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Chapter 315


Lars let out an excited groan.

-That’s awesome. A feast of flavors is unfolding in your mouth!
‘That’s a good thing.’

Raon chuckled as he put his fork down on the empty plate.

-This is food, this is art! These days, things are just made according to recipes. They don’t know how to put sincerity and philosophy into it.

I thought it must be really difficult for chefs these days to have to include philosophy when making food.

-more! Bring more! The king is still hungry!

Lars patted his already full cotton candy stomach and pointed to the buffet outside the banquet hall.

‘This is 10 bowls?’
-It’s only 10 bowls!
‘Ugh, there’s no end.’

Raon shook his head and moved to where the buffet was.

‘You’re staring again.’

I can feel Mattio’s gaze standing behind Derus. If you looked at it casually just a moment ago, it is now a blatant look. This was to see their reaction.


Raon naturally looked back at Matio. He lowered his head with an embarrassed expression.

‘This is best.’

Pretending not to notice when the other person is looking at you strongly is a handshake. Rather than being suspicious, the best response was to be curious as to why he was looking at me.

‘Merlin was a great help.’

If it weren’t for Merlin, I might have made a mistake because of Matio’s gaze. It was no exaggeration to say that if she escaped suspicion here, it was thanks to her.

-Keueuugh… .

Lars gritted his teeth and glared at Derus, who was enjoying a glass of wine on the podium.

-The reason your sheep is so small is because of that bastard! Food’s enemies can never be forgiven!

The guy growled, baring his teeth at Derus. It seems like he really means what he says about helping.

-So this time, try some of the pie over there. Blueberries are tempting the king.

Raon chuckled, filled the food, and returned to the table.

“Can I have that? “Eat a lot.”
“There are 11 bowls of this.”
“It’s only 11 bowls.”

Marta looked at the bowl filled with food and narrowed her eyes, making a noise like Lass.

“Even if it’s just you, the others aren’t coming.”

As she said, Runaan didn’t move from the ice cream corner as if his feet were nailed, and Burren was laughing and talking with Owen’s knights.

“You’ll figure it out.”

Raon waved his hand and took a bite of the pie. The sweetness of blueberries seeping between the crispy sheets filled my mouth.

-Keuuu! It’s a taste filled with the pastry chef’s sincerity! I want to take you to the king’s castle.

I looked at Lars, who looked satisfied, and then lowered my eyes.

Even if 20 years have passed and even if I was reincarnated, I still remember those days when I close my eyes.

A past life in which he learned assassination techniques while being treated as subhuman, was chased by hunting dogs and senior assassins without being able to sleep properly for over a month during training, and went on a mission holding a dagger at an age when he was loved by his parents.

Although it was Delus Robert who ordered the evil deeds, it was the shadowy butler Mattio who carried them out.

I remembered Mattio’s machine-like face, who had threatened me with violence when I was young, and who had threatened me with freedom after being brainwashed.

‘I can’t even leave him alive.’

The target of revenge is not only Derus Robert, but also the shadowy forces he has created. I will completely destroy everything they have.

‘But it’s impossible now.’

Mattio’s level now is comparable to Roen’s, and he was even more difficult to deal with as he had mastered the art of assassination.

‘The best thing now is to understand his energy.’

Raon focused on using Matio’s gaze to explore his energy. When Ras was about to use the ring of fire to feel its energy, Ras’ eyes turned backwards.

-Two more came.

With Lars muttering, the outside became busy.


After a while, the sound of the knights outside the banquet hall hitting the floor with their spears was heard and the door opened.

[The movie’s Grand Wizard Chamber and the heroes of Balkar are entering!]

At that shout, everyone’s eyes turned to the entrance.

Perhaps because they arrived just now, they entered the banquet hall wearing not formal clothes, but instead wearing robes for the wizards and armor for the knights.

Many people entered at the same time, but what caught everyone’s attention was the beautiful woman with red short hair standing in the center. She walked through the center of the banquet hall with confident steps, her golden eyes sparkling.

Although she had a youthful appearance, a huge mana that seemed to contain the sea was flowing from her.

“I’m here!”

The red-haired woman smiled broadly as she waved her hand at the heads of the six emperors on the podium.

‘This woman is the Grand Wizard Chamber of the movie.’

He was one of only three great wizards on the continent and was the leader of the royal wizards of Balkar.

‘You look younger than me.’

Naturally, the stronger you are, the slower you age, but this was especially true for Chamber. He must be older than King Owen or Derus, but on the outside he looked like he was in his early 20s.

“Is Uncle Glenn really here too?”

Chamber went up to the stage, calling Glenn uncle.

“That light mouth is still the same.”
“yes. what.”

Glenn frowned, but Chamber paid no attention and sat down next to Glenn.


Raon opened his mouth. She never imagined that there would be someone who would call Glenn uncle.

‘All transcendents are strange.’

She shook her head and looked at those who followed her. I saw a familiar face.

‘You’re here as expected.’

Balkar’s princess Jaina was naturally attending the banquet.

‘I guess you didn’t know I was coming.’

If he had known, he would never have come, so it seems like he didn’t think he would come.


Jaina, who was walking with a stride as confident as the chamber, made eye contact with Raon and let out a short scream.


People around them stopped and looked at Jaina.

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

Her hands were shaking, and unlike the first time, she bent down and walked.

‘There will be one more benefit.’

As Raon smiled and thought about what he would get from the cheap princess, a fierce and powerful energy wave rose from the entrance.

‘Come to think of it… .’

Lars said it was definitely not one, but two. He quickly turned his head.

“Ah, no introductions yet… .”
“There is no need for that.”

With a sound that felt like the floor was breaking, a giant man wearing only a coat and no shirt came inside. Her height seemed to be over 2 meters, her eyes were like a wild beast’s beak, and she had such a strong spirit that even if pricked with a needle, not a single drop of blood would come out.

‘Beast League Lord Yawang Ogram!’

If you look at the ferocity of a wild beast, the attitude of ignoring all manners, and the lion symbol on the dragon’s coat, he is the leader of the Beast League who unified the numerous tribes of the west. It was clearly Ogram.


The banquet hall once again fell into silence due to the wild energy emanating from him.

“Glenn Sieghardt.”

Ogram walked up to the podium without looking at anything else and stood in front of Glenn.

“It’s been a while. Ogram.”

Glenn nodded with calm eyes.

“Is that arrogant face the same?”
“Your cheeky eyes are the same.”

Ogram smiled brightly and nodded.

“Your personality hasn’t changed either. Even when others said it was outdated, I didn’t believe it.”

He jumped up onto the stage and sat down next to Derus.

Despite the unusual appearance of Chamber and Ogram, Glenn, Derus, and King Recross showed no reaction. I had a feeling that was going to happen.

‘Five of the six emperors.’

With six transcendental beings gathered in one place who could shake the continent just by one of them moving, the banquet hall seemed to be shaking even though they did nothing.

-That’s fun.

Ras grinned as he looked at the five transcendents.

-To accumulate such strength on a human subject, your potential is worthy of recognition compared to your short life.

The guy nodded widely, as if impressed.

‘It’s a possibility… .’

Raon licked his lips and looked at the people in the Balkar Kingdom and the Beast League.

‘The Twelve Stars of the Continent also came one by one.’

On the Valkar side and the Beast League side, geniuses from the Twelve Stars of the Continent came one by one.

‘There’s more to gain.’

With the appearance of new characters, there are more things to gain from social gatherings. In particular, I really wanted to see Muhak from the Beast League, who was said to have the strongest body.

-Bring me some more food! Since the number of people has increased, we won’t be able to last much longer!

I turned my head to Lars’ shout. The wizards and knights of the Balkar Kingdom sat down and enjoyed a light meal, but the warriors of the Beast League were skipping their food as Ras had said.


I had promised to eat as much as I wanted, so as I was about to move towards the buffet, I heard the voices of transcendents coming from the podium.

“hmm! Sounds fun. “I agree.”

At Derus’s words, Chamber raised his hand and kicked.

“Does not matter. “Our children will sweep away all your treasures.”

Ogram chewed a whole pig’s leg and grinned.

“Then it has been decided.”

Derus nodded, holding his hands together as if he was glad.

“His Majesty Lecross, please tell me.

He smiled at Recross sitting in the center.

“I understand.”

King Recross stood up from his throne and stood at the end of the podium. Even though he did not say anything, his presence attracted the attention of everyone in the banquet hall.

“Are you enjoying the banquet?”

Everyone in the venue bowed their heads in response.

“It is very rare for the five of us to get together at the Six Emperors’ Meeting, so we are preparing a special event this time.”
“If you say it’s a special event… .”
“We decided to hold a duel competition for young warriors and wizards who will stand tall on the continent in the future.”

The eyes of everyone in the banquet hall sparkled when they heard that there was a duel competition.

“The competition will be divided into expert and master classes, and the winner will receive an award as well as the honor of being the best among young martial artists. “We will hold a preliminary round the day after tomorrow, so participants must register by tomorrow.”

King Recross smiled softly and looked at the warriors in the lotus hall.

“We will also be watching the finals, so we hope for a good result.”

After saying that, he returned to his seat.

“Duel contest!”
“The Six Emperors also see that?”
“I heard he even gave me a gift himself!”
“it’s crazy! “You must definitely participate!”

The warriors of the five forces gathered together and began talking about the competition.

“Sounds like fun.”

Marta crumpled the fork she was holding and her eyes burned.

“It feels like stepping on the elite.”

She smiled, showing her teeth, forgetting that she was also an elite.

“It’s a chance to see the martial arts skills of other forces. “It’s a good thing you came.”

Buren clenched his fists with excited eyes as expected.

“hmm… .”

Runaan was not interested in the competition and seemed to be contemplating what to eat first as she looked at the six layers of beaded ice cream on her plate.

-Raon! This king too! This is the king too!

Lars stuck out his tongue like a puppy as he looked at the mint chocolate piled on the first layer of Runaan’s ice cream.

“… … .”

Raon shook his head at Lars. He was truly an immature devil.

“Of course the Sulwha Sword Association will participate, right?”

As I was walking to the buffet to get ice cream, a silver-haired young man blocked my path. It was Cadis Robert, the son of Derus and the 5th rank of the Twelve Stars on the Continent.

“Eden, I would like to see with my own eyes the force that drove the White Blood Church and the North-South Alliance. I hope you will participate.”

Cadiz smiled softly. When viewed from the side, it may have been a friendly smile, but when viewed from the front, the eyes did not smile, so it looked like a mockery.

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to fill the blue sword’s eyes.”

Raon met Cadiz’s gaze and smiled.

“It would be enough if the rumors weren’t wrong. “It will be a fun time.”

‘Of course it’s right to laugh at it.’

Cadiz was clearly ignoring me. It hasn’t changed at all from when I was a child and was stubborn.

‘It would be better to accept the dispute here.’

Cadiz had an arrogant and arrogant temperament, and had a duplicitous attitude that could not tolerate provocation from others. He decided to respond by lifting weights with his feet.

“I enjoy fighting opponents of similar level, but I don’t know if that time will come this time.”

He smiled provocatively and said, ‘No one like you can satisfy my pleasure.’

“… “You have great confidence.”
“It wasn’t much, but when the Blue Sword acknowledged it, it started to appear a little.”

When he used what he had said, Cadiz couldn’t continue his words and swallowed a moan.

“I hope we meet in a duel.”

His voice broke.

“I don’t know if it’s possible, but as long as it makes you happy, I’ll do it.”

Raon nodded and passed by Cadiz.
Although his expression did not break or create any momentum, the calm atmosphere began to waver.

‘Of course.’

Cadiz must be boiling inside now that he came to provoke her, but was then retaliated against by his much younger self and was unable to find anything to say.


Raon stopped while putting ice cream on a plate.

-hmm? What are you doing without putting it in it?

Lars tapped me on the shoulder as if asking me what I was doing for not solving it quickly.

Raon smiled coolly as he looked at the ice cream with two colors mixed together.

‘If you do this well… .’

* * *

Derus Robert’s lodgings after the banquet.

Matio was standing in front of Derus, who was sitting with his legs crossed.

“How was it?”
“I can’t confirm it yet, but from what I’ve seen so far, it doesn’t seem like it.”

Matio lowered his head as if he was sorry.

“Assassins have a unique gait. I always walk on my forefoot, not my heel, so that I can assassinate my target at any time. “It shouldn’t be obvious, so on the outside it looks like a normal walk.”

He continued, pointing directly at the shoes.

“But Raon Sieghardt’s shoes were all worn out, and his steps were those of an ordinary swordsman or knight.”
“Even shoes?”

Derus narrowed his eyes. They say you can change your gait because people are paying attention to it, but the fact that your shoes are worn out the same way means you’ve been walking that way before.

“It’s not just that. Even when eating food, the assassins keep a watchful eye on the surroundings, but he did not show that. I went back and forth to the buffet over 10 times just to enjoy the food. He was quite a glutton.”

Matio narrowed his eyes in surprise.

“Finally, even when I watched it explicitly, there was no unnatural reaction. “I didn’t see a battle, but in my daily life, I was far from an assassin.”
“Hmm… .”

Derus licked his lips with his chin resting on his fist. He looked out his window with something unsatisfactory in his eyes and then nodded his head.

“Can we confirm this by looking at Raon Sieghardt’s battle?”
“yes. “If it’s a battle that requires all your might, you can never hide it.”
“I appointed you as the referee for the duel competition. “Please check its condition closely.”
“All right.”

Matio nodded and disappeared from the room. After a while, there was a knock on the door.

“come in.”

Derus gestured, the door opened, and Cadiz Robert entered.

“Did you call me?”
“I tried to provoke you, but I was provoked in return.”
“You heard it all again. “It will be embarrassing.”

Cadiz smiled without changing her facial expression, but her eyes were boiling with anger.

“You can win, right?”

There was darkness in Derus’ eyes as he asked the question.

“I didn’t expect the Beast League to come, but it doesn’t matter. “I’m ready to defeat the top four of the Twelve Stars.”
“Then let’s add one more.”
“Please speak.”
“If you meet Raon Sieghardt, cut off his arm.”

Cadiz’s mouth quirked up.

“Glenn is here, are you okay?”
“If you had put anyone else in that mouth, I would have broken your snout, but Glenn is different.”

Derus nodded and smiled slightly.

“I have already thought about his thoughts. I don’t know if it kills me. Cut off his arm and he won’t move. “Use the cut so that even if your arm is attached, you won’t be able to move it like before.”
“I will do as you command.”

Despite his tone, Cadiz bowed his head politely and left the room.

“If you don’t know the answer… .”

Derus, who was left alone in the room, looked out the window where the moonlight was pouring in and gave a chillingly cold smile.

“One way is to erase the problem itself.”

* * *

After the banquet, Raon took the Gwangpungdan and headed to the outskirts of the palace.

“Where are you going? “Can we come in?”

Buren looked around with a confused expression.

“The day after tomorrow is a friendly sparring session. “I need to get some rest and practice.”

Marta frowned, saying she would have to sleep tomorrow to check her sword skills.

“… … .”

Runan hummed as if thinking only about the ice cream she had eaten before. She seemed to be in a great mood.

“Everyone is here.”

Raon reassured the anxious Gwangpungdan prosecutors and stood in front of the door near the small garden. When I opened the door, which was locked with a strong latch, and went inside, I found a well-maintained training ground.

“here is… .”
“Is it a training ground?”
“Are you asking us to train?”

We needed a space to train for a friendly match, and everyone seemed to have gone well.

“I asked the Three Princes to lend me an empty training hall.”

Raon smiled as he saw the Gwangpungdan having fun.

“After all, the only one who thinks about us is Budanju!”
“It’s so spacious that I can use everything.”

The members of the Gwangpung Troupe smiled with satisfaction as they looked around the training ground.

“It’s late today, so we should start tomorrow, right?”
“okay. “Let’s practice right from dawn.”
“Prepare training clothes and equipment… .”


Gwangpungdan, who had been talking about training tomorrow, was startled by the sound of the door closing roughly and looked back at the door.

Raon was locking the door to the training hall.

“La, Raon?”
“The door is locked?”
“Why are you locking the door?”

The Gwangpungdan prosecutors swallowed their saliva as they looked at Raon in this sudden situation.

“tomorrow? There is no tomorrow.”

Raon raised his head as he said those words. A burning red eye light flashed.

“I don’t know anything else, but I can never see myself losing to the Robert family.”

If Robert’s family’s method of destroying swordsmanship was revealed, his true identity could be discovered, so the best way was to awaken his mind and body with strong swordsmanship as before.

“Why is he doing that again!”
“Why are you going crazy all of a sudden!”
“Well, those are the eyes from concentration training!”

Martha and Gwangpungdan stepped back, their chins trembling.

“Oh, no, training is good, but let’s take a break first. “You just ate.”
“okay. Because it was late at night. “Let’s do it starting tomorrow.”
“We haven’t brought our training uniforms, and we don’t have training swords… .”

On the other hand, Buren and some prosecutors tried their best to persuade him.

“don’t worry.”

When Raon snapped his fingers, Dorian quickly approached next to him.

“You know?”
“Huh, yes.”

Dorian sniffled and put his hands in his stomach pockets. Inside, the training uniforms and training swords of the current Gwangpungdan swordsmen appeared one after another.

“There’s one more.”
“Huh… .”

He wiped away his tears and took out a black pill from his stomach pocket and placed it on the floor.

“You didn’t break that?”
“Holy shit!”

Gwangpungdan was scared when he saw Heukhwan and took a step back. No matter how determined they were, the Black Phantom seemed as scary as them.

Raon looked at Heukhwan and shook his head.

“Oh, I guess I was a bit mistaken.”

At those words, Gwangpungdan’s pale complexion brightened slightly.
Although they were willing to train, everyone wanted to avoid the hellish training with Raon.

“Yeah, yeah. “You were too hasty!”
“It’s good to train, but it’s not a good idea to work too hard since it’s right before the duel.”
“Let’s go calmly.”

Gwangpungdan must have thought it was an opportunity and approached Raon, wiping away his cold sweat.

“No, that’s not it. Because five of the six emperors are participating. “There is a high possibility that you will encounter other bastards before you meet the Robert family.”

The momentum spreading from Raon was as sharp as a thorn.

“That means you have to be prepared for all four.”
“uh… .”
“ah… .”

The prosecutors, who now realized that they had made a huge mistake, opened their mouths.

“Don’t worry though. “Because two days is enough.”

On the contrary, Gwangpungdan’s face hardened, and an eerie smile appeared on Raon’s lips. He lifted the Jecheon sword into its sheath and snapped his fingers.

“Kill me from now on… No, let’s start training.”

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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