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Chapter 309

“Glenn Sieghardt.”

The blonde old man called Lord looked up at Glenn and narrowed his eyes.

“I don’t need to explain why I came here, but you probably know.”
“That’s why I came… .”

Glenn looked down at the old man and shook his head slightly.

“The deal with the dragons must have already ended.”
“It’s not like you to play with words when you know everything.”

There was slight anger in the old man’s eyes, as if he was reprimanding.

“What is unique about me? “Are we close enough to discuss something like that?”

Glenn rested his chin on the back of his hand and laughed coldly.

‘A troublesome guy has arrived.’

The blonde old man in front of me is a dragon. It was also the Dragon Lord who commanded all dragons.
Every time I came, I didn’t bring good sound, so looking at that face only made me irritated.

“Whew, good. “I will tell you with my own mouth.”

The Dragon Lord briefly clicked his tongue and straightened his back and neck. It was an elegant demeanor that seemed to embody the word nobility.

“As I said before, your force is enough to destroy the balance of this continent. “It’s enough to surpass even our dragon, the arbiter of the world.”

He looked at Glenn with a slightly resentful look.

“Sieghart’s ancestors, and you too, don’t know how humans gained such power, but that power is misaligned.”
“Is it out of alignment?”
“The more you use your power, the more it destroys the center of the world. “It means the power to escape even the law of causality.”
“Wouldn’t the power of dragons also upset the balance? “For someone of the strongest race to say this, it’s ridiculous.”

Glenn snorted as he looked at the Dragon Lord.

“We have been slowly building our strength over a long period of time. “It is different from those of you who reach the sky in a short period of time, less than 100 years.”

The Dragon Lord frowned as he drew a long line with his finger.

“So you’re telling me to stay here and die even if my blood relatives are kidnapped? Even though I have the power to save it?”
“You have to look at it broadly. Even though we are blood relatives, we are nothing but dust in the eyes of the world. What someone who has reached the sky like you should think about is the greater good. “It is the flow and balance of the world.”
“You’re being damned.”
“What is that… .”
“I said it was bullshit.

Glenn’s smile grew brighter, and a fierce murderous spirit rose from him.

“I don’t know what bullshit they are talking about when a hatchling is hunted or injured and the dragons rush in and destroy the race.”

Hatchlings are young dragons that do not exceed 500 years old and are protected by all dragons. There were many kingdoms and families that were destroyed by dragon hordes after touching a hatchling.

“Well, that’s… .”

The Dragon Lord could not answer and narrowed his eyes.

“We are different from humans! Dragons have a mission to protect the balance of this continent and mediate any imbalances… .”
“In the end, is it a dual attitude that you can do it and we can’t? For a defender and mediator of the continent to say, this is ridiculous. Well, it’s like that every time, so I guess he missed it that time too. “No, is it correct to say that he ran away?”
“Ugh… .”
“It’s the great cause, the balance of the continent. “I was fooled by that tongue before, but this time it’s different.”

Glenn glared at the Dragon Lord with cold, eerie eyes.

“My grandson is more precious than hundreds of your hatchlings. “I don’t regret my actions, so just shut up and leave.”
“I’m sure you know.”

The Dragon Lord bit his lip without backing down.

“You don’t have much time left. “Thanks to this incident, that short period of time has probably been shortened further.”
“… … .”
“Glen Sieghardt. The cause you left behind will have huge consequences that will hit this family. Think carefully from now on… .”
“Another bullshit.”

Glenn’s dry voice caught the Dragon Lord’s throat.

“I take all the karma I have accumulated. “I don’t hand it over to anyone.”
“Well, if you do something like that, even if it’s you… .”
“It doesn’t matter if I can’t climb to the sky.”

There was not even the slightest wavering in his serious eyes.

“Before and even now, I haven’t walked a set path.”
“Uhm… .”
“one more.”

Glenn’s eyes turned to the Dragon Lord. A chillingly sharp energy wave emanated from his tightly sunken eyes.

“If you ever mess with our children, you better be prepared. “I will cut off the heads of all dragons in the world regardless of whether the continent collapses or is destroyed.”

He raised his hand to the sword as if he were ready to fight.

“Whoa, this is what happens in the end. We have no intention of fighting you. but… .”

The Dragon Lord sighed and raised his finger. The space behind him split open, just as it had when he first appeared.

“If you ignore my advice, you will definitely regret it. Glenn Sieghart.”

He shook his head and disappeared into the dimension.


Glenn let out a cold laugh as he looked at the space where the Dragon Lord had disappeared.

“I always have regrets.”

* * *


The black beads that covered the training ground split, and Ra-on and Do-goe came out at the same time.


I frowned as I watched the sword realm disappear.

“We increased the number of black blades, but the speed of adaptation became faster… .”

The sword fight was held more seriously than in the first fight, but Raon destroyed the sword fight much more easily than before. It was so absurd that I just laughed.

‘It’s not just about becoming stronger.’

This guy is approaching the sword realm.

Looking at the location of the blade that was specially hidden so that it could not be caught by sound, it was clear that Raon had not simply ascended to the level and aura, but had also taken a step towards the true intention of the Realm of the Sword.

‘All I can say is that he’s crazy.’

Raon is a 19-year-old kid. While others could barely use their sword energy, this monster was not enough to reach the intermediate level of master and even approached the sword realm.
It felt like my soul was being ripped out of my body.

“What on earth are you doing in Eden?”

No matter how much you think about it, this is not the level of force of the kidnapped guy. It felt like I had taken an elixir and received swordsmanship training from someone.

“hmm… .”

Raon smiled slightly, looking at the embarrassed Dogoe.

“If I think about it now, you could say it was training.”

He took two elixirs from Merlin, developed his practical sense by fighting the Golden Mask Knight, and even used the mask to absorb his soul. If you think about it, it was no exaggeration to say that he had trained even more than when he was here.

“Whoa, my head hurts. I’m sick of it. “I’m sick of it.”

Dogoe muttered that he needed to have a drink and left the training center.


Raon lowered his sword and sighed.

‘It’s a little disappointing.’

I was just getting excited, but now that it’s over, my appetite is a little sore. I wanted to swing the sword a little more.

‘I guess I’ll have to go look for Danju tomorrow.’
-Pack your ears?
‘okay. I think it would be good to warm up a bit and see how much my Auror has improved.’
-… You will hear the sound of singing again.

Lars slowly closed his eyes, praying for his soul to rest in peace.

‘I’ll just do it in moderation.’
-The king assures me. There will be a difference between your Jeongdoji and your ears’ Jeongdoji on the level of mint chocolate and cookie and cookie.
‘Isn’t cookie and kook better?”
-What nonsense! Of course, mint chocolate wins by a landslide!
‘Probably not.’

As I was trying to practice swordsmanship alone while chatting with Lars, the door to the training room opened again and Chad, the non-banquet owner, came in.

“Non-banquet owner?”
“Raon. It’s been a while since I saw you.

Chad stepped forward and smiled slightly.

“yes. long time no see.”

Raon lowered his head and checked Chad’s condition. I couldn’t look him in the eye properly and had an awkward expression.

‘Come to think of it… .’

When Chad gave information about Grandeville, there was no information about the 7 Apostles, let alone the 10 Apostles. He seems to have had a hard time because of the kidnapping incident.

‘Actually, it’s not the non-banquet’s fault.’

Denning Rose, head of the Granseville Black Market branch, did not know that Apostle and Merlin existed, so it was natural that the non-banquet owner in this far away place could not know about their existence.

‘But apart from that… .’

I still couldn’t trust Chad. Because there were so many suspicious aspects of his actions.


Chad immediately lowered his head, despite his status.

“I should have looked into it a little more closely, but I made a mistake and caused trouble to Raon. I’m really sorry!”

Raon waved his hand. He had expected an apology to some extent, but he had not expected such a polite apology.

“The black market people didn’t know, so it’s impossible for the non-banquet to know about the existence of the 10 Apostles or Merlin.”
“Even so! “As a non-banquet host, I didn’t do a good job!”

Chad bent his back at a right angle and lowered his head.

‘You should never look hateful!’

I was convinced through this incident. The person the matriarch loves most in the family is not her son or daughter, but her youngest grandson, Raon Sieghardt. He gave this person a banquet that looked wrong and left only his neck in the morning.

“Don’t do this.”

Raon grabbed Chad’s shoulders and forced him up.

‘As expected, this person is strange.’

As I said, this isn’t the banquet’s fault. You could apologize, but there was absolutely no need to do so overtly.

‘I think they come out like this to gain trust… .’

The more I think about it, the more Chad’s actions and words seem excessive. I can’t help but doubt it.

‘Is it Karun or Balder? No, it could be from another direct lineage.’

Now that the external war was over, there was a good chance that there would be another internal dispute or incident.

“Please take this.”

Chad held out a wooden armor.

“This… .”
“It’s a tonic. It is an item that boosts physical and mental strength. “I heard that he was completely healed, but I still brought it just in case.”

He also took out a booklet from his pocket.

“At this meeting of the Six Emperors, I have written down people and situations to watch out for. Please take note!”
“uh… .”
“Then I’ll leave.”

Chad bowed his head again and turned around.

‘good. Perfect.’

It was inevitable that I made a mistake, but the response afterward was perfect. Looking at Raon’s expression, it seemed like it worked well.

‘It has to be that way.’

In addition to the expensive medicine, they also gave him information about the Six Emperors’ Council, so he couldn’t help but like it.

Chad left the 5th training center satisfied with the results.

Raon frowned as he watched Chad’s back moving away.

‘Isn’t it strange?’
-There is no such thing as free food in this world. Seeing someone I’m not even close with being so kind to me makes me think he’s the one I need to be wary of first.

Lars also looked at Chad and muttered something strange.


Even when I was training to be an assassin, I was told not to trust kindness shown without reason.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he touched the tonic that Chad had given him.

‘Chad… .’

This is someone you need to watch out for.

* * *

A week later.

Numerous swordsmen were lined up on both sides of Sieghart’s main gate. It was arranged to see Glenn off as he left for Owen.

‘hmm… .’

Raon had also finished preparing for departure and was standing in the center, looking behind Gwangpungdan.

‘Marta looks fine too.’

Perhaps what I said to Martha was helpful, but she showed no sign of giving up or despair. She actually seemed more energetic than usual.

“Buren and Runaan are still the same.’

Buren was grinning with joy at just attending the Six Emperors’ Meeting, and Runaan had abandoned his sharp gaze and was looking up at the sky with his blind eyes like before. She felt relieved when she saw a small butterfly fly above her head and sit still, but did not move.

‘But these guys… .’

Have you been training during this time?

I didn’t see any snobs in the gym for two weeks, so I thought they were playing around, but that wasn’t the case at all.
The swordsmen of the Gwangpungdan raised both their aura and level in this short period of time.
Seeing the clear progress, it seems like he practiced without sleeping properly.

‘That’s amazing.’

Looking at the accomplishments of the prosecutors, it made me wonder if it was actually I who was lazy. I felt admiration and pride at the same time.

-There is no need to think too much.

Lars shook his head as he looked at the windmill above his head.

-Those who realize their own powerlessness and try to overcome it become strong.
-Didn’t you see you being kidnapped right in front of your eyes? The despair at that time became the driving force behind those kids.
‘… is it.’

My heart heated up as I thought I knew what Gwangpungdan was thinking as he swung his sword even during the break.

“The head of the family is coming!”

At the loud voice that came from behind, the prosecutors standing on both sides and those waiting for departure all knelt down.

“Meet the matriarch!”

Raon also knelt down and bowed his head. Glenn passes by her with the sound of a paedo-laden step. The incredible helplessness she felt as she grew older flowed over her shoulders, giving her goosebumps.

“Get up.”

Glenn stood at the front again and got on the horse. I had felt it before, but he seemed to be a leader who had a tendency to stand in front of his subordinates and clear the way first.
He was the complete opposite of Derus Robert, who unconditionally sent his subordinates first.

“I don’t ask for much.”

Glenn looked back. The red eyes were calm.

“Just show me what Sieghardt contains.”

He left those words and moved forward first. Loen followed from the left, and Cheryl moved from the right.
The Heavenly Sword Dae generated enormous sword energy and protected him.

The sight of them blindly following Glenn without even a doubt was like watching a frenzy for their own sake.

Raon looked at Glenn in front and clenched his fists.

‘I have no intention of becoming the head of the family, but I want to be like the head of the family.’

I didn’t want to imitate his absolute strength, but I wanted to be someone who fights ahead of everyone else and leads his colleagues with his back.

Raon moved forward, keeping Glenn’s back in his eyes and head.

* * *

“Long live Sieghard!”
“Glenn Sieghardt!”
“King of North Extermination! King of North Extermination! King of Northern Destruction!”

When we arrived at the city of Tortin near the Kingdom of Owen, citizens came out and said Sieghardt’s name. No, they cheered Glenn Sieghardt’s name.

All eyes were focused on Glenn. It was only natural that he defeated the White Blood Cult Leader and Tacheon alone, who were a disaster to ordinary people.

The Sieghardt prosecutors walked across the city with proud steps, as if Glenn’s praise was directed at them.

“King of North Extermination! King of Northern Destruction!”
“Glenn Sieghardt!”

Glenn, who was heading towards his dorm without reacting to the cheers and gestures of the people, turned around. He looked at Raon and motioned for him to come forward.

“Did you call me?”

Raon stood next to Glenn and matched his steps.

“Can you hear this cheering?”
“The reason they are crying Sieghard’s name now is because of me.”

Glenn looked back at the people with cold eyes.

“I am receiving such cheers because I defeated the leader of the White Blood Cult and Tacheon.”

That’s right. Most of the cheers were for Glenn’s name.

“Then what will happen if I disappear?”
“that… .”

I didn’t know exactly what was being asked, so I didn’t answer for now.

“That cheer is on the dirt floor, for Sieghardt. No, the malice that was weighing on me will rise like a flame. “What would you do if they were all targeting Sieghart?”
“… … .”

Raon slowly closed his eyes. Glenn said she seemed to be thinking about the aftermath of her death.
I don’t know why I’m asking myself this, but to organize the thoughts that have recently come to mind, I drew a picture of the future.

‘If it had been before, I would have left.’

If it had been before being kidnapped by Eden, he would have left the family home with only the people in the annex. Because Sieghart was a place of little significance to me.

‘But it’s different now.’

As a result of this incident, the Sieghardt that was stuck in his head changed significantly.
Family and people. Leaving the annex, he has now become inseparable from the name Sieghart. If I was disappointed in my family, I could cut off the dirty part, but I couldn’t leave.

‘Then I guess I’ll just do what I do best.’

I wanted to do something that would help this family, even if it was small.

“I’m going to roll.”
“Rolling? “What does it mean?”
“I will make the swordsmen in my family strong by beating them to the brink of death. “To be afraid of the name Sieghardt, not just one matriarch named Glenn Sieghardt.”

Raon smiled slightly as he watched the sun slowly sinking.

“Even if the sun sets, it rises again. I think the same goes for the family name. “Even if the family head disappears and the family sinks for a while, I will work with everyone to build a solid foundation that will not be broken so that it can rise again.”
“Does that mean you’d like to take over?”
“I don’t intend to do that. “I just do what I have to do.”

Since I really wasn’t interested in the position of head of the family, I shook my head firmly.

“Is that so?”

Glenn nodded stiffly and looked away. She looked like she wasn’t interested anymore.

‘hmm… .’

Raon ate his appetite and came back again.

‘I guess I didn’t like it.’

Still, I can’t help it. I spoke honestly and have no regrets about it.

* * *

That night.

A huge sound arose from the mountains behind the city of Tortin.

“Whoa… .”

Glenn leaned his back against the huge rock that had been split in half and let out a light breath.

“How wise you are.”

I asked Raon a question about the future and thought there would be only one answer.
The answer is that you will become strong and become a wall for your family. It was a cliché, but it was the most appropriate answer for the situation. Anyone would have answered that way.

But Raon was different.

‘I’m going to make everyone roll…’ .’

It does not mean to become strong alone, but to become strong together with others. My heart sank when I heard that I would grow not as an individual, but as a family.

‘Because that was my goal after becoming enlightened.’

Raon had already reached his real goal, which he had only reached after wandering for a long time. He was so happy that he couldn’t hold back his laughter. He could barely resist wanting to hug Raon tightly.

“Isn’t he a truly proud child?”
“of course.”

Cheryl and Loen, who were standing on either side of Glenn’s question, nodded at the same time.

“Through this incident, Raon seems to have realized what family means.”

Cheryl smiled softly.

“yes. Not only is your strength growing, but your spirit is growing as well. “I’m looking forward to the future even more.”

Roen also laughed happily while looking at Glenn.

“I’m not saying this because he’s my grandchild, but because he’s going to be big. “Everyone needs to know what kind of kid Raon is.”

Glenn frowned, looking irritated.

“First, write down what the child said today. “It’s something that can serve as an example to everyone.”
“Whoa… .”

Rimmer looked at Glenn and sighed.

“No, first let me know that you care about your grandchildren.”

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The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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