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Chapter 348

Raon swallowed his dry saliva. I tried to hold back for fear of hearing the sound of the ulna moving, but my throat moved on its own due to the extreme tension.

‘yet… .’

Haven’t been caught yet.

If Derus Robert had recognized him, he would have already moved and appeared in front of him.
Even now, seeing it floating in the sky, it was clear that I hadn’t noticed it yet.

-That’s right.

Lars looked up and narrowed his eyes.

-That guy has arrived here now, and is only looking at the collapsed canyon. I haven’t found you yet. Of course, if you move clumsily, you will notice right away.

Raon nodded, his lips trembling.

‘I know.’

Since I swam horizontally from the lowest level of the dungeon, I am now in the deep sea.
Because it was so far away from the mainland, it was difficult to figure it out at once, no matter how much Derus did.

‘It’s been a while since I smelled this scent.’

The scent of death that I felt when my head was blown off by Derus in my previous life tickled the tip of my nose.
However, unlike back then when there was no way out, now there was a path between them.

Raon raised his head so slowly that his neck felt stiff. I see something that looks like a dot in the sky very far away.

‘Derus Robert.’

You might be able to see clearly if you focus the aura on your eyes, but if you do that, you will be immediately caught and caught alive.

‘You shouldn’t panic.’


Even when he was kidnapped by Merlin, if he had been a little more intelligent and made the two fight until the end, things might have changed. You have to keep your cool and think of a way to get out of here.

Raon clenched his cold hands into fists.

‘Let’s first understand the situation.’

It’s no different from risking your life, just without holding a sword. You need to think about what is advantageous and disadvantageous.

‘The advantage I have is that I’m in a place where it’s not easy for him to notice.’

Currently, I am just above the deep sea. It was sunk in a place that was difficult to find, judging by depth and distance.

‘I prepared in advance.’

Before Derus came, he dyed his hair and eye color again, resonated with the ring of fire to reduce his presence to the limit, and used Glacia to create a presence similar to water.

If you don’t know about it, you might think it’s just a fish or seaweed in the sea.

On the other hand, Derus is revealing his angry feelings as they are. It was thanks to him that we were able to identify him first.

It was expected that Derus would take the dimensional gateway, but the time he arrived here was much faster than expected.
It may be that he has become stronger than before, but it also means that he did not hold back on his strength.

‘In other words, I was so angry that I lost my temper.’

Even now, he was only looking at the surrounding area where the canyon had broken and sunk. He was consumed by anger and his vision was narrowed.

Raon gave strength to his trembling arms.

‘Of course, the problem is no joke… .’

If Derus doesn’t move, you can’t move either.
If he had the senses, he would be able to catch awkward gestures even when he was angry. I had to remain still like a stone in the sea.

‘There… .’

The biggest problem is his mood.

Derus Robert is a transcendent person who goes beyond the Grand Master. He is a Continent Ten Thousand with power comparable to Glenn.
If he spreads his energy not just down there, but all over this place, no matter how good he is at hiding, he’s bound to get caught.

‘I have to hold on until it comes up… .’

Because I predicted the possibility of meeting Derus, I made preparations before destroying the dungeon. He had to somehow hold on until it came out.

‘There’s not much left… .’
-I don’t know what you’ve prepared, but it looks like it’s going to be difficult.

Lars snorted and pointed at Derus’ feet with his round hand. A faint energy began to spread out in the shape of a sphere.


Raon chewed the inside of his cheek.

‘It opened the air in all directions!’

Did you say that words become seeds? The worst I had assumed happened. Derus spread an energy that covered not only the area around the collapsed canyon, but the entire sea and land.

‘That psycho bastard!’

In such an urgent situation, instead of searching in detail where the dungeon was located, he tried to figure out everything. As expected, he was far from a normal human being.
If my vision hadn’t been narrowed by anger, I might have been caught right away when I got here.

‘Plus, it’s fast.’

As expected from a transcendental person, the speed at which the energy spread was abnormally fast.
Even though it was detecting land, sea, and even the sky, its speed did not decrease.

‘Monster child… .’

Raon clutched his chest, which was pounding so hard that his heart jumped out.

‘If things continue like this, we won’t be able to make it on time.’

Even if what I prepared comes out now, Derus will find out first. At this rate, it was only a matter of time before he got caught.

‘Damn… .’

Before I knew it, the guy’s spirit had crossed the area where the canyon was and was right in front of me. His shoulders trembled slightly due to the dark life felt from the blue aura.

As the auror approaches, it feels like a cold blade is penetrating into my heart. Even though I was underwater, it felt like cold sweat was flowing down my entire body.

-Would you like the king to hide it for you?

Lars sneered and stretched out his round hand.

‘Hide it?’
-That’s right. If that’s the case, I can save you with the King’s characteristics.

Save me.

That’s not it. In order to live, you must trust your own judgment, not Lars.
However, it is true that we are running out of time. I needed his help.

‘It’s not free, right?’
-As expected, the calculations are fast. If you take 10 rage every 10 seconds, I’ll put you out of that mood.

Lars waved his hand as if telling him to make a decision quickly.

’10 anger in 10 seconds… .’

Hiding, rather than running away, means that you cannot escape from this place.
In other words, if Derus continues to be up there, he has no choice but to accept a tremendous amount of anger.

Raon gritted his teeth as he felt Derus’ aura approaching.

‘It will come up in one minute. Until then… .’

There will soon be a chance to get out of here. Until then, I had to hold on somehow.


I closed my eyes and held Lars’ hand.

-Good choice!

The moment I hear Lars’s laughing voice, my body and soul melt into the sea. I felt like I had become one with the sea.


Less than 0.1 seconds after holding Lars’ hand, the feeling of Derus passed by.
A chilling feeling as if a knife was stabbing my spine. However, De Luz seemed to feel nothing and only increased the range of his energy.

‘I didn’t get caught… .’

Lars’ confidence was real. This guy’s ability had the power to avoid Derus’ spirit.

-It is an ability called . It would have been dangerous if he had looked at it in more detail, but the focus was on speed and range, so there were some holes.

The guy looked up at Derus and smiled.

-This is the Lord of Anger and the King of the Demon World. It is the power of Ras. From now on, you too must follow the king.

Lars laughed and danced his shoulders.

[Anger has increased by 10.]

As I breathed a sigh of relief, a message appeared before my eyes.
He immediately got angry after 10 seconds, so he was like a sword in this way.

-If this continues, maybe I can eat your body?
‘That won’t happen.’

Raon turned Lars’ amused chin and then looked back and frowned.

‘It doesn’t stop.’

Derus’ energy expanded to the point where there was no end to it. He seemed to want to check everything in this sea.

[Anger has increased by 10.]

10 more seconds passed.

Derus finally stopped feeling tired. However, that wasn’t all that good news.

‘her… .’

Raon covered his mouth as he looked at the deep blue light extending from beneath Derus’ feet.

‘That crazy guy!’

He extended his fast energy to block any unexpected movement, and then slowly but expanded his second energy to check in more detail, checking everything in the sea.

-Uhm… .

Lars licked his lips at the sight.

-Oh, I guess I’ll get caught?
-I am currently in a spiritual state, so it is difficult to exert my original strength… .

The guy shook his head, saying this was his limit.

‘He’s the devil! ‘Try to use your strength!’
-You bastard is always sucking away the King’s abilities, so where can you find strength?
‘shit… .’

Seeing that he didn’t show his anger even after time passed, it meant that Ras was also embarrassed.

Raon glared not at Las, but at the place where the collapsed canyon was. Small dust began to rise along with the air bubbles.

My hands felt strong. The long-awaited arrangement has finally arrived.

-If you don’t want to die, leave yourself to the King. There is no one on your side here!
-The moment it is detected, you will be held in that bastard’s hands!

Raon shook his head and smiled slightly.

‘It will be fine.’
-What are you… .
‘Because it came.’

Just before Derus’ second feeling touched my skin, a huge amount of dust rose from where the canyon had sunk.


The emerald sea instantly turned into muddy water due to the dust rising up as if a volcano had exploded.

-What is that… .

Lars gaped at the sight.

‘Valjangu in the valley.’
‘If you go to a valley and stamp your feet, muddy water rises and the water becomes cloudy. ‘I maximized that.’

As you move through the valley, the sunken soil rises and the water becomes cloudy.
Because the huge canyon was cut mercilessly using the salt sea, the dust that had settled on the bottom came up all at once and filled the sea.


As the dust thickened, Derus’s energy rapidly decreased and focused on the deep sea where the canyon sank.

“Damn it!”

Derus, floating in the air, is seen screaming and jumping into the water.
The face that was usually full of coolness and composure was distorted mercilessly.

When I saw Derus’ expression filled with anger that I had never seen before, either in my past life or in my current life, I burst out laughing even though I didn’t know when he would die.

-Huh? What’s this!
‘I told you. ‘It’s okay.’

Raon let go of Ras’ embarrassed hand and slowly took a deep breath.

‘You must not move in a hurry.’

If you relax even a little, Derus, who went down, may chase you up. Just like Lars did a little while ago, I dissolved myself in the water and moved his hands and feet.

Perhaps because I was so nervous, my hands and feet were as stiff as wood carvings. Starting with her fingers, she relaxed and swam gently.

‘It looks like he’s still stuck behind.’

The feeling of Derus’ gaze and feeling following me sent a shiver down my spine. He suppressed the urge to look back and moved as quietly as possible.

-This is crazy… .

Lars opened his mouth.

-Yes, you really predicted this?
‘It’s not a prediction, it’s a preparation.’

Raon nodded.

‘Because I didn’t want it to happen again.’

It was an arrangement prepared for the possibility of meeting Derus. Of course, if Lars hadn’t helped him, he would have died.

-I wondered why they broke it so small, and it turned out that it was to scoop up the dirt that had sunk underneath.
‘that’s right.’

It was a precaution prepared just in case because Merlin had attacked him. Thanks to Lars, he would have ended up dead if he hadn’t bought time.

-Where are you going now?
‘A place he will never come to.’

Raon chuckled and pointed to the east. A place Derus will never go now. It was in the direction of the Robert family.

-Using dirt and thinking about where to escape to in advance… .

Lars narrowed his eyes as if he was dumbfounded.

-I want to rip your head off and study it.
‘Me too… .’

I wanted to see what was in his head that made him want to eat rice all the time. Maybe there was ice cream instead of a brain.

-Oh, and… .
-Bo, the king was a little embarrassed and should have given 30 more anger, but he couldn’t. Even now… .
‘Hey, where can I find something like that?’

Raon waved his hand.

‘In the first place, a carriage that passes by does not stop.’
-What nonsense! If you raise your hand to stop… .
‘I will step on your hand and pass by. end.’

He smiled and waved his hand.

‘It doesn’t matter if the anger level is about 30.’

We’ve achieved a lot of growth recently, so getting 30 Rage doesn’t mean anything. In fact, it will be a great help as you will be able to use the Magic Eye of Anger more easily.

‘I can breathe a little easier now.’

As I was having this stupid conversation with Lars, I felt relieved that I was free from Derus’s clutches.

As I was doing quick breathing techniques to expand my shrunken lungs, a message appeared before my eyes.

[The trait has been acquired.]

It was the same ability that Ras had used to hide it from Derus a little while ago.

-Well, what are you doing?

As soon as he saw the message, Lars’ mouth dropped open.

-Why are you giving me this? Why are they suddenly giving me a silver screen for the story?

The guy waved his hands and screamed.


Raon snapped his fingers.

‘I used the feeling I felt when I held your hand when I came here a little while ago. ‘I guess that’s why he gave it to you?’
-… … .

Lars did not respond but stood blankly with his eyes wide open and then raised his hand.

-hey! Raon is here! Raon Sieghardt is here! That means take it!

It was so loud that the sea shook, but of course no one could hear it.

‘This is good. I’ll put it to good use.’

Raon hummed and left himself to the school of fish.

* * *

Raon submerged and swam to Robert’s estate’s resort. He changed his clothes in the sea beforehand, and there were many tourists, so no one paid attention to him.

“Haaaaa… .”

As I floated on the water, I let out a deep sigh. Perhaps because she had escaped an extreme crisis, all the bones in her body ached and her skin felt shriveled.

‘I almost died.’

If it hadn’t been for Ra’s’ help and the arrangement to demolish the entire dungeon, I would have buried my bones there. No, he may have been captured by De Luz and enslaved again. The relief that he was alive filled me with fatigue.

-Lucky guy… .

Lars gritted his teeth.

-I should have told you to give up your body from the beginning!

After seeing Raon’s dream, I felt weak for a moment. His hands were shaking with regret that he should have taken his body from the beginning.

-Take at least 30 anger!
‘huh. no.’

Raon waved his hand. It’s already been done. 30 may be manageable, but 60 may be overwhelming. There was even a silver screen for the tale, so there was no need to receive it.

‘It’s comfortable.’

Is it because everything is finished? I was so tired that I felt like I was going to fall asleep. It was when I was about to close my eyes.


Huge waves rose from the eastern coast where the dungeon was located. It’s not natural. The aftermath of Derus in the deep sea venting his anger came out.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Raon swept up his wet hair and burst into laughter.

‘I want to see that face again.’

When I thought of Derus’s distorted expression when I entered the deep sea, a deep smile appeared without me knowing.

‘I wouldn’t have found anything.’

The ceiling collapsed, obliterating all the bodies except the dead assassins. When he searches the deep sea, all he can find is a corpse lying in a pile of rubble.

-You evil bastard. You won’t die a nice death either…
‘Shall we eat?’

Lars, who had been cursing, quickly nodded.

Raon chuckled and went out to the beach and sat at an outdoor table at the restaurant Ras had previously said he wanted to eat at.


The young clerk smiled brightly and brought out the menu.

“Our Sea House is a restaurant that is good at cooking not only seafood, but also meat… .”

As I opened the menu, the clerk started giving a speech.

-I’m good at meat dishes, but there’s no way you can order everything, so I’ll order lobster pizza first, and then grilled shrimp… .

Lars selected the pizza at the top of the menu and quenched his appetite.

“I’ll order everything here.”

Raon smiled as he swept down all the food on the menu.

-Oh oh?
“Um, everything? “Are you not alone?”
“I can eat it all. And a beer.”

After ordering, I gave the clerk a silver coin as a tip.


The clerk smiled brightly and ran into the restaurant.

-Whew, what’s going on? Will the sun rise in the west tomorrow? I can’t believe I ordered all those dishes!

Lars widened his eyes, saying it didn’t make sense.

‘I said I’d buy you anything you want to eat.’

What Lars said in the dungeon still remains in my heart. As Sylvia often said, if she was grateful, it was right for her to return the favor.

“I’ll give you beer first. Just wait a little while and the dishes will come out one by one!”

The clerk put the beer glass down on the table, nodded, and went inside.

-alcohol? You’re drinking in broad daylight?
‘I want to drink today.’

Derus’ angry shouts seemed to echo from the violently exploding waves in the distance.

I raised my beer glass towards the rough tsunami.

‘I’ve finished my revenge.’

A friend whose name I do not know. May you sleep in peace.

Raon drank beer and prayed for No. 9 to rest in peace.

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The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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