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Chapter 341

Raon calmed down a little more and exhaled as thinly as a thread. He erased their presence to the level of small stones and then examined the shadows on the beach one by one.

-I can’t see the face, can you tell the difference?

Lars clicked his tongue, asking what on earth he was looking at.

‘With body shape and energy.’

Even if the entire body is covered, body shape differences such as height and shoulder width cannot be hidden. Since each person’s energy is naturally different, it was not that difficult to distinguish between them.

-joy. There is no need to distinguish between them as they are all less than a handful to the king.
‘I guess so.’

The body of Ras I met in the spirit world possessed both beauty and strength. As long as he wasn’t distracted by food, he was a demon lord qualified to say such things.

‘Because I’m weak. ‘You have to gather information and think about how to move.’
-her? Why are you admitting your weakness?
‘I don’t want to suffer anymore.’

Ever since I was kidnapped by Merlin, I’ve thought a lot about what happened at that time. It is true that it was a difficult situation in many ways, but if we had acted a little more wisely, we could have avoided being kidnapped.

-Hmm… .

Lars quenched his appetite while looking at Raon.

‘Has he grown?’

Humans are divided into two types. Those who learn through failure, those who comfort themselves by thinking that failure was just bad luck. It is obvious which of them will go higher and farther.

Raon was a man who had no choice but to rise higher than anyone else, both militarily and mentally.

‘but… .’

There was one thing that annoyed me.

-Didn’t you gain a lot from that incident?

Ras frowned as he looked at Raon.

-You said something like that after taking away all of the king’s abilities! This guy with a hairy conscience!

Raon waved his hand.

‘That was just luck.’

Thanks to being kidnapped, I was able to become stronger and learn what my family was, but I never wanted to entrust my life to my enemies again. You must control the situation yourself by understanding information and predicting.

‘Information is especially important this time.’

Since there was no information about the dungeon at all, I had to figure out the situation through their movements and conversations before entering.

“How long will it take to reach the end?”

Matio asked, turning to the wizard.

“Hmm, if it stays like this for about a week?”

The wizard answered, taking off his mask. The face of a young woman with wet pink hair was revealed.

‘Kosini Sion… .’

The wizard’s identity was Kosini Sion, the vice-leader of the Shadow Wizards. It wasn’t hard to recognize him because his face hadn’t changed at all from 20 years ago.

‘You’re speaking informally.’

Even if Cosini became the leader of the magicians, Mattio’s status would have been higher, so there was something strange about him speaking informally.

“Can’t we do it faster?”

Matio turned his gaze toward the sea and gestured.

“It can be done, but there is a high possibility that it will collapse. It wasn’t a place created with a dungeon in mind from the beginning, and the ground is weak. If you touch it wrong… .”

When Cosini lifted his finger, the sand beneath his feet collapsed.

“It will be like this. “If you want to be buried alive, I won’t stop you.”

Raon quenched his appetite while listening to Kosini.

‘You didn’t make it with the dungeon in mind?’

It seemed like it was converted into a dungeon after some incident occurred.

“Whoa… .”

Matio took off his mask and sighed. His expression was filled with frustration.

“That means I have to come back two more times in a week.”
“Well, that’s right.”

Kosini nodded and looked up.

“Why are you in such a hurry when the injury hasn’t fully healed yet? “There are definitely higher-level monsters down there?”

Raon slightly clenched his fist after hearing Kosini’s words.

‘This is the most important information.’

The fact that Matio is still recovering was the most valuable information I’ve heard so far. The possibility of killing him in the dungeon has become much higher.

“I just want to tell him the good news as soon as possible.”

Matio looked in the direction of the Robert family and sighed.

“Is it because of the farm work? I follow Him, but I cannot follow you. “There is a reason why I am trusted even though I am inferior in skill.”
“Shut your mouth.”
“What about rest?”
“Of course it’s a day.”
“Ha, it’s too short.”

Cosini sighed and headed towards the Robert family.

“Come out.”

Matio did not follow, but gestured toward the sandy beach.


Four shadows hiding between the sand and trees ran in front of him and prostrated himself.

“Three days ago, two residents approached me, and two days ago… .”

They reported who had approached and passed by so far. Of course, Raon’s name was not in it.

“Keep protecting it.”

After answering, the shadows went back to their original positions and hid themselves.

“let’s go.”

At Matio’s direction, the shadows that emerged from the sea followed him and disappeared.

-Are you going to go in right away?

Raon shook his head.

‘Because my purpose is not one.’

If you just want to destroy the dungeon, you can do it right now, but what you really want is to kill Matio and take the dungeon’s treasure.
To achieve both, I had to wait for him to go back in there.

‘There will definitely be shadows in the dungeon as well.’

Due to Matio’s personality, it was obvious that a shadow had been placed inside the dungeon, so he couldn’t go in.

‘Still, I got a lot of information.’

Raon smiled slightly. Since you know the rest time, the start of the dungeon attack, the number of enemies and their level of force, you can make a plan based on this.

-Then, let’s go eat and come back. Have you not eaten anything for two days?
‘Oh, I see.’

I nodded and carefully stood up and stepped back. After the shadows fell to a place where it was difficult to detect their presence, Nadine took out bread from her subspace pocket.

‘Be patient.’
-They said it was a day off! Why not go somewhere else and eat there?
‘Matio will definitely come back in the middle.’

Matio, like Derus, is also suspicious, so he does not leave it to his subordinates. He had to wait because he didn’t know when he would come again and release information.

Raon smiled and put Nadine’s bread into her mouth. His mouth filled with a texture that felt like chewing rubber and a thick feeling that went beyond bitterness. It felt like my throat was being constricted.


Lars opened his mouth wide as if retching.

-It’s even worse. It’s so tasteless. If the bastard who created this is caught, he will rip out his limbs!

The guy grabbed his cheeks tightly, saying he was going to die.

‘Is that tidy?’

Raon looked at that and tilted his head.

‘It’s worth eating.’

It’s true that the taste is a bit odd, but the most convenient thing is that you won’t be hungry all day just by eating one.

-Look, I always thought you were crazy, but your tongue is the best! Your tongue must be made of steel!
‘Maybe so.’

After filling his stomach, Raon went into the sea and used the spinning breathing technique he had learned in his previous life.

‘It’s been a while since I wrote this.’

The spinning breathing method is a breathing method that allows one to breathe underwater like a fish, and it is a perfect technique for assassination because it does not create bubbles on the surface of the water or reveal one’s presence.

I exhaled slowly using breathing techniques to calm my presence, and then dived towards where the dungeon was. As she advanced far along the horizon, a crack came into view, as if an earthquake had occurred.


At the bottom of the magnificent canyon, where two cliffs intersect, a gap that looked like a trapezoid appeared. A strong flow of mana was gushing from inside.

‘You must have had a hard time opening it.’

Originally, not only the entrance but also the canyon itself was blocked. He was able to break through all of this without collapsing, and his one obsession was that he was the best on the continent.

‘hmm… .’

Raon narrowed his eyes as he climbed down the cliff on the other side.

‘I left it as expected.’

It hasn’t changed one bit.

As expected, shadows were waiting in the gap. Looking at the other person, it seemed like there was breathing space inside the gap.

‘shall we start.’

Glacia’s energy spread out and flowed into the dungeon. I passed by the two shadows standing guard just behind the dungeon entrance and looked underneath.

‘It was pretty deep.’

As Cosini said, it seemed like it had already gone down quite deep.
I could feel the cold corpses of monsters and shadows from time to time. I slowly figured out the dungeon, keeping the paths and traps in mind.

-Now, wait a minute! Are you really sure you want to stay here?

Lars shook his chin as if he was dumbfounded.

‘okay. ‘I won’t move for four days.’
– This is crazy! Are you going to starve again?
‘There is a good diet method these days. know?’
– Poetry, diet method?
‘okay. Intermittent fasting means going without eating for a certain period of time.’

Raon smiled and continued to look inside the dungeon.

-This is crazy… .

Lars gritted his teeth in anger.

-Is there a crazy person who does intermittent fasting for four days?!

* * *

“It looks like Raon won’t be going to Sepia Store right away. Is that okay?”

Cheryl put down her teacup and savored her appetite.

“If I think about it now, I should have followed along.”

She sighed briefly, as if regretful.

“I think so too. No matter how much you have that ring, something unexpected can happen… .”

Roen poured tea into Cheryl’s teacup and nodded.

“It’s a waste.”

Glenn, who was sitting across from Cheryl, shook his head.

“That guy is the second leader of the Gwangpungdan. “He is not a child who needs to be protected by someone, he is a warrior who needs to be protected by someone.”

Glenn lifted his teacup and smiled coldly.

“Uhm… .”
“Well, that’s true, but… .”

Roen and Cheryl looked at Glenn with narrowed eyes, as if his words were unexpected.


Glenn smiled slightly as he sipped the tea in his mouth. His mouth, hidden behind the teacup, trembled slightly.

‘Gwae, it’ll be okay.’

I am worried about Raon more deeply than anyone else here, but the child cannot grow if he is protected.
Sometimes you need to be trusted. I decided to wait and believe in the specialness Raon showed through this six emperor duel.

“Whoa… .”

As I was taking a deep breath and calming my mind, the door opened so violently that it felt like it would break.

“You’re funny!”

Rimmer came in with stomping steps and frowned.

“Are you out of your mind to send our family’s greatest genius and treasure without an escort? “There is nothing!”

He continued, pointing to Cheryl.

“Of course, I should have sent that strong idiot along too!”
“Bah, idiot?”

Roen and Cheryl gaped at Rimmer.

“What are we going to do if we don’t take care of Raon, our White Sword Dragon, who won the Six Emperors Duel Sparring by defeating all of Borini Keaton, Garona, and Cadis, proving his power and saving the audience from Tacheon, gaining popularity and even agreement!”

Rimmer shook his head as if it made no sense. A dozen sparkling necklaces swayed together.

“It wouldn’t be enough to send not just Sheryl, but the entire Heavenly Swords Corps to escort her, so I can’t understand why you sent her alone!”

He frowned as he spread his hands full of various jeweled rings.

“… Raon? “Why are you doing that?”

Glenn frowned as he looked at Rimmer, whose eyes were wide open.

“It looks like you used those burned gambling tickets?”

Cheryl clicked her tongue as she looked at the jewels filled with Rimmer’s hands and neck.

“Looking at the situation, it seems that Master Raon helped me find the money.”

Roen laughed as if it was fun.

“Ugh, you’re quick to notice.”

Rimmer approached with a frown. Now I see that he even has a platinum pin stuck in his head.

“Uh, anyway, I’m not saying you should take care of Raon just for the money. really.”
“It is true that Raon is my god, my lamp, my light and salt, but isn’t his true genius his genius? The force and growth power that defeated all the lieutenants of the Twelve Stars on the Continent are prey that any power would aim for! We must send an escort immediately! “We must protect our treasure!”

He raised his hand and shouted that Raon should invest a lot.

“What kind of escort are you going to provide to Budanju? be not interested in.”
“What are you talking about, a nobleman who came to the family via a portal right after his trip with Raon ended?”
“Ugh… .”

Glenn’s hands trembled at Rimmer’s sharp words.

“If you like Raon, express it like I do! Even if I laugh behind my back, it’s only a sinister old man in the back room… .”

At Glenn’s words, Cheryl and Roen moved and grabbed Rimmer’s arms.

“Ugh… .”

Only then did Rimmer come to his senses and his lips trembled.

“Ahaha, I’m worried about the matriarch’s most cherished and beloved Raon… .”
“Better worry about you from now on.”

Following Glenn’s gesture, a huge brain flag wiggled above Rimmer’s head.

“Dying is so bad… Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

* * *

“This will be the last time.”

Kosini stood on the beach, smiling slightly with her hands on her hips.

“Did you prepare well to avoid any problems?”

Matio frowned at her question.

“If you just do your job well, there won’t be any problems.”
“You speak well even though you got injured because you couldn’t even watch the referee properly.”
“That snout never rests.”
“Because that’s what it is.”

Cosini waved his hand as if teasing Matio and went into the sea.

“Whoa… .”

Matio let out a long breath and gestured with his chin. All the shadows behind quietly dived and followed Kosini. After looking around, he walked down into the water one last time.

About an hour after they all moved, Raon appeared from under a tree behind the beach.

‘Now is the beginning.’
-Huhhh… .

Lars looked back at Raon with tears in his eyes.

-This psychopath… .
-How could a human being be immersed in water for 3 days and immerse in the ground for 2 days! Are you a mole or a tuna?!

Raon actually survived in the water for three days, using his senses to explore the inside of the dungeon and even understand how enemies moved.

After that, he came back to land and obtained additional information through conversations with the enemies. After being stuck in the water and in the ground for almost five days, eating only Nadine bread, I was on the verge of losing my mind.

Raon looked at Lars and shrugged his shoulders.

‘Isn’t this normal?’

It’s much better than before.

In the past, there were times when people stayed under a pond or in the ground for over a week to kill their assassination target.

5 days. It wasn’t that difficult to endure while eating.

-… This king thought wrong. You are a crazy person who fits that crazy woman!
‘I don’t even make jokes like that.’

Raon quickly shook his head. He was more afraid of what he said a moment ago than of being cursed.

-No, are you kidding? What a joke! This king is sincere! Monsters must meet monsters… .
‘That’s it.’

I pushed Lars away and slowly got up. She moved quietly so as not to make any noise as she walked, approaching the base of the tree. She leapt upward and stabbed the heart of the shadow hiding in the tree.

town… .

After covering his mouth to suppress him from making even the slightest sound, he placed him on the ground, moved to the side, and stabbed the neck of the shadow hiding in the sand.


The life of the shadow went out with the sound of sand blowing in the wind.

Without leaving any trace, Raon suppressed all four shadows that were hiding while moving along the beach.

‘Step one is over.’

Since he had been hiding for over 5 days and had seen all of the enemy’s actions, assassinating him was not that difficult.

After erasing all traces of himself and his enemies, he stood in front of the sea.

-There’s no need to kill them all, right? If you’re going to destroy the dungeon, wouldn’t it be better to just leave it alone?
‘Then it must be natural. but… .

Raon curled the corners of his mouth and looked toward the Robert family mansion.

‘If you want to piss him off, this is better.’

Naturally, having what I wanted taken away by an unknown person would make Derus much more angry than if the dungeon collapsed.

What you want is to keep provoking Derus and break his solid mask, so you have to attack Derus without revealing your identity.

-Well, as expected… .

Lars lowered his eyes as if lost in thought.

‘… … .’

Raon looked at Lars for a moment and then went into the sea.
I swam slowly as if I was swimming in water and headed toward the dungeon. Three days ago, he threw himself towards the entrance to the dungeon, which he could only see from the other side.


As soon as I entered the dungeon and the water disappeared, I threw my sword into the air twice.


Two shadows who were using stealth techniques collapsed with their hearts bleeding. I was able to hit the vital spot without making the slightest mistake because I was sure of my position using my senses.


Raon went up into the dungeon and sighed. As I felt before, the inside was structured to allow breathing.

‘That’s unusual.’

The inside of the dungeon had many strange cracks that looked as if they had been scribbled by a child. Looking at how old it was, it didn’t seem like it was made by Mattio and Cosini.

‘I’d better go down first… hmm?’

Raon looked at the traces and tried to follow the path blazed by Matio, but stopped abruptly.


The moment I saw the gap right next to the stairs that Matio had made, the ring of fire and the cartoon ball appeared at the same time.


The two exercises were performed simultaneously, creating an image in my mind. It looked like a blonde knight holding a flaming sword was fighting someone here.

‘no way… .’

Have you been here too?


Raon swallowed dry saliva.

‘This wasn’t just a gap, it was a sword mark.’

He placed his hand towards the sword mark that showed the image a moment ago and made a cartoon ball.


The red flames purified through the ring of fire seeped through the countless sword marks that appeared inside the dungeon, causing the walls to gently sink, opening a new path.


Raon smiled as he looked at the gray passageway that no one had ever walked through.

Are you even giving me directions now?

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The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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