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Chapter 350

My hands are shaking from the pain pressing down on my organs.

Raon clenched his fists and forced his eyes down.

‘It’s an incredibly strong energy.’

An enormous energy was concentrated in the sea lye flower, which is said to bloom when the vitality of the sea gathers, and in the inner layer of the ghost jellyfish that grew by sucking the energy of the sea rye flower.

If the leaves of the Haeryunghwa had not alleviated the conflict between the two energies, many areas of the mana circuit might have been ruptured.

‘Is that a bit excessive?’

It was difficult to absorb just the seaweed, but I thought eating the inner layer of the ghost jellyfish at once was a bit excessive.


Is this right.

The inner layer of the ghost jellyfish is extremely poisonous. If you eat just that one, it can be dangerous even if you are who you are now.
You must erase the venom with the leaves of the sea lilies and the leaves of the sea rays and accept only pure mana.


As I was organizing my thoughts, the energy of the Sea Spirit and the venom of the ghost jellyfish collided once again in the mana circuit.


center of the body. A powerful shock, like a shell exploding, occurred near the solar plexus, where the entire body’s mana circuit passes.
My concentration was broken by the pain that felt like I had been hit with a sledgehammer near my heart.

‘I should have eaten one more leaf.’

It seems that one leaf was not enough to act as a buffer.
However, even if I had taken one more, it wouldn’t have made much of a difference. This has already happened, so we have to resolve it as is.


The ring of fire was operated as a polarity. The seven rings circling the heart created a pure sound, reducing physical and mental pain, and suppressing the powerful energy of the Sea Spirit Flower and the venom of the ghost jellyfish.

‘We have to move now.’

No matter how strong the ring of fire is, it cannot continue to suppress that powerful energy. Now that the elixir and the energy of Naedan have stopped moving, we must proceed as planned.

Raon chewed his lip and pulled up Cartoon Ball and Glacia at the same time. The heat and cold that escaped the dantian rushed through the mana circuit.

‘Ugh… .’

The pain was severe because the mana circuit was stimulated, but I gritted my teeth and endured it. Now was not the time to stop at the pain, it was time to move forward.


The heat of the cartoon ball suppressed the poison in Naedan. By nature, poison is weak to fire. The miasma of the ghost jellyfish began to run away from the cartoon ball.

‘And this one too…’ .’

Most of Haeryeonghwa’s natural mana is of high purity, but among them, it has the water attribute the most. The cold energy of Glacia was used to bring about the energy of Haeryeonghwa.

‘Keu… .’

The two energies began to move through the mana circuit following the flow of Mangagong and Glacia. The energy was so enormous that every time I moved, I felt a dizzying pain in my head.

Raon swallowed his dry saliva.

‘I’m dying.’

It was difficult to operate Cartoon Ball and Glacia at the same time, and to lead the energy of Haeryeonghwa and the miasma of ghost jellyfish, but there was no choice.
This method was the best way to absorb the two energies.


Using the mana control created by the ring of fire as much as possible, he pulled the energy of Haeryeonghwa and the miasma of the ghost jellyfish into Danjeon.


The two energies stopped at the mana circuit right in front of the dantian and struggled like disobedient children.
The road became blocked and the mana circuit swelled as if it was going to burst.


It’s no big deal if it’s this rough… .

Raon boosted the energy of Mangagong and Glasia.
Although the mana circuit swelled to the point of tearing, I used the aurors with confidence in the strength of my body and mind.

Cold sweat runs down my spine from the pain that weighs on both my body and mind.
Biting his lip, he swung his aura to its polarity and pushed the energy of the Haeryeonghwa and the venom of the ghost jellyfish to the Danjeon.


A loud noise like a cliff collapsing came from inside my body. It wasn’t just my imagination, it was a series of strong shocks to my whole body, as if pieces of stone had actually fallen.

‘That’s so picky… .’

I’m still dizzy from the shock I felt a little while ago. This was my first time losing strength and stamina to this extent.

‘Still holding on.’

I can’t lose to something like elixir.

I couldn’t get revenge on Mattio, Cosini, and Lisbon, free myself from Derus’s grasp, and bow down to elixirs.

Raon clenched his fists and regained his lost concentration.
He squeezed out every last bit of the aura of Manhwagong and Glacia and pushed the energy of the Haeryunghwa and the miasma of the ghost jellyfish to the Danjeon.


With a magnificent sound as if thousands of drums were beating at the same time, the energy of Haeryeonghwa and the miasma of ghost jellyfish entered the Danjeon.

‘it’s okay.’

Finally, the two energies entered the Danjeon.
However, because it did not follow the normal flow, the two energies did not become Comic Ball’s heat or Glacia’s cold.


As the hindrances of heat and cold disappeared, the energy of the sea spirit and the venom of the ghost jellyfish rushed towards each other, baring their teeth.


As the two energies collided, the dantian swelled as if it were torn apart. The pain was enough to make her scream, but a smile appeared on her face.

‘Because I can make all this mana mine.’

The energy of the Haeryeonghwa and the miasma of the ghostly jellyfish have almost similar powers. When the two energies collide, naturally a large amount of aura is lost and disappears.

‘but… .’

The place where the two fight is my Danjeon.

Since the two energies were colliding in the dantian, the mana that should have disappeared was becoming his own energy.

In other words, as long as you endure the pain, the two energies will collide and create pure mana on their own.

‘I just need to make it with Comic Ball and Glacia.’

I couldn’t help but laugh because it was no different from creating a highly pure aura generator inside the dantian.

-You’re crazy. I knew my head was filled with pasta noodles instead of brains, but I never thought it would be like this… .

Lars’ cracked voice came into my head.

-Usually, even if you know the method, you never implement it.
-Because it hurts so bad! Are you going to continue to endure pain that is almost like torture?
‘I can tolerate this much.’

Is it because I had a past life where I was tortured for several days? This level of pain was bearable.


The energy of the sea spirit and the miasma of the ghost jellyfish collided once again, shaking my entire body. Because her energy had decreased, she was in less pain than before.

-Huh… .

Lars muttered in confusion that he couldn’t understand.


Raon left Ras alone and focused on Danjeon’s movements.
The energy of the Sea Spirit and the venom of the ghost jellyfish collide with each other with full force, and powerful mana blooms.

By channeling that mana into the flow of Mangagong and Glacia, he created pure heat and cold.

The stronger Manhwagong and Glacia’s aurors put pressure on the energy of the sea spirit and the venom of the ghost jellyfish to collide again.


As the two energies collide, pure mana blooms again, which is replaced by heat and cold.

The factory that creates the heat of Comic Ball and the cold of Glacia has been completed.

‘It’s right.’

Raon fell into deep imagery, coordinating the huge flow occurring throughout his body.

-also? Going in again?

Lars screamed at Raon, who was in a state of extreme concentration.

-Trance is in your living room! Does it make sense to go in if you’re bored?

* * *

Dorian looked back at Raon, who was sitting with his eyes closed, and ate his appetite.

‘Gwae, are you okay?’

Raon’s body repeatedly inflated and sank here and there like a balloon.
It felt like looking at the stomach of a frog or toad.

‘however… .’

As his body swelled, Raon’s energy became stronger. Although it looked difficult, it seemed certain that he was absorbing the elixir.

‘He’s a fascinating person.’

They said they were going to hang out for a while, but didn’t they pick up Haeryeonghwa, which even the five major merchants couldn’t get? Don’t you take out the inner dan of a spiritual creature that seems addictive just by smelling it?
The vessel itself was an enormous person.

‘The most surprising thing was that you gave me the leaves of the Haeryeonghwa.’

Raon gave himself the leaves of Haeryeonghwa, which he could not buy even if he paid a thousand gold.
That wasn’t for any special reason, it was because I was honored to have trained so hard.

‘It’s hard to understand.’

I’ve been seeing him since I was 12, but Raon was like an unknown box that I still can’t figure out.
The more I laid it, the more different aspects appeared, so I couldn’t get used to it.

‘At first I thought it was similar.’

After hearing about the background of a person named Raon Sieghardt, I thought it was similar to mine. Because both of them were ignored and mistreated by their families.

‘But the process was different.’

Unlike himself, who ran away from the Sanghoe, Raon did not back down and confronted the family head-on.
I gradually developed my skills and received recognition from everyone.
Nowadays, the only people in the family who dislike Raon are his direct relatives.

‘So I mustered up courage.’

Because I saw Raon like that up close, I was able to muster the courage to return to Sanghoe. In a way, he was a benefactor who changed his life.

‘thank you.’

Dorian bowed his head politely to Raon, who was practicing with his eyes closed. He adjusted his sword and smiled.

‘Even if Lord Budan thinks of me as a wallet… .’

We will protect you until the end.

Dorian made a promise and turned around. Above his head, a flying squirrel was quietly watching Raon.

* * *

The sun set, the sun rose, the sun set again and it became night.

Raon’s shoulders, which had been stationary like a statue, trembled once, and his body rose in the air to the size of a fist.

“uh… ?”

Dorian gaped at the sight.

“La, Raon!”

When I was scared and tried to approach Raon, a flying squirrel flew out of nowhere and bit my hand.

“Ugh! What’s this!”

Dorian tried to shake off his hand to chase it, but the flying squirrel bit his hand and wouldn’t let go.


The flying squirrel did not run away but desperately blocked Dorian’s path.


Dorian approached Raon with a flying squirrel in his hand, as if he had no choice. As he tried to stretch out his hand, the surrounding mana swirled like a storm and was sucked into Raon’s body.


Only after the auspicious red and blue lights flickered across Raon’s entire body did he descend to the floor.


Raon’s eyes opened and a rich gold mine exploded from his eyeballs.

“Do you, master?”

Dorian got nervous and approached Raon, calling him by his old name.
He was so shocked that he didn’t even notice that the flying squirrel was gone.

“Gwae, are you okay?”
“okay. “It’s at its best.”

Raon raised his head and smiled.

“that… .”
“You were floating in the sky a little while ago… .”

He tilted his head as if he knew nothing.

“He was floating for as long as this.”

Dorian used his hands to express the extent to which Raon was floating.

“As soon as he wakes up, he starts talking nonsense.”
“It’s real!”
“Ha, what a joke… hmm?”

Raon frowned at Dorian.

“Have you washed yet?”
“A lot of waste came out of my body, and I still haven’t washed it.”
“No, I asked you to protect the law!”

Dorian gaped. I don’t know what you’re talking about when you ask me to protect you.

“You have to wash your face thoroughly.”
“Well, that makes sense… ha.”

Here we go again.

As soon as I woke up, I saw that he was making strange noises, so I guess Raon was right.

“I’ll be back.”

Dorian shook his head and headed towards Motrun City, where his lodgings were located.

“There is no need to go to the dorm. “Because there is a valley over there.”

Raon raised his finger and pointed to the west of the forest.

“There’s a valley over there?”
“I can’t see anything, I can’t hear anything… .”
“If you go straight, you will find clear water.”
“How do you know that?”

Rao smiled and shrugged his shoulders.


* * *

Raon sent Dorian into the valley and looked at his hands.

‘Master Advanced.’

The martial arts skills I have accumulated so far have been organized through practice, and I have risen to the level of master.
It wasn’t just a matter of jumping over a wall, it was taking a big step forward.

The reason I was able to recognize the location of the valley even though I did not spread my senses widely was because all my senses were greatly enhanced.

What’s even more surprising is that the toxins from the sea lilies and ghost jellyfish that haven’t been fully absorbed still remain in the body.
These energies will be slowly absorbed while you sleep using the ability of .

‘where… .’

As I clenched my fist and tried to pull the Auror up, a message appeared before my eyes.

[The level of increases to 6 stars.]
[The grade of increases to 5 stars.]
[The grade of increases to 2 stars.]

The first thing that came out was that Manga Gong had reached 5 stars. As I said, I felt the heat inside my body become even hotter.

[’s level rises to 6 stars.]
[The grade of increases to 7 stars.]
[The grade of increases to 3 stars.]

This time, the story was that Glacia’s level had risen. Attribute affinity and resistance also increased. However, the message is not yet over.

[You have absorbed the highest elixir and inner dan.]
[All abilities increase by 20 points.]
[The rating of increases to 5 stars.]
[’s rating increases to 5 stars.]
[The grade of increases to 6 stars.]
[The grade of increases to 2 stars.]

I couldn’t come to my senses from the endless stream of messages.

-What is this?

Lars gaped as he looked at the messages filled from head to toe.

-Aren’t you giving too much! Why do they increase my abilities and characteristics so much!

The guy scratched down the message with his round hand, saying it made no sense.

‘What had built up exploded. ‘There haven’t been any messages for a while.’

Except for the fact that he recently obtained the on his own, there was no increase in his abilities or attribute level. It seemed as if all the accumulated experience combined with the high purity of mana exploded at once.

-It’s the King’s clothes that explode!

Lars gritted his teeth and told him not to talk nonsense.

-How much will it take for this hell to end? The ability score is 20! It’s not even a ladle, it’s being poured out with a basin!

The guy cried out that if this continued, only bones and skin would remain.

“Hmm… .”

Raon pushed away the cotton candy that was growling like a puppy and brought up the status window for the first time in a while.

Name: Raon Sieghardt.
Status: None.
Characteristics: , , Ring of Fire (7 stars), Water resistance (7 stars), Sense of Snow (5 stars), Comic Ball (6 stars), Glacia (6 stars), Fire resistance (5 stars) star), Bleeding Curse (2 stars), Sneak Attack (5 stars), Indomitable Will (5 stars), Yogi Adaptation (4 stars), Concentration (6 stars), Poison Resistance (2 stars), Anger’s Eyes (1 star) ), Spiral power (4 stars), Water attribute affinity (3 stars), True interpretation (2 stars), Fire attribute affinity (2 stars), Silver Screen of Tale (2 stars).

Strength: 336.
Agility: 335.
Stamina: 333.
Energy: 372.
Sensation: 374.
Anger: 75.

As soon as I saw it, my mouth opened without realizing it.

Are all your abilities over 300?

Even if the ability score increased by 20 points this time, it means that it was already over 300 before.
It was not for nothing that he overpowered the Beast League, which had the strongest body among the Six Emperors.

‘Strength and agility are amazing, but stamina makes even less sense.’

Perhaps because he consumed the two elixirs, his energy level grew to the point where it caught up with his sense levels that were far above.

‘Is it obvious?’

It wasn’t that strange, considering that the Auror had once again expanded his Danjeon by reaching the upper level of Master.

‘I feel like I can do anything now.’

It seemed like he wouldn’t be able to lose even against a martial artist who had reached the highest level of Master. No, I felt confident that I could beat everyone except the Grand Master.


Lars rushed in and tapped his shoulder like a drum.

-What’s so surprising!

The guy gritted his teeth, telling me to speak quickly.

‘All abilities have exceeded 300.’

It is true that the higher the ability level, the less useful it is, but as it goes over 300, it is far beyond the physical capabilities that humans can demonstrate.
Even without using Aurors, it seemed like the Lesser Master would win.

-Four, three hundred… .

Lars fell to the floor like a deflated balloon.

-The main king has three hundred abilities. three hundred… . three… .

The guy muttered only the word ‘sam’, then foamed at the mouth and lowered his head.

“hmm… .”

In reality, it was in the mid 300s, but I didn’t say more than that because I was afraid I wouldn’t wake up at all.

‘Is this the best result?’

He took revenge on Mattio, Cosini, and Lisbon, took the elixir that Derus could not have, and his strength grew significantly.
It was the best result, far exceeding the initial plan.

As Raon was smiling contentedly, Dorian approached, wiping his hair with a towel.

“There really was a valley. “The bushes were so thick that I couldn’t hear the sound of water flowing.”

He grinned and said that it was nice that the water was clear.

‘Now all that’s left is that guy’s job.’

All that remained was to go to Sepia Store, Dorian’s home, and get rid of all the things that had ignored him.

“Are you ready for departure?”
“Sure. “I didn’t know when he would come, so I finished everything in advance.”

Dorian nodded confidently.

“Then let’s go eat Sepia Sanghoe.”
“… yes? “Well, what do you eat?”
“Oh, I said something wrong. “Let’s go to Sepia Store.”

Raon smiled awkwardly and shook his head.

“No, I just ate Sepia Sashimi… .”
“It’s my mood. Blame it on my mood. let’s go.”

He motioned for us to sleep at the hotel today and leave tomorrow.

“uh… .”

Dorian swallowed dryly as he looked at Raon’s back.

‘Can I really take you with me?’

I think I’m going to destroy everything… .

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

Reincarnation Genius Sword Master Assasin
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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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