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Chapter 312

thud! thud!

The moment I saw Derus Robert, I could hear my heart pounding. It was a huge beating that shook the whole body, like the sound of dozens of people beating drums at the same time.


Raon chewed the flesh inside his cheek hard. The taste of blood, like licking metal, filled my mouth.

‘Keuuu… .’

Even though I felt strong pain, my head did not get cold. Her mind became hot, and her hands and feet were filled with strength.

‘You have to endure it. ‘You have to endure it no matter what.’

Derus Robert is a more suspicious and cautious person than anyone he knows. Here, he becomes a pain in the ass if he gets even a little angry or angry.

‘please. please.’

Fortunately, the distance from Derus was quite far. He had to come to his senses before the guy got any closer.


I tried to suppress my emotions, but like elastic rubber, they hit me harder and harder.

-What are you doing now?

Lars came next to me and frowned.

-Why do you get so angry when you see that monster?
‘Uhm… .’

I didn’t even have the presence of mind to play with Lars. She focused only on suppressing her emotions.

-Hmm, now that I think about it, this anger is the same as when you called the real king… .

As soon as I saw Lars tilting his head, I remembered the first time I met him.

‘Ring of Fire!’

Raon let out a short breath and activated the ring of fire.


The seven rings resonated and calmed the boiling emotions.
My mind, which had been stained red with anger, began to become clear as if a blue wave had washed over it.

‘You even forgot the ring of fire… .’

I was completely out of my mind.

Seeing that he was so angry that the thought of using the Ring of Fire did not even cross his mind, it seemed like his will to get revenge on that guy had become stronger.

‘No, is it natural that I can’t come to my senses?’

Even though 20 years have passed, the sight of Derus Robert’s head being blown off is still vivid.

My body collapsing, Derus’ cold eyes that looked like dirty bugs, and even the moon turned upside down. The memories I saw when I died were still stuck in my head.

It was impossible for anyone to maintain reason over an enemy who played with people’s lives as they pleased and then disposed of them when they were no longer useful.


Raon breathed slowly and operated the ring of fire in a polarized manner. He resonated with the ring with all his might and calmed the spirit level.

Instead of raising my spirit like I did during battle, I hid everything as if I was hiding in the shadows. I held down all my energy so as not to reveal more than my strength.

-You guys are strange today.

Lars narrowed his eyes, asking what the hell was going on.

‘It’s no big deal.’

I smiled at Lars and shook my head.

‘I’m glad I have Lars.’

Thanks to Cotton Candy telling me about Derus Robert’s existence in advance and even giving me a hint about the ring of fire, I was able to stop my outburst of emotions before they actually encountered each other.

It seemed that Lars’ generous business continued in the Owen Kingdom, as he was helping us at a time like this.

“Huh, you came to Heavenly Sword City.”

The Three Princes smiled as they saw Derus approaching.

‘Cheongeomseong. okay. That was the nickname of that damned bastard.’

Cheongeomseong is a second name meaning the saint of a sword that reaches the sky.
If you knew what kind of guy Derus was, you would have called him trash instead of Cheongeomseong, but he had a nobler nickname than anyone else.

Raon swallowed dryly as he looked at Derus, who was almost nearby.

‘I might have felt it a little bit.’

If it was Derus he knew, he might have noticed his heightened emotions a little while ago. I calmed down again so as not to panic no matter what questions were asked.

“See you, Heavenly Sword Saint!”

The three princes walked in front of Derus and knelt down on one knee. It was the same level of courtesy as when greeting Glenn.

“See you, Heavenly Sword Saint.”

Cheryl and Rimmer did not kneel, but only bowed their heads. Raon made a surprised expression and lowered his head after the two people.

“You are the heroes of Greer and Sieghart. “It’s been a while since I saw you all.”

Derus nodded with a soft smile. He spoke respectfully to both the three princes and the Sieghardt swordsman, who were much younger than him in terms of age and status.

‘This is disgusting.’

I found it disgusting that the man who secretly dealt with assassins, secretaries, and slaves always treated people with respect, saying on the outside that everyone had dignity.

“The King of Northern Destruction is not visible.”
“Enjoying tea with your Majesty.”

The Three Princes looked back at the throne room and smiled.

“It’s tea time between the King of the North and the Sword of Ink. I can’t not go to this. hmm?”

Derus grinned. As she was about to head straight to the throne room, she made eye contact with him.

“Blonde red eyes. Could it be that you… .”
“My name is Raon Sieghardt.”

I lowered my head, clutching my stomach, which felt like I was going to vomit.

“Sulhwa Sword Association!”

Derus clapped his hands and nodded his head loudly.

“I have heard of the reputation of the Sulwha Sword Association. “The South was also abuzz with stories of a new hero.”
“That’s too much praise.”
“After seeing it for myself, I know that the rumors are not false. It is certainly an outstanding achievement. It seems like there is no one in your age group. however… .”

His blue eyes gave off a subtle black light.

‘This bastard…’ .’

Others may not know, but I know that I rotted under him. Those eyes mean there’s something bothering you.

“You seemed in a bad mood a little while ago. Did something happen?”

My heart tightened as if it was going to explode at the dark gaze of Derus that came down with those words.

‘I knew it too.’

The emotionally intense time lasted only a moment, but Derus did not miss that brief moment. He was looking this way with his eyes filled with suspicion.

‘I’m glad though.’

I was really glad I had prepared it in advance.


Raon shook his head with a faint smile. He desperately tried to calm his emotions by operating the ring of fire.

“Nothing happened. but… .”
“When I saw Mukgeomjon, I was shocked by his determination, which was different from that of the head of the family. “It seems like my emotions got stronger without me realizing it because I was nervous about the sharpness that seemed to pierce my heart.”
“Huh! “It’s truly amazing that you can already feel the quality of their martial arts skills.”

Derus let out a sigh.

“no. “It’s thanks to the two of you for revealing yourself.”

I smiled and looked at Derus’ gaze. Her face smiles, but her eyes do not smile. The depths of its eyeballs flashed briefly.

You may not know about others, but you can’t fool yourself who supported him closely. It’s not this time, he’s been feeling bad about himself since before.

‘Are you targeting me as expected?’

Before I could feel relief that my doubts had been resolved, a sense of crisis filled my mind again.

‘Well, I broke the plan.’

Since he had mercilessly destroyed Derus’ long-standing plan to prey on the Yonan family, it was understandable that he would react that way.

‘You might want to kill me.’

He’s smiling now, but Derus probably wants to twist his own neck right now.

‘No, it’s already in progress.’

Since even his own plans were destroyed by the youngest Master from a rival family, there was a possibility that the plan targeting him was already in motion.

“Our youngest is a big fan of Sulwha Sword Association. “I would like to ask you to have a light conversation later at the banquet.”

Derus brought the boy behind him to the front. Silver hair and blue eyes. Although he had a similar appearance to Derus, his innocent eyes still sparkled hotly.

“My name is Lepon Robert!”

This is a child I never saw in my previous life. He looked at her age range and it seemed like she was born after he died.

‘As expected, it’s amazing.’

The way he introduced his son with a soft smile, hiding his murderous inner thoughts, was the image of an unfailingly kind father.

It was a posture he had to learn, having almost exploded and ruined everything just a moment ago.

“This is Raon Sieghardt.”

As Raon lowered his head with a faint smile, Repon’s face turned red.

“Uh, uh! Me, I was in the battle where you saved that saint. No, from the battle where I saved the soldiers from Habun Castle, Raon… .”
“Lepon. “Let’s talk to Raon later and say hello to Geomjon first.”
“Oh, yes!”
“See you later.”

Derus moved forward, taking Repon with him as he trembled and opened his mouth.

Behind the two, a young man with a similar appearance to Derus nodded slightly. There was a sneer in his eyes and mouth.

‘This guy is here too.’

That guy knows. It was Cadis Robert, the third son of Derus, who currently occupies a position in the Twelve Continents.

Raon passed by Robert and the prosecutors and then went out of the castle.

“Please come this way. “Let me introduce you to the Sword Tomb, the pride of the Owen royal castle.”

The Three Princes smiled brightly and led Sieghart and his party.

Raon followed behind and opened his fist. His nails dug into his flesh, and blood flowed from the torn wound.

‘thank god.’

I looked back and smiled.

‘Because my desire for revenge is not extinguished. And because you are in a higher place than you were 20 years ago.’

I was worried that Derus would retire or die, but it was meaningless. He became stronger and stood in a higher position.

‘Wait just a little longer.’

Raon smiled, shaking off his blood-soaked hands.

‘I’ll make you fall from the sky to the ground.’

* * *

Loen narrowed his eyes as he watched Glenn enjoying the bitter-smelling tea.

‘You seem to be in a very good mood.’

Glenn was drinking his tea with an expressionless expression, but in reality, his heart was so happy that he didn’t know what to do.

‘That’s all… .’

It was because of Lecross, King of Owen across the street, and the Three Princes who guided us to the castle.

“I thought children just had to grow up healthy, but after seeing Gwangpungbudanju today, that thought changed a little.”

Recross gently poured over the tea and smiled.

“At the age of 19, I have the power to surpass master intermediate level. Originally, master level is a level where there is a big difference at each level, but I don’t think that child will be unilaterally pushed aside by superiors.”

He let out a brief gasp as if he was surprised.

“How did you raise a friend like that? “Please tell me the secret.”

Roen smiled slightly as he listened to King Recross’ words.

‘Thanks to this compliment.’

As if the Three Princes of Owen were not enough, even Lecross, the king of Owen, was praising Raon, so Glenn’s mood was already sky high.
When I saw his hands shaking slightly, it seemed like he was about to burst out laughing uncontrollably.

“Well, the kid did it on his own. “I haven’t done anything.”

Glenn covered his mouth, cleared his throat, and waved his hand. Her gesture seemed like it was nothing special, but when you look at her from behind, a deep well has already bloomed at the corner of her mouth.

‘I heard you have no choice but to go out of your way.’

Perhaps because of the side effects of forcing himself to hide his emotions in front of his grandchildren, Glenn was unable to hide his expressions in front of others.

It was almost like an automatic reflex to clear my throat and raise my eyebrows whenever I heard a compliment from Raon.

‘I wish you could be honest now.’

As Rimmer said, it would have been nice to open up one’s heart and reveal one’s love for one’s grandchildren, but since I had attended Glenn closest to me, I could understand his thoughts.

‘Still, I’d like to see the three of them together.’

I thought I had no regrets because I had achieved everything I wanted to achieve, but I really wanted to see Glenn become closer to Raon and Sylvia, eating and laughing together.

While Roen was picturing Glenn and Raon smiling at each other, the Chamberlain came into the drawing room.

“majesty. Heavenly Sword City and the Robert family have arrived.”
“It arrived earlier than expected.”

King Recross licked his lips and stood up.

“It looks like there will be an additional seat. Would that be okay?”
“It doesn’t matter.”

Glenn nodded as if telling him to do as he pleased.

“Then please wait a moment.”

The King left the drawing room with a faint smile.

“It’s the Heavenly Sword Castle… .”

Roen looked at the living room door and took a quick bite.

“The head of the family once said that you are outstanding in terms of talent. “It must have developed to the point where it’s unrecognizable by now.”

Although Heavenly Sword Saint Derus Robert was the youngest and weakest of the current six emperors’ leaders, Glenn had the highest regard for him.

“It was like that.”

Glenn put down his empty teacup and nodded slowly.

“But it seems my prediction was a little wrong.”
“yes? What is that… .”
“His talent exceeded my expectations.”

He looked back at the drawing room door, which slowly opened. He smiled coldly as he looked at Ruth Robert.

* * *

The Tomb of the Sword was a bright place, contrary to its gloomy meaning as the Tomb of the Sword.

The green trees gave off brilliant vitality, and various sword sculptures created an elegant atmosphere. It looked more like a well-kept garden than a tomb.

“her… .”

Raon let out an exclamation of admiration as he looked at the bushes trimmed like swords.

‘This wasn’t made out of the ordinary.’

The black bush in front of you right now wasn’t trimmed with garden shears. The force of the sword can be felt at the edge of the bush. It was clear that the shape of the sword was created by practicing swordsmanship with a real sword.

‘That’s amazing.’

As I was looking at the sword bushes and losing my mind, Lars stuck his head in.

-Who is that guy?
-I asked him what his relationship was with that humble-looking man.

Lars’ eyes flashed blue as if the frost had melted.

-The feeling of anger you brought up was similar to when you first called the king. Is he the target of your anger?
‘hmm… .’

You’re sharp at times like this.

Ras may not be the Lord of Anger for nothing, but he has a keen sense of anger.

I can’t tell you though.

Although his relationship with Lars has improved a lot, it was premature to talk about reincarnation.

It would be better to gloss over it somehow.

Raon made up his mind and nodded slightly.

‘The enemy is right.’

I couldn’t fake that, so I spoke honestly.

-I knew that would happen. But it’s a little strange.

Lars narrowed his eyes.

-It felt like he was seeing you for the first time? Besides, weren’t you quite young at the time? What kind of grudge did he have with that guy?
‘… … .’
-Tell me.
‘Ugh, food.’

Even when I tried to think of it, nothing in particular came to mind, so Lars came up with a word that I could get over.

‘When I was little, he took the last bowl of my stew. As you know, I probably didn’t know much about it at the time because I was treated like I didn’t belong in the family.’

Raon bit his lip.

‘It won’t work, right?’

It’s crazy even if I think about it.

No matter how stupid Lars is, this is a bit out of line. It was so absurd that I almost burst out laughing.

-Ugh, this kid… .

I thought it was just in case, but it was the same. He looked at the shape of the guy’s mouth and it looked like he was about to yell.

-If that’s the case, shouldn’t you say something quickly?
-When you are young, you have a strong obsession with food. Moreover, it is the last bowl! It’s brave of you not to break the head!
‘… … .’

Raon slowly closed his eyes. Lars was a fool beyond expectations when it came to food. He felt grateful but sad.

-If you had told me sooner, the King would have helped you! Anyway, what a frustrating guy!
‘… ‘Is that so?’
– Grudges about food. And the resentment towards the last vessel is deep and deep. Even if that guy is unusually strong among humans, you must avenge him!

Lars muttered that he would help him and that he should avenge his grudge. It was a bonus for him to shout out to me to cheer up.

“under… .”

Raon let out a weak laugh as he saw Lars shaking his fist.

‘Should I say thank you for this…? .’

Receiving help from Ras, who gives even when you are still, is no different from receiving a thousand soldiers or ten thousand horses, but to get help from him in this way, I really did not know what life was like.

-Ugh. This king is all angry. If there was someone who took the last mint chocolate ice cream in front of the king, I would have broken his head and frozen every single cell.
‘Yeah, right… .’

I’m thankful, but also a little sad, so I’ll have to fill Lars’s stomach at the banquet that will be held this evening.

Raon shook his head and followed the group. He walked up the white path of the sword tomb and saw a sword stuck in the ground. It must have been a long time since he lost his master, so the blade was rusty and the sword was torn.


It wasn’t a single sword. There were countless time-worn swords stuck here and there.
There are famous swords that have not lost their luster until now, and there are also many common swords that are worn out.

“This… .”
“This is the real sword temple.”

The Three Princes turned around and smiled broadly.

“The swords stuck here are the swords of heroes who fought for Owen. “Whether you are a Grand Master or a soldier who cannot use Aurors, anyone who raises a sword under Owen’s banner will be able to sheathe it here.”

His face looked more proud than ever. His eyes were full of anticipation that someday he, too, would stick his sword in this place.


Raon bit his molars gently. When I heard the Three Princes’ words, memories of my past life came to mind like a kaleidoscope.
I sacrificed my life for Robert, but it ended up being a dog boiled in a pot. It was a miserable time.

‘It’s different.’

There were so many differences between the Owen and Robert families that even the soldiers left their names. The anger that had subsided boiled up again.

‘It’s a little early, but I think we should get started.’

You can’t target it right away, so you have to slowly eat away at the surrounding area.

‘The beginning… .’

Raon sneered and curled up his mouth, recalling the past Cadiz.

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

Reincarnation Genius Sword Master Assasin
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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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