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Chapter 290

witch and dragon.

The story of a fairy tale about a witch using an evil dragon to eat people began with Merlin, who was right in front of her.

Hundreds of years ago, Merlin betrayed humans and joined the monster forces, starting a war that eventually ate up an entire kingdom.

It is said that when Merlin was called the Witch of Betrayal, there was a blue-scaled dragon by her side. There are records of an evil dragon that instantly froze hundreds of knights, and it appears that this helmet was made using the dragon’s magic stone.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the helmet floating in Merlin’s hand.

‘Are you sure.’

It’s the dragon in the story.

This helmet, with its sharp blue scales and fluttering light blue mane, was clearly the dragon that Merlin was commanding at the time.

‘The reason I gave you the elixir of cold was because of this guy.’

When I wondered why the elixir was filled with only coldness, it seemed like it was a gift given to the dragon in advance.

‘That’s amazing.’

I thought it was extremely sincere to try to raise the cold energy first using an elixir when I hadn’t even used the helmet yet.

‘But if this is a dragon, isn’t it a bit dangerous?’

In the story, it was only said to be an evil dragon controlled by Merlin. It could be a weak dragon like a drake or earth dragon, but if it was a dragon, it could also be dangerous.

‘No matter what anyone says, dragons are the strongest on the continent.’

Dragon’s nickname is the strongest race and the mediator of the continent. If the soul in this helmet is a dragon, it is dangerous no matter how many rings of fire it have.

-joy! What’s wrong with that lizard!

Lars snorted as he looked at the dragon’s helmet.

-The king roasted, boiled, and even fried those lizards.
-That’s right! This King is the Lord of Anger! You can easily step on something like a dragon!
‘okay. okay.’
-hey! listen!

Raon nodded slightly as he looked at Lars, who was stretching out his fist.

It’s probably not a lie.

Lars doesn’t lie. If you look at what he said, he meant that he had killed at least three dragons.

‘Things might turn out easier than you think.’

Raon looked up and looked at Lars, who was snoring.

“Is this a helmet made from the soul of a dragon?”

Merlin let out a faint laugh and closed his eyes.

“You’ll find out tomorrow.”

She didn’t give me a proper answer, saying she would find out if she wrote it herself.

“Then let’s ask another question.”
“Are you really Merlin?”

Raon looked into Merlin’s eyes under the old woman’s mask. Her mysteriously colored eyes sparkled with heat.

“What do you think?”
“I thought it was a long shot until now, but looking at this helmet, it looks real.”

Mullin said he prepared the perfect pitch for the second meeting. He even used Legendary consumables, kidnapped him, and was obsessed with putting a dragon helmet on him, which made me think that he might be the real Merlin.

‘There’s something strange about it.’

Her skin, visible through the mask, is smooth and white without a single wrinkle. No matter how high she looked, she seemed to be around the same age as Encia.

‘Besides, Lohengrin said he cut off Merlin’s life directly.’

Lohengrin explained himself and said that he destroyed the witch’s castle and killed Merlin.

Since it doesn’t make sense for the dead to come back, it also doesn’t make sense for the woman in front to be Merlin.


Raon opened his eyes and swallowed dry saliva.

I came back to life too.

Just as the assassin Raon was reincarnated as Raon Sieghart, there was also a possibility that Merlin was reincarnated by something.

“You will know that question when you wear the helmet.”

Merlin covered the lips of the mask with his finger, saying that he would know everything when he experienced it himself.

“When do you use a helmet?”

When she waved her hand, the dragon helmet floating in the air disappeared like smoke.

“We’ll start tomorrow evening when the full moon rises.”

The heat in Merlin’s eyes grew even hotter.

“Until then. “It would be better to make the energy contained in that elixir yours.”

Merlin raised his finger and pointed to the elixir placed on the table.

“So you can be yourself at least a little bit.”

She brushed Raon’s cheek down and let out an excited breath.

“See you tomorrow.”

Merlin waved his hand as if he had no more regrets and left the room.

“There’s a chance of winning… .”

Raon opened the lid of the wooden armor. He chuckled as he looked at the elixir that sprayed cold air.

‘If you eat this, any chance of winning will disappear.’

Since a larger amount of fire-sleeping water had entered the room than yesterday, it was clear that they were planning to completely tear down the wall blocking the soul.

– Instead of hindering this demon, you are helping him!

Lars clicked his tongue as he looked at the door through which Merlin left.

-She pretends to be smart, but she’s a stupid bitch.
‘Of course.’

Raon nodded. Merlin may have prepared a fire spirit to help the dragon inside the helmet, but the energy instead grew a ring of fire and a manga ball that would be of great help when fighting the dragon.
As Ras said, it was no different from helping the enemy.

-joy. King Bon never does anything to help the enemy. Wiseness is knowing what consequences your actions will have.

Raon opened his mouth round as he looked at Lars, who nodded with the look of freshly made cotton candy. He still didn’t know that he was the ruler of the Hugu. It was so absurd that he burst into laughter.

How on earth did he become the devil?

Some idiot did it for me.

* * *

Raon opened his eyes. Looking at the soft moonlight coming down from the window, the sun must have risen again outside.

‘It’s a bigger amount than yesterday.’

He smiled slightly as he felt his Aura becoming stronger and bigger than when he was in the family.

‘I can’t believe you grew so much in just two days.’

Not only Mangakong and Glacia have grown, but even the ring of fire that purified the fire coma has grown.

It actually happened that I was kidnapped by an enemy and became stronger than before. If I told a stranger, they would slap me for being ridiculous.

‘Do you think we have a few more elixirs?’

The more you take the same type of elixir, the less effective it is, but I wanted to take a little more since I wouldn’t have to take the fire coma again anyway.

-Wow, you’re probably the only one thinking about picking them off from the enemy’s camp!
‘That’s boldness.’

Raon chuckled and stood up. As I was lightly relaxing my sore body, the door opened and Merlin came in.

“Did it end well?”
“okay… .”

He nodded with his eyes becoming noticeably more relaxed than yesterday. Because I had watched Runaan a lot, I was confident in acting with fierce eyes.

“Not bad.”

Merlin looked into those eyes and nodded as if he was satisfied. Her mask slightly lifted, and the corners of her mouth twisted up like vines.

“Unfortunately, I can’t play with you today. “I have to prepare for the night.”

She put down the meal she had brought on the table and her eyes sparkled with a soft red glow.

“I’ll come pick you up in the evening.”

Raon just nodded with blind eyes.


Merlin patted his head and went out.

Raon immediately shook off his hair and sat down on the table. After finishing his meal quickly, he left the room.

As I walk down the hallway to leave Daejeon, I feel very different gazes from yesterday. The Ghosts of Eden greeted me a little more politely.

‘Are you really accepting it now?’

It was confirmed that he would wear a helmet today, so it seemed like he was really considered an official of Eden.

‘I’m sorry, but it won’t work out the way you think.’
-I keep feeling this, but do you have no anxiety?

Lars rested his chin on his shoulder and frowned.

-Isn’t it a situation where you are alone in the enemy camp and you don’t know if your body will be taken away? No matter how you look at it, it’s not human guts.
‘at all.’

Raon shook his head.

I beat you, so how can I be scared?

As soon as Lars announced that he had defeated the dragon, the tension disappeared like a candle blowing out.

I easily won the mental battle against the Lord of Anger, and I was confident that I would win no matter who my opponent was.

Knowing that mental attacks wouldn’t work, there was a last resort of putting pressure on them with physical force, opening Lass, destroying the entire place, and then running away.

Because there is no one to protect.

If you have the Frenzy Group, you can’t arbitrarily descend on Las, but all the humans here are enemies. In fact, I felt more at ease than when I was with my allies.

I was confident that I would somehow escape after picking out everything to eat, so I wasn’t nervous and just had fun.

-What a fascinating guy.

Lars frowned, not knowing that it was because of him that he felt relieved.

-Where are you going now?
‘I’ll know it when I see it.’

Raon walked out of Daejeon, leisurely receiving greetings from ghosts wearing robes and masks as if it were a given.
I approached the end of the barrier and raised my hand.


As soon as I activated my aura and revealed the barrier, the energy I felt yesterday surged behind me.

“What’s going on today?”

The gold-faced monk twisted his chin as if he was annoyed.


The Soul Sword appeared in front of the wall and stood like a stone statue, looking this way.


Raon took out his sword and smiled as he aimed it at the gold-faced sword.

“Let’s compete again today.”

At those words, Lars and the Golden Mask opened their mouths at the same time.

“You crazy guy!”
-You crazy guy!

* * *


The golden-faced monk blocked Raon’s sword strike and frowned.


Is it a little different from yesterday?

I couldn’t easily push back the sword technique that I had lightly thrown away yesterday. Like a wild beast stalking its prey, Raon cleverly found an opening and stabbed his sword.


The Golden Mask clicked his tongue and straightened his wrist. The softness of the sword was removed, and strength and weight were added.

‘I’ll crush you.’

Just like yesterday, he held the sword with both hands and struck it down in order to overwhelm with power and aura. It was a sword strike that fell diagonally like a thunderbolt.


When the thunderbolt rained down on Raon, as if splitting his head in half, his movements suddenly changed. He took his foot back half a step, turned his waist to the right, and struck the center of Chu Zhe Lei with his heated sword.


Chujeollei was twisted without being able to use its full strength, and even his balance was lost.


Raon came like a beam of light as if he had been waiting and swung his sword. A surge of energy soared above the silver-white blade.

‘You idiot!’

Perhaps because he was impatient at the thought of seizing an opportunity, a small loophole appeared in Raon’s sword strike.

“go away!”

The golden-faced monk snorted and hurled enemy oil at Raon’s gap. It was a deadly blade that cut through any gaps mercilessly.


The moment when Jeok Seong-yu is about to hit Ra-on’s gap. A red light flashed in Raon’s eyes.


As if the young light in his eyes seeped into the blade, Raon’s sword strike became stronger.
The thick aura completely blocked the flow of enemy oil and launched a terrifying counterattack.


Two young strands of flame on the blade of the sword spun fiercely, aiming for the neck and chest.


The Golden Mask Master quickly swung his sword and struck Hwigoncheom, the sword of defense.


The two steel swords collided and a strong shock wave erupted. Raon took eight steps back and the Golden Mask took six steps out of the crushed earth.

It was the same collision as yesterday, but Raon’s loss was reduced by two steps, and the Golden Mask’s step was increased by one.

“her… .”

The Golden Mask Master looked at Raon with puzzled eyes.

‘How is this working now?’

The swordsmanship was performed with more fighting spirit than yesterday, but Raon was able to take sword strikes more easily and lightly and even counterattack. He couldn’t believe it and his lips trembled.

‘Was it possible to become this strong in one day?’

Since Merlin gave Raon the elixir, it is natural for the Auror to become stronger.

But the reason we are behind now is not because of the Aurors. His swordsmanship was vastly different from yesterday.

Even if one attains enlightenment, it is impossible to improve one’s swordsmanship to this level in one day. I don’t know what kind of magic they used.

‘If it develops to this level… .’

It must be dangerous.

The golden-faced monk swallowed dry saliva. I thought that if I really improved to this level every day, I might end up in the same position as myself in the tenth match.


The golden-faced monk lowered his sword and straightened his back.

“It’s a shame.”
“What do you mean?”
“I’m saying that your talent is disappointing. It would have been fun to fight a few more times.”

Raon also lowered his sword and raised his head.

“If I wear the Helmet of Eden, will I cease to be me?”
“To be exact, I would say it’s a fairy tale.”
“okay. “Your soul is absorbed into the being inside the helmet.”

The golden-faced monk patted his snake helmet and smiled.

“Assimilation can happen immediately, or it can happen slowly. “It starts when you naturally do something you wouldn’t normally do.”
“So you can use speculation from that moment on?”
“Are you thinking about becoming stronger even though you will disappear? He really is crazy. “I understand why he had such strength at that age.”

He giggled and held his forehead as if it was fun.

“right. From the beginning of assimilation, speculation can be used as an instinct. “Because that’s the way it is.”

The gold-faced monk looked at Raon intently and put his sword into its scabbard.

“That’s all for today. “I lost my excitement.”

He turned his back and waved his hand.

“I’ll come visit you tomorrow too.”

Raon looked at the back of the Golden Mask Temple and spoke quietly.

“It’s meaningless.”

The golden-faced monk laughed and disappeared like smoke.


Even though the Golden Mask Master left, the Soul Sword did not retreat, but just looked at it in the same position.
The emotionless golden eyes seemed to be saying something, but I couldn’t figure out what they meant.

“you… .”

When Raon tried to approach the Soul Sword, the air distorted and Merlin jumped out.

“Did you fight that idiot again?”

She frowned at the crushed floor.

“Don’t play with that dirty snake. Because even you get dirty.”
“Because I have nothing to do. “When I swing a sword, I feel a little more at ease.”

Raon answered, slightly opening his eyes. When I was in a daze, I made instinctive movements, so there was no look of suspicion.

“After today, you will be able to tread lightly on that snake bastard.”

Merlin smiled softly and took her hand. She caressed the back of her hand with her strangely hot hand and rolled up her mouth.

“Now everything is ready. “It’s time to be born a stronger you.”

Raon savored his appetite as he faced Merlin’s eyes burning with anticipation.

‘Preparations are over here too.’

Ready to eat your dragon.

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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