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Chapter 35


Raon narrowed his eyes. As soon as the sparring was over, he was called, and his intentions were unknown.

“Ah, to be precise, you said to bring the senior trainee.”

Rimmer shrugged his shoulders.

‘He’s a senior trainee.’

That meant that anyone had to be the chief. It seems that Glenn thought that Marta would win this sparring.

‘That’s funny.’

From Burren to Martha. I laughed because it seemed like Glenn had destroyed each of the expected senior candidates one by one.

“What is the reason for the call?”
“How would I know that?”

Rimmer pouted and shook his head. Looking at that expression, it was clear that he knew the reason, but he didn’t seem to have any intention of telling it.

“When should I go?”

Raon asked, fiddling with the wooden armor that filled his pocket.

“Right Now.”
“All right.”

I nodded and shook the dust off my body.

“So you want to go? “Don’t you even change your clothes?”
“Aren’t you scared, matriarch?”
“It’s not like they’re calling to eat you, so there’s no need to be scared.”

It was true that Glenn’s cold eyes were uncomfortable, but there was no need to be scared.

“As expected, you are fun.”

Rimmer chuckled and nodded. He patted Raon’s shoulder with a satisfied expression.

“let’s go.”

Raon followed Rimmer and headed to the throne room of the royal family.

“Do you really think Martha lost?”
“For such a small child… .”
“I can’t believe it.”
“You’re older, but your talent is probably different.”
“It’s luck. “It has to be luck!”

People who passed by glanced at Raon with curious or surprised eyes.

“It looks like the news that you defeated Martha has already spread.”

Rimmer glanced back and smiled slyly.

“That already?”
“Because Sieghart is a closed family.”

He muttered that since it was closed to the outside world, internal rumors were bound to spread like the wind.

“Besides, Marta is so good that she can beat her immediate peers. “I beat a kid like that head on, so it’s natural for rumors to spread.”
“So you have to be careful. “It goes down as fast as it goes up.”

Rimmer said so and pointed at himself with his thumb. It seemed like he was talking about his own fall after his Danjeon broke.

“Anyway, congratulations. Because this is a good thing. enjoy it.”

He entered the family battle while whistling. As if it had been discussed in advance, the warriors did not stop and made way.

“The head of the family is waiting.”

As I passed through the main hallway on the first floor and stood in front of the throne room, Glenn’s butler Roen smiled brightly and opened the door.

It rattled.

With a heart-stopping sound, the huge iron door split, and a magnificent energy that seemed to pierce the sky spread out from the door.

Raon grabbed her left breast.

‘Was it like this…? .’

As I learn the Aurors, Glenn’s power feels even greater. She couldn’t stop her hands from shaking due to her endless and powerful energy wave.

-Humans… .

Lars’ voice also trembled, as if he was weighed down by Glenn’s energy.

“With the Auror there, it feels right, right?”

Rimmer laughed, a drop of sweat rolling down his forehead.

“That is our king.”

He curled up the corner of his mouth and went inside.

“hmm… .”

I swallowed my dry saliva and followed him. As we walk, Glenn’s momentum becomes stronger. He felt as if his shoulders were being crushed by a huge wave of air.

“Meet the matriarch!”

Raon stood on the same line as Rimmer and knelt at the same time. Only then did Glenn’s energy decrease.

Control your momentum in a split second. A force that reached the sky. It seemed like even Derus couldn’t keep up.

“Get up.”

Raon’s neck automatically rose at the command-like words. As I met Glenn’s red eyes, everything around me became blurry. It truly is an overwhelming presence.

“I have brought the senior practitioner you requested.”
“… … .”

Glenn didn’t respond to Rimmer’s words, but just looked at himself. She seemed displeased or calm. She didn’t have the slightest idea what she was thinking.

“Have you mastered comics skills?”
“How long did it take?”
“It took about 7 months.”
“You’re slow.”

He tilted his chin slightly. He seemed pitiful.

“Try raising an auror.”

Following Glenn’s instructions, Raon looked at Rimmer. When I asked him with his eyes whether it was okay to use the auror in front of the head of the family, he nodded.

“It shouldn’t have been done originally, but you’re telling me to do it myself.”
“All right.”

Raon stood up and clenched and unclenched his fists.


A bright red flame bloomed, accompanied by a sound as if a dying fire had been awakened. A comic book anecdote. One, the first flame ignited.

“Is that the first cartoon ball?”

There was a slight tremor in Glenn’s eyes, which seemed to have sunk to the bottom of the mud.

“What did you pursue to create that aura?”
“It is a fire that cannot be extinguished or extinguished.”
“It won’t turn off?”
“I drew a flame that never goes out even when the wind blows or the rain falls.”

Glenn kept his mouth shut and stared at the flame burning in Raon’s hand for a long time. It may have been an illusion, but he seemed a little emotional.

“It’s okay.”

I heard an unexpected compliment from him. He felt his ears to see if he had heard wrongly.

“Fire attribute swordsmen and wizards boast the highest firepower, but their durability and defense are weak. If it’s an undying flame, you may be able to overcome its weaknesses depending on how you do it. “Let’s think carefully about how to use it.”
“… All right.”

Raon nodded with surprised eyes. She never dreamed that Glenn would suddenly give her such advice. Her voice trembled slightly.

“There is no need to think strange. “I just told you what I couldn’t say at the recognition ceremony.”
“ah… .”

I know what it is. Glenn said at her previous discernment, she didn’t just give advice to herself. It seemed like she was giving advice now that she couldn’t say back then.

‘You have an interesting personality.’

Glenn is cold, as if he was carved out of a glacier and sculpted into a human being, but he takes care of what needs to be taken care of.

He was the exact opposite of Derus, who looked after people on the outside, but on the inside, used people like objects.

“Now I will tell you why I called you.”

Glenn rested his chin and looked down at Raon.

“I will give you a mission sometime next year.”
“Did you say it was a mission?”
“It’s been over a year since you started training, from the time you were temporary trainees. Since we have all acquired auras and become sword beginners, it would be okay to go out.”
“hmm… .”
“Do you think you are young? Age doesn’t matter in battle. “A prosecutor must fight whenever and wherever he can raise a sword.”
‘That’s not it, I thought it was too late?’

In my previous life, I received an assassination mission at the age of 8, not at the age of 14. At my current age, I’m not fast, but rather slow.

“Tell not only you but all the trainees to prepare well. “So that I can do my job at any time and in any situation.”
“… All right.”
“Let’s just leave.”

Glenn closed his eyes and waved his hands. Raon got down on her knees again, bowed her head, and left her throne room.

“It’s time for a mission.”

Rimmer grinned, holding the back of his head with his clasped hands.

“What is our mission?”
“I haven’t decided yet. Subjugating monsters, escorting key figures, exploring dungeons, clearing out bandits. “We don’t know what will happen, so we must follow the matriarch’s words and prepare for all situations.”
“Aren’t you going with us, instructor?”
“I will go, but my mission and your mission are different. The instructor’s purpose is to protect you.
“All right.”

Rimmer’s eyes widened as if he thought he would be embarrassed.

‘Of course you do the mission yourself.’

Even when I received my mission at the age of 8, there was no support. What a luxury it is to have an instructor who will protect you in times of emergency.

‘Sieghart is a more docile place than I thought.’

Conversely, Raon left the embarrassed Rimer behind and went to the family battle with a smiling face.

* * *

After Raon left for the annex, Rimmer went back into the throne room.

“Do you look in a good mood?”

Rimmer grinned as he looked at Glenn standing on the podium.

“It’s no different than usual.”
“Hey, after going through something like that, the corners of your mouth are raised about 2mm, right?”
“Stop talking nonsense and tell me about Martha’s condition.”
“The bruises are bad, but they will heal with treatment. “The problem is psychological trauma.”
“If you can’t overcome that level, there’s no reason to bear Sieghardt’s name.”

Without exception, Glenn spoke of Sieghardt’s spirit to Martha, who was adopted at the age of eight.

“Did you help Raon draw the image of fire?”
“I am also a teacher in my own way. However, I chose Raon. “I just let you know that there are multiple paths.”

Rimmer shrugged his shoulders and continued.

“How do you feel after seeing the much-anticipated first Auror of the family?”
“It was exactly as written. It was beautiful, like looking at a flower made of flame. “Its power was incomparable to its size.”
“yes. It completely destroyed Marta’s Titan Aura, which she had built up over four years. It was a power that made no sense. But didn’t you say the color was gold?”
“The color will vary slightly depending on the power of the flame. Please guide her so that she can walk the right path in her future.”
“As expected, the head of the family thinks that child is special.”
“… … .”

Glenn didn’t answer. She waved her hands with her eyes closed. It was annoying, so I meant to get out.

“Then, please take care of your children’s mission.”
“That is not my responsibility, it is up to the General Administration Department to take care of it. “Don’t worry about that, just raise your children strong enough to survive any mission.”
“yep! “We will provide education to our children so that they do not become lazy.”
“All I can say is to take care of yourself.”

Glenn snorted as he looked at Rimmer’s proud expression.

“That’s what a Banban teacher is.”

Rimmer did not lose and grinned.

* * *


Judiel was tending to the front of the garden when he heard footsteps behind him and turned his head.

“Wow, La, Master Raon!”

Raon was looking down at himself. The moment I made eye contact with her, my heart felt like it was sinking.

“Are you here!”

I stood up and looked at him. There was a lot of dust on his clothes, but he didn’t seem to be injured at all.

‘Did you really win? ‘That Martha?’

This story came out a month ago, so I knew that Raon was sparring with Martha Sieghardt today.

But I never thought I would win. I never thought I would win that well.

“Did you win the sparring match?”
“What do you think?”

Raon grinned.

“ah… .”

When I saw the smile that spoke of victory, I remembered that night. Red snow floating over the lake. It would not be an exaggeration to call it the embodiment of fear.

‘okay. There’s no way this monster could lose to a mere genius.’

I realized it again. What kind of person is Raon Sieghardt?

“You will hear from heavy radio again soon. “Please investigate me more thoroughly.”
“Yeah, I guess so.”
“Write it down yourself and bring it to me.”
“All right.”

He entered the annex with a smile that gave me goosebumps. Judiel dropped the weeds in his hand, feeling cold sweat soaking his back.

“A monster that defeats a genius… .”

* * *


As soon as Raon entered the annex, he ran into Sylvia who was putting on her clothes.

“Where are you going?”
“Where are you going! “It was the day he said he would come home, but he didn’t come, so I tried to find him!”

Sylvia kicked the ground and came running. He seemed faster than most prosecutors.

“are you okay? “Where are you injured?”

Her eyes moved constantly from side to side like falling leaves.

“I’m not hurt.”
“Uh… .”

Sylvia sighed in relief and rubbed her chest. However, the eyes that examined Raon’s body did not stop.

“Has the sparring been canceled?”
“no. “I won.”
“But there are no injuries?”
“Because it wasn’t right.”
“Ha, you won without getting hit?”

Helen dropped Sylvia’s outerwear that she was holding.

Since everyone knew that Martha’s talent was similar to that of her immediate family, it was understandable that they were so embarrassed.

“Oh, if you’re not hurt, let’s eat first! Helen. “Prepare a meal right away!”
“are you okay.”
“huh? “You didn’t eat dinner.”
“I have work to do today.”

Raon shook his head as he touched the wooden armor containing the elixir in his pocket.

It was time to become stronger again.

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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