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Chapter 334

Raon moistened his mouth with wine and smiled slightly.

‘You said you were going to fix Cadiz’s arm yourself, right?’

It’s going according to plan.

Deroux said he had several ideas in mind to fix Cadiz’s shoulder.
Among them, the most important method was to find an excellent doctor like the Saint of Rags or an elixir, which meant that he would not return to the Robert family for a while.

‘To induce that action, I cut Cadiz’s shoulder all the way down.’

The reason he cut off Cadis’ arm and twisted his muscles and mana circuit was not only out of revenge, but also to buy time for Derus to heal Cadis and enter the undersea dungeon.

Raon quietly looked back. Derus was smiling kindly and chatting with people approaching.

‘thank god.’

Because you’re still a snake.

Since I knew both Derus with the mask and Derus without the mask, it was easy to predict his actions.
Knowing the real Derus’ face will be the best sword for dealing with that monster in the future.

-Hey! The pizza is getting cold!

While I was smiling with satisfaction, Lars waved his hand like a bird and pointed to the plate.

‘Oh sorry.’

Raon nodded and ate the pizza on his plate. Salty cheese, crispy dough, and beef with spicy sauce exuded a harmonious taste while maintaining their individual characteristics.

-This place’s pizza is good. It’s not as good as Pineapple Girl, but it’s enough to satisfy the main king!

Lars smiled happily, touching his cheek.

‘Is that so?’

Raon chuckled and swallowed the remaining pizza in one bite.

‘Derus has been resolved, so all I have to do is think of a way to get to the undersea dungeon.’

I heard that the Six Emperors’ meeting and duel are over and they will return to Sieghart the day after tomorrow.
I needed a way to escape without returning to my family, so I thought about it a lot, but I couldn’t come up with a satisfactory plan.

‘Something good… .’

While Raon was shaking his head, Lars let out an exclamation.

-It’s not the cheese, it’s the pizza that melts in your mouth! It was a good bite!

The guy pointed at the empty plate and swayed his body from side to side like a roly-poly.

-next! Next is meat and shrimp! Offer the lamb ribs and grilled shrimp that I was drawn to as soon as I came here!
‘Calm down.’

I pushed down Ras, whose face was red with excitement, and stood up. She went to the buffet and brought out the garlic butter shrimp and lamb ribs that Lars wanted to eat.

-shrimp. You have to eat shrimp first!

Lars tapped the table with his round hand and pointed at the shrimp.

Is this the devil?

When I stood in front of the food, no matter how high I looked, it felt like I was looking at a child no older than 10 years old. This guy is the devil. I still couldn’t believe that it was the Demon King of Anger.

No matter how you look at it, it’s just a carnivore… ..

Raon whetted his appetite and peeled and ate the shrimp. Soft butter melted into the plump shrimp meat, making it savory yet sweet. The flavor of garlic was still there and it didn’t feel greasy, so I felt like I could keep eating it.

-My mouth is filling! This is cooking!

Lars sniffed, muttering that he lived for this taste.

-This time with lamb ribs!
‘yes. yes.’

I laughed and tore into the lamb ribs. The juices soaked in the meat exploded and a delicious flavor spread throughout my mouth. The meat was so soft that I easily swallowed it without even chewing it a few times.

-It melts in your mouth. It’s like warm ice cream!
‘Is that so?’

Raon looked around while Lars was immersed in joy.

‘He’s still there.’

Runan still hasn’t left the ice cream corner. It was just moving around nearby, devouring various ice creams.

‘I guess you ate one?’

Even at a rough estimate, it looked like Runan had emptied a bucket of ice cream by herself. Her passion for ice cream seemed to be second to none even from Lars.

‘Buren is still the same.’

You build connections here too.

Burren was having a conversation with other warriors belonging to the Six Emperors. It seemed like they had become quite friendly as they lightly tapped each other on the shoulders.

‘Martha… .”

Martha was eating meat piled high so that the table was full. She was her usual self, nothing unusual, but there was one difference.

‘Why are the Three Princes there?’

Owen’s three princes, Greer, were sitting blankly in front of Martha, who was swallowing meat with a gulp. He wasn’t eating or drinking and was literally just looking at Martha.

“I’m not going to eat? “Why are you just looking at me in annoyance!”

Martha frowned as if she didn’t like that sight.

“I feel full just looking at you eating. “Oh, it was on the corner of my mouth.”

The Three Princes smiled brightly and took out a handkerchief. When he reached out his hand to wipe the sauce off the corner of her mouth, Marta’s fist went flying.

“You crazy guy!”

The three princes were hit on the forehead by Martha’s fist and fell to the floor.

“Aww, I feel it! “I got chicken skin!”

Martha’s shoulders were shaking as she moved to the next table and continued chewing the meat.

Raon snorted as he looked at the three princes who were staggering.

‘It will never work.’

Because of the Three Princes’ background, appearance, and skills, their previous actions may work for others, but they never work for Marta.
Perhaps his favorability has dropped to the bottom because of what happened now.

“Well, it’s the temples and then the forehead.”

The three princes stood up with their chins shaking. Even though he was beaten, his eyes were bright. No, he looked happier.

“You are the first person to put a fist in my forehead! I’m in love with you… .”
“go away!”

He mumbled something incoherent and walked towards Martha, but then got hit in the neck and fell down again.

‘It must be difficult there too.’

Raon shook his head and stood up.

-Are you sure you can go there on your own?
‘It’s dessert, right?’
-Now the King’s education has finally worked!

Lars smiled and nodded.

-If you treat me a little better, I might make you one of my king’s subordinates!
‘That’s it.’

As Raon went to the ice cream line, Runan suddenly turned his head. Her blind eyes were filled with the light of happiness.

‘How many are there in all?’

On Runaan’s plate, beaded ice cream was piled like foam. Mint Choco was full of various types of ice cream, as if I enjoyed it enough.

“Laondo ice cream?”
“I recommend mint chocolate.”

Runan blinked fiercely and pointed in the direction of Mint Chocolate.

“Today’s food tastes better.”
-Mint chocolate! After all, he is the king’s subordinate!

Lars nodded in satisfaction and put his face in.

– As recommended by the ice cream girl, eat mint chocolate. No, just take it in a container!
‘Then Runaan will cry.’
– Hmm. Then just five chunks… .
‘With all that said, mint chocolate doesn’t taste good.’
-Such a tasteless bastard! I pity you who doesn’t know the refreshing taste of mint chocolate!
‘okay. ‘I’ll just eat cookies and knuckles out of pity.’

Raon nodded and scooped up two lumps of Cookies & Cream ice cream and placed them on a plate.

-La, Raon?

Lars called my name for the first time in a long time and slowly approached me and clung to my shoulder.

-Raon? Didn’t you eat a lot of greasy food today? If you decorate it with mint chocolate at the end, both your mouth and inside will feel refreshed as if you are smelling the scent of pine trees!

His voice became as soft as jade beads rolling on silk.

‘Is that so?’
-That’s right! I definitely felt relieved and had a good night’s sleep… .
‘huh. ‘I’m going to practice today.’
-Ugh, you ghost-like bastard!

Ras couldn’t be persuaded much and became angry. Of course he was so weak that he fluttered like a piece of paper.
I felt a little sad seeing that, so I walked to where the mint chocolate was.


Lars smiled and turned his head.

-Yes, you guy, what on earth is going on today? Good, but uneasy!

Perhaps because he had never been nice to Lars, he smiled with the left side of his face and frowned with the right side, creating a surprising expression of suspicion.


While I was eating, I just tried to ease Lars’s mood after having a hard time losing his ability points today.


Raon stopped while trying to open the mint chocolate. Unlike other ice creams, the mint chocolate was empty. It seemed like it would be less than half a spoonful.

‘I don’t have any?’

Runan ate more than half, and the others who saw it also ate it out of curiosity, so it seemed like there wasn’t much left.


Lars raised his hands and screamed.

-Ice cream girl!
‘This is Lass.’

Raon chuckled. If you eat it right, is it Las? It suited him well that he was in despair because he couldn’t eat like that.


Just as I was about to finish the cookie and go back to my seat, a red-haired elf passed by like a shadow.

‘What did that person do again?’

The person wandering around like a zombie was Rimmer. She smelled of alcohol, but she looked as if she had just passed out rather than being drunk.


When I called his name, he turned his head blankly. His eyes had lost focus.

“Oh, it’s Raon. “Our luck!”
“What happened?”

Rimmer came up crying and lowered his head.

-hey. First, eat ice cream… .
“Please come this way.”

Raon took Rimmer to a corner and used a curtain to block the sound.

“What happened?”
“My money! My retirement funds! “My 5,000 gold coins are gone!”

He hit the floor with a lost expression.

-Can’t I do it while eating? Cookie & Cake is good too… .
“5,000 gold coins?”

I may have won 5,000 gold coins gambling, but I did not understand why it was gone.

“Look at this.”

Rimmer took out a blackened piece of paper from his pocket. It looked like a gambling ticket, but looking at its size, it seemed like more than half of it had been burned.

“They said they couldn’t exchange money because the part where the stamp was stamped was burnt… .”

He fell back and cried, saying his life was ruined.

“Hmm… .”

Raon unfolded the gambling ticket and nodded.

‘It’s broken.’

Not only the other parts, but the seal part that confirms authenticity was burned, so it was natural that I couldn’t receive the money.

‘however… .’

If you do well, you might be able to receive it.

In any case, you have to break even. I decided to give it a try and nodded.

“I’ll give it a try.”
“Ha, can you do it?”
“I’m not sure. “I don’t think I’ll be able to receive everything.”
“But it doesn’t matter! At least it’s okay! please!”

Rimmer grabbed my ankle and asked me to accept it, saying 100 gold would be fine.

“Let’s go now!”
“Oh, before that, let me find my wallet.”

* * *

After Raon ate all the ice cream, he took Dorian to the finance department, which managed the gambling for this tournament.

-The gambling was carried out directly in the kingdom?

Lars, who had a full stomach but was in an awkward mood because he couldn’t eat the mint chocolate, landed on his shoulder.

‘of course. Because the money I gambled with this time was no joke.’

On the continent, gambling is a form of entertainment. There are numerous gambling establishments in both shaded and sunny areas, and they operate legally.

In this duel sparring, of course, a gambling table was opened, and the place in charge of it was the treasury of the Owen Kingdom, which would never run away with money.

“Excuse me.”

Raon entered the office of the manager in charge of the gambling table for this duel. The officer, who appeared to be in his 30s, raised his head and then stood up.

“omg! White sword dragon! Oh, sorry! Prosecutor Raon!”

He lowered his head with embarrassed eyes.

“it’s okay.”

Raon stood in front of the officer’s desk with a faint smile.

“I came to exchange money.”

As he said that, he held out Rimer’s half-burned gambling ticket.

“Oh, this is…” .”

The officer frowned as he looked at the gambling voucher.

“sorry. “I explained it to Mr. Rimer, but the seal has been burned, so we cannot exchange it for you.”
“I don’t think anyone other than Danju would come to ask for 5,000 gold coins?”
“That is correct. However, according to regulations, gambling tickets with missing seals cannot be used.”

The officer took out a gambling ticket from the desk. He pulled the fluttering part at the top of the gambling ticket to both sides and made it into two pieces.

“Originally, gambling tickets were made so that they could be divided into two, so we and the customer would each share one. and… .”

When he combined the two gambling tickets, a soft light in the shape of a sword emerged.

“You have to combine the two to confirm its authenticity, but since that doesn’t work, I can’t give you gold coins.”

The officer lowered his head and said he was truly sorry.

“Hmm… .”

Raon nodded. Up to this point, it was just as expected. This was the beginning.

“What is your name, officer in charge?”
“My name is Cyrus.”

The officer pointed to the name tag and lowered his eyes slightly.

“Director, you probably know that our Danju bought this gambling ticket. Since the price is the price, they must have checked his face, and I heard that there were many people around him who saw that Danju had gambling rights.”
“Well, that’s true.”
“So that means you recognize my identity.”
“That’s right. As I said, if only the seal part is confirmed, we can pay you gold coins right away.”

Cyrus nodded.

‘We’re about halfway through here.’

Recognizing one’s identity meant that there was quite a possibility.

“I was in the banquet hall a little while ago and came out.”
“Ah, you said that too.”

Cyrus nodded, looking at the colorful robes and the black dragon robe covering them.

“Perhaps because of this competition, the friendship between the leaders of the Six Emperors has become even closer.”
“I guess so. I too was moved many times while watching the duel. In particular, I will never forget the sight of the White Sword Dragon jumping into the sky during sparring to save others.”

He bowed his head again, thanking me for saving him. There was goodwill evident in his gaze.

“Among them, our matriarch and Her Highness Lecross seemed to have grown particularly close.”
“From what I can see, the two of you talk a lot.”

Cyrus agreed and grinned.

“So, if this matter goes up, orders will be given to handle it quietly. In the end, the money will flow to our Danju.”
“hmm… .”
“However, even if we handle it quietly, there is a possibility that noise will be heard and bad rumors will spread.”
“I guess so.”
“I was sent from above to even erase that noise.”

Raon raised his finger and pointed to the sky.

“Well, I see.”

When Cyrus heard the sound of stomach, he tensed and swallowed dry saliva.

-stomach? Isn’t it stupid that I sent you there!

Lars tilted his head as if it was strange.

‘that’s right. But that person must be thinking of the Heavenly Sword Great Lord or the head of the family.’

Before I got to the point, I talked about Glenn and King Lecross, so the faces that were in the officer’s head right now were either Glenn or Cheryl. That was the goal.

-Did you think that far before coming up with the story of your inspiration? This terrible… .

Lars’ lips trembled as if he was dumbfounded.

“I want to resolve this quietly so as not to cause any harm to my superiors. “In the end, it’s money that will go to Danju.”
“Yeah, but I need this gambling license… .”

Cyrus, sweat dripping from his forehead, pointed to the gambling ticket. Of course, I was ready to solve that too.

“Could you give me a new gambling ticket and a pen?”
“Oh, here it is.”

Cyrus took out a blank gambling ticket and a pen from a drawer.

“hmm… .”

Raon grabbed a pen and copied Rimmer’s gambling ticket into a new gambling ticket. He slightly crumpled the paper and made it look just like the original.
It was a document manipulation technique that I studied alone during my days as an assassin.

‘I heard it’s really helpful.’

The experiences from my past life continued into the present and were really helpful.

“ah… .”

Cyrus gaped when he saw that. He looked like he had no idea something like this was possible.

“Now all you have to do is put a stamp on this place. Dorian.”

Raon extended his hand to Dorian, who was standing next to him.


Dorian answered as usual and took out a pure white cloth from his stomach pocket. It was a wrapping cloth with gold coins in it in advance.

“You must be tired, so I hope you can soothe your throat with this.”

He took the gold coin wrapping and placed it on Cyrus’ desk. Cyrus’ shoulder twitched at the sound of a clang.

“This is… .”
“This is my sincerity to resolve the matter quietly.”

Raon smiled and waved his hand.

“Umm… .”

Cyrus could not take his eyes off the bag of gold coins with trembling eyes. As expected of a person in charge of this kind of work, he seemed to know how much was inside just by hearing the sound.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Cyrus’ trembling chin.

‘It worked.’

I say this gently, but this is a threat. It was like an oppressive threat of status, fame, and money.

“Ugh… .”

Cyrus bit his lip and lowered the bag of gold coins. He took out a round seal from a drawer and stamped it on a gambling voucher. He pulled the gambling ticket to both sides and divided it into two, one for the customer and one for confirmation.

“I have confirmed your gambling license.”

He put the gambling ticket and confirmation aside and lowered his eyes slightly.

“Would you like to take the gold coins now?”
“That would be convenient.”

Raon nodded gently.

“All right.”

Cyrus went to the safe on the right and opened the door. He took out the ten gold coin bags inside and placed them on the desk. The desk shook slightly due to the weight.

“There are 500 in each bag.”
“Has confirmed.”

Raon looked through his pockets one by one and nodded.

“The currency exchange has been completed. “I hope you have a nice evening.”

Cyrus’ expression had now returned to the one he had when he first saw him, as if he had fully accepted it.

“thank you. Dorian.”
“Oh, yes!”

At Raon’s call, Dorian put a gold coin in his stomach pocket with a half-fazed expression.

-crazy. Is this okay?

Lars also shook his head in disbelief.

“As I said before, I hope it passes quietly as if nothing happened.”
“What did we do? “Didn’t you just come here to exchange money?”

Cyrus tilted his head as if nothing had happened. He was a likeable person.

“I see.”

Raon nodded and turned his back. He opened the door and went out as if nothing had happened.

“Oh my… .”

Dorian then took a deep breath.

“Is this really happening?”
“People only see what they want to see and hear only what they want to hear.”

Raon chuckled and looked at Dorian.

“The next time I make a gesture, take out five of the gold coins you received.”
“All, five? Then it’s only half… .”
“are you okay.”
“uh… .”

I took Dorian, who was embarrassed, and came out of the treasury.

“La, Raon!”

Rimer, who was waiting in the garden, stopped pouring a drink into his mouth and came running on all fours.

“Why don’t you say no? Those damn things! my money! Hehehe… .”

He threw down the empty bottle and held his head.

“yes. Unfortunately… .”
“I could only get half of it.”
“uh? really?”

At those words, Rimmer’s eyes grew so big that they almost popped out.

“yes… .”

Dorian’s chin trembled and he took out five bags of gold coins from his stomach pouch and put them down.

“How is this… .”
“I bargained. If that part is left over, it can be used as royal budget. It was difficult, but we managed to save half of it.”
“Where is it! “She almost didn’t get it at all!”

Rimmer said it didn’t matter and sobbed when he saw the gold coin bag.

“Instead, you shouldn’t tell anyone about this… .”
“of course! After all, it’s just you!”

He jumped up and hugged Raon.

“You are the light and salt of my life, a lamp, and a god! Thank you very much!”

Raon patted Rimmer on the back and raised his eyebrows.

‘I should be thankful.’

I would like to thank you for donating gold coins on your own every time.

I chuckled and looked to the side to see Dorian and Lars, their narrowed eyes trembling as if they were frightened.

“iced coffee… .”
-Bo, the king is now afraid of you… .

* * *

Raon left Rimmer, who was beside himself with joy, and headed to the dormitory with Dorian.

As I was about to open the door of the accommodation and enter, a middle-aged man approached me from the right.


Dorian seemed to recognize him and widened his eyes.

“Meet the White Sword Dragon.”

The middle-aged man bowed his head politely.

“It is called Tetkal of Yeonam Sanghoe.”
“Ah, this is Raon Sieghardt.”

I matched his greeting, but it was a complete stranger.

“Excuse me, but can I borrow this friend for a while?”

Tetkal pointed at Dorian. Looking at their reactions, it seemed like they had known each other before.

“Oh, you are my father’s friend.”
“I’ll talk to you for a moment.”

After nodding, Dorian and Tetkal entered the garden next to the lodge.

After a while.

Tetkal left first, and after a while Dorian walked out of the garden. It was a very weak step.

“hmm… .”

Raon quenched his appetite. Not only did Dorian walk, but even his expression was darker than usual.

“what’s the matter?”
“it’s nothing… .”

He waved his hand and said it was no big deal.

“It’s like nothing on your face?”
“eww… .”

Dorian rubbed his stomach pouch. It was something he did when he was anxious.

“Well, if it’s a secret, there’s nothing I can do about it.”
“that… .”

Dorian paused for a moment and then raised his head.

“I told you that your father told you to stop by the merchant… .”
“You said you came from a merchant background.”

Dorian had mentioned in passing that he was from a merchant house in the southwest.

‘Sanghoera… .’

This should be fine.

Raon quenched his appetite. He was wondering how to get to Robert’s underwater dungeon, but he figured he could make the excuse that he was taking Dorian home.

‘It’s quite possible.’

As the head of the family, if the reason is to take his beloved child home, it will work not only for Rimmer but also for the head of the family.

“Then I guess I should go.”

Raon nodded with a faint smile.

“You didn’t go when you were kidnapped, so let’s go since you came this far. “I will tell you above.”
“Yeah… .”

Dorian nodded as if he didn’t like it but had no choice.

‘Is there a situation?’

Before, I thought he wasn’t going because it was annoying, but looking at his expression now, it seemed like there was some reason.

“Your last name was Apise, right?”

I thought about a shopping center or store called Apise, but none came to mind. It seems that it was not a large shopping mall as I had previously thought.

“I’m sorry for telling you now, but that’s fake… .”

Dorian shook his head slowly.

“My real last name is not Apice, it’s the opposite, Sepia… .”

Raon mumbled something like Sepia and then widened his eyes.

“That Sepia Company?”
“Did you know?”
“Say that!”

Sepia was one of the five largest merchants on the continent and was a large organization with branches not only in the southwestern region but throughout the entire continent.

“you… .”

Raon’s tone flowed softly for the first time.

“Were you a master?”


The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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