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Chapter 287

Not long after becoming a trainee, there was a time when Dorian rambled on about rumors and incidents floating around the continent.

He’s a very talkative guy, so when he listens to all sorts of gossip with one ear and lets it go with the other, he comes up with a story that’s quite interesting.

A new monster from Eden has appeared. It was a story about a monster wearing a Death Knight helmet whose eyes were burning with golden flames, who single-handedly annihilated one of the knights of the Kingdom of Owen.

When I nodded, thinking that it was a very possible story for the Ghosts of Eden, the guy told me one more surprising piece of news. The name of the knights is the Knights of the Blue Horse.

The Order of the Blue Horse is one of the traditional knightly orders of the Owen Kingdom, and its leader was the Marquis Faron, who was ranked as Grand Master.

The King of the Owen Kingdom personally drew his sword and looked for the ghost wearing the Death Knight’s helmet, but the ghost disappeared and never appeared again.

People nicknamed the monster wearing the Death Knight helmet, who single-handedly cut down Marquis Faron and annihilated the Blue Horse Knights, with fear and awe.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the swordsman who blocked the requiem sword while wearing the Death Knight’s helmet.

‘Is this guy the Soul Sword?’

The eyeballs inside the helmet burned bright golden flames, the armor was pure white bone, and the body was slim and tall. Its appearance matched perfectly with the rumors I had heard from Dorian.

‘There… .’

At first, I didn’t even know it existed, but when it revealed itself, it gave off a scary, scary specter and fraud. This man was also a super expert who reached the rank of Grand Master.


Raon applied a little more force to the requiem sword that was blocked by the long sword and looked into its eyes.

Even though he is aiming his sword, there is no emotion in his eyes. It didn’t show any emotions, including anger, doubt, embarrassment, and joy, and was as empty as burned firewood.

“Since when have you been here?”

Even if you ask a question, there is no answer. He just looked at me with emotionless eyes.

“Are you the Soul Sword?”

There was no answer this time too. Since it was impossible to break the Requiem Sword, I first bit him with the Requiem Sword.


He put his long sword in its scabbard as if he was waiting for the sword.

‘How long has this guy been around?’
-I was here even before you woke up.
‘It looks like he’s a watchdog.’

Raon let out a light breath. When she asked why she didn’t take her weapons and artifacts, Merlin seemed to have attached her soul sword as a guard.

‘Well, okay.’

Raon smiled and put on his uniform. Anyway, Eden’s purpose is to put on a helmet. Since I wasn’t going to kill him until then, I decided to go out proudly.

Even though he was fully dressed and wearing a sword, the Sword of Souls did not move and just stared at his face.

-Is that guy like that girl?
‘The woman?’
-You have a stupid face, right?
‘ah… .’

The person Lars is talking about is Encia. It seemed like he thought that Encia, who was shouting “Good luck,” and the sword of death, who was blankly looking at her face, were the same.

‘That’s just surveillance.’
-Hmm, something is a little different… .

Lars licked his appetite, saying something didn’t seem right.

‘Is that possible?’

When Raon put the requiem sword on his waist, the door opened and Merlin came in.

“Now wake up…” “Why are you here?”

Merlin’s kind voice turned cold the moment he saw the sword.


The Soul Sword did not respond to Merlin’s words, but only looked at Raon.

“is it.”

Merlin snorted and tapped the Sword of Souls on the shoulder.

“get out. “This is no place for you.”

The Soul Sword nodded very slowly and went out.

“I brought you new clothes, but did you wear those dirty clothes again?”

Merlin held out the clothes he was holding in his hand. It was a warm voice, as if he had changed as a person compared to when he faced the Soul Sword.

“Is that man a swordsman?”
“that’s right. “I know very well.”
“You put me under surveillance, so why are you angry?”

Raon lowered his eyebrows slightly as he looked at Merlin, whose mood had changed enough to give him goosebumps.

“I’ve never been put on surveillance.”

Merlin shook his head firmly.

“That guy just wanders around as he pleases. don’t mind.”

She laughed under her mask, saying it was a completely meaningless existence.

“You didn’t even set up surveillance? “What are you going to do if I run away there?”

Raon pointed to a square window on the wall. The window through which sunlight came in was quite large, so I was able to get out as much as I wanted.

“Running away… .”

Merlin nodded smoothly.

“You can do whatever you want.”

She pointed to the window as if to tell me to do whatever I wanted.

‘There’s something there.’

Otherwise, there was no way I could have been so relaxed.

“What happened to Gwangpungdan?”
“I didn’t touch you like I promised.”

Merlin smiled as if he had no interest and put down the black clothes he had brought with him on the bedside.

‘hmm… .’

Those words didn’t seem like a lie, but I couldn’t help but feel worried when I thought about the 10 apostles. Because you never know what an angry guy will do.

Raon clenched his fists, hoping that they would be safe.

“Let’s change clothes first. “There was blood on those clothes.”
“I do not need.”
“okay? then.”

When Merlin snapped his fingers, the blood all over his uniform disappeared in an instant. Even the torn area was filled neatly, as if it had been sewn.

“Follow me. “I’ll tell you why I don’t need to monitor you.”

Merlin opened the door and walked out, speaking as if he were talking to an old friend or a child.

‘I guess I should follow.’

Getting caught is already inevitable. If so, I had to check what kind of place this place was and what it was like.

Raon took a deep breath and followed behind Merlin. As soon as you cross the door, the scenery changes.
The log cabin that gave a warm feeling disappeared and a cold black hallway appeared.

“This place… .”
“This is the newly opened branch of Eden. Although it is a branch, it is as large as the headquarters. “I might get lost, so should I hold hands?”

Merlin smiled brightly and held out his hand.


Raon ignored her hand and stood a little behind.

“Well, if you’re obedient, you’re not attractive.”

Merlin snapped his fingers and moved forward.


Various types of doors appear and disappear from the wall that appears hard and cold, and ghosts of Eden wearing various helmets and masks pass by.
They bowed not only to Merlin, but also to Raon.

“Why are they greeting me?”
“Because there is a thing called class here too. You are under my direct control. “7 stars from the start.”

Merlin let out an excited laugh and headed to the end of the hallway. As she followed her outside, her darkness revealed itself.


Unlike when I saw it from the log cabin, the sky was blue, and there was a bright yellow moon.

‘Is it a barrier?’

It felt like a space where time was distorted. I looked down and saw other buildings.

It is similar to northern buildings designed to withstand the cold, but has a more archaic style. Looking at the thin walls and ceiling, it seemed to be south of Sieghart.

Behind the buildings, you can see a barren land. I could see something that looked like a city in the distance, but it was so far away that I couldn’t see it clearly.

“Where am I?”
“Look back.”

Raon followed Merlin’s gesture and turned around. A huge city came into view behind the temple-like building I had just seen.

Although that place is quite far away, it is impossible to know about it. This was the trading city of Cameloon that I stopped by before going to Habun Castle.

“This place… .”
“okay. “It’s just below Cameloon.”

Merlin nodded and gave exactly the answer he had thought.

“crazy… .”

Cameloon is a neutral city belonging to the territory of Sieghart, Owen, and Balkar. It was hard to believe that they had ignored three of the six emperors and established a branch so close.

“Because all three are there. “It’s easier to move because we keep each other in check.”

Merlin muttered that he was able to install it easily thanks to the competition between the Six Emperors.

“Wouldn’t it be easier for me to escape here?”

I don’t know about Sieghardt, but it’s not far from here to Owen. If given the chance, I could have easily escaped.

“It won’t be that easy.”

Merlin snapped his fingers. The mana blooming from her white fingers rose into the air, and she spread a magnificent light.


A silver line spreads across the night sky, revealing a huge magic circle surrounding this space. Geometric patterns combining the sun, moon, and stars were spread throughout the branch.

“This… .”

Raon swallowed dry saliva. Even though the ring of fire was being operated with full force from the beginning, the tomb of the barrier was not visible properly.
Magic, black magic, martial arts, sorcery, speculation, and even unknown energies. A flow that was almost impossible to interpret stirred throughout the barrier.

‘It’s not just the energy you have that’s diverse.’

The energy contained in the barrier changed randomly and without any rules.

The flow is so chaotic that it feels natural to see the sun turning into the moon seen from the log cabin in less than 5 minutes. I could understand why Merlin said there was no need for surveillance.

“how is it. “Can you break that barrier and run away?”

Merlin made eye contact and smiled slightly. It was a smile filled with confidence that she could never go out.


Raon didn’t answer. To be honest, it was impossible to interpret that lineup right now.

“There… .”

Merlin gestured to the right. The Soul Sword that had clashed swords in the room a little while ago was watching this way.

Next to him was a warrior wearing a horned snake helmet. Although he was not a Grand Master, he had the energy of at least an intermediate level Master.

“If you try to run away, they won’t stay still.”

It’s not just them.

Besides those two monsters, I could feel the energy of three more master-level strongmen. It was impossible to escape by force.

“I can’t escape now.”
“Giving up is quicker than I thought. Well, that too in its own way… .”
“You are mistaken.”

Raon smiled coolly as he looked at Merlin’s eyes filled with joy.

“I had no intention of running away from the beginning.”

Because I plan to eat up all of your strength here.

This is also a coincidence. Here, we will absorb everything of Eden and then escape.

“iced coffee… .”

Merlin let out an excited breath as if he had been mistaken again. She stretched out her white hand and stroked her chin.

“You mean you want to be with me? okay. I will always be with you. Always.”
“Stop talking nonsense.”

Raon frowned and slapped Merlin’s hand away.

“Get to the point. “What is the mask you are putting on me?”
“Hang in there.”

Merlin lifted his mask slightly. She curled her red lips as she pointed at the man with her temple soul sword and snake helmet.

“Because I prepared a treasure that is on a different level from those.”

* * *

On a circular table, cold elixirs whose names you might already know are lined up in a row.
In the center was a square box, in an archaic shape with angel wings and devil horns carved into it.

Merlin hummed and placed the elixirs that radiated brilliant vitality into the box one by one. After pouring in the last of the elixir, he lifted the vial from the end of the table.

Chii Iik.

He opened the lid of the glass bottle and sprinkled the black liquid flowing inside it onto the elixir.
As soon as the liquid touched the elixirs, a foul-smelling strange energy began to seep out.

Merlin closed the box, enjoying the dull scent that killed the vitality of the elixir.


A sound like a small storm was heard inside the square box as the elixir and liquid were mixed.


Merlin smiled deeply as he looked at the box where the elixirs were being mixed.

‘Raon Sieghardt.’

As expected, he is a lovely child.

Even though Raon was stuck in a swamp from which he could not escape, he did not panic, nor did he try to run away hastily. He was preparing for his future by thinking about what he could gain from this place.

I knew that he was a child with greater mental strength than his natural strength, but I had no idea that he would show such composure even after being kidnapped.

‘It was worth using Yeongam-ok.’

There was some backlash as to why he was using Yeongam Jade for someone like the Master, but the moment he saw Raon’s composure even after being kidnapped, he had no regrets about that choice. As expected, it was the best decision.

Merlin snapped his fingers as he watched the box slowly stop spinning.

‘Of course, that’s not necessarily a good thing.’

Raon is a lower-level master, but a higher-level master. No, his mental strength is stronger than the highest level.

The soul inside the completed helmet would be able to overcome such mental strength, but I prepared this elixir for fear of what might happen.


Basically, the combination of excellent cold elixirs would greatly increase the user’s body and aura level, but the real thing was the fire coma that seeped in at the end.

The fire coma is a crystal of hex that destroys the control of the soul. In the meantime, the weak energy would suck up Hanokdan’s energy and exert even more terrible power, so no matter how strong Raon’s mental strength was, it was bound to collapse.

Tea profit!

The sound of the storm inside the box stopped, and the lid opened by itself. Under the gray seaweed lay a round, smooth-trimmed herb.


Merlin smiled in satisfaction as he felt the energy of the immortal soul permeating deep within the medicine.

“It’s time to become a more lovable child.”

* * *

Raon looked around the entire branch and returned to the room.

‘Is it night here again?’

Strangely enough, time flows in this room opposite to the time outside. If it was night outside, it was day here, and if it was day outside, it was night here.

‘It’s a place where you can’t even laugh.’

Perhaps because Merlin had spoken clearly, there was no one among Eden’s staff who could block his steps. The sword of death and the snake-headed warrior just watched and didn’t pay much attention.
It seemed like I could do anything as long as I didn’t escape.

-The king really likes this place.

Lars whetted his appetite while looking at the cookies placed in the center of the table.

-Rice and snacks are delicious. It is almost the same as the annex.

This devil bastard will wag his tail wherever he goes as long as you give him a lot of food. The image that had improved somewhat fell to the ground.

‘Who the hell are you to be angry? .’

As I was about to ask what I had been curious about, the door opened and Merlin came in. She casually sat down on her bed and leaned on her shoulder.

“how is it? “Is it worth it?”
“Except it’s boring.”

Raon looked at Merlin with calm eyes. He didn’t try to show weakness, but rather revealed his honest feelings.

“don’t worry. “I’ll be able to leave in a little while.”
“Maybe after wearing the helmet you mentioned?”
“of course.”

Merlin nodded slowly and moved closer to the side. She held out her small wooden armor, giving off the sweet smell of flesh.

“This… .”
“It’s an elixir.”

She opened the wooden armor. It contained a blue elixir that drained her neat energy.

“hmm… .”

Raon frowned, looking at the inside of the elixir, not the outside.

‘You mixed something up.’

On the outside, it looked like a cold elixir, but something unidentifiable was seeping inside.

‘It must be affecting the mind.’

The 10 apostles said that the soul in the helmet weighs down the human soul and takes control of the body. If he thought about it as he said, it was clear that this elixir would have a negative effect on his mind.

“What if I refuse?”
“I also like to be fed. Do you want me to give you a blowjob?”

Merlin lifted his mask slightly and traced his lips with his finger.

“I do not need.”

This means that if you don’t eat it yourself, you will be forced to eat it. With two grand masters and a place crowded with masters, refusal was impossible from the beginning.


Raon let out a short breath and poured the elixir into his mouth.

‘I have no choice but to believe in the ring of fire.’

I chewed the elixir, believing in the seven rings that completely erased the curse of severe cold that even a saint could not cure.

The moment Merlin’s elixir got stuck in his teeth, it turned into a liquid and went down his throat on its own.


The ring of fire rotates fiercely, controlling the flow of the elixir.
A mysterious energy arose among the pure cold air that was made up of high-quality elixirs such as Younghancho, Derum’s Naedan, Hyeolbaekhwa, and Ojihyeokmok.


Unlike the cold, the secret energy that would have been difficult to feel if the ring of fire had not been used was directed towards the head. It’s not the brain. Top battle. I delved into the space where the soul resides.

‘Are they after my mind?’

It’s as expected. It was obvious that they were trying to break down his mental strength first before putting on the helmet. The Saihan energy sharpened itself and knocked on the barrier of the top battle that protects the soul.


Raon felt the tap and frowned slightly.

‘what… .’

Why are you so weak?

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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