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Chapter 359

Delicious seafood and delicacies are laid out on a long, rectangular table.

The aromas of the various dishes stimulated the sense of smell and made the mouth water, but not a single person was looking at the table.

Everyone in the restaurant just looked at Addis Sepia.

-Why did that old man say something like that now? I’m not good at understanding the atmosphere!

Of course, Lars, who was not human, focused all his attention on food.

-Rice should be eaten while it’s warm, but isn’t it all cold? The taste and aroma have already decreased by 20%!
‘Be patient.’

Raon pushed away the clinging Ras and waited for Addis Sepia’s mouth to open again.


As if Addis had forgotten what he had said, he cut the steak right in front of him and put it into his mouth.

“It’s delicious.”

He chewed his steak slowly, swallowed it, and nodded.

-The old man ate, so let’s eat too! As I said, starting with the soup… .’

Raon shook his head and looked at Addis.

“An excellent chef has the eye to select good ingredients and prepares a dish that is like a masterpiece by bringing out the original taste of the ingredients.”

Addis cut a little more steak and ate it, then smiled.

“Excellent carpenters make antique tables like this from black wood, which is so hard that it is difficult to shape into small shapes. “

He swept down the rectangular table where the food was placed and looked at the successor candidates one by one.

“A merchant is a profession that buys goods at a low price and then sells them at a high price by putting a price tag on it. So what makes an excellent merchant different?”

He asked a question, but everyone didn’t say anything because they didn’t think it was a question seeking an answer.


But, as expected, Addis was no ordinary person. He created an atmosphere as if he would give the answer and then called Dorian to answer.


Dorian’s hands on his knees trembled at the sudden question.

“that is… .”

He couldn’t answer right away and glanced at Raon as if hoping for help.

“… … .”

Raon closed his eyes without saying anything through his mouth or Auror message.

-What are you doing! Let me know the answer quickly! While that slug is thinking, the food gets cold!
‘You shouldn’t block the opportunity to grow.’

Depending on how this answer is given, the evaluation of Dorian by the people in the restaurant will change.
I didn’t want to take away his chance to grow up one more time.

“Whoa… .”

Dorian bit his lip and looked at Addis. A soft light lingered in the trembling eyes.

“Well, I think a person who can think from the customer’s perspective would be an excellent merchant… .”
“That’s more important than making a lot of money?”
“Making a lot of money is very important to a merchant. Ha, but if you only chase money, you will lose people and trust, so I don’t think it’s the most important thing. “If we continue to do business while building trust, won’t we become a company that everyone recognizes one day?”
“You are living in a dream.”

Addis looked at Dorian and lowered his eyebrows heavily.

“I’m a guest… .”
“You’re still young.”

The subordinates of the other successor candidates raised their eyebrows and laughed at Dorian.

“Ugh… .”

Dorian’s face blushed and he lowered his head.

“Trust from customers and merchants. This is truly ridiculous in this day and age where only money and time are considered. however… .”

When Dorian’s shoulder shrunk to the point where he could be held with one hand, Addis continued speaking.

“This store was that big.”
“Shanghoe Lord?”

The people in the restaurant looked back at Addis in surprise.

“An excellent merchant must be able to adapt to the needs of customers. Adapting to other people’s tastes is difficult, cumbersome, and difficult. However, the credit and trust built up in this way become the name of the company. “That is how the name Sepia, the general store, was created.”

Raon nodded as he listened to those words.

‘He’s a giant who raised Sepia like this.’

The reason Sepia is called an all-purpose store is because it not only sells the numerous products it has, but also provides products that match customer orders.
Addis did not seem to have changed at all even after making Sepia Company one of the top five companies.

“Uhm… .”

Silence falls in the restaurant. Everyone lowered their heads and glared at Dorian.

Dorian proudly straightened his back while receiving their gazes. I couldn’t help but feel a little scared, my whole body shaking.

Raon chuckled as he looked at Dorian.

‘I told you. ‘It’s an opportunity to grow.’
-It’s a little different. but… .
-Food is changing tremendously! Every minute and every second is dangerous! You have to eat it quickly! I need you to rescue me into the king’s belly!
‘… … .’

Lars’s eyes began to turn. I guess I’ll have to ignore this guy’s words for a while.


Addis lightly cleared his throat and looked at the successors sitting in front of the table.

“Recently, a rather difficult request came in. “Originally, this is something I should have handled, but I brought it because I thought it would be perfect to use as a test for you guys.”

His eyes first turned to Palen.

“Someone saved the money.”

The second person I look at is Dialun.

“Someone has made connections… .”

Third, I turned my head to Jesser, who was right next to the head table.

“Someone has everything, money and connections. So I thought the decision had been made to some extent. But… .”

Addis’ gaze finally returned to Dorian.

“There was a guy who came with a connection that wasn’t money or connections.”

He put his hand on the table with a calm expression.

“Since work has become fun, it would be right to give a fun test.”

Addis looked at the successor candidates who were swallowing dry saliva and opened his mouth quietly.

“This is a request from the Gray Hammer Guild. Bring me the drake’s horns, teeth, claws and bones. “It would be better if we brought the whole body.”

As soon as Raon heard Addis’ words, he clenched his fists under the table.

“Drake’s body?”
“drake… .”

Successor candidates gaped at the test, which was completely different from what they had expected.

“It doesn’t matter whether you catch it yourself, buy it from someone, or steal it. “The winner is the one who brings the best Drake’s body within the 15-day deadline.”
“Who decides what is best?”
“Of course, it is done by our guest, the Gray Hammer Guild.”

At Addis’s gesture, the eyes of the successor and his subordinates glowed blue.

“I’ve finished eating. Can I get up?”

The first Jeser lowered his head without even touching his food.

“Do whatever you want.”
“I really enjoyed the meal.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jeser and Dialun stood up.
The two men and their subordinates walked out of the restaurant without hesitation.

“Uhm… .”

Palen glanced at Raon without getting up.

-Palen Sepia.

Raon looked away and sent her an Auror message.

-Don’t look at me, just act like you normally do. I will give you further instructions soon.

Palen nodded so softly that he could not be seen and walked out of the restaurant.

-Ugh… .

Lars’ chin trembled when he saw that.

-Well, you’re not just going to go, are you? Then I really cry!
‘… … .’

I’m not afraid of threats at all. However, I picked up a fork and knife because it was obvious that if I left without eating, he would cry and bother me.

-Soup! Even if it’s completely cold, the soup is still good! If you eat that, you can eat a lot of other foods!
‘Ugh… .’

Raon shook his head and took some soup and put it in his mouth.
The fragrant scent of truffle and the taste of the soft soup harmonized well.

-If the soup is this good, anything else would be even better! Next is that meat!
‘It’s getting more and more annoying.’

As I sighed and cut the meat, Dorian came up next to me.

“Lord Budan. What are you doing! “They’re all gone!”

Dorian’s chin trembled and he made an X with his hands.

“Now is not the time to be eating this! “Everyone will be moving!”
“No need to worry. “Because we will be the fastest.”

Raon leisurely waved the hand holding the fork.

“They went first, so how can we be faster? “What on earth is in your stomach that makes you reveal food like this?”
“There is something.”

I laughed as I looked at the blue cotton candy fluttering around.

Devil. Also, the insectivorous demon lord.

* * *

The restaurant after the meal.

Only Addis and his butler Rigwin were left enjoying a light drink.

“You’ve really changed a lot.”

Rigwyn smiled as he looked at where Dorian was sitting.

“I didn’t know that Master Dorian would speak his opinion so confidently.”
“Why can’t I even express my opinion at this age?”

Addis shook his head, saying of course he should.

“Isn’t that opinion admirable? “I felt like I was seeing the owner of the store when I was young.”
“Was I that bad?”
“no. You were amazing. “Didn’t he declare that he would make the nostril-sized Sanghoe the best on the continent and actually achieve it?”

Rigwin looked at Addis and shook his head.

“It was from then on that Sepia Trading Company did not stop at selling products separately, but instead began accepting requests directly. “It still stands out to me that a person who couldn’t even fight ran out to catch the monster himself.”
“You must have aged a lot to bring up old stories.”

Addis frowned as she looked at the wrinkles on Rigwin’s forehead.

“I’m old. That’s why I feel like Master Dorian’s changes are more noticeable.”
“hmm… .”

Addis seemed to agree with that and nodded slightly.

“I think Master Jesser and Master Dialun will run this company well, but the person who will make it bigger than it is now may surprisingly be Master Dorian.”
“Things like that happen, too. But it’s not something he can do alone.”

Addis put down his drink and smiled. His eyes turned to Raon’s seat next to Dorian.

“Raon Sieghardt. That friend wasn’t just strong. He knew exactly when to intervene and when not to. He is also good at handling people. “He has the temperament of both a king and a saint.”
“… Is it that much?”

Rigwin widened his eyes. I never imagined that the words ‘defeated king’ and ‘holy king’ would come out of the mouth of Addis, who is stingy with praise.

“Didn’t he enjoy a leisurely meal alone even though the other children were rushing out? Regardless of age, humans themselves are generous. “The subjects actually flinched in surprise.”

He looked at the table in front of Raon. Unlike other places, all the dishes were empty.

“A person’s true nature is revealed when he eats food. Seeing as they don’t leave any of the food in front of them, their greed is not normal. Honestly, it gave me goosebumps.”
“I think so too. I never thought he would be this much of a glutton… .”
“With him, it looks like this company will either stand tall over the other four or fall.”

The two people swallowed dryly, feeling a huge misunderstanding.

* * *

Noon the next day.

Raon took Dorian, whose face had turned white, and went out to downtown Lorcan.

“Did you find out?”
“I understand, but is it going to be okay? They say the brothers have already moved on… .”

Dorian’s hands trembled slightly, perhaps because he was anxious about being left behind.

“We have no choice but to have an advantage in this test.”

Even before it started.

Raon smiled and shook his head.

‘Because this was information I requested a long time ago.’

The ingredients needed to fix Sylvia’s short circuit are Drake Heart and Sea Serpent Heart.
Immediately after hearing about the material from Encia, I sent a request to Denning Rose for Drake’s location, so approximate information would have been available by now.

“It’s here.”

Dorian pointed to a small shop selling dried fish.

“This is the black market Lorcan branch.”

He tilted his head as he looked at the cobweb-covered sign, as if he wasn’t sure.

“Did you know the password?”
“I heard that too… .”

Dorian swallowed his dry saliva and entered the store. As I passed through a passage where the unique scent of dried fish and shellfish tickled my nose, I saw an old woman with her back in a rocking chair.

“Oh, hello.”
“… … .”

The old woman did not answer, and the creaking of the rocking chair greeted him.

“Si, I’m looking for a sea snake that has been dried for ten years. “Could you take the skin off, season it with salt, and give me the salty one?”

When he finished speaking, the rocking chair stopped moving.

“Come over here.”

The old woman slowly got up. The gaze and voice he lifts are incomparably younger than his appearance. It seemed like the original young woman was in disguise.

Tidi Dick!

She led me into a room inside and knocked on various places on the right wall.


The wall opened without the slightest noise or vibration, and a staircase leading down to the basement appeared.

“You can go down this road.”

The woman lowered her head and went back to sit in the rocking chair. In an instant, she became an old woman who could not stand her drowsiness. She felt this every time she went to the black market, but they were all unusual people.

As I walked down the lights and stairs, another market was open. Literally a black market. It seemed like there was everything, from unusual foodstuffs to precious metals that radiated brilliant light.
However, the lights on the ceiling and walls were bright, giving it a brighter feel than the market outside.

“wow… .”

Dorian, as his personality was focused on supply, could not take his eyes off the items on the black market.

“Unlike Cameloon, there seems to be quite a lot of stolen goods here.”

Looking at the condition of the items, it didn’t seem like they were all being distributed in a normal way. There were items whose curses had not been lifted, and there were also many items that had not been appraised.

“let’s go. “They said they don’t have time.”

Raon patted Dorian on the shoulder and headed to the mansion with the black flag on it to get information.

“It’s huge, but I also have some items.”
“… … .”

Dorian said something absurd and followed behind.

‘I’ll have to check those pockets sometime.’
-If you expose that guy’s stomach, won’t Drake appear?
‘Maybe… .’

Based on what I’ve shown so far, I thought it might really be there.

“You have Drake in your pocket too, right?”
“Well, I did take some claws with me when I first escaped… .”

Dorian took out two huge claws that looked like curved thick spear blades from his stomach pouch.

“I found out that it wasn’t a drake, but a griffon’s claw.”
“griffon… .”

Gryphon is a rarer monster than Drake. It was absurd that such a strange thing had claws.

“ha… .”

Raon shook his head and stood in front of the mansion at the end of the black market. In front of the large iron door, there were four warriors with bright lights flowing from their eyes.

“I am… .”
“Meet the White Sword Dragon!”

The warriors bowed at a right angle at the waist and gave an extremely polite greeting.

“Please go in.”

As if they knew why they came here, they got out of the way and opened the iron gate.

‘Did you know I was coming?’

Raon narrowed his eyes and went inside. He passed by the soft lighting and luxurious decorations that were comfortable for his eyes, unlike the outside, and headed to the inner room, where there was only one sign of privacy.

“Wow, as expected of a white sword dragon!”

Dorian came to the side, his eyes shining.

“Are there any benefits to getting the nickname Sword Dragon?”
“Are you sure?”

Raon snorted and waved his hand.

“It looks like someone I know is waiting for me.”

As I stood in front of the door at the end of the hallway, the door opened by itself, revealing the person inside.

She was a gorgeous beauty with flaming red hair flowing down to the tips of her shoulders and an eyepatch with a rose on her right eye.

‘As expected, it was Denning Rose.’

Denning Rose, who played a big role in the rescue when she was kidnapped in Eden, stood up gracefully and bowed her head.

“Meet the White Sword Dragon.”
“Long time no see.”

Raon greeted me and entered the room.


Denning Rose smiled softly as he pointed to the seat across from him. He nodded and sat down.

“Are you now the branch leader of Lorcan?”

The area she was in charge of was Gran Seville. She had no idea she had come here after leaving a place where restoration was in full swing.

“no. “I am still the branch president of Gran Seville.”
“But why are you here…” .”

Rocan is an area very far from Gran Seville. I don’t know why someone who isn’t the branch manager is here.

“It just so happened that I ended up being in charge of Raon. “I was waiting for you because I thought you would come.”
“If you knew… .”
“It’s no secret that Raon is using his strength for the sake of Sepia Company’s youngest master.”

Denning Rose let out a thin laugh. I felt it from before, but compared to her gorgeous appearance, her expression itself felt simple.

“Besides, the search for Drake was requested by Raon a long time ago, so of course I should come.”

She already knew what test Addis had given her.

“It looks like other people have already been there.”

It seemed that Jesser and Dialun passed by here to get information.

“… … .”

Denning Rose did not respond but slightly lowered her eyes. That was enough of an answer.

“Have you found Drake?”

Raon quenched his thirst with the tea on the table and asked.

“We did discover what appeared to be a nest of adult drakes. “I was going to let you know after gathering a little more information, but this is what happened.”

Dorian was scared and spat out the tea he was drinking.

“Huh, how did you prepare in advance?”

He covered his mouth and his eyes fluttered as if he couldn’t believe anything.

“I thought it was somehow strange! You get stronger too quickly! Master, what on earth are you? God! “You devil!”
“It’s your boss.”

Raon hit Dorian’s shaking head.


I left Dorian rubbing his head and looked at Denning Rose. She was smiling brightly as if she found this situation amusing.

“Oh, excuse me… .”

Denning Rose slightly lowered her head and then stood up. The real smile disappeared, revealing an acting smile again.

“Anyway, you found what you were looking for?”
“yes. It looks like it has been away from the nest for a long time, but its location is clear. but… .”

Her expression hardened like a dried plaster statue.

“We have information that the Black Tower is moving towards that place. “It looks like they’re targeting Drake.”
“Black Tower… .”
“The Black Tower is a place with limited information even among Oma. To be honest, I hope we don’t bump into each other.”
“It’s the Black Tower… .”

Is it okay?

As soon as I heard that Black Tower was coming, a plan came to mind so I could blow my nose without burning my hands.

“Do you have a map of the area?”
“What was on your mind?”

Denning Rose widened his eyes and leaned his upper body forward.


Raon smiled coolly as he watched Dorian smoothing his hair.

“If I do well, I think I’ll catch two fish and a shrimp.”

As I was thinking about a plan to achieve fishermandom, I heard Lars’ voice.

-Are you going to grill that and eat it?
‘Oh, kinda… .’

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

Reincarnation Genius Sword Master Assasin
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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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