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Chapter 344


Rezel lightly knocked on the door where Derus was staying.

“Come in.”

Derus’ soft voice was heard from inside the room. Legel carefully opened the door and went inside.

“What’s going on?”

Derus, who was sitting at a neatly organized wooden desk, raised his head.
His voice was completely different from before he opened the door. The softness was erased and only icy coldness remained.

Regel swallowed his dry saliva as he looked into Derus’ calm eyes.

‘Have you already found stability?’

There was no longer any anger in Derus’ eyes. Even though kennel number 9 was destroyed and the young dogs who were about to complete his brainwashing were released, he returned to his cold self.

‘But you will never forget.’

The person who led this incident was not Borini Keaton. If he knows Derus, he will search the entire continent to find the culprit and destroy everything he has.

Legel bowed his head and approached the desk.

“This is a message from Matio. “The plan is proceeding without a hitch, and we will return with good news from this expedition.”

Derus nodded slowly and closed his eyes. He seemed to have complete faith in Mattio.

“hmm… .”

Regel looked at Derus like that and took a quick bite.

“Is there some problem?”
“I heard from Kosini that there is a spirit-level monster under the dungeon. “Matio’s injury hasn’t healed yet, and I’m worried about whether he’ll be okay.”

Matio and himself were taken in by Derus at the same age and have survived together until now. I was worried because he was like a brother who spent a long time together.

“No need to worry. “It’s something that Mattio and Cosini can easily resolve.”

Derus shook his head lightly.

“That responsible guy said he would bring good news, so it would be right to believe him this time.”

Mattio did not forget his mistakes in the Kingdom of Owen. If he were to say something like that, he would even sacrifice his life to bring the relics inside.

“Even though he has been pushed out now, he was the leader of the shadowy world.”

He looked down with calm eyes.

“Please believe me.”

* * *

Matio swallowed dry saliva as he looked at the slashing blade.

‘I got it!’

I was so focused on the back that I couldn’t even imagine something popping out from the side. It feels like her body has stiffened.

‘We have to stop it…’ .’

But you can’t just die. Although it was impossible to prevent being stabbed by a sword, the damage had to be reduced to a minimum.

However, because his sword technique was shaking, it was not clear whether he was aiming for the neck or the heart.

‘In that case… .’


The area assassins most often target is usually the heart. Unlike the neck, it couldn’t survive even if it was slightly cracked, so it was right to block the chest.


Matio bit his lip and twisted his upper body as much as possible.


At that moment, as expected, the intruder’s sword was shot towards the heart.


Thanks to the waist being bent to the point of breaking, the sword was pushed out of the solar plexus, the center of the chest, rather than through the heart.


Mattio quickly backed away, clutching his chest, to stand next to Cosini.

‘Ugh… .’

My head went blank from the excruciating pain. The solar plexus is the passage through which the entire body’s mana circuit passes, and is a fatal vital point. Although he avoided being stabbed in the heart, the damage was severe. It seemed like he couldn’t show even half of his usual skills.

‘but… .’

I can endure it.

You wouldn’t know if you were alone. With the Shadows and Kosini, we could easily deal with assassins like that.

“Catch that guy… uh?”

Matio pointed at the intruder and gave the command to attack, but then stopped and his lips trembled.

‘No, that doesn’t make sense…’ .’

Black hair and dark eyes. The moment I took a good look at his plain face with pale skin, sharp eyes, and a small scar under his right eye, my hair stood on end.

“iced coffee… .”

The author shouldn’t be here. No, because he was a person who should not exist in this world.

“Raon… .”

My heart was so tight that it felt like it was going to explode. Assassin Raon. Raon, the head of the Sentai Shadows that he personally raised, was standing in front of him.


Kosini’s chin trembled and her eyes widened.

“Ji, it’s really Raon!”

Her voice cracked harshly as if she, too, was shocked.

“How did you get here? “No, how is he alive!”

Matio was horrified and screamed.

‘It can’t happen.’

That doesn’t make sense!

Derus was the one who killed Raon, and he was the one who disposed of the body. He melted his bones and flesh, erasing all traces of his existence in the world, and I don’t know how he is still alive.

“I’m back.”

Raon grinned and lowered his sword. The heads of the three shadows that were standing blankly rolled down at the same time. It was a black sword that I personally taught.

“To take you and your master who should be in hell.”
“ah… .”

The voice was the same as before. A chill ran down my spine, and blood burst out from the wound in my solar plexus that had stopped the bleeding.

“Nonsense! There is nothing like that in the world… omg!”

Matio’s eyes trembled when he saw Raon’s sword.


Raon’s sword looks exactly like Raon Sieghart’s sword that we saw recently.

“I recognize you.”

He raised his sword in front of his eyes, as if he had no intention of hiding it. It is certainly. That was the Jecheon sword used by Raon Sieghart.

“S-No way… .”
“That’s true.”

Raon put his hand on his face and started a fire. His face changes with a red haze. His black hair turns blonde, and his black eyes sparkle with red.


A rare look for royalties. However, Sieghardt’s well-known characteristic, blond red eyes, was revealed.

“Raon Sieghard… .”

Raon. No, Raon Sieghardt nodded his head.

[I am Raon, whom you raised and ate. I came back to drag you guys down to hell.]

The last words came as an Auror message, but I didn’t have the presence of mind to understand them. Her head felt empty.

‘He… .’

Derus was right!

Derus’ prediction, which thought that the assassin Raon and Raon Sieghardt were the same person, was not wrong.

‘I have to kill him. No, you have to let me know first.’

Even if his condition is not good, with Kosini, he can deal with the Raon he saw in the sparring arena.
However, there is no way that monster-like guy could have just come here.

‘What I have to do now is…’ .’

Matio drew his sword and gave instructions to the shadows.

[Get out of here and tell Derus! Raon and Raon Sieghart are the same person!]

It was bound to feel strange, but as soon as the nearly twenty shadows heard the instructions, they ran to the dungeon’s exit to avoid Raon.

“I am.”

Rather than following the shadows, Raon just stood there and smiled.

“I haven’t forgotten what I learned from you.”
“Assassination is successful only if you create the situation you want.”

He snapped his fingers. The moment the clicking sound spread, the dungeon shook and the ceiling above the heads of the shadows that ran to the back collapsed.


Not a single one of the shadows could escape, and they were buried in rocks and piles of dirt. Among the more than twenty shadows, none were alive.


Raon smiled and took a step closer. The soft sound of footsteps that did not fit this place made me drool.

“The only way I can get out of here is…” .”

His voice flowed low, low, low.

“There are only dead people.”

* * *

Raon smiled coldly as he looked at Mattio and Cosini, whose complexions had turned pale.

‘It worked.’

Although I was able to slit Matio’s head at first, the reason I stabbed him in the solar plexus was to see that shocked expression. When I saw the mesmerized expression of the guy who had always been cool as if he was wearing a mask, I felt like the pain that had been building up for 20 years was going down a little.

“this person… .”

Matio’s hand holding the sword trembled. He seemed greatly shocked by this situation and the fact that the shadows were wiped out by his own orders. I automatically burst into laughter at the expression of despair and astonishment.

“Let’s see the end. “Matio.”

Raon raised his sword and aimed at Matio’s heart. Cold sweat rolled down Matio’s forehead at the frost-like force.

“Uh, how… .”
“You idiot!”

Cosini slapped Matio, who was helpless, on the cheek.

“It’s natural to be surprised! Because I thought my heart was dropping too. But are you going to search here? “If we die here, where will that damn sword go?”
“ah… .”

At those words, Matio’s trembling subsided. The guy’s eyes began to calm down.

“You’re right.”

Matio nodded and slapped himself on the other cheek.

“For his sake, I will have to kill that guy somehow.”

A breathtaking murderousness bloomed in his eyes.

“Cosini. “Fight with all your might.”
“know. “Because I don’t want to get lost either.”

The entire dungeon was shaken by the momentum of the two people who agreed.


Of course, the one who moves first is Matio. He struck out in an instant and struck down his sword as if there were no repercussions of the injury. A thick black stream fell toward my neck.


Raon lightly launched himself and opened the cage of the ferocious beast trapped in the blade. Gwanga’s sword burst into flames and bit Matio’s sword.


You can’t overcome a serious injury with willpower alone. Matio was unable to overcome the impact of the Gwanga Sword and was thrown into the wall.


When Raon tried to move after him, a powerful wave of mana arose. This is Kosini Zion. Her specialty, mind fragmentation magic, burrowed into her brain.

“It’s nonsense.”

When the ring of fire is in use, it is in a state similar to mental attack immunity. The ring of fire revolving around the heart melted Kosini’s mana, which was trying to control his mind, like spring snow.


Raon pushed off the ground with his forefoot and moved forward. In a split second, it moved in front of Kosini and created a wind of snowstorm sword detection.


Kosini quickly deployed multiple shields, but the blade of the Jecheon Sword imbued with the blue wind broke through the three-layer wall and struck her neck.


Just as blood was about to burst from Cosini’s neck, Matio intervened and struck away the Jecheon Sword.

“this guy!”

Matio’s sword, blazing with black energy, rotates. The flesh sword, honed to the limit, stabbed into his left chest.


Raon turned his ankle and drew his sword with anger. The powerful sword of Gwanga revealed its blood-stained fangs.


After the strong impact, Matio was pushed away along with the sword and vomited blood. It seemed like the injuries sustained in sparring and the injuries to the solar plexus overlapped, causing a great shock.

“Eat it!”

Cosini reached behind Mattio. A string of bright yellow thunderbolts crashed in front of his eyes. Chain Lightning. It was brain attribute magic with which she was confident next to manipulating her mind.


Raon stepped on the Taehwagobo and pulled out the requiem sword with his left hand. The red blade, as smooth as raindrops rolling down a roof, mercilessly tore through the stem of the lightning.

Blood that erases magic. It was a trait that was like a disaster for a wizard.

“There is still a long way to go!”

Dozens of thunderbolts erupted from the circular thunderbolt that sprouted from Kosini’s grasp. Plasma Bolt. It was the strongest attack magic she could use.

“I told you. “It’s nonsense.”

Raon lashed out his requiem sword before the plasma bolt was completed. The shadowy Yogi intervened between Kosini’s mana and exploded a plasma bolt that was about to be completed.


Kosini was thrown into the half-dived ground by the mana explosion that exploded in front of her eyes.

“Huh… .”

When Kosini, who had coughed up blood from her mouth, opened her eyes, Raon was already in front of her. She tried to slash with her Jecheon sword to prevent Blink from escaping, but Matio intervened and blocked her sword.


Raon twisted the blade and used the secret technique of the Black Beast Tribe. Due to the powerful impact extending from the village, Matio rolled on the floor along with Cosini who was behind him.

“Ugh… ”
“eww… .”

The two people’s complexions turned pale due to the overwhelming force they were being pushed back against.

“Don’t worry. “I won’t kill you gracefully.”

Raon looked down at Matio and Cosini with dry eyes.

“You will have to spit out everything you know and everything you don’t know.”

Kosini clutched her shoulders and her chin trembled.

“Well, neither mind manipulation nor lightning magic works. That guy has become a monster… .”
[me… .]

Matio clenched his fist until it bled and grabbed Cosini’s shoulder. His Auror message was heard.

[Use me.]
[I will explode with energy. Use Berserker on me.]

Kosini’s expression hardened at those words.

[If you use Berserker in a state of energy explosion… .]
[Does not matter.]

Matio nodded with eyes that had stopped shaking.

[That damn blade will reach him someday. It must end here.]
“hmm… .”

Cosini nodded at Matio’s firm voice.


Cosini leapt back and stretched out his hand. The mana used in his grasp was distorted in the opposite way to the normal mana arrangement and inhabited Matio’s entire body.

Berserker magic. It was also a Gwangryeol with the highest level of effect.


Matio’s eyes turned red and his entire body muscles bulged like an orc. It’s not just the body that has changed. His energy exploded like a volcano and covered the space.

“Uhm… .”

Raon frowned as he looked at Matio.

‘Is it an energy explosion?’

Vitality is the vitality that humans have from birth. It seemed as if he had drawn upon a power that could not be recovered once used.

‘There… .’

It seemed that Kosini’s Berserker magic had been used to amplify its power. Simply looking at the aura, it seemed to have increased by about three times the usual amount.


Matio struck down his sword, crushing the ground. The young Ganggi on the blade became long like a spear and thick like an axe. Unlike Martha’s berserk attack, he did not lose his temper at all and calmly stabbed the black flesh sword.

“Try to struggle.”

Raon smiled coldly and stepped forward.

“Because it was so easy that I almost got upset!”

He unfolded the soft blue flower of Seolpunggeomgyeol. Kang Ki, riding the rising wind, collided head-on with Matio’s sword strike.


A shock that felt like every bone in my body was crushed. It seemed as if the energy explosion and Berserker were in harmony, emitting more than three times the power.


Raon engaged in a power struggle with Matio and smiled, baring his teeth.

‘It should come out like this.’

Because I have to repay more than what was suffered.


I struck down Matio’s sword with the Snow Wind Blade. When the guy’s blade was pushed into the wall, he slashed with his Jecheon sword from the bottom up.


The buds of flame blooming from the blade spread countlessly. Hwaryeong’s petals, which had grown further through the ancestor’s sword marks, covered the space.

Even after raising Hwaryeong, Raon did not stop using his sword. Hoecheon, a cartoonist. The sphere that rose from the blade of the Jecheon Sword made a powerful rotation and spewed out thick flames.


Hwaryeong and Hoecheon’s combined sword attack completely blocked Matio’s defenses.

“This is it!”

Matio screams and extends his sword. The black energy contained in the blade spreads like a spider web and fights against the flames. It was the season of the black sword, Chang Young-gwi.


The red energy generated by Raon and the black energy extracted by Matio combined to create an enormous explosion.

Coo coo coo coo!

The shock wave spread beyond the wall and onto the floor, causing the well-trodden ground to collapse.


Raon swung his body around in the air and landed on the uneven floor. He couldn’t see clearly because of the dust, but he could feel Mattio and Cosini standing on the other side.

‘It’s no joke.’

My right arm, where I hit the sword, felt like it was broken. Mattio’s sword attack, which burned his life and even received Cosini’s magic, was far outside the normal range.

‘So it’s worth picking.’

If one of the enemies I trained for 20 years falls in vain, it would be in vain. It was much better to struggle like that.


Raon swung the Jecheon Sword and kicked up the dust. Matio was glaring at this place with his red eyes becoming even darker.


You got stronger?

Matio’s energy, like his eyes, was burning stronger than before. It made no sense that the more I used it, the less my vitality actually increased.

“Did you say that the only ones who can escape from here are the dead?”

Matio rushes in, breaking the ground. I knew the dark spirit treasure and the black flesh sword, but their speed and movement were on a different level.

“You too can’t escape from here alive!”
“I’m excluded. “Because I’m the host.”
“shut up!”

Raon drew a line with the Jecheon Sword that was being held back. Blue waves following its trajectory. Frost Kite’s two blades aimed at Matio’s sword and neck.


Matio swung his sword with all his might and blocked the frost kite at once. Perhaps because he was so powerful, he wasn’t even pushed away.

“no use!”

Its energy becomes even stronger. The energy seemed to be amplifying endlessly, like gunpowder before exploding.


no way… .

It feels like my whole body is covered in cold water. It seemed like what he was aiming for was self-destruction.

“Do you notice now? “I am a bomb now.”

Matio curled the corners of his mouth.

“Whether you attack me or not, your fate is only death.”

He lunges again. A river, darker and thicker than before, rushed in from the left.


Raon created a line of fire on the blade of the Jecheon Sword. A blow that falls like a thunderbolt. It’s a cartoon ball, Baekhwa Jeokseom.


Even with the flash of flame, Matio’s auror, which contained the energy of life, was not cut.


Matio pushed through the space while coughing up blood from his mouth.

Raon frowned as he looked at Matio’s eyes full of murderous intent.

‘You even risked your soul.’

Mattio was using Cosini’s magic as a medium to gain strength by dedicating not only his vitality but also his soul.


Raon took a step back using Matio’s power.

‘If it explodes like this, I’ll be buried alive.’

No matter how much you know the geography of this place, you can’t withstand Matio’s self-destruction. He had to cut the guy down before he exploded.

‘Once you erase that power with Baekyoung Island and use Silver Sword Dream… hmm?’

As I looked around to find a space to bring Matio into, I saw familiar marks on the wall.
The swordsmanship of our ancestors seen above the dungeon. It was the sword mark of the cartoonist Yeomhae Immaculate.


But the flow of swordsmanship was different. Unlike the entrance, where only the walls and floor were shaking, there were endless sword marks throughout this large space.

‘A huge unbreakable… .’


Unlike the Robert family’s swordsmanship, which continues like a river and becomes the sea, it seemed that the true intention of the Sea of Salt was to become a sea that embraces everything from the beginning.


The moment I realized that, a red line went down on my head.

Second trance. Raon’s hand follows the sword marks drawn on the wall. Jecheon Sword, which embodies the ultimate swordsmanship left behind by our ancestors, moved forward.

“No matter what you do, it’s already too late.”

Matio rushes in with a face full of blood. The body, swollen like a balloon, turned red like a bomb about to explode.

“You die here.”

The strength rises endlessly above his sword. It literally looked like a black mountain made of rivers was rising.

Good luck!

Raon’s sword creates a small spark in front of the falling mountain of strength, swallowing up space.
The blade, which rotated along the path of the wall, drew a solid line and soared toward the sky like a firebird.

Cartoon Ball Baekhwa.
No salt damage.

A tidal wave of flames along the horizon engulfed the black mountain.

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

Reincarnation Genius Sword Master Assasin
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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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