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Chapter 338

“Hey, intruder… “Huh!”

The zookeeper standing behind tried to scream, but his head was blown off.


Dorian, who came out from behind him, gave a thumbs up. He must have been nervous, and his fingers were trembling slightly.

“It’s about finding form.”

Raon chuckled and looked at the two children in front of him. The wound was deep, but fortunately it was not fatal.

“You held on well. Good job.”

He stroked the two children’s heads and stopped the bleeding with his Aura.

“Who are you?”

The blue-haired girl who had told me the name Pine trembled.

“A passing villain.”

Because there was a possibility that Derus might approach the children, his identity could not be revealed.

“Oh, a villain? But he said he would give me my name back… .”
“okay. I’ll find your name and get you out of here. “Because he is a villain who catches villains.”

Pine’s expression became so grotesque that it was difficult to describe. Because of emotional control, you want to cry but no tears come out.


Raon frowned. Feeling the bitter taste rising from my tongue, I looked at Pine and the children standing behind him.

‘Damn it.’

When I saw the distorted faces of the children who didn’t know what to do, I felt sick to my stomach. I felt like I was reflecting back to my past life when I killed No. 9.

‘I guess I was like this too.’

No, it would have been worse.

In the end, my past life self was unable to be saved by anyone and completely buried my emotions.
Like these people, they would not have even been able to make distorted facial expressions and would have been smiling while wearing a black mask.


Raon raised his head and looked at the common ceiling. The place above and below began to become busy as if they had noticed something strange here.

‘Is it coming?’

The movement was faster than expected. There was no time to leisurely talk to the children here.

“Just wait a moment.”

Raon lowered his gaze and stimulated the mana circuits on the backs of the two children’s necks, causing them to faint.

“Now, wait a minute… .”
“Once you take a deep breath, it will all be over.”

After putting all the other children who were frozen behind Pine to sleep and gathering them in one place, I approached Dorian.

“Why are you putting the kids to sleep?”

Dorian tilted his head as he looked at the children who had fallen on top of each other.

“Because they are brainwashed, they may attack you while they are trying to protect you. and… .”

Raon looked at the passageway where the assassins were approaching with cold eyes.

“Because it’s going to get a little messy.”

Today, I plan to reveal my murderous intent. There would be scenes I couldn’t show those children, so it was better to let them sleep.

“Ugh… .”

Dorian poked the fallen children with his finger and swallowed dry saliva.

“Well, you knocked him out properly, right? “It’s not going to happen again, is it?”
“don’t worry. “It’s not going to happen.”

Raon smiled slightly and turned his head.

“You can protect it, right?”
“Well, of course.”

There was a little lack of confidence in his voice, but I guess it was because he was Dorian.

I approached the entrance where Raon came down here.


Two masked people ran from the aisles on either side, hiding in the shadows.


I struck down the long sword given to me by Dorian.


A long sword imbued with the art of a sword cut diagonally into the body of a masked man running from the right. A bloody amount of blood spurted from the torn wound.


The masked person on the left aimed for an opening and stabbed me with his sword. He turned around with his left foot and raised his long sword to strike.


The masked man’s body was torn in half along with the sword due to a sharp sword strike that was refined to the limit. He couldn’t even scream and just lost his breath.


As Raon walked to the front of the passage, a black blade rose from the shadow on the floor. It was an assassination martial arts sword, a black spirit sword, used by Robert’s assassins.


Raon extended his long sword backwards without even turning his body and struck down the black spirit sword. He used the recoil to gently slash his long sword.

“Turn it off… .”

The assassin’s head fell off before he could completely pull his body out of the shadows.


Zookeepers and assassins come down from the upper passageway connected to the nursery. Without the usual spirit, they rushed in and swung swords and daggers. He looked like an assassin.

“It’s the same. “It never changes.”

Raon stepped forward with his right foot. He swung his longsword, which was tilted to his left, horizontally. The blade containing the tricks of defeat and pleasure created red waves in the air.

Oh my!

The bodies of the masked people who were charging like a flash fire were split in half along with their weapons.

“ah… .”
“What… .”

The shadows, who were not supposed to even scream through hellish training, could not believe they were dead and fell into the sea of blood.


Raon stood in front of the passage, stepping on the hot blood soaking the floor.

All assassins who came down here were dealt with. Now I had to go up and cut down Lisbon, the person in charge.


Raon turned around and saw Dorian. Perhaps because of his anger, his expression did not change even after seeing the cruel scene.

“yes… .”

With those words, I went up the stairs.

As soon as I came out of the stairs, swords came at me from four directions. A blade imbued with a dark aura was aimed at the heart and throat.


Raon kicked off the floor and jumped up.


The assassins immediately raised their swords and struck as if they knew this would happen. Their murderousness pressed down on my skin like thorns.

‘It’s no use.’

At the same time, he struck his long sword at the blades of the assassins who had stabbed in, performing a self-defeating trick.


The assassins’ swords stuck to the longsword and bounced off at the same time. They were unable to overcome the rebound and dropped their swords with their grip torn.


Raon turned in the air and swung his long sword down. The four heads were cut off cleanly by the sword strikes that rained down like beams of light.


Raon left the orphanage director’s office with a numb expression. His steps became a carpet of blood, soaking the floor.

“Hey, you guy!”

The old woman at the exit waved the cane she was holding. This is the director of the daycare center who was waiting for the children at the entrance. As expected, she was a shadow executive who carried out brainwashing work.


Flames shot out from the old woman’s staff. The passage was melted like cheese in the excruciating heat.


Raon did not back down from that position at all. He unleashed a sword wind towards the mighty flames.

Oh my!

The sharply forged blade of wind cut the heat storm diagonally.

“Yes, who the hell are you!”

The old woman rolled her eyes and ground her teeth.

“The dead man speaks.”
“What nonsense… .”

The old woman stepped back, her body tilting as she tried to use her magic again. She was in the same direction as the flow of the sword wind.

“you you… .”

The old woman looked at her body split in half with wide eyes and collapsed.

“You’re here.”

Raon quietly turned around. A middle-aged man with dark blue hair and a knife scar on his left cheek stood like a shadow. Lisbon. He was the zookeeper who killed No. 9 in his previous life, and he was Mattio’s henchman.

“It’s pretty good.”

Lisbon lifted her chin with cold eyes.

“How did you find out about this place?”
“Looking at your tail, it looks like you want to become an apostle of justice. “I took a wrong turn.”

He pulled out the sword at his waist with boring slowness.

“Your family, your friends, your acquaintances, everyone you know will be brought here to die. “It’s because of you.”

Lisbon let out an eerie voice and aimed her sword.

‘I guess so.’

Derus, Matio, and Lisbon were all petty guys who pretended to be bold in front of others, but remembered their losses and paid for them behind the scenes. Those words full of malice are by no means lies.

“I wonder if you can still make fun of that snout then.”

Lisbon laughed coldly. He thought of Raon as a knight driven by a sense of justice.

“Does this sound like a joke? But it’s actually going to happen. you don’t kill “I will show you your family and friends dying and then I will pierce your heart at the end.”
“Is that so?”

Raon chuckled. Among the new family and friends I have acquired in this life, there is not a single one who is easy. If someone like Lisbon were to go to Sieghardt, their entire body would be punctured before they even crossed the front door.

“try. “If I can.”
“You idiot.”

With a snap of a finger, Lisbon came crashing through the floor. The thick force that extended from his sword pressed down on his entire body.

“I told you. I got it wrong. “It’s too late to regret!”

Lisbon must have thought that Raon was scared, so she smiled wryly and struck down her sword. The strong energy that surged from his sword was bent diagonally and fell.


Raon lowered his center of gravity and stepped forward with his left foot. At the same time, the blade fired struck the center of Lisbon’s strength.


The power of fire that sprouted from an ordinary long sword shattered Lisbon’s power and tore off his arm. Not even blood flowed from his shoulder, which was scorched by the heat.


Lisbon let out a guttural scream as she saw her right arm disappearing in vain. He was so shaken that his pupils seemed to pop out.

Truly overwhelming. Raon’s military power was already at a level where he could trample on a low-ranking master without even using swordsmanship.


Raon approached Lisbon, who was screaming, and punched her in the left chest. This was a measure to stun the rage worm that would be stuck in the guy’s heart.


Lisbon fell backwards and rolled on the floor. He took advantage of the shock and walked to the other side.

‘Hey, this can’t be done!’

It was me who got it wrong.

You can tell with just one bump. I can’t win that one. The person he was now was a monster that he could not defeat no matter what he did.


It didn’t look that strong, so I took action and tried to report it to Derus, but it was a mistake. He should have informed me first.

‘But there is still room to live.’

His specialty is not swordsmanship, but footwork using shadows. If I used the Black Spirit Treasure, I could escape from that monster.


Lisbon stuck to the wall to hide in the shadows and move around. As I was trying to delve into the darkness, my body tilted and I fell to the floor.

‘What, what!’

I had no strength in my legs and felt pain as if my flesh was burning. She turned her stiff neck and looked behind him.

“uh? “Aaaah!”

Before I knew it, both legs had been cut off and were lying disheveled on the floor.

“My, my legs! “What’s wrong with my legs?”
“It’s ugly.”
“Ugh… .”

Raon approached Lisbon with heavy steps. Lisbon’s whole body trembled every time she heard the sound of footsteps.

“Your men don’t scream even once until they die, and you are already the second time.”
“that that… .”
“Didn’t they say that screaming is the shame of an assassin?”

Lisbon’s trembling got worse at those words. He gritted his teeth and lifted his head.

“Uh, how could you say that…” .”
“Because I heard it from you.”
“Who are you… .”

Raon smiled so coldly that it gave me chills and raised his long sword.

“I am a ghost who returned from hell to erase you.”

He swung the sword down and drove it into Lisbon’s left chest.


It touched the heart very lightly so that it could not die right away. A thin stream of blood flowed from his chest.


Lisbon screamed and struggled, but the sword stuck in her chest was never removed.


Raon tightened his grip on the long sword and shot out an eerie look.

“So that the children whose lives were taken away from you can hear, and so that the children who were buried without even being able to close their eyes can hear. and… .”
“Ugh… .”

Lisbon’s eyes narrowed at the extremely dry voice.

‘Cry for my nameless friend above the sky.’

Thinking of Number 9, whose name I didn’t even know, I strengthened my grip on the sword.

“You, you are the shadow…” .”
“Your screams will be a requiem for them.”

Raon twisted the long sword and opened Lisbon’s wound. A terrible scream that comforted the ghost came out of his mouth.


* * *

After removing all traces, Raon came back underground.

“Okay, are you finished? I heard a huge scream… .”

Dorian lowered his sword and swallowed dry saliva. Sword marks were carved on his shoulders and waist, and the assassin’s corpse was piled next to him. Looks like he put up quite a fight.

“okay. “I’ll never do something like this again.”

Raon nodded and pushed the corpse in the basement toward the passage. He erased all possible traces.

“Should we wake the children now?”
“hmm… .”

Raon looked at the children who had not yet woken up. He had tears in his eyes after fainting from exhaustion.

“no. “We can’t take him anyway, so it’s better to leave it to the people who will come soon.”
“Would you like me to be nice to you?”

Dorian sighed and stroked the head of the child in front of him.

“I had no idea there were children living this kind of life. “I thought I had a hard time, but I felt blessed.”

He lowered his head as if he was embarrassed.

“You are you, and children are children.”

Raon shook his head.

“Only you know how difficult you are. “There is no need to blame yourself.”
-It is as he said.

Lars nodded, climbing up onto the ice flower bracelet. This guy was strangely quiet today.

-What is important is not the past, but the future. Tell that guy to think about the future and walk.

Raon smiled and looked at Dorian.

“Think about the future, not the past. “The important thing is to move forward.”
“A strange person with good appetite.”
-King Bon is not a strange person! They are proud demons!
‘okay. okay.’

I nodded lightly.

“Hearing that, I feel a little encouraged. “Please say thank you to the strange person.”

Dorian smiled as he wiped away the children’s tears.

“hmm… .”

Raon looked up and narrowed his eyes. The sound of knights’ armor could be heard from afar. The feeling is familiar. It was Borini Keaton, whom I fought not long ago.

“It’s time to go.”
“Is Lord Borini Keaton coming?”

He nodded and scribbled on two small pieces of paper, putting one on the podium and the other in Pine’s pocket. Lastly, a bag of gold coins was placed nearby for the children.

“It’s a bit disappointing. “I wanted to see these guys smile.”

Dorian also took out all the snacks and candies from his stomach pocket and placed them on the floor. Tears welled up in the corners of the guy’s eyes.

“You will see it soon. “I will come to Sieghart.”

Raon nodded and gestured.

“Let’s go now.”

I ran to the underground passage adjacent to the common to avoid encountering Borini Kitten. As I was about to go out, the Demon Eye of Anger found a small room behind the wall.


Raon stopped when he saw the bookshelf. A smile appeared on his lips.

“I guess they’ll give me some loot too?”

* * *

Borini Keaton swallowed dryly as he looked at the orphanage named .

‘Is this really a place where assassins are raised?’

When I saw that no one had broken into my room and left a letter behind, I tried to ignore whatever it was. But the moment I saw the content, my body moved first.

‘I said they kidnap young children and raise them to be assassins.’

When I saw the content that I could never overlook as an article, my desire to ignore it disappeared.
Hearing that there might be a threat, he rushed with all his might, taking only those he could trust among the Silver Knights.

“Is this really true?”
“You’ll find out when you go. “But there are few signs.”

Borini Keaton patted his subordinate knight on the back and headed inside.


The floor inside the orphanage building was soaked with blood, and corpses cut with knives were piled in the corner. However, they were the blood of masked people who should not be here.

“Umm… .”

Borini Kitten bit her lip.

‘Was it really true?’

A corpse that has not passed much time retains its temperament from when it was alive. The only energy left on the corpse was the gloom that an assassin would have.


Under Borini Keaton’s instructions, the knights scattered in all directions.

“There are stairs going down to the basement here.”

Borini Keaton listened to his subordinate and entered the orphanage director’s office. On the blood-soaked floor, there was an open passage leading down to the basement.

“let’s go.”

Borini Keaton went down the stairs nervously. She went down quite deep and only then was she able to reach the bottom.

“ah… .”

The two people’s chins trembled when they saw the blood on the floor and the children lying on the ground.


Borini Kitten hurriedly ran over to check on the children.

“ha… .”

It’s alive!

Fortunately, no child died. All of them had been put to sleep by touching the mana circuit. It seemed like something the person who wrote that note did.

“hmm… .”

Borini Keaton, who had found some leisure time, glanced at the children.

‘It’s not in good condition.’

They all wore tattered clothes, and compared to their clean faces, their bodies were full of stab marks. Looking at the scars left on all of the children in the same place, it was clear that they had been trained as assassins.

“There are things like torture instruments over here.”
“Oh, there is also a room filled with children’s bones.”
“There is a children’s room, but it is difficult for people to live in…” .”

As the reports from the knights came in, my anger grew and I had no choice but to clench my fists.

“Damn… .”

Honestly, when I came here, I hoped that the message was fake. If it were true, it was such a sad and terrible thing.

But that wish did not come true. This was a hell for raising children to be assassins.

“ha… .”

Borini Keaton stood up and sighed. As she frowned and looked behind her, a piece of paper on the platform caught her eye. The paper was folded into a triangle, just like the one in the room.

‘Did he leave it behind?’

When I opened the paper, there was writing written in the handwriting of the person who had brought me here.

[Someone to treat the children will be there soon. Until then, please take care of the children.]

It seemed like he was asking to protect the children.

Borini Keaton’s hands trembled as he looked at the paper.

“Are you just asking me to clean up after it?”

To be honest, I felt fortunate. If these children had been held hostage, he wouldn’t have been able to move properly.

‘I have money.’

The bag of gold coins next to the paper seemed to be for the children.

“What should I do?”
“Wake me up carefully. “I’m taking everyone with me.”
“Examine the traces here as well. “We need to find out who the culprit is.”

The technicians split into two groups, woke up the children, and continued collecting evidence.

* * *

“Umm… .”

Number 45 opened his eyes when he felt someone’s touch.

‘Is it him?’

I raised my head, thinking it was the tall man who had cut down zookeeper number 4 at the end. But a knight wearing silver armor, whom he had never seen before, was holding his shoulder.

“Are you okay?”
“Ah yes… .”

I turned my head as I answered. The man who saved him was nowhere to be seen, and only his knights were wandering around.

‘Was it a dream?’


The warmth from when he stroked my head still remains. That warmth couldn’t have been a dream.

“No. 45… .”

As I was clenching my fists, I heard a faintly trembling voice. When I turned my head, number 86 was looking this way. She had tears streaming down from the corners of her eyes.

“No. 86!”

No. 45 bit his lip and ran over to hug No. 86.

“Umm… .”

The driver’s face hardened as if he was shocked when he saw them calling each other by number. He took a deep sigh and came over.

“My name is Borini Kitten. “Owen’s knight.”

He slowly stretched out his hands.

“Come with me. “I will allow you to live a life worthy of human beings.”
“ah… .”

No. 45 could not hold that hand. He knows what kind of person Bori Nikiten is, but he was afraid that if he followed him, something like this would happen here.

“Uh… .”

As I shook my shoulders, not knowing what to do, a neatly folded note fell out of my pocket. When she picked it up, there was writing written on it.

[We will meet again. Follow the knights.]
‘This… .’

I could tell who wrote it. He was the person who saved them and found their names.

Number 45 carefully folded the paper and put it in his pocket. Thinking of that person, she mustered up courage and held the knight’s hand.

“yes. “I’ll go.”


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The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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