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Chapter 36

As soon as Raon entered the room, he closed the curtains and locked the door. He had told me not to come in, but he was prepared just in case.


He tapped the ice flower bracelet on his wrist and called Ras.

-Don’t call the King’s name in vain when you’re such a bastard.
“If you’re going to do that, why don’t you tell me your name?”
-I didn’t know you could withstand the King’s possession!

Ras murmured that he would tell us his great name as a final act of consideration before devouring human bodies and souls.

“I don’t know the great name, but are you planning to interrupt me again?”
– As the monarch of the demon world, King Bon keeps his words once he says them. From now on, I will not touch you while you are practicing.
“Well, I must have used all the strength I had saved up.”

Raon nodded. Lars had been attacking with all his might when he learned Manga Ball a month ago. At that time, there was no way he had already recovered the strength he had spent.

-You idiot! Anger can come out at any time. Just to keep what I said as a monarch… .
“Ah, that’s enough.”
-This guy is really the size of a bean!

When I stopped talking, Lars trembled and let out cold air.

“It’s a shame. “It was an opportunity to raise my abilities again.”
-Keuuuu… .

Lars gritted his teeth. Perhaps just before his anger exploded, frost began to settle between the cold flames.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Ras who was shaking.

‘You can’t let down your guard in front of this guy.’

Lars is not a friend, but an enemy. He must not let down his guard in front of that guy, whether he is practicing or training. He must always be on his toes.

“Okay then.”

I took out the wooden case containing the nine flower altars from my pocket and opened the lid. There was a strong scent of dry bushes, like one would smell in the mountains in autumn.

It smells good.

I could tell that the medicinal effect was excellent just by the scent spreading through the room.


Raon exhaled slowly and put the nine flower buds into his mouth. A bitter yet strong medicinal scent enveloped my entire mouth.

‘I told you to chew it and eat it.’

As Rimmer advised, I chewed and swallowed the Guhwadan, and it felt cloudy and loose in my throat.

Whoa whoa.

The rich energy contained in the nine flower altars spread through the mana circuits of the entire body like smoke from a chimney.

I sat down with my eyes closed, spun the ring of fire, and operated the cartoon ball.

The energy of Guhwadan circulated throughout my body and expanded my muscles. The dantian tingled and expanded, and the sense of mana soared to its limit.


A hot energy, as if heated in a charcoal kiln, rushed through the mana circuit.


The pure cold that melted inside the mana circuit swirled around the entire body along the path paved by Mangagong.

‘It was a good idea to use the Ring of Fire first.’

The ring of fire cleanly wiped away the cold and waste inside the mana circuit, and the manga ball’s energy ran like a beam of light along the path, reducing the waste of elixir.

The two practice methods maximize each other’s strengths and cancel out each other’s weaknesses, just like one.


All of Guhwadan’s mana melts away, and the ring of fire, body, and Danjeon are connected by a red line.

Raon felt the endless flow of mana and fell deeper and deeper into the world of practice.

* * *

When the rising sun hung over Seosan Mountain again and reflected the sunset, Raon opened his eyes.

[The fourth has been created.]
[ has reached the level of 4 stars.]
[ increases the level of body and soul.]
[Strength, agility, and stamina increase due to the effect of .]
[The effect of increases stamina, mental power, and senses.]

Raon clenched his fists. Even though it wasn’t a message, I could feel the fourth ring pulsing through my heart.

[Constitution disappears.]
[Constitution disappears.]
[ has risen to 4 stars.]
[ reached 2 stars.]

It wasn’t just that the Ring of Fire reached 4 stars. Achievements of and also increased.

‘That’s amazing.’

For someone who only took one intermediate level elixir, a huge change occurred.

Of course, it’s not because of one elixir.
The effort accumulated over nearly a year of training with all my might was just unleashed by the elixir.

Raon turned his shoulders and stood up. Dantian was filled with hot and cool energy, and his body was as light as a blade of grass blown by the wind.

My body was in perfect condition, as if I woke up from a good night’s sleep. Right now, it seemed like he could easily crush Marta, who used Aura, with just his physical abilities.


When I was about to bring up the status window, the laser on my bracelet rose up with blue flames.

-4 stars?
-4-star water resistance?

Lars’ voice was trembling. It seemed like he didn’t see the contents of and only saw the water resistance that came up last.

‘Now that I think about it, that guy didn’t know.’

Lass can see messages, but not the status window. He seemed surprised to learn that he had water resistance.

-You poor bastard! Did you fool the main king with a 4-star water resistance?
“You never asked.”

Lars flashed his blue eyes.

-I knew it would have resistance, but it was only 4 stars. I never thought it would be a growth type too. You filthy bastard!
“It’s so dirty that you have water resistance… .”

Raon let out a laugh.

‘Seeing that they are making such a fuss with their water resistance, if they found out about , they would go crazy.’

If he learns about the or reincarnation, which increases the level of the body and soul, Ras may faint.

‘That’s what I said. ‘You can’t beat me.’
-Shut up. If the real king uses his original power, he can easily turn people like you into a block of ice.
‘But you can’t.’
-You get angry every time you open your mouth!

Ras could not hold back his anger and rushed forward with a burst of cold flames.


For a split second, a cold sensation that was enough to turn my lips black swirled throughout my body.


Lars must have grown as well, as the cold and emotional stimulation became stronger than before.


and water resistance have grown beyond that. In front of the four naturally rotating rings, Lars’s anger was nothing more than cuteness.


As I was holding back the blue chill that hit my whole body, a message came to mind.

[You have withstood the attack of .]
[ ability has increased.]

-Holy shit!

Ras let out a monster-like scream and then escaped from Raon’s body.

-It looks like all his limbs have been cut off. There is no way! There is a way!

The guy stopped pretending to be relaxed and started screaming.

“That’s what I said. “You can’t do that.”
-The King’s ability is not just cold. It’s true ability is to bring out anger, the basic human emotion. Even when the main king was in the demon world, there were tens of thousands of demons who exploded themselves due to anger… .
“But that doesn’t work for me either.”

Lars’ blue flame began to turn red. It was on the verge of exploding, but it didn’t rush back, perhaps because it didn’t want to give away its abilities.

“It’s a little quiet now.”

Raon calmly nodded and opened the status window.

Name: Raon Sieghardt.
Title: First Victory
Status: Curse of Cold (6 strands)
Characteristics: Anger, Ring of Fire (4 stars), Water resistance (4 stars), Sense of Tales (2 stars), Manga Ball (2 stars), Extreme Cold (2 stars), Fire resistance (2 stars).

Strength: 40
Agility: 41
Stamina: 41
Energy: 29
Senses: 53

The first thing that stands out is that the decline in athletic ability and mana sensitivity, which were anchored in the condition, have disappeared.

An uncontrollable smile appeared.

It was not for nothing that I felt as if my body was flying, as if mana was flowing into my pores.

‘My abilities have also increased a lot.’

All abilities have increased by more than two levels. My current physical abilities and senses will not be inferior to those of a regular test.

‘Water resistance is also a big gain.’

Since the water resistance has risen to 4 stars, from now on, you will be able to withstand circle 4 magic without difficulty.

This resistance will be more helpful when fighting wizards or shamans than when fighting swordsmen.

‘I gained a lot.’

Although Guhwadan is said to be a good elixir, I gained much more than that. So much so that even my cynical self couldn’t erase his smile.

‘I should just relax my body a bit.’

I opened the door to check my changed body and aura.


Sylvia and Helen, who were standing in front of the door, were startled and hurriedly stepped back.

“What are you doing?”
“Oh, no. Since I am doing the exercises, I have to protect the law… .”
“I feel the same way.”

The eyes of both people were slightly bloodshot. It felt like he had been protecting himself here all night without making a sound.

When I looked at the energy, there were other maids outside the window.

“hmm… .”

Raon closed his eyes. His heart warmed with even more warmth than when he was running the cartoon ball.
For a moment, it felt as if the coldness in the mana circuit had been erased.

“thank you.”

I bowed my head in gratitude and apology to the two people and the maids outside.

“Hey, Helen. “What should I do?”

Sylvia fell to the side with tears in her eyes.

“Our son has grown up so well!”
“Iknow, right! I have no choice but to die now! lady!”

The two people hugged each other and sobbed.

‘This is the hardest.’

Rather than Lars’ mental attacks, the cold of the mana circuit, or Glenn Sieghart’s pressure, dealing with Sylvia and Helen was the most difficult.

“Whoa… .”

Raon walked out of the annex quickly as the two people embraced.

* * *

Raon finished adjusting to his changed body in two days.

The body and senses were much different than what was seen in the status window.
When I first practiced swordsmanship, I thought it was not my body. Even if you use the same sword, the power and speed are on a different level.

The reason for such a big difference is simple.
Changes in constitution.
As the decline in athletic ability and mana sensitivity listed in the constitution disappeared, my physical condition rose to its peak.

My body moved just as I thought, and my mana, which had been fine as sand, felt as big as a bead.

‘This too is a foundation.’

I was proud that I had laid a foundation that would allow me to rise higher than my strengthened military power.

So today, the last day of the holiday, I took a break and went out to the flower bed in the garden and tended to the flowers.

-You idiot. When thinning the soil, you must first scoop it from the bottom. To mix the nutritious soil well, you must touch it with your hands, not with a trowel.

Lars was surprisingly knowledgeable about flowers and trees. Thanks to this, he was able to organize the flower bed without having to open the books he brought with him.

-When King Bon was in the demon world, he once filled a flower bed with ice flowers. The demons who saw the flower bed bowed their heads to the flowers as if they were worshiping them. It is praise and reverence for the King… .

It would have been better if there wasn’t that stuttering.

Lars was very talkative. Especially when it starts with ‘When the King was in the demon world.’, he doesn’t stop talking for at least 10 minutes.

As I listen to stories about the Demon World every day, I am now familiar with the Demon World, even though I have never been there.

-That’s not it! Petals must be handled delicately. If you can’t do it, freeze it first!
“I understand.”

Raon frowned and snapped his fingers. When I planted the flowers very carefully, as if I were handling mana, Lars’ nagging stopped.

It was time to clean up all the flower beds on the right and look at the flower beds on the left.


A thin figure walks from the entrance of the annex. Although his long hair has changed to short hair, you can’t tell.

Martha Sieghardt.
Marta, who had been defeated two days ago, approached me with a frown on her face.

“Did you come here to start a fight?”

Raon shook off his muddy hands and stood up.

Then you are welcome.

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

Reincarnation Genius Sword Master Assasin
Status: Ongoing Type: , , , Author: Artist: ,
I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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