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Chapter 329

Raon pulled his lower jaw closer, taking in the magnificent blue light emanating from Cadis’ sword with his eyes.

‘This is how I face this.’

The Holy Light Sword is a sword technique created by Derus Robert, and although it was not shown in many places, it became one of the sacred swords representing Derus because the heads of famous villains were blown off every time the Holy Light Sword was used.

20 years have passed, so he may have created or learned new sword techniques, but it is clear that the Holy Light Blade is one of Derus’ main sword techniques.
If you understand the techniques of swordsmanship, you will be able to get closer to revenge.

‘There… .’

If we destroy Cadis, who uses the Holy Light Sword, Derus’ pride will also be destroyed.

Although Derus was smiling on the outside, my heart was pounding in my chest as I looked forward to seeing Derus’ face bursting into flames on the inside.

“I never thought I would use this sword technique on someone like you.”

Cadiz raised the shining sword to its middle and chewed her lips.

“However, as long as the Holy Light Sword is used, victory or defeat is already decided. “You should have finished it before I brought out this sword technique.”
“You said that from now on, the Cheongunhyeonseonggeom is the real thing, but are you going to end up using a different sword technique?”

Raon smiled while looking at Cadiz.

“Isn’t this a little ugly?”
“It doesn’t matter if it’s ugly.”

Contrary to his words that it didn’t matter, anger dripped from Cadiz’s eyes.

“Because it’s better than losing.”
“That’s right. As long as we win somehow, that’s it.”
“You… .”

As Raon nods his head in agreement, Cadiz’s spirit becomes stronger. He had the power to kill with just his eyes.

‘The provocation works well.’

Is it because I grew up well? Cadiz, who had revealed her sneer from their first meeting, was unable to hide her emotions.

‘No, I guess it’s natural.’

Cadiz is a genius among geniuses who comes from a good family and is gifted with talent. He lived as a protagonist wherever he went, so it was not unusual for him to fall for light ridicule.

-Light ridicule? What a terrible mockery!

Lars let out a sigh.

-Your tongue has gone too far. Just looking at it from the side makes me angry!

The guy shook his head and gritted his teeth, saying he was angry.


The light emanating from Cadis’ sword burns more and more strongly. The moment the sword light turned blue like the sea, he moved.


In a split-second, it struck down and drew a diagonal blue river flag. Magnificent yet rapid flow. It was similar to Cheongunhyeonseonggeom, but it was a sword technique of a higher rank.


Raon used Glacia with all his might and unleashed the Silver Wind Circulation of the Snow Wind Blade. The rotating blade of wind penetrated the blue light of the Holy Light Sword.


I felt pain as if my wrist would fall off due to the strong rebound caused by the Holy Light Sword. I put some strength into his trembling hands and lifted his head up.


The flow of Holy Light Swordsmanship caused by Cadis continued uninterrupted even with the Absolute Sword.

‘So it’s different from the Cheongunhyeonseonggeom?’

Unlike the Cheongunhyeonseonggeom, which was bent by the silver wind, the light of the Seonggwanggeom was not erased. It meant that it was an incomparably superior level of swordsmanship.

‘It seems like the person has changed.’


Now the tension seeps into my chest. Now was the start of the real duel.

“You must have seen it.”

Cadiz raised his sword and smiled coolly. Conversely, he seemed to have finally regained his composure.

“You will never be able to break this sword technique.”
“You’ll have to try it to find out.”

Cadiz frowns and rushes in. She knew that the Snow Wind Blade would not be able to cut off the Holy Light Blade, so her movements were unstoppable.


With a blue bell, it penetrated the space in an instant and struck down the Seonggwanggeomgyeol’s Chosik.


Raon polarized the ring of fire. I moved forward with the sound of my heart beating.

‘The more you step back, the more you’ll be on the defensive.’

Seonggwanggeomgyeol is a sword technique that dominates space like Cheongunhyeonseonggeom. The more you step back, the stronger you come back, so you should never back down.


Raon lowered his center of gravity and unleashed the silent wind of Seolpunggeomgyeol. He struck the center of the Holy Light Sword with a light yet swift sword strike imbued with wind.


Even though I attacked first, I felt pain as if my shoulder muscles were being torn.


It was painful, but I chewed my teeth, endured it, and struck down the Snow Wind Blade one after another. Every time the sword collided, a bone-tingling shock hit my mind.


However, the problem is not pain. Even though the Snow Wind Sword was being used with all its might, the flow of the Holy Light Sword was not interrupted. Rather, it gradually expanded its territory and began to dominate the sparring arena.

‘But you still have to keep going.’

Raon took a deep breath and stretched out his left foot. He aroused Glacia to its peak and launched a wind of destruction, the wind of the sword and determination of the snow storm.


A cold, cold river poured down like a meteor shower, but the light of the Holy Light Sword did not disappear.
Even though it was distorted, it flowed endlessly, creating an increasingly powerful light.


Raon was unable to block the careful sword strike created by the flow of Holy Light Sword and was pushed to the edge of the sparring hall.


The nausea in my stomach gets worse. It seemed like the internal injuries she had inflicted on me had become worse.

“Whoa… .”

Raon wiped the blood flowing from the corner of his mouth and straightened his back.

‘What a difference.’

The essence of Cheongunhyeonseonggeom and Seonggwanggeomgyeol is the same. The swordsmanship gradually becomes stronger as the flow continues. Considering that the Cheongunhyeonseonggeom was modeled after water and the Seonggwanggeomgeom was modeled after stars and light, the difference in class was too great.

‘You need to know the difference.’

I shook my head to erase the pain and stepped on Taehwabo. She moved to the back of the sparring hall and raised a cartoon ball. A blade engulfed in powerful heat struck Cadiz’s head.

“It’s meaningless.”

Cadiz turns her ankle and flexibly raises her sword to draw. A brilliantly flashing light rose along its path.


The fiery beast roaming the earth melted in blue light.

“There is no use in changing sword techniques.”

Cadis aimed the sword at Raon’s neck and raised the corners of her mouth.

“Because the outcome has already been decided.”

He made a provocation in return and gave an arrogant look in his eyes.

“Do you know that?”
“What do you mean?”
“You mean everyone who said that to me was thrown to the ground?”

Raon jumped into the blue light of the Holy Light Sword with eyes flashing red.

“You will soon too.”

* * *

“Seo, Seonggwanggeomgyeol!”
“It’s the Holy Light Sword of the Heavenly Sword Saint!”
“I never thought I would hide such a secret!”
“Of course it’s a blue sword! “It’s a different level!”

Gamblers cheered as they watched Cadiz overpower Raon.

“As expected, the queen will win!”
“Blue sword! Blue sword! Blue sword!”
“You’re finally picking it!”
“Lena! “Dad, I’ll buy something delicious and go back!”

They burst into laughter as they grabbed the gambling tickets as if the game was already over.

“Rimer. “You must be a little scared now.”
“It’s not just a penny or two, but if I lose all of those gold coins, I feel sick. What should I do?”
“Don’t tease me like that, you won’t be able to sleep tonight.”
“It’s all over. “Let’s go settle the bill!”
“Is it the end?”

Rimmer’s expression did not change even though he was ridiculed and ridiculed by the gamblers. Instead, he turned his head with more relaxed eyes.

“Where are you looking?”

He shrugged his shoulders as if wondering what he was talking about.

“The flame and cold of the Snow Flower Sword Association are not working, isn’t it all over?”
“that’s right. “I took down Mathis, Borini Keaton, and Garona with those sword techniques, but it didn’t work at all.”

The gamblers shook their heads, saying the fight was over.

“Everyone doesn’t know.”

Rimmer chuckled and raised his finger.

“Do you think that face looks like it’s on the defensive?”

What his long finger was pointing at was Raon’s face. Raon’s eyes were sparkling to the point of ecstasy as he was struck and bounced away by the Holy Light Sword. He was like a child who found a treasure.

“uh… ?”
“Why are you smiling?”
“What about that kid…?” .”

The gamblers swallowed their dry saliva as they saw Raon smiling even while coughing up blood.

“My student is a crazy person who laughs in times of crisis.”

Rimmer stroked his head. He looked at Raon with confident eyes and smiled.

“If that guy makes an expression like that, I’ll never lose.”

The gambling scene wasn’t the only place where there was talk about winning and losing.

“Speaking of the Holy Light Sword, it looks like the blue sword has made up its mind.”

King Recross smiled as he looked at the magnificent light blooming from the sword of Cadis.

“This is getting more and more interesting.”

Ogram also nodded coolly, as if he was satisfied.

“My hands are itching.”

He wiggled his thick fingers as if he wanted to fight.

“Stay still. “You muscle idiot.”

Chamber waved his hand at Ogram and rose into the air.

“Cadiz has the advantage this time. “I really don’t know who will win.”

She mumbled that it was interesting and a blush appeared on her cheeks.

“you’re right.”

Derus Robert nodded with serious eyes.

“The eyes of the Sulwha Sword Association are not dead yet. “We’ll have to wait a little longer to find out whether we win or lose.”

He didn’t say victory even though he saw Cádiz in the lead.

“mister. “What do you think now?”

Chamber asked Glenn the same question as before.

“No change.”

Glenn answered without even looking at the chamber.

“Raon wins.”
“It’s affection.”

Chamber chuckled and stepped away.

Derus looked at Glenn, then turned his head and looked at Cadiz.


He spoke to Cadis using thoughts rather than Auror messages so that no one else could hear.

Cadiz lowered his eyes as if he was sorry for using the Holy Light Sword.

[Does not matter. Because destroying him is more important.]

Derus continued speaking softly.

[After making him excited, cut off his right arm.]

When I gave the instructions, Cadiz nodded slightly.

Derus looked down at Raon with cold eyes and smiled.

‘I can’t miss the opportunity to see Glenn’s reaction.’

* * *


Raon spit out the black blood that had accumulated in his mouth. As I collided with the Holy Light Sword filled with high energy from the front, the internal injuries worsened and dead blood came out from inside.

‘I don’t know yet.’

I tried both the Gwanga Sword and the Snow Wind Sword, but I couldn’t find a loophole in the Seonggwang Sword or break the flow. If you look at it so far, it was almost perfect swordsmanship.

‘But there is no perfect swordsmanship in the world.’

What if I fight Derus Robert? Cadiz’s swordsmanship cannot be perfect. There will definitely be a gap that can be exploited.

“Is that what you end up doing when you make fun of your mouth in a boastful way?”

Cadiz raised her chin and gave off an arrogant look.

“This is the difference in level. “You can’t break the Holy Light Sword.”

He raised the corners of his mouth as if provoking him and aimed his sword.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the sword of Cadis, which was emitting a majestic light.

‘I can’t help it.’

I have no choice but to break it with force.

I relaxed my shoulders and took a slow breath. She used Glacia’s cold energy to its fullest and adjusted her grip on her sword.


Cadiz stamped his foot. He burrows in like a killer whale riding a wave and brings his sword down. The blade, blazing with the magic of Holy Light Sword, wrapped around the space.


Unlike before, there was a sense of secret killing in his sword. As an assassin, it was a very secret killing that only the person standing across from him could feel.

‘Are you aiming for the arm?’

It seemed like he was trying to provoke this person and throw his arm at the shoulder level.

‘It looks like he received instructions from Derus.’

I felt like I could tell how the situation was going just by looking at Cadiz’s movements.

‘Who will take care of it?’

Raon snorted and drew a sword along the straight line of the sparring hall. The blue blade with extreme speed collided with the Holy Light Sword.

Damn it!

The sword strike could not cut through the rays of the Holy Light Sword, but it was not the end yet.


The thorns of frost that raced along the sword’s path burrowed into the light.


The flow of Holy Light Sword was greatly shaken by the intense cold blade, but this time it did not stop.

‘Couldn’t even Seoriyeon work?’

Even Frostyeon’s two slashes could not separate it, and the flow of the Holy Light Sword was so huge that it seemed like it was an ocean.

“Is that all it is?”

Cadiz was already confident of victory. With his confidence building, he was laying the groundwork to cut off his own arm.

‘This is an opportunity.’

Now that he was only thinking about the results, it was the best time to uncover the secret of the Holy Light Sword.


Raon stepped forward and tilted his sword behind his shoulder. Extreme heat burning in a split second. It is no exaggeration to say that he was the strongest in terms of power.


The roar of the fire dragon that descended on the blue blade spewed out towards the light of the Holy Light Sword.

“I can’t break it like that.”

Cadiz took the flow of Holy Light Sword that had already engulfed the sparring hall and built a wall of strength in front of Flame Dragon.

Coo coo coo coo!

Even though it collided with the force of explosive heat, the flow of Holy Light Sword was uninterrupted.
Rather, a darker light emanated, creating a magnificent sea of stars. The entire sparring hall seemed to be surrounded by the light of the Holy Light Sword.

Raon clenched his fists as he looked at the dizzying intensity of the light.

‘at las… .’

Thanks to the strong offensive of Seoriyeon and Yeomryonggyeol, I was able to discover the secret of Seonggwanggeomgyeol.

‘It was a line arrangement.’

The reason why the flow of Seonggwanggeomgyeol is uninterrupted is because it is a unique type of swordsmanship that places strong energy in advance in the space where the enemy attacks.

Since they took up space first, breaking the flow was, of course, close to impossible.

‘I never thought it would be this simple.’

It was difficult to understand because it was simple, and it was also not easy to break. It was a method that went well with the swordsmanship of controlling space.

“Haaa… .”

Raon took a deep breath.

‘It feels like I’m in ice water.’

Even though I feel sick and my hands and feet are shaking because of the internal injuries, a cool feeling of joy comes to my mind.
A combination of Gwanga Sword and Seolpung Sword. It felt like the last puzzle had finally been put together.


He accelerated to the point where the ring of fire burned, drawing numerous sword lines in his mind. Her eyes were filled with endless sword marks.

“Thanks to you, the Sea of Stars was finally completed.”

Cadis smiled as he pointed at the cluster of light from the Holy Light Sword that enveloped the entire sparring hall. This space is all his. No one could escape.

“If you want to give up, now is your last chance.”

He licked his lips with his tongue. The murderous spirit that was conveyed only to Raon spread out in a chilling way. They told me to give up, but in reality, it was a provocation.

“give up? “Is there such a word?”

Raon smiled coldly and raised his head.

“I thought you would answer that way.”

Cadiz nodded with a satisfied look.

“come! “Show everything about your sword!”

He suddenly waved his hand as if he were a great person and said he would accept all sword techniques. But that’s a trap. The moment his sword flies, there will be a counterattack that cuts off his arm.

‘I know that, but…’ .’

I have to go.

In order to perfect the sword skills that are now in disarray in my head, I have to move forward.

It was time to take a step forward like Martha, digging through the broken blade of a sword without hesitation.


Raon drew up all of Mangagong’s energy and swung his sword.
The rotation of the muscles and joints raised from the ankle to the wrist was captured in the heat of a cartoon ball.


A sphere of light that causes intense rotation emerges from the sword play of the Jecheon Sword. It was Baekhwa Hoecheon, a cartoonist who changed like the seasons.
As it rotated violently, the condensed Hoecheon exploded, spewing out enormous heat.

“It’s a good sword strike.”

Cadiz smiled coldly and spun the Holy Light Sword. The sea of light that covered the space instantly erased Hoecheon’s energy and approached Raon in reverse.

Counterattack. The season of Seonggwanggeomgyeol was a swordsmanship that contained the art of counterattack like Cheongunhyeonseonggeom. The entire field of vision was filled with the majestic blue light created by the Holy Light Sword.

Even as he faced the despair-like holy light, Raon’s thoughts did not stop.

The Gwanga Sword that destroyed Matisse, the Snow Wind Sword that cut off Borini Keaton’s flow, the true rotation and back attack obtained while fighting Garona, and finally, the Holy Light Sword of Cadis that let go of the power in front of him.

All of those experiences began to draw a line that would erase the sword marks that filled my mind.


Cadiz’s sword strike lands on his right shoulder. Just as her skin was cracking and her blood was rushing out, the line that had been drawn slowly, like her child’s touch, reached its end.


A light fills my mind along that line.

Raon relaxed his hand and drew a sword along the flickering line in his head.

Raon Sieghart Ryu Swordsman
Type 5 Baekyoungseom.

A white shadow blooms over the blue blade.

The blade imbued with the white spirit flows and erases the sea of starlight. Everything returned to nothingness, leaving no trace of flow, strength, or even breathing.

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

Reincarnation Genius Sword Master Assasin
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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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