themselves walking illegally in the mountains. Therefore, I thought what they showed yesterday was just different.One thing is the same in nature.

He is a Buddhist, but he also walks on the path of nothing. There was no shortcut to learning nothing.

“Amitabha Buddha.”

Hye Yeon reflected on herself for a moment of indolence.

And I stepped carefully not to interfere with the training.

However, Chung-Myung, who was nagging in front of him, turned his head when he noticed like a ghost.

“Giggling, giggling. Monk is here.”

All eyes are on Hye Yeon at once. Hye Yeon’s face heated up at the sight.

“Shi, Shizu. Yesterday, I…….”

“Hey, monk. You’re a good drinker.”

“Wow. Look at him walking. As expected, monk Hye Yeon. If I had drunk that much, I would have crawled around by now.”

“Are you and monk Hye Yeon the same?”

“That’s what I’m saying.”

Hye Yeon rolled her eyes around in confusion at the attention that was being paid here and there. I really wanted to hide in the hole of a rat, thinking that all these people would have seen the scandal they committed yesterday.

But Chung-Myung just giggled and laughed.

“That’s what I’m embarrassed about after playing with my hair red yesterday.”

“Uh-huh. What’s that way of talking to the monk?”

“Well…… now you’re embarrassed.”

“It’s a bald head! It’s a bald head! Don’t you dare say that to the monk! What a bad feeling it must be to listen to it!”

“…Stop emphasizing, Sasook.”

Sometimes Baek Cheon is a worse guy.

Anyway, Chung-Myung giggles again and approaches Hye Yeon.

“Did you sleep well?”

“Well, good night. But I don’t know how I got into that room…….”

“What do you mean, how do I get in? I drank and fell asleep and people moved me.”

Amitabha Buddha.

Hye Yeon closed her eyes tightly. And I thought.

If I could go back to yesterday, I would run to myself who was drinking and rip myself apart. Why are you drinking so helplessly?

“What do you think?”


“It was fun, wasn’t it?”


Hye Yeon looked at Chung-Myung with a blank face.


It’s fun.


Chung-Myung grinned. As if the answer is not needed at this time.

“Make yourself at home to be here. You didn’t come all the way here to experience the same thing at Shaolin, did you?”

“Amitabha Buddha.”

Hye Yeon nodded quietly.

“Xi Zhu is right.”

On Hye Yeon’s slightly brighter face, Chung-Myung smiled as if he liked it.

“Let’s eat well first.” I’m going to pay for my meal again today, right?”


Hye Yeon answered brightly.


Hye Yeon’s mouth flinched in front of the table.

Everyone was eating excitedly, but he couldn’t even hold a spoon.


And meat.

Meat again.

A tiger-like diet, consisting of beef, pork, lamb and chicken, lay before him.

‘Ee, how can I…’…?’

It was like a pie in the sky from his point of view that he could not eat meat.

No, do people usually eat this?’

Although we should not completely vegetarianize like Shaolin, which prohibits meat eating, it is the first time in my life that I have heard that people eat different kinds of meat with rice.

It was a time when he was completely confused about what to do with the situation.

“Oh, it’s cool.”

Chung-Myung, who had been to the bathhouse, trudged past it and turned his head.

Soon his eyes alternately looked at Hye Yeon and the table in front of him.”Huh?”

Chung-Myung was frozen for a moment as if he was bewildered and shouted.

“Oh, my God!”

“What, what?”

Yoon-Jong came running in surprise.


“No! A crazy man laid meat in front of one of them!”


Yoon-jong also freaked out when he saw the bowls in front of Hye Yeon.

“Oh, no…This is…….”

“There’s no grass! Think of it as raising goats and feed them! Where are you pushing the meat? I’m not making fun of anyone!”

“I’m sorry, monk. We didn’t think about it.”

“Oh, no. It’s all right.”

When Chung-Myung and Yoon-Jong’s reactions were so intense, Hye Yeon lowered her head as if she was sorry when she was surprised.

“I’m sorry that the guy who gets it is picky about food. If you have any extra rice…….”

“Bring me the grass! Grass flocks!

“Be quiet, please! What a mess!”

Hye Yeon memorized her disapproval.

“I’m sorry about that. I don’t want to cause you any inconvenience, but…….”


Chung-Myung, who had been making a fuss all along, listened to it and tilted his head slightly.

“……Then do you want to try it?”

“No, you crazy bastard! Come on!”

“I’ll try it if I get caught!”

“It doesn’t make sense to feed the monk meat! Think about it, man!”

Baek Cheon and other disciples who had already rushed to attack Chung-Myung. Angry Chung-Myung shouted.

“You drank too much yesterday. Why not meat?”


Chung-Myung’s horse became a dagger and stabbed Hye Yeon.

“Is that the same as this?”

“What’s the difference? Alcohol, meat, whatever you eat, it’s all the same!”


This dagger was a little sharper.


“Yes, boarding house.”

“Get rid of that.”


Yoon-Jong and Jo-Gol clung to Chung-Myung’s orders and dragged him far away.

“Let go! Let go of this! Did I say something wrong?”

While he was being dragged away, his mouth sighed deeply as he watched Chung-Myung.

“I’m sorry, monk. I’ll prepare a new meal for you right away, so please wait a little bit.”

“Oh, thank you, Shizu.”

Hye Yeon breathed a slightly difficult sigh.

The way to adapt to Chung-Myung seemed to be too long and tough.

“You said you were going around the West Bank?”

“Uh. Why? You don’t want to do it?”

“There’s no way. It’s just…….”

“It’s embarrassing to go out in a crowded place?”


Chung-Myung kicked his tongue when Hye Yeon bowed slightly and admitted in silence.

“As far as I know, Shaolin’s priority is to save the people of the world, right?”

“Yes, it is a great thing to be a Buddha by wiping out the illegality of oneself, but it is no match for leading others to paradise.”

“How are you going to save people without seeing them?”


At Chung-Myung’s words, Hye Yeon flinched as if she had been stabbed in the wound.

“If I go back to Shaolin, I’ll be stuck in the deep Soongsan Mountain and meet the local hwarists. But the people you need to bail out are in places like this. Isn’t that so?”

“…The seal is right.”

“To get what you didn’t get from Sorim, you have to do what you didn’t get from Shaolim.”

Hye Yeon nodded loudly. Because I felt that Chung-Myung’s words were truly correct.

“Then get ready. Let’s go.”


Hye Yeon finally nodded with a determined face.’What a strange man.’

It’s clearly just a blunt remark, but there’s a key point in it. It doesn’t seem to mean too much, and it doesn’t seem to mean too much, but strangely it does.

‘How much I can learn from him.’

As Hye Yeon calmed her excitement slightly, Chung-Myung was bouncing abacus behind her.

I think we can still get about 50 more.’

Although the Mundos entered like crazy, they did not fill up all the numbers that Hwagyeongmun could handle.

Drag Hye Yeon around the West Bank a bit. If you look at it, there will be more people who are naturally interested.

“There’s no one who stands out more than the hair in Hongpo.’

Chung-Myung smiled pleasedly and rushed Hye Yeon.

“Come on, get ready.”

“Yes, Shizu!”

But Hye Yeon, who doesn’t know what Chung-Myung is thinking, was just bright.

Within a short time, Hye Yeon and Hwasan’s disciples left Hwagyeongmun.

“But why are you going out?”

“For one thing or another.”

Baek Cheon shrugged at Jo-Gol’s question.

Sometimes we need to see the atmosphere of the West Bank. And already we haven’t learned. If the building of Hwayeongmun in the West Bank remains in it, there is just one such irrelevant person. We need to be more aggressive in order to raise Hawasan’s name in the West Bank.”

Baek Cheon, who said so, glanced at the back of Chung-Myung’s head.

‘He seems to have a different idea.’

But Baek Cheon knew too well that it was in vain to try to guess Chung-Myung’s innermost thoughts and that it was close to impossible.

As I walked along a large view in the center of the West Bank, Hye Yeon looked around in wonder.

“What’s so fascinating?”

“……Oh, I’m sorry, seal. I’ve never been to a place like this before.”

“Huh? There’s also a fall next to Shaolin.” It’s probably bigger than here.”

“I’ve never been to Nakyang.”


Hye Yeon said brightly.

“I’ve rarely left Shaolin in my life. This is the first time I’ve seen such a big city properly.”

“Oh, my. Tsk tsk.”

Chung-Myung kicked his tongue.

Places commonly called prestigious green onions are bound to sit in deep mountains where people do not reach much to concentrate on training. And as the number of disciples increases, the world takes its place in it.

As a result, students who entered the school at a young age live only within the Munpa.

So this is what happens.’

Maybe it’s better to polish and enlighten illegality. But what does it mean to their own ways of being cut off from the rest of the world?

It is meaningful if it is used properly, whether it is good or bad.

“Well, how does it feel to see where people live with your eyes?”

“You look busy.”

“…That’s a very good feeling.”

It’s really shiny.

But Hye Yeon’s busyness was a little different from Chung-Myung’s idea. Hye Yeon’s words followed.

“I thought intensity meant it when I was arguing with myself. But those who live on the streets also seem to have their own intensity. That’s what it means when Buddha is everywhere, and illegal is everywhere in the world.””……huh?”

He turned his head and looked at Chung-Myung. Chung-Myung flinched at the glare.

“The seal wanted to show me this!”

“……Uh. That’s right. Of course.”


That’s right.

But what? What about the Buddha?

“Thank you very much, seal.”

“……uh, yeah.”

……Anyway, that’s all I need to know.

Chung-Myung opened his mouth with a slightly sulky face.

“If you look at it, it’s no big deal to get stuck in the mountains and learn martial arts and clean the docks. For those who live to earn their living day by day, it’s nothing short of a fresh play.”


“As we live in the world, there are countless things that can’t happen in the mountains. For example…….”


At that moment, with a crack of poison, a person rolled out of the house in front of him.


“…Yes, something like that.”

Chung-Myung grinned and looked forward with interest.

Now, what’s going on here…….


At the moment, Chung-Myung’s eyes became thin.

I saw someone coming out of the house with his back folded.

Actually, it’s not that weird up to here.

Chung-Myung made an impression because the person who walked out was Nam Jamyong, the gatekeeper of Seowolmun who he had seen several times.

“I see him a lot. It’s annoying.”

Nam Jamyong also frowned at the discovery of Hwasan’s disciples. And muttered as if to hear.

“I keep seeing people who don’t even know the subject.”

“No, but is he?”

When Chung-Myung tried to fly into a rage, Hwasan’s disciples quickly grabbed him from behind. And before he had a seizure, Baek Cheon quickly stepped forward.

“What the hell is going on here?”

Baek Cheon and Nam Jamyong’s eyes met in Ho Gong.

The Blooming of Plum Blossoms Mount Hua Sect

The Blooming of Plum Blossoms Mount Hua Sect

The 13th disciple of the Great Mount Hua Sect. One of the Greatest Third-Generation Swordsmen. The Plum Blossom Sword Master, Chungmyung.
Status: Ongoing Type: , , , , , , Author: Artist:
The Blooming of Plum Blossoms Mount Hua Sect The 13th disciple of the Great Mount Hua Sect. One of the Greatest Third-Generation Swordsmen. The Plum Blossom Sword Master, Chungmyung. After slicing the head of the peerless Heavenly Demon, who threw the world into chaos, he slept an eternal sleep on the peak of the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains. Jumping over a hundred years, he comes back in the body of a child. But… what? Mount Hua declined? What the hell are you talking about!? It’s only natural to want to live if you’re going broke. “Decline? Even though I’m here? Who would dare!” Plum blossoms eventually fall. But when the cold winter passes and spring comes, plum blossoms shall bloom again. “But I’m gonna die first before Mount Hua gets revived! If you’re gonna go bust, might as well do it right, you bastards!” The beginning of the Plum Blossom Sword Master, Chungmyung’s solitary struggle to save the thoroughly declining Mount Hua Sect


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