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Chapter 346

The Babirun duchy’s banquet hall, filled with elegant lighting like starlight.

Derus Robert and Duke Babirun clinked their glasses cheerfully on the podium.

“Your son’s shoulder is recovering smoothly.”

Duke Babirun smiled softly as he looked at Derus Robert.

“You will be able to return to the feeling you had before the injury within three months at the earliest or four months at the latest.”
“It’s much faster than expected. “Thank you, Duke, for your consideration.”

Derus made eye contact with Duke Babirun and nodded.

“Thank you. This is something that must be done in an alliance relationship. “I feel sad when you say that.”

Duke Babirun waved his hand. Contrary to his humble words, his eyes were full of desire.

“Is that so.”

Derus curled up the corner of his mouth as he felt Duke Babirun’s desire blooming softly.

‘You pig.’

It is clear that Duke Babirun had ability, but his greed exceeded his ability.
The reason he was recently pushed aside by the marquis and was said to be rotten and rotten among the pillars of Balcar was because of that greed.

‘but… .’

I’m sure there’s plenty of meat to grill on this meaty pig.

The pig’s status and power were needed not only to heal Cadiz’s shoulder, but also to devour Balkar.
That was the reason why I came here instead of stopping by other families whose main focus was recovery.

“But we can’t just let things go like this. “If there is anything you want, please tell me without hesitation.”

Derus slightly raised his hand, asking him to speak as much as he wanted.

“It’s really okay. As I said before, our duchy is honored just by the presence of the Heavenly Sword Saint.”

Babirun shook his head with eyes filled with deeper greed than his words said.

“You are still humble. But the thing that saved my poor son… “Huh!”

Derus stopped speaking and grabbed his head.

‘what… .’

Two lazy worms died a little while ago. It wasn’t the bugs he put in there, but the bugs he put in the hands of two people he trusted.

‘Matio and Cosini are dead?’

Kosini’s mind-manipulating magic can control not only spiritual creatures but also drones of master level or higher.
No matter how strong the monster in the undersea dungeon was, I couldn’t believe that it died without being able to escape.

‘There… .’

It was full of fear and pain.

Lazy Worm can also understand what emotions the other person is having. The final signal sent by Matio and Cosini’s Lazy Worm was one of surprise, fear, and pain.

‘What on earth is this?’

Matio is an assassin who has erased all ordinary human emotions. It was mind-boggling that he died with such strong emotions.

“I’ll come back after getting some air for a moment.”

I felt my face turn pale. I couldn’t maintain my usual composure or manage my facial expressions. She had to get out of here first so she wouldn’t be found out.

“Matriarch! If you’re not feeling well, I’ll diagnose you!”
“it’s okay.”
“It could be a bad disease… .”
“I said it was done.”

Duke Babirun trembled and fell backwards under the dark, murderous glow emitted by Derus. He glared at Duke Babirun and then turned his back.

‘Damn… .’

Even though I know I have to endure it, I can’t. My fingertips were shaking as I remembered what happened at Kennel 9 not long ago.


Derus crossed the silent banquet hall and went out. Before he knew it, Rezel had caught up behind him.

“Matio is dead.”
“yes… ?”

Legel was also embarrassed and couldn’t speak.

“I don’t know the exact reason, but there must have been a problem in the dungeon.”

However, I don’t know why I died feeling such terrible emotions because something happened in the dungeon.

“Okay, I’ll take care of it. First of all, the shadows… .”

Derus shook his head and put on the coat he brought with him. The aura of death flashed in his eyes.

“I will go myself.”

* * *

Raon clenched and unclenched his fists with both hands and checked his body.

‘not bad.’

Although the consumption of aura was quite high, thanks to the enlightenment of the Infinite Flame of the Sea, the level of swordsmanship increased significantly.
If you complete this task and focus on practicing, you will be able to increase not only your abilities but also the level of Mangagong and Glacia.

‘I got more than I expected.’

Should I buy Merlin some food?

Although Derus only came to prevent him from obtaining the dungeon’s treasure, he took revenge on Matio and was able to learn a new sword technique.
I felt so grateful to Merlin, who gave me information about this place in the form of a squirrel, that I wanted to give him something.

‘Now all that’s left is… .’

All you had to do was deal with the monsters under the floor, take the treasure, and then collapse the entire dungeon.

– Wouldn’t it be better to recover your aurors and stamina and go to the top? The energy of the guy down there is comparable to yours.
“It’s equivalent… .

The spirit spirit that exalted the life down there was certainly powerful. As Ras said, the right thing to do is to recover your stamina and aura.

“I know it’s better. but… .”

Raon looked up at the ceiling and smiled coldly.

“I do not have time.”
“okay. “Because the dog’s owner is visiting.”

By now, Derus would have heard of Mattio and Cosini’s deaths, and he would have left the Babirun duchy and come here in person.

‘Because my patience may have reached its limit.’

9 Derus must have lost his cool due to the collapse of the breeding farm and the death of Matio, whom he trusted. He needs to get out of here as fast as possible so he doesn’t run into that guy.


Raon aimed his sword at the floor and concentrated the aura. The energy compressed into swordplay explodes at once.
The ground split like a spider’s web and collapsed due to the power of the Jungcheonpo, which became even stronger.


The hair on my head stood on end as I felt the eerie horror coming from just below.

Raon looked down and checked the appearance of the spirit being sent to kill him.

‘That can’t be… .’

Is it a jellyfish?

A jellyfish shining white like a snow field was swimming in the air. The size of the body was about 4m, and the length of the tentacles appeared to be over 40m.

-It’s quite beautiful.

Lars smiled slightly as he saw the jellyfish fluttering around.

-Of course, it won’t be easy to catch.
‘okay. ‘Because it’s a ghost jellyfish.’

It was a marine monster called a ghost jellyfish, with a transparent yet smooth body and tentacles that looked like ghosts floating in the air.
However, its size was more than three times that of an average ghost jellyfish.

Raon frowned.

‘That annoying guy got caught.’

Ghost jellyfish had two characteristics. The first was the ability to accelerate, moving at incredible speeds, whether in the sea or on land.
It’s faster than most drones, so once you catch its eye, you should think its tentacles are already right in front of you.

What’s really scary is the second feature: the ghost jellyfish has a venom that can’t be surpassed by any poison or poisonous insect.
Since the poison of an ordinary ghost jellyfish was enough to melt the sword energy, it was clear that the poison of that monster that had become a spirit creature would also work on the sword energy.


The ghost jellyfish stretched out its tentacles with murderous intent. A speed greater than that of the master’s quick sword. It was an attack aimed at the moment when one could not move in the air.


Raon slashed his sword at the tentacle that was approaching like a beam of light.


The sword and tentacle collided, and a loud noise like metal colliding erupted.


Even though the sword was burning with strength, not all of the tentacles were cut. Like a spirit creature, its tentacles seemed to have become stronger.


The ghost jellyfish slowly sinks and unfolds. dozens. No, hundreds of tentacles rise up at once, then bend and fall down. It felt like watching sunlight falling from the sky.


The energy contained in each tentacle was incredibly strong, and its movements were as sharp as a warrior holding a sword. I felt like I was fighting a super expert at the sword and the sword.

‘the problem is… .’

The expert’s sword was mixed with fakes, but this one was all real.


Raon ran to the left, stepping on the Taehwabo. The tentacles of the ghost jellyfish changed direction in an instant as if they had eyes and followed suit.

‘Your hair isn’t bad either.’

The body of the ghost jellyfish was only attacking with its tentacles, keeping itself alert so that it could move at any time.

Quad deud deuk!

The ground covered in tentacles of ghost jellyfish melts into pure white. Sea water rose from the hole in the bottom.

‘That’s the scary thing.’

The power of the deadly poison was far outside the normal range. As expected, the poison of the ghost jellyfish that has become a spirit creature will be able to erase even the energy.

‘It must be quite difficult.’

Cosini would have easily subdued the ghost jellyfish with mind-manipulating magic, but it seemed like he would be quite tired as he had to go through the poison to catch it.


The ghost jellyfish must have realized that it could not be caught by attacking only one side, so it spread its tentacles to both sides and put pressure on the space. Not only did he move and react quickly, but he also thought quickly.

‘but… .’

That was what I was aiming for.

Raon ran forward with a deep smile. It was waiting for this moment when its tentacles split to strike the body of the ghost jellyfish.


I raised the cold air above the Jecheon Sword as much as possible and shot out a frost kite.

At the moment when the sword and the cold blade were extended almost simultaneously, white poison spewed out from the hat of the ghost jellyfish.


The blade made of cold collided with the poison and melted into nothingness. As expected, the venom of this ghost jellyfish had a power comparable to that of the poison.


Raon clicked his tongue and took a step back.

‘I’ve never seen anything like this.’

This was my first time seeing a guy that spewed deadly poison not only from its tentacles, but also from its hat. It seemed to be a new ability that arose as I grew up as a spirit.


As if the ghost jellyfish felt threatened, it compressed its body to reduce its size and then moved its entire tentacles.


A chill ran down my spine at the feeling of hundreds of swordsmen holding swords charging at me at the same time.

‘I’m on guard.’

Instead of using all of its tentacles to attack like before, it keeps some around its body for defense. He was a guy who could use his head.


Raon raked the Jecheon Sword from the bottom and unleashed Hwaryeong. The red petals were swimming in the air and collided with tentacles filled with deadly poison.


The miasma and heat collided, causing countless explosions in the air. The dungeon wall cracked and gray dust spread out.


Raon stepped on Taehwaibo. He went as far as the island before and was pounced on the side by a ghost jellyfish. He used his momentum to swing his sword backwards.

Cartoon Ball Baekhwa.

The breath of the fire dragon that grew through the sword marks of the first family head spread out without hesitation.


The ghost jellyfish let out a strange voice and turned to the left. Silver energy emanated from its hat. It was a more deadly poison than before.


The heat of the flame dragon and the deadly venom of the jellyfish collided head-on, creating a terrifying shock wave.

“Umm… .”

Raon took a quick step back to prevent the poison from spreading.

-For a small creature, it’s pretty good.

Lars seemed to be intrigued as well and laughed while looking at the ghost jellyfish.

‘okay. It feels like I’m fighting a drone.’

Monsters often have simple movements, but that guy moved while predicting his actions, perhaps because he was at the level of a spirit creature. It was not an easy opponent.


The ghost jellyfish predicted its direction of movement and lashed out with its tentacles.
This time, it came from four directions, not only from above, but also from left, right, and below.

‘It blocks the space to escape.’

He’s a toxic guy.

Raon narrowed his eyes and raised his sword in a semicircle.


Even with a strong sword, the tentacles of the ghost jellyfish could not be easily cut. The sword was pushed back with a rebound force as if it had struck steel.

“It’s definitely strong, but we’re done with it.”

Raon smiled as he saw the tentacles of the ghost jellyfish extending out for the second time.

“I’m a little busy so I can’t play with you anymore.”

Normally, I would have studied martial arts while watching the onslaught of ghost jellyfish, but I didn’t have time to waste time because I didn’t know when Derus, who had boarded the dimensional gate, would arrive.


He stepped forward and raised the cartoon ball to its peak. I ignited the spinning blade of flame and struck the tentacle of the ghost jellyfish.


The ghost jellyfish’s tentacles, which had been like metal until now, were cut into thousands of pieces.


The ghost jellyfish screamed and swung its severed tentacles wildly. It looks like it’s going crazy, but it’s not.
It was spraying deadly poison from within its tentacles.

“That’s no use either.”

The blade of the Gwanga Sword was wrapped around the body of the Jecheon Sword. The flaming beast’s claws burned poison and tore off his tentacles mercilessly.


Each time the angry flame danced, the jellyfish’s tentacles were torn off by the dozen.


The ghost jellyfish did not retreat even though more than half of its tentacles were cut off. He continued to attack wildly, trying to kill him somehow.

‘That means… .’

Raon narrowed his eyes when he saw the puddle of water with the body of a ghost jellyfish floating in it.

‘It means that there is this dungeon’s treasure underneath him.’

Monsters that have become spiritual creatures through relics or elixirs never leave their place. Seeing that it didn’t retreat even though it was being attacked, it was clear that there was an elixir where it was.


Raon moved forward, pushing the ground with Taehwabo.


The ghost jellyfish gathered all of its remaining tentacles and attacked. Hundreds of tentacles fell down into a huge club.

‘I guess they thought they couldn’t be done individually.’

good idea. Although it was a little late.

He laughed and struck his sword like a thunderbolt.

Comic ball red island. The brilliance of the fire instantly split the huge tentacles that had come together.


The ghost jellyfish screams and moves. It rushed towards us with its body wrapped in deadly poison filling the air and the poison spouting from its hat.

I’m not giving up on life. The most effective attack is made at this moment.

‘This might be dangerous.’

My fingertips were trembling from the wave of deadly poison. Even though he had poison resistance, his head was dizzy.

Chiri ririn!

Raon flexibly pulled out the Jecheon Sword. The black shadow that settled on the blade flickered with white light, sprinkling a magnificent light.

Raon Sieghart Ryu Swordsman
Type 5 Baekyoungseom.

As the white blade flowed, the deadly poison attracted by the ghost jellyfish melted like spring snow.


As if a ghost jellyfish was making its last struggle, it spewed out a venomous mass from its hat, but in front of the pure white shadow, it was no different from a flower dying without even being able to bloom.


Baekyoungseom, which had swallowed the deadly poison, exploded the energy it had gathered. A cold bolt of lightning struck and split the body of the ghost jellyfish in half.

Kiiiiii… .

The ghost jellyfish sprayed poison as if in its last struggle, but it too could not pass Baekyeong Island and disappeared like dust.

‘It’s scary.’

Although I used it myself, it is still a deceptive ability to erase all the enemy’s energy. If I had this, I would never lose to someone weaker than me.

-Damn it!

Lars screamed loudly.

-You have to hold on a little longer! What kind of situation is this after all the energy from this place has been sucked out?

The guy slapped the tentacles with his palm as if he didn’t like the ghost jellyfish that was lost in vain.

“Time to get the loot.”

Raon searched the body of the ghost jellyfish with both hands full of cartoon balls.


A silver shining bead was caught on the left side of the torso. It was a ghost jellyfish filled with deadly poison.

‘I can’t just eat it.’

The poison was so severe that it seemed difficult to eat like this.

“Put it aside for now.”

The body of the ghost jellyfish was set aside. The puddle of water that she had not moved out of even after her death was exposed.

Raon looked at the center of the pool filled with emerald sea water and swallowed dryly.

“This… .”

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

Reincarnation Genius Sword Master Assasin
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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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