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Chapter 296

An underground training hall where the sun does not enter.
A screaming sound of cheers echoed across the fine sand.

The main character of that shout is Gwangpungdan. Except for Raon and Dorian, the Gwangpungdan prosecutors were gathered in one place and were conducting medical examination training.

Not much time had passed, and even though they all had injuries big and small, the momentum generated by the Gwangpungdan was on a different level than before.

It was not just that he became stronger, but he endlessly exuded sharp and ferocious sword energy as if his temperament had changed.

“Rest for 20 minutes.”

After finishing training in Gwangpungjin, Buren ordered the swordsmen to rest.

“20 minutes break!”

The Gwangpungdan prosecutors did not sit down even though they were told to take a break. I started doing personal training with some distance from other people.

Even though it was break time, only the sounds of sword swings and foot steps could be heard in the training hall. The expressions on the prosecutors’ faces were also extremely cruel, as if they were facing an enemy rather than training.

Burren unfolded the Sakpung Sword five times in a row and then straightened his back.

‘shit… .’

for a moment. Even if you don’t focus on the sword even for a moment, bad thoughts come to mind.

Raon may have ended up wearing the Mask of Eden, and Dorian may have become a blood demon and is drinking blood. The worst thoughts crept into my head, that something might have gone wrong and the two of them might have died.

‘Just stay alive, both of you.’

I received so much grace from Raon that I can’t even put it into words. Not only was his life saved, but his soul was saved, so he wished he would live even if he died.


As Burren bit his lip and prayed for the safety of the two, Marta approached.

“It’s time.”

I nodded and looked at Marta. Pale complexion. She was in bad shape as she was actually having to treat her wounds, not training.

However, there was no mention of rest. She wouldn’t listen, and she couldn’t imagine how she would feel if her comrade was kidnapped by the enemy.

“Don’t think about me, try something like that.”

As if reading Buren’s thoughts, Marta frowned and pointed behind her. There, Runaan was swinging her cold-filled sword, shedding an eerie energy.

“That crazy guy. Until now, I haven’t slept and am just swinging my sword. “If you do that, you’ll really break down.”
“hmm… .”

Buren bit his lip as he looked at Runaan. Runaan was training so intensely that it was difficult to approach her, even though she was as seriously injured as Marta.

The girl who liked to stare blankly at the sky disappeared, and a female swordsman full of murder took her place.

“I can’t stop you.”

Buren sighed and shook his head. Not only Runan and Marta, but others also swung their swords like crazy, remembering Raon and Dorian.
Knowing how they felt, it was impossible to stop them.

“set! From now on, we will practice Gwangpungjin again… .”

It was time to gather everyone together and resume Jinbeop training. The training hall door opened softly, and Rimmer came in. His eyes were unusually calm and eerily dry.

“Raon’s location has been identified.”

At Rimmer’s low voice, the movements of the Gwangpungdan swordsmen stopped. Their tired eyes flashed with a light of hope.

“Where is it?”
“Is Raon alive?”
“How did Dorian…” .”

The Gwangpungdan prosecutors rushed to Rimmer and poured out questions they had been unable to ask even though they wanted to.

“The location is near Cameloon, and I don’t know the exact information yet.”

Rimmer shook his head.

“The black market is preparing for a massive dimensional shift. It will go to Cameloon through the dimensional gateway. There’s still time, so if you’re missing out, tell me now.”
“… … .”

No one answered that question. It meant that we would all go together.

“Contrary to your determination, your eyes are full of tension.”

Rimmer smiled lightly as usual.

“I wonder if you will be helpful in the battle. Will Raon be okay? How many enemies there are and how strong they are. Many thoughts will come to mind. “But if you don’t go today, you will regret it for the rest of your life.”

The prosecutors, convinced by those words, clenched their fists to make a sound.

“It may not relieve your other anxieties, but it can reassure you of one thing. “It doesn’t matter who the enemy is or how many they number.”

Rimmer faced the heated eyes of the Gwangpungdan and smiled eerily.

“Because the greatest man on the continent raised his sword again.”

* * *

Raon whetted his appetite as he looked at the red crocodile mask in his hand.

‘It looks like a type of crocodile.’

Looking at its large, sharp teeth and rough skin like saw blades, it seemed to be a large monster with the appearance of a crocodile, called a crocodile.

‘What kind of guy is he?’

Crocodile is a monster that appears all over the continent, and seeing as its mask is red, it is likely that it is a crocodile from a desert or hot area.

‘That must be the king too.’

Eden is not an ordinary monster, but uses magic stones left behind by chieftains or kings to create helmets like this. The spirit within this helmet must be the Crocodile King.

-If someone else comes in here while using that, won’t they all get caught?

Ras frowned, pointing to the reporting door.

‘Maybe so.’

As Lars said, I came here to look for armor and weapons, but if I use this helmet, anyone will be suspicious.

‘So I have no intention of writing it.’
-what? I’m sure you’ll use it… .
‘There is a way to contact the spirit world without using it.’

Raon put his hand inside the helmet and smiled slightly.

– Oh, that’s nonsense! You are human. It is impossible to control your soul as you wish!
‘that’s right. ‘It’s impossible for me alone.’

I saw Lars nodding and tilting his head.

‘But there’s your anger.’

Lars’ anger is currently clinging to his soul. If he unleashed that rage, he could collide with the spirit of the monster inside, even without his helmet on.

‘As expected, you are the best… No, I’m a helper.’

Lars would have passed on his anger to one day take over this body, but that anger was helpful in many ways.
Even the generously giving tree in the story cannot be like this, as it gives benefits even with the power given over to cause harm.

-Oh my!

Lars opened his mouth as if he hadn’t thought of that.

– No way! Why is anger that should be negative for you helpful? Why are you using it as if it were yours!

The guy rushed at me, swinging his fists as if he was angry. Of course, I didn’t have any strength, so I couldn’t even use a cotton bat.

‘Thank you for your continued support.’

Raon grinned and pushed Lars away.


Seeing the cotton candy that had turned blue with melancholy brought out the anger that clung to my soul. Sparks flew from the right hand he put into his helmet, and his vision flashed white.

“hmm… .”

When I opened my eyes again, the world had changed.

The quiet sight disappeared, and a volcano bursting with lava came into view. Dry air infused with heat stirred my lungs.

‘I got it right.’

Raon smiled while looking at the boiling lava. I thought it was a desert, but it turned out to be a lava field. The owner of the mask seemed to be the Lava Crocodile King.

Coo coo coo coo!

As I was looking at the volcanic area with a satisfied smile, a huge amount of lava exploded from the center of the volcano.


A huge shadow falls behind the lava that soars to the sky. Lava Crocodile King. A crocodile of a size I had never seen before flashed red eyes.

The energy it possessed was far behind, but in terms of size, it was similar to Rokta’s main body.

[Are you the human who will become my body?]

Lava Crocodile King raised his chin upward and looked down at Raon.


Raon chuckled and shook his head.

“I’m a human who came to boil you and eat you?”
[This guy has lost his fear.]

Lava Crocodile King snorted.

[The expressions on the faces of the people who came to hunt me were always like that. Of course, every single one went into my stomach.]

It waved its snout arrogantly.

[Humans are nothing more than food. It was the same in the past and now.]

Lava Crocodile King stamped his feet with confidence.

‘It’s worth it.’

The lava field is the worst terrain where you will run out of breath and lose stamina just by walking.
Even for excellent knights and wizards, it would not have been easy to catch the Lava Crocodile King, who made his home in the lava fields.

‘It’s different here.’

This is not a real lava field, it is just a mental world. This lava could be blocked with mental power.

[Looking at you, I miss the soft skin of humans. I will eat your soul and feast on it as it goes. Don’t be a bother, quickly… .]
“okay. “Let’s end it quickly.”

Raon nodded and pulled out his sword.

“Before something more troublesome comes.”

Lava Crocodile King opened his muzzle wide. Red-hot lava spurted from her throat.


Raon lowered the Jecheon Sword until it touched the floor and then struck it upward. The blue frost that bloomed on the silver blade became a magnificent wall and collided with the lava.


The huge ice wall did not melt despite the lava spewed out by the Lava Crocodile King, and remained as it was before. It was not a difference between heat and cold, but a difference in mental strength.

[W-what! Why is there so much ice!]

Lava Krogerdile King’s eyes widened in shock.

[A piece of ice like that shouldn’t be able to withstand even a moment in front of lava!]
“Because it’s not just ice.”

Raon chuckled and took a step forward. Blue frost soared over the blade of the Jecheon Sword.

“I guess you don’t know much about this place.”

Perhaps because he had not received a proper explanation after the helmet was made, he seemed to have no idea about the battle of mental power.

Raon gently kicked the ground.

[You’re digging your own grave. You idiot!]

As soon as it floated into the air, Lava Crocodile King stamped its feet. The lava that burst from her cracked earth was aimed at her entire body.

“Is an attack like this a grave?”

Raon resonated the ring of fire. He raised the level of his soul and unleashed the silver wind current of the snow wind sword determination.


The frost storm that spread from the blade froze all five streams of lava spewed out by the Lava Crocodile King.

[What is this!]

Lava Crocodile King took a step back. Her chin trembled as if she was overwhelmed by the soul resonance caused by the ring of fire.

“Where are you going?”

Raon kicked away the frozen lava and unleashed a series of snowstorm swords. The sharp frosty wind tore through the Lava Crocodile King’s skin and tore off its flesh.


Lava Crocodile King screamed in pain.

‘I’m glad it’s not someone like Rokta.’

If that crocodile was like a knight like Rokta, he would have been reluctant to kill it, but he was just a beast that thought of humans as prey. He had no qualms about killing.

[this guy… .]

Lava Crocodile wrapped his body in lava.

[I will erase you without leaving a single bone fragment behind!]

The thing rushed towards me in the form of a lump of lava. It was a tactic of both offense and defense.

“Unfortunately, that’s impossible.”

Raon stepped forward. He stretched out his sword, which was tilted to the left, crushing the lava that filled the floor.


A thrillingly sharp silver line cut through the thick lava, and the frost blade running behind it pierced the Lava Crocodile King’s head.

[Keuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… .]

Lava Crocodile King fell to the ground and groaned.

[Uh, why was I the loser of the volcano… .]

The guy fell down without even knowing what hit him. The light in the red eyes slowly disappeared.

“Is he weak? or not… .”

Have I become stronger?

After absorbing Rokta’s soul, his mental power seemed to have grown beyond his expectations. Unless he was a guy like Lars, he seemed like he wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Coo coo coo coo!

The lava field collapses, and Lava Crocodile King’s body disappears. It meant that this world had ended.


As Raon was waiting for the time to return to reality, a blue dimension opened in the air.

“The King has come to visit…” Why is it already over?

Cotton Candy, who was about to cross the dimension, gaped as she saw the collapsing lava field.

“Hey you bastard! It’s too fast… .”

Before Lars could finish his words, my vision was cut off.

What did that come for again?

* * *

Raon opened his eyes. The helmet of the Lava Crocodile King was visible where he had placed his hand.

‘The color has faded a little.’

The red color of the helmet seemed to have become a little lighter, perhaps because the spirit of the Lava Crocodile King inside had disappeared.


Raon tapped the ice flower bracelet with Lass on it.

‘How much time has passed?’
-Well, not even the king knows.

Lars turned his head in a slightly sulky voice.

‘Why don’t you know?’
-I’m concentrating on breaking through your mental world… .

This guy is really not helpful.

‘Why did a guy who used up all his energy come there?’
-Well, I’m curious… .
‘Is there really nothing to do?’

Raon looked at Lars and shook his head, carefully putting Lava Crocodile King’s helmet back where it was.

-What nonsense are you talking about? The king is busy too! You have to make a meal plan, and the ingredients of the food… .
‘wait for a sec.’

I stopped Lars from talking as he saw a message appear before his eyes.

[You have absorbed the soul of .]
[All abilities increase by 6 points.]
[The achievement of increases.]
[The achievement of increases.]
[The attribute has been created.]

It was a reward obtained by absorbing the soul of Lava Crocodile King. Perhaps because it was a smaller soul than Rokta, it was absorbed faster than before.

‘Is this good too?’

It was said that along with the increase in all abilities, the achievements in Ring of Fire and Comic Ball also increased. Because it is not a humanoid monster, martial arts itself did not increase, but better characteristics emerged.

‘Fire attribute affinity.’

I was most satisfied with it because, just as water attribute affinity strengthens cold, fire attribute affinity strengthens heat.

-Hey, this doesn’t make sense!

Lars’ eyes fluttered as he looked at the message.

-How can things be resolved so quickly? Why does the world only help you!

The guy gritted his teeth, saying it wasn’t like this even when he used the system.

-The king always refuses to eat anything, so why does he keep everything to you?
‘By living a good life?’
-Wolwol! That’s bullshit!

Lars barked like a puppy and rolled his eyes.

-You are the worst of all the humanity and evil nature this King has ever seen! There is no one like you in the demon world!
‘Is that what the demon world is like?’

As I listened to the story of the demon world every time, I became quite familiar with it. At that rate, she thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to visit the demon world someday.

“hmm… .”

Raon quenched his appetite while looking at Bogo’s exit.

‘It doesn’t seem like much time has passed.’

In terms of my senses, it feels like less than an hour has passed, but the time axis is different from the mental world, so that feeling may not be accurate.

‘Let’s step aside for now.’

I looked at the other pitches and shook my head.

‘If I wait more time, I might get suspicious.’

I thought it would be better to just take the sword for now and come back later to eat the soul of the other helmet.

Raon took a long sword similar to the one used by Lokta from the table where swords were lined up.

Coo coo coo coo!

As I strapped my sword to my waist and was about to go out, the room, and indeed the ground, began to shake.


Not only was there a simple vibration, but I could feel that it was very busy outside as well.

As Raon frowned and turned around, the floor of the treasury opened, and a man wearing a goblin mask came up from outside.

“There is a problem. “The report must be sealed, so please come out.”
“An intruder has appeared in the Taeeumgyeolgye.”
“Intruder? who?”
“I don’t know about that.”
‘no way… .’

My heart pounded wildly when I heard the word intruder.

Raon saw this and went out, showing his excitement to the maximum. His eyes, filled with anticipation, turned dark even before he left Daejeon.

“her… .”

My steps stopped automatically due to the overwhelming presence coming from outside Daejeon.

‘What’s this.’

I thought that Cheryl or other high-ranking prosecutors might have come from Sieghart, but that was absolutely not the case.

The mysterious presence that was spreading right now was so strong that it could not be ignored by Glenn at all.

Raon swallowed dryly and headed toward the exit of Daejeon.

What kind of monster has come?

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The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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