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Chapter 3

For a moment, Guy Nando thought Lee Han was joking.

How can a person live on only hard black bread and cold rice balls?

How can a person wear such a rough and shabby cloak?

But Lee Han didn’t look like he was joking.

‘Wardanaz family… It seems like a scary family… !’

Gainando was astonished.

The empire’s noble families had great power, and each had their own customs and family traditions.

And Lee Han’s family, the Wardanaz family, had little known information among the imperial noble families.

It was because I did not actively participate in politics and was only focused on magic research…

Thanks to this, Gainando had no choice but to misunderstand.

I guess the Wardanaz family raises their family blood like that!

‘Isn’t that too much? Even so, slaves would not be treated like that… Who would have thought that the Wardanaz family head would be such a cruel person… ‘

Gainando patted Lee Han on the shoulder with a sympathetic look on his face.

“Please come visit the mansion sometime. “I will make sure to treat you properly.”

“uh… thanks?”

I didn’t know why Gai Nan Do was like this, but Lee Han nodded.

* * *

After the headmaster’s stormy speech and the students dispersed, I had a chance to talk to Yoner again.

Lee Han asked what he was curious about earlier.

“Why are you with Gainando? “No matter how much we are cousins, if we are a member of the Makin family, there is no need to worry about the opinions of a single member of the royal family.”

“ah. Because of Gaynando’s mother.”

Joner said calmly.

Lee Han asked in amazement at that sight.

“Have you ever been indebted to Gainando’s mother?”

Lee Han imagined for a moment.

Yoner, who was much younger than he is now, attended a banquet held at the imperial palace and made a big mistake.

Everyone looks at Yoner with disdain, and Yoner is scared and crying, but one of the empresses, Gaynando’s mother, appears and says this warmly:

-are you okay. You may make mistakes.

An experience like that would have moved me.

Even though Gai Nando is an insignificant member of the royal family, we can give him proper royal treatment…

“huh? no. Guyando’s mother is extremely wealthy. “If she was friendly with Guy Nando, she gave him a lot of money.”

“… !!”

Lee Han was astonished.

Was there such a secret?

‘I guess I should become friends too!’

* * *

The magic school Einrogard accepted anyone, from royalty to slaves, as long as they had talent.

Of course, wizards also knew that if you gathered all the sensitive and sharp boys and girls in one place, accidents would easily occur.

That’s why Einrogard’s dormitory was divided into four places depending on origin.

Tower of the Arrogant Blue Dragon.

People from the imperial family and renowned noble families entered here.

Since Lee Han was also a member of the Wardanaz family, he automatically belonged to this family.

“Ugh. They are priests. “I don’t know if I’m just preaching for no reason.”

“Shh. “Don’t start a fight for no reason.”

I heard a grumbling sound next to me.

It was a complaint about the new students belonging to the ‘Tower of the Eternally Burning Phoenix’.

The tower of the Phoenix that burns forever.

Priests from various denominations of the empire entered here.

Surprisingly, the priests of the empire did not mind using magic.

They thought magical power was a blessing from God.

As such, it was not strange for several denominations to send priests to Einroguard, the empire’s most outstanding magic school.

‘It does stand out.’

The royal family and nobles had not yet changed into school uniforms, so their attire was different, but the priests were all dressed in frugal priestly uniforms.

The noble boys and girls who had grown up listening to sermons from priests who visited their families were frowning as if they were remembering something.

Crunch, clank-

However, when they saw the people coming in behind them, the boys and girls’ expressions became even more frowning.

The tower of a white tiger biting a lightning bolt.

Boys and girls from knightly families of the empire entered this tower.

At first glance, it seemed strange that a knightly family would come to a magic school, but even among knights, magic was needed.

Right now, there is no place where magic cannot be used, from telepathy to healing.

These were people who were prepared to walk two paths together, as knights and wizards.

Gainando grumbled as if he didn’t really like that.

“Do we really have to accept people here who insult the glorious and pure path of magic like that? Just hiring a street wizard as a tutor would be enough.”

Lee Han, who was listening from the side, was slightly pricked.

Others may have been thinking of exploring pure truth through magic, but Lee Han just came here to get ahead through magic.

“If you were going to learn, you probably wanted to learn from the best.”

“what… “Why do you take their side?”


Lee Han was becoming more lenient towards Guy Nando.

It was because I heard that Gaynando’s mother had a lot of money.

“A noble being does not despise those below him.”

“… I think the conditions are too strict… ”

Still, Gainando kept his mouth shut, as if he wanted to be dignified.

After the boys and girls from the knight family passed by, the last dormitory students appeared.

These were the people wearing the most diverse and unique outfits here.

The Black Turtle Tower, which sees the past and future.

This dormitory had the most diverse composition.

A variety of people, including commoners, servants, slaves, clowns, beggars, merchants, and emerging lower-class nobles, are all gathered together.

I could feel the intimidation on their faces as if they knew that they were of the lowest status.

‘If I get the chance, I’d like to become friends with you.’

Unlike others who cast a disdainful gaze, Lee Han wanted to build friendships whenever he had the chance.

What is the best way to make money?

After all, it was a business.

And the good thing about doing this kind of business together is not people like Gainando next to you, but people with extensive experience in the field.

“Are you looking this way?”

“Don’t make eye contact. “There’s nothing good about meeting you.”

“Unlucky children… ”

There was no way they didn’t know that the students from the Blue Dragon Tower were looking at them with disdain.

There was nothing good to be gained from fighting here, so they avoided eye contact and walked away.

“Should we even accept such vulgar people? Anyway, that’s true.”

Among the whispering voices, one in particular was heard clearly.

The students at Black Turtle Tower also seemed to have heard this, and their expressions became grim.


At that moment, Lee Han realized that this was an opportunity.

A chance to build friendships with top students over there!

‘I guess I should step forward now.’

* * *

Even if the students at Black Turtle Tower tried not to be intimidated, they could not help but feel intimidated.

Even students who were quite strong couldn’t easily stand up to this unfamiliar atmosphere and gossip.

The person who stepped forward at that time was Lee Han, a boy from the Blue Dragon Tower.

The boy with thick lines and a dignified sculptural appearance slowly opened his mouth.

“I guess that’s the vulgar one. Didn’t you give up everything you had before joining Einroguard? “You forgot all that and showed off your petty pride.”

The boy exuded a strong presence as well as a sense of intimidation.

A noble appearance that only great nobles with natural bloodline and pride in themselves can show.

It seemed that other Blue Dragon Tower students also sympathized with that.

“That’s true.”

“You’re from the Wardanaz family, right? After all, he comes from the Wardanaz family.”

The person who made fun of him earlier was so embarrassed that he couldn’t even come forward and kept his mouth shut.

And Black Turtle Tower students also responded.

“Wardanaz family??”

“That magic family… ?!”

“Don’t make eye contact, idiot! “It’s a dangerous family!”

“This is a family whose head is a dragon, right? “Is it dragon blood?”

“I thought it was not a dragon, but the bloodline of an ancient spirit… ”

“… … ”

* * *

At first, Lee Han thought everything went well.

All the students were persuaded by Lee Han’s words.

‘Are you okay?’

Now if only the students at Black Turtle Tower would say thank you to Lee Han…

“Wardanaz family??”

“That magic family… ?!”

“Don’t make eye contact, idiot! “It’s a dangerous family!”

“This is a family whose head is a dragon, right? “Is it dragon blood?”

“I thought it was not a dragon, but the bloodline of an ancient spirit… ”

“… … ”

However, the reaction was a bit different from what Lee Han expected.

Students who look at each other in fear rather than build friendships!

From the students’ reactions, Lee Han realized that something was going wrong.

I thought you would come back and say thank you… ?

Yoner said with admiration next to him.

“What you just showed was really great. that’s right. Any noble who joins Einrogard should do the same.”

“… Joner. “Do I look scary?”

“huh? no? Like a noble, with dignity?”

Yoner did not understand why Ihan was worried.

Lee Han’s appearance was literally ‘noble-like’ handsome.

Thick lines, angular chin, and tightly pursed lips. Plus sharp eyes.

His appearance was so dignified that commoners could not approach him, which was considered an advantage among nobles.

In fact, all of the Blue Dragon Tower students were nice to me.

Lee Han sighed at that reaction.

‘It would be impossible to hang out like this.’

* * *

Each dormitory was located far away from the main building along the north, south, east, and west directions.

Lee Han and the other students followed the road to the blue tower visible in the distance.

‘It’s really spacious.’

When I saw it inside, it was surprising.

It was a school, but what kind of school is there with lakes, forests, rivers, and mountains inside?

When I saw that, I suddenly remembered what the skeleton principal had said.

‘I told you to save it on your own, right?’

You can save this school as much as you want, the skeleton principal had said.

Seeing it like this made me think that it could happen.

Go to the forest and catch animals, or go to the lake and fish…

“I guess you’re thinking the same thing.”


“I thought it was a great blessing to be able to see this beautiful scenery, right?”

“no. “I was wondering what animals I could catch in the forest.”

“… “Does the Wardanaz family even provide such training?”

* * *

The Tower of the Arrogant Blue Dragon was a tall tower made of blue stone.

From the outside, it didn’t seem that big.

However, inside it was a large, almost infinite space that had been expanded by the wizards of Einroguard.


As I passed through the tower’s door, the several students who had been with me just now disappeared.

When Lee Han came to his senses, he was left alone in a dark space.

[Where would you go?]

[Where would you go?]

Lee Han realized that it was the tower itself that was talking to him.

“Where am I… “Can I go?”

[You adapt quickly.]
Although T.O.P. was not visible, Lee Han felt as if T.O.P. was smiling.

[The place you can go now is your private room and the steel common room exclusively for first-year students.]
“Can we go somewhere else?”

[okay. Some places you can go to only by knowing the name, and some places you can go there only by knowing other things.]
Blue Dragon Tower Dormitory

Phoenix Tower Dormitory

Tiger Tower Dormitory

Turtle Tower Dormitory

“Can I go to the second graders’ lounge or the common room?”

[okay. But not now.]

[Because the principal banned it.]
“… … ”

Lee Han criticized the principal’s thoroughness. In this respect, he was a thorough human being.

“Then please send me to a private room.”

[okay. Welcome to admission. It’s a young wizard.]

How to live as a magic school wizard

How to live as a magic school wizard

Graduate student Lee Han. Born as the youngest child of a magical family in another world. -I will never go to school again! 'What are you aiming for?' ‘Play and eat for the rest of your life...’ ‘Yes. You too will feel your talent. Go to the magic school, Einrogard!' 'Matriarch!' If you graduate from magic school, your life is guaranteed. Do your best and graduate!
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Graduate student Yi-han finds himself reborn in another world as the youngest child of a mage family. – I'm never attending school, ever again! 'What do you wish to achieve in life?' 'I wish to play around and live comforta-' 'You must be aware of your talent. Now go attend Einroguard!' 'Patriarch!' My future would be guaranteed once I graduate. For my future!


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