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Chapter 335

Raon licked his lips while looking at Dorian who didn’t know what to do.

‘Now the mystery of the stomach bag has been solved.’

Sepia Sanghoe is a general store that does not focus on any one type of item.

Since he was a master of the Sepia Company, it seems that a series of shocking items came out of Dorian’s stomach pocket.

-Bo, the king knew this would happen!

Lars was blank and then quickly nodded.

-Do you think King Bon would have accepted anyone as his subordinate? I didn’t miss the cuteness that bloomed in that guy and accepted him as his subordinate!

The guy proudly said that he had great insight.

‘Anyway, bravado… .’

As if this bravado was not a lie, the nonsense came out very smoothly.

Raon shook his head and looked at Dorian.

“Instead of you calling me ‘young master,’ I should have called you ‘young master.’”

Dorian has been calling himself Master since the first time they met. When he thought about it now, he was the one who should have been called a master.

“Oh, no! never!”

Dorian shook his head furiously.

“No. “In terms of background alone, you’re much better than me.”

It was no exaggeration to say that Dorian, the son of the Sepia Company, had a higher status than himself, who was treated as the lowest subordinate in Sieghart.

“So why did the master of the merchant society hide his identity?”

Raon calmed his eyes. He wouldn’t just recall Dorian’s character, but he definitely needed to know why.

“ha… .”

Dorian sighed and looked up.

“I’m really not a master. “I’m a bastard.”

He rubbed his stomach pouch and lowered his head.

“Because I was a bastard and the youngest, I was mistreated until I left the family.”
“yes. “The owner of the store treated me as if I had almost nothing, and my older brothers and sisters bullied me every day.”

Dorian’s voice was sad and calm. It seemed like there was no affection left at Sepia Sanghoe.

‘Did he take care of me because he lived a life similar to mine…? .’

The reason Dorian showed interest and spoke to me from the first time we met seemed to be because he saw himself in me when he was at the company.

“At Sepia Store, I was like a non-existent person, and I didn’t tell them because I didn’t have anything to gain. sorry… .”

Dorian pursed his lips and lowered his head.

“no. “There’s no need to tell me everything about your personal circumstances.”

Raon waved his hand. Everyone has something they want to hide. There is no need to know everything just because you are a subordinate or close friend.

“But Sepia is in the southwest. “How did you come to Sieghardt?”
“The Lord of the Chamber of Commerce gave a test.”
“The head of the store is your father, right?”
“Ah yes.”
“hmm… .”

Seeing that he was called Sanghoeju instead of father, it seems like he grew up not being treated well. This too was similar to mine.

“What test did they give you?”
“It was a test to see that the person who could take something from within the company and create a greater treasure than anyone else would become the successor to the Sepia Company. Of course, all the family’s successors participated.”

Dorian took a deep breath as if he was thinking about that time.

“As we had a choice based on the order of birth, my older brother and older sisters took away the merchant’s network, trading rights, gold coins, and talent from the merchant, so this was the only thing left for me.”

He chuckled, wiping down his stomach pouch.

“Those pockets don’t look bad either?”

Dorian’s belly pouch was different from the typical subspace pouch.
It was a priceless treasure because the storage method was unique and there seemed to be no space limitations.

“No one knew what this was because the head of the store didn’t explain it.”
“ah… .”

Then you will understand. Of course, I would choose prominent connections, trading rights, or products rather than unidentifiable pockets.

“I knew this was a subspace bag, so I put all the items from the warehouse in the store into the bag and ran away. “I had no intention of taking over the company anyway, so I had no intention of going back.”

Dorian’s eyes brightened. Looking at her expression, it seems like she really had a hard time while trapped in the store.

“I came all the way here because I was recommended by Prosecutor Sieghardt, who I met by chance on my way up north, that I had some talent.”
“What about your mother?”
“They say he died when I was born. “I’m not that sad because I don’t even know her face.”

Dorian raised his hand with a calm expression.

“This is it. “It’s not very fun, is it?”
“I see… .”

Raon nodded. I thought he was a master, but he wasn’t at all. He’s similar to himself. No, he seemed to have been born into an even worse environment.

‘but… .’

I have some questions.

Considering the fact that the power of the stomach bag was not explained, so it was taken over by Dorian, and the fact that no one stopped the child from stealing items from the store, there was a possibility that there was a hidden reason.

– Hehehe.

Lars put the back of his hand over his eyes and sniffled.

-It’s pitiful. That little thing… .
‘He really… .’

Ras’s anger aside, the Demon King himself did not suit him. I really wanted to see who ordered the king.

“Then why are you asking me to come back?”
“It’s probably just an interim inspection.”
“Interim inspection?”
“yes. It was supposed to be a 10-year deadline, but now almost 8 years have passed. “It’s about checking what you’ve done.”

Dorian sighed, saying that the other brothers must have already heard.

“Then let’s go.”
“You can’t just miss the opportunity to become the owner of Sepia Company.”
“Yes, but how could I, a bastard…?” .”

He shook his head as if to say no.

“Giving up before even trying is not the attitude of a fanatic.”
“ah… .”

Dorian’s eyes filled up like the full moon at Raon’s soft yet powerful words.

“If you succeed, you become the owner of a commercial company, and if you fail, you just have to live like a gwangpungdan like now. You have nothing to lose. There… .”

Raon raised his hand and clenched his fist.

“Scream at the brothers who bullied you. No, it’s a chance for revenge.”
“Well, that’s right. There’s no need to be scared anymore. It’s a little scary, but… .”

Dorian nodded, his chin shaking like a coward.

“I don’t know when I’ll leave, so get ready to leave. “I’m going with you.”
“Ra-on, too?”
“It’s my fault you were kidnapped, so I should go say hello. And if I send you alone, I’m afraid you’ll come back without saying anything like a small octopus. “I’m anxious.”
“Ah yes!”

The guy nodded and ran into the dorm with a brightened expression as if the sun had shone on him.

-You… .

Lars glared with narrowed eyes.

-I’m not trying to support that guy, I’m trying to use him by making him a top stock!
‘Now you’ve got some sense, too.’
-Ah, he is worse than the devil! Your heart will definitely be blackened!
‘I’m kidding.’

Raon smiled as he looked at Dorian’s back.

‘I was considered, so I should give it back.’

It would be nice if it won the prize, but it doesn’t matter if you can’t eat it. I just wanted to be Dorian’s strength in a home where he was treated so badly that he didn’t want to return.

‘Then me too… hmm?’

I felt someone’s gaze in the garden behind me. I placed my hand on the Jecheon Sword and turned around.

‘That… owl?’

A young owl was on a tree, looking this way.

‘Maybe it was my mood.’

It felt like a person was staring at me, not a wild animal, but I guess I was mistaken.


I sighed and was about to go to Glenn’s dorm when an owl spread its wings and came down from the tree and flew towards me.


The owl smiled cutely and gently landed on his shoulder.

“no way… .”
“That is true.”

Merlin’s voice came out from inside the owl’s beak.

“Ugh… .”

Raon spread his gi-mak to block the sound from going out and then hit his forehead.

‘This crazy stalker… .’

I frowned and moved to a corner with few people.


Lars’ chin trembled as he looked at the owl.

-It’s like a real ghost! Why on earth am I following you around?
‘… ‘I don’t know.’

I didn’t know that, in addition to squirrels and blackbirds, even owls would be coaxed into talking to me. It was funny that all three even looked cute.

“You ended up winning. “It was really cool.”
“Did you see all that again?”
“How could I miss your performance? “I clearly saw the scene where Garona was brought to her knees and Cadiz’s arm was cut off.”
“Were there any heads of the family or other six emperors?”
“They can’t stop me.”

Merlin laughed, lifting his wings. The owl’s eyes were curved into a crescent shape, like a human’s.

‘What kind of obsession… .”

Maybe it’s a preliminaries. From the 4th round onwards, all the leaders of the six emperors gathered together. It was hard to believe that Merlin, a member of Eden, avoided them and watched the game.

“The more I see of you, the more I look forward to your future. “I’m so excited about what kind of man I’ll become, I can’t stand it.”

Merlin rubbed his cheek with his wing. She may have wanted to act like she was being naughty, but since she was a young owl, she was just cute.

“Neither we nor the White Bloods will be able to move for a while, so play as you please.”
“Even white blood religion?”

I heard that Eden wouldn’t move, but I didn’t expect the White Blood Cult to stay still.

“Thanks to your monster grandfather, the White Blood Church suffered a great deal of damage.”

Merlin grinned and waved his wings.

“Next time, are you going to Sunding’s house a little while ago?”
“… … .”

Raon did not answer but looked at the owl that belonged to Merlin.

“As I said before, you and I take different paths. “Even if you give me this information, there’s nothing I can do for you.”

Even if Merlin is looking at me and not Lokta, it doesn’t change the fact that our paths diverge. I appreciate the information, but I didn’t want to receive it while being deceived.

“I told you too. “It doesn’t matter.”

Merlin grinned and spread his wings.

“And roads are bound to merge at some point. “I can come to you, or you can come to me, right?”
“That won’t happen.”

Raon shook his head resolutely.

“You have to go to find out where the road ends. “We will end up together.”

Merlin’s eyes softened.

“I will continue to watch over you.”

She picked the fur around her stomach with her beak and waved her wings.

“Give this child some bugs.”
“Ah, so don’t make me make that promise… .”

When I was about to tell you to keep that promise, the owl burst into tears.


The guy tapped his shoulder with his foot and urged him to quickly hand over the food.


Lars looked at that and raised his chin.

-That stalker is creepy, but it’s fun to see you get flustered.

The guy chuckled when he saw the owl urging for food and Raon frowning.

“How are we supposed to save bugs here?”
“Lord Budan!”

As I frowned at the owl, Dorian came out of the dorm again.

“We’re not leaving right away tomorrow, right?”
“no. however… .”

Raon pointed his finger at the owl on his shoulder and let out a short breath.

“Do you have any bugs?”
“… … .”

Dorian stared blankly at the owl and then opened his mouth.

“Would you like to open a zoo?”

* * *

After returning from the banquet, Glenn was enjoying a light after-party with Roen and Cheryl.

“It was Sieghart who gained the most from this meeting of the Six Emperors.”

Cheryl tipped her drink and smiled.

“yes. Thanks to Raon and the Gwangpungdan swordsmen, Sieghart’s reputation has risen even higher.”

Roen nodded in agreement.

“Gwangpungdan is also Gwangpungdan, but Raon’s growth rate is amazing. When we went on a mission together, he was at the highest level of Expert, but he is already at Intermediate Master level. “I can’t believe it, even though I’ve seen him from the side.”

Cheryl shook her head, mumbling something absurd.

“What’s even more surprising is the explosive power. In this duel, there was not a single opponent weaker than Raon. Matisse, Borini Keaton, Garona, and even Cádiz. “I don’t know how you can defeat an opponent who is stronger than you so well.”
“I am amazed every time I see it. “There is a huge difference between the levels of masters, so how do you overcome that gap?”

Roen also let out a fuss, saying that this was his first time seeing a warrior like Raon.

After praising Raon to the fullest, the two looked at Glenn at the same time.


A blush rose on Glenn’s face. He was holding his chin with her left hand and was barely able to block the gushing mouth that he had not realized was high in the sky.

“Well, that kid definitely has something unique about him. Muhak itself is strong because it did not become strong simply through the power of talent, but because it got to that position through hard work. He has trained his swordsmanship to the point where he can never be pierced by low-ranking warriors, and can pierce even high-ranking warriors. There… .”

His mouth, which had been forcibly blocked, slowly opened up.

“The fighting spirit and chivalry were also the best among the children I have ever seen. “What idiot would jump into the sky to save people during a sparring match!”

He may call him a fool, but Glenn’s eyes were filled with pride for Raon.

“of course.”

Roen and Cheryl grinned at Glenn’s excitement.

“Through this duel, the knowledge of what kind of guy Raon is will spread throughout the continent.”

Cheryl patted the table and smiled.

“He has even earned the nickname ‘Baekgeomryong’, so it can be said that he has already surpassed the level of a promising player.”

This nickname with a dragon signifies the best prospect. It meant acknowledging that Raon was at the same level as the Twelve Stars of the Continent.

“I’m currently over halfway through my level, so I’ll probably reach the advanced level next year.”
“I’m truly rewriting history by reaching the master’s level at the age of 20.”

Cheryl and Roen continued to praise Raon, enjoying Glenn’s reaction of trying to suppress his emotions.

“It’s a risk, I guess so. Raon is not only talented but also never stops working hard. “He’s a guy I’m excited to see what he’ll be like tomorrow.”

Glenn nodded, covering his mouth completely. She just couldn’t hide her smile because her eyes were smiling.


While the three were having a good time, there was a knock on the door. Everyone knew who had knocked, so they didn’t panic.

“I’ll go out.”

Roen stood up and opened the door. Raon lowered his head with his hand on his chest.

“Sorry for being late.”
“What’s going on?”

Glenn instantly hid his expression and lifted his chin with cold eyes.

“I have something to tell you.”
“Tell me.”

Raon closed the door, went inside, and stood in front of Glenn.

“A little while ago, there was someone looking for Dorian, the supply officer of the Gwangpungdan. he is… .”

Raon told Glenn about Dorian’s situation. The three people just listened without reacting.

‘Did you know everything?’

Even though Sepia’s name came up, the three people didn’t react much. I guess I knew everything.

“So you’re saying you’re going with the kid?”
“I am the reason Dorian was kidnapped. “I want to go and explain and apologize, and give back at least a little of what I received from him.”

Raon told the truth honestly without any lies.

“What did you receive?”
“Dorian is the guy who approached me when my family members were distant from me. “Even if I can’t do much, I want to help as much as I can.”
“is it.”

Glenn nodded slightly, covering his mouth with his hand.

“Have you ever thought about being kidnapped again?”
“Didn’t the head of the family directly show what would happen if Sieghart was kidnapped? “There will never be another crazy person like that.”

Eden’s branches have collapsed, and countless apostles and followers of the White Blood Church have died, so there won’t be a crazy person who messes with Sieghart’s swordsman for a while.

“but… .”

Raon lightly touched his uniform and lowered his eyes.

“Just in case, I’m thinking of pretending to return together and then leaving in the middle. Of course, I plan to disguise myself as well.”
“Hmm… .”
“Please allow me.”

Raon bowed his head.

“hmm… .”

Glenn stroked his beard and looked at Raon’s hand.

“Do you have the ring you received from Chamber?”
“Oh, I’m leaving it at the dorm.”
“You must always wear that ring.”
“Does it have location tracking?”
“… similar.”

He narrowed his eyes, telling me again to never take it out.

“Leave Silpin Village in three days.”
“thank you.”
“If you are going in Sieghardt’s name, make sure you resolve the matter properly.”
“All right.”

Raon bowed his head politely and left the dorm.

“It would have been nice if we could go back together… hmm?”

Roen and Cheryl looked at Glenn, worried that he would be upset about being separated from Raon. However, contrary to expectations, Glenn was covering his eyes.

“You’re so… .”

He covered his mouth and looked at the door Raon had left.

“Isn’t it amazing that you think of your colleagues? How can there be a child like that? .”

Glenn’s hands were shaking, saying he was happy for his grandson rather than sad.

“… … .”

Cheryl and Roen looked at Glenn and shook their heads. I couldn’t make fun of it at that level.

‘My grandson is seriously ill… .’

* * *

two days later.
The Sieghardt family was the second to leave the Owen Kingdom following the Robert family.

“White Sword Dragon! “White Sword Dragon!”
“Sieghart! Sieghardt!”
“I will never forget the duel that day!”
“Thank you for saving me!”
“I look forward to it in the future!”

The people of Owen Kingdom cheered, shouting out the names of not only Glenn but also Raon and Sieghart. The situation was 180 degrees different from when I first came here.

“Oh oh!”
“Isn’t our popularity a joke?”
“I feel like I’ve returned to Sieghart, not Owen.”
“No. “You don’t get this kind of cheers even from your family.”

The Gwangpungdan waved their hands and responded to the shouts of the kingdom’s citizens.

“It’s called the Whirlwind Sword! “My tinnitus is being called too.”
“Don’t call me Nachalnyeo!”

Buren grinned when he heard his nickname, and Marta glared at the person who called her Nachalnyeo as if she were going to kill him.

“Ugh… .”

Dorian let out a deep sigh that made the ground sink, perhaps because he was worried about returning home.

“… … .”

The only thing that was the same as usual was Runan, staring blankly at the sky.

Raon frowned as he heard Gwangpungdan’s laughter coming from behind.

‘It’s already gone.’

Looking at the reactions of the Gwangpungdan swordsmen, it seemed like they would not be able to focus on training and become lazy when they returned to their families.

‘I guess I should press it down a bit.’

Maybe we can go back together. Since we had to be apart for a while, I felt like I had to hold on to their hearts.


Raon turned around after performing a trick that confined only Gwangpungdan.

“You guys know that Dorian and I are leaving tomorrow, right?”
“Uh… .”
“Of course I know.”
“I know, but why suddenly… .”

Gwangpungdan’s lips trembled when he heard Raon’s quiet voice.

“When I return to the family, the boy whose growth I am not satisfied with… .”
“Off… .”

Raon glanced down at Gwangpungdan with cold eyes. Gwangpungdan swallowed his dry saliva as if he was frightened.

“We will conduct concentration strengthening training for a month.”
“Ha, a month?”
“crazy… .”
“Okay, then let’s go!”
“It’s not training a human can endure!”

Gwangpungdan waved his hands wildly, asking if he had lost his mind.

“If you train hard, that won’t happen.”
“What kind of thing pleases you?” “You have to tell me how much I need to grow!”

Burren raised his hand saying this was nonsense.

“I will come back and judge.”

Raon smiled and twirled his fingers. What I meant was that I will make the judgment, so you just have to practice.

“It’s ruined!”
“I won’t be able to rest even if I go back… .”
“mom… .”

Gwangpungdan was holding onto his words and had tears in his eyes.

“That devil bastard!”
“It’s not a devil, it’s that bastard devil lord! “That too, the devil of ridicule!”

Burren and Marta also gritted their teeth as they looked at Raon.

-Oh oh! As expected, the snow and beef girl recognizes it! This guy’s malice is at the devil’s level! Even the main king is being robbed every day!

Lars flew in front of Burren and Marta and shook his head.

Raon chuckled and turned around again.

‘With this, their training is resolved.’

The current Gwangpungdan is strong. It was obvious that if I tried to make a clumsy line, it would quickly break and rest, so I gave myself a reason to discipline myself until the end.

“Lord Budan. “So are you going straight to my house?”
“I would like to, but let’s just do one good thing and let’s go.”
“Is it a good thing?”

Raon nodded and looked up at the sky.

‘Because I can’t let it happen again.’

Whether it’s Eden or Terus, suffering once is enough. In order to prevent Derus from participating, he had to be securely tied up here.

First, I’ll take away your hours.

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The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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