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Chapter 276

The Gwangpungdan members spread out throughout the training ground and trained their martial arts skills.
His complexion looked tired, but his eyes were full of passion, and his swordplay did not falter in the slightest.


While everyone was concentrating and swinging their swords, a brief sound of clicking one’s tongue could be heard from the podium.

“uh… .”

At that small sound, the swordsmen stopped swinging their swords and turned their heads stiffly like wooden dolls.
Raon on the podium was frowning as if he didn’t like something.

“Ugh… .”

Dorian looked at Raon with his eyebrows lowered and his chin trembled.

‘What’s going on today?’

I was practicing with concentration, but I had no idea why I was doing it because I didn’t like something.

Every time Raon made that kind of expression, cold sweat started rolling down everyone’s backs because they were training to test human limits.

‘It’s been less than two weeks since I endured 100 hours on Mt. Bukmang… .’

It was truly hell itself. Every time I saw Raon chasing after me with his eyes lit up and swinging his sword, I felt like my heart was exploding. He never wanted to think about it again.

“hey. “Why is that crazy guy doing that again?”

Marta came next to me and frowned.

“You won in sparring yesterday, so why do you look so upset?” “What the hell are you doing this for?”
“Well, I don’t know either.”
“You are the best friend.”
“Yeah, that’s right, but not only that, I… .”

Dorian bit his lip. He couldn’t help but say that it was being used as a pocket and wallet.

“It’s been quiet these days, but it’s starting again… .”

Burren looked at the podium and sighed.

“No matter how hard I try, when that guy brings new training, my whole body starts to tremble.”

He bit his lip tightly as if he was remembering what happened two weeks ago.

“New training… .”

Runaan looked into space with her usual fierce gaze. It looks peaceful, but it is not at all. Open your eyes and fall asleep. I escaped from reality and escaped into a dream.

“Oh, I’m screwed… .”
“What is it again this time?”
“Should I run away?”
“You’ll all be caught in less than an hour, so why run away!”

Two months ago, unable to withstand the grueling training, they all ran away in different directions, but less than an hour later, they were all caught with their arms and legs restrained.
Since I couldn’t run or fight, all that was left was despair.

“There is no way. It’s all over… .”
“Rain, let’s pray! “Budanju is also human, so please take care of it!”
“Are you still saying that after seeing what that guy did?”
“Huh, I miss the days of Master Rimer.”
“Damn… .”

The Gwangpungdan members lowered their heads with tears in their eyes, as if the new training had already become a fait accompli.

However, the reason why Raon clicked his tongue was not because of the Gwangpungdan, but because of the self-proclaimed Demon King of Anger attached to his wrist.

‘What kind of ice cream is this all of a sudden?’
-Hasn’t it been a long time since you ate anything? Offer mint chocolate right now!
‘That’s not good.’
-let’s fight!

* * *

Raon whetted his appetite as he watched Gwangpungdan practicing something awkwardly.

‘Have you been tightening it too much?’

The complexions of the prosecutors are as pale as a sheet of paper. More than just fatigue, I felt like I was in pain.

‘Well, I’ve been running non-stop.’

I had been training non-stop for the past three months, so it was understandable that I was so tired.

‘It would be good to give him a break.’

Just one day tomorrow.

Although we haven’t completely achieved our goal yet, we’ve accomplished a lot, so it seemed okay to give us a little break.

Raon made up his mind and went down to the stage.

“Thank you all for your hard work. tomorrow… .”

When I was about to say take a break, everyone in the Gwangpungdan took a step back at the same time.

“What again! “What is this time?”
“Ugh… .”

Marta, Burren, and Runaan’s eyes trembled like herbivores seeing a wild beast.

“Wow, it’s here…” .”

Gwangpungdan also swallowed dry saliva as if he was terrified and leaned back.

“no. What I said… .”
“help me!”
“Oh God… .”

He said it was okay and just stretched out his hand, but the Gwangpungdan members were scared and stepped back even further, as if they had been hit by a sword.

Raon sighed and scratched his cheek.

‘I’m a little embarrassed.’

I was just trying to give him a break, but I got a little confused when I got that kind of reaction.

-Embarrassment? If you have a conscience, those words should not come out of your mouth!

Lars laughed, saying things that didn’t even sound like words.

-Even in the demon world, there was no one who treated subordinates like you! You evil bastard!
‘The demon world is very humane.’

I just gave them the training I experienced during my time as an assassin to match the level of the prosecutors, but I didn’t expect that there would be such a reaction.
It seems that his past life was not as a human, but as a dog.

Raon smiled slightly as he looked at the frightened Gwangpungdan.

‘Now that I think about it, this might not be a bad idea.’

Anyway, should I just keep training like this?

It seemed like he had already mentally prepared himself by doing new training, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to meet his expectations.

-Yes, where did you really come from? What on earth is this?

Ras was shocked and said there was no such thing as you in the human world or the demon world.

-My heart has been completely stained with darkness!
‘I’m kidding.’

Raon stood in front of Gwangpungdan. He smiled at the terrified gaze.

“Thank you for your hard work. “Let’s rest tomorrow.”

Even though I told them to rest, the Gwangpungdan didn’t react much.

“rest… ?”
“Whew, what is rest?”
“well? What was it… .”

Gwangpungdan tilted his head with fierce eyes like Runaan. It felt like my brain couldn’t function properly due to the unexpected words.

“Now, take a break?”
“Rest? really?”

Marta and Burren were the first to notice and gape.

“You’ve worked hard so far. Just train until tonight and get a good rest tomorrow.”
“at las! My wish has come true! “After three months, my prayers worked!”
“Oh my God!”

Everyone in the Gwangpungdan raised their hands and shouted for national independence. He shouted “God,” just like before, but his tone was 180 degrees different.

“Raon! “Good job!”

Runan also raised his eyebrows very slightly and gave a thumbs up. It was a rare smile that only appeared once a year.

“Oh yeah.”

It didn’t make any sense at all, but Runaan still seemed to think it worked very well.

“Still, train properly until today.”

As Raon smiled while listening to the cheers of the Gwangpungdan, the door to the training hall was carefully opened, and a middle-aged man with a stern expression came in.

‘That person… .’

Was it Chad?

I remember seeing it. It was Chad, the non-banquetmaster, who was in the throne room when he reported to Glenn.
However, I had no idea why he came here.


Chad approached Raon with a soft smile that was different from his usual appearance and bowed his head.

“This is my first time greeting you like this. “My name is Chad, the non-banquet owner.”
“This is Raon Sieghardt, the assistant manager of Gwangpungdanju.”

Raon looked at Chad’s slightly trembling eyes and greeted him face to face.

‘He is a well-mannered person.’

If you are a non-banquet owner, you are a powerful person in charge of family information. He was overly polite for a person of much higher rank, regardless of his age or status.

“I came here thinking it would be rude because I had something to tell you.”
“it’s okay. “Please come this way.”

Raon shook his head and led the way to the sobriety room.

“Well, this is a bit serious, so please look at this first.”

As soon as Chad sat down in his chair, he held out a piece of paper on the table.

“Vice King Roman has sent a letter to Lord Gwangpungbudan. “It’s about a life-or-death event on January 1st three years from now.”
“January 1st in three years?”
“Hmm, I see.”

Raon smiled slightly as he looked at the documents.

‘Is it consideration in its own way?’

You have a conscience.

Roman seemed to have been considerate in his own way as it was not 3 years from the date of the bet, but 3 years from the change of year.

‘I’ll be there when I’m 22.’

The year changed and I turned 19, so the time of life and death with him was when I turned 22.

‘Not bad.’

Because there is Lass.

It is impossible to become a Grand Master by simply training for three years, but with Ras who generously gives it, it is possible.

-What you looking at.

I smiled slightly and waved my hand at Ras, who was frowning.

“her… .”

Chad swallowed his saliva as he looked at Raon smiling.


What kind of guts does a child under the age of twenty have? .

Raon doesn’t know about the conversation between Glenn, Roen, and Cheryl. It was hard to believe that three years later he was joined by Grand Master Vice King Roman, and he was smiling like that.

‘They didn’t care about it for no reason.’

I thought he was protected because he was so talented that he became the youngest master, but that was not the case at all.

Raon Sieghardt was a star and a jewel who could shine alone. I felt like I knew a little bit why those three people were taking care of Raon.

Raon put Roman’s papers aside and looked at Chad again.

“Then what is the second one?”
“How could that…” .”
“Since you asked me to look at this, I thought there was also the following.”
“okay. “I can’t handle this.”

Chad smiled awkwardly and took out a second document from his arms.

“The second mission is to Gwangpungdan.”
“Mission? Why is the leader telling me that? Our Danju must have gone to Gajujeon, so I wonder if he will do it again… .”
“Oh, that’s not it.”

Chad shook his head quickly.

“He had a problem, so I came instead.”

He couldn’t bear to mention the fact that Rimmer was being beaten by Glenn, Cheryl, and Roen, so he just glossed over it.

“Anyway, this is the mission given to Gwangpungdan.”

Chad turned over the document he took out and held it out to Raon.

“Granseville is a city famous for entertainment.”

Raon looked at the location written on the mission and nodded.

“You know very well. you’re right. “It’s small enough to be called a city, but it’s an entertainment area with alcohol, gambling, gourmet food, drugs, and fighting arenas.”

As Chad said, Gran Seville is a place filled with entertainment that is rare on the continent.
During the day, you can enjoy boating on Lake Malv right in front of you, and at night, the city becomes brighter than during the day and offers many temptations.


Lars, who was yawning as if he was bored, suddenly stood up.

-Accept it! Accept it now!

The guy waved his hands wildly, saying there was nothing to look at.

“It’s a white-blooded religion… .”

Raon pushed away Lars who was clinging to him and focused on the documents again. He was said to suspect white bloodism because of the increasing number of disappearances and dead bodies coming out of Lake Malv.

“It says they requested Gwangpungdan.”
“yes. “I didn’t pinpoint it, but I said it would be nice for Gwangpungdan to come if there was one.”
“Hmm… .”

If you were a white-blooded believer, you had to approach with caution because there was a possibility that the Seven Apostles would lure you in.

“There have been so many requests for Gwangpungdan over the past few months that it is now difficult to refuse.”
“What is that… .”
“hmm? Didn’t you know? “After completing the Gazelle River mission, the number of people visiting Gwangpungdan has increased several times.”

Chad didn’t lie and said that he gets a request for Gwangpungdan once every three days.

“So… .”
“Gwangpungdan is also Gwangpungdan, but it’s because of Lord Budan.”
“yes. Didn’t he defeat Tiller’s plan at the Gazelle River, survive his father Roman, and cut off the heads of the four apostles? The rumor spread throughout the continent, and a flood of requests for the Seolwha Sword Association came in.”
“But why are you only now carrying out the mission…?” .”
“Lord Gwangpungdan cut it all out in the middle. “He said now is the time to strengthen our internal stability.”
“ah… .”

Raon put his hand back and let out a light breath.


Because I can’t hate you.

When I saw what Rimmer did, I wanted to hit him, but when I saw the seriousness he showed sometimes, I couldn’t hate him.


Raon read all the documents and nodded.

‘It’ll be okay.’

Whether it was the White Blood Cult, the Black Tower, or a human trafficking group, it didn’t seem like a bad idea to have the Gwangpungdan experience real combat for the first time in a while.

“I accept the mission.”
“It’s a mission! mission!”
“I’m finally free from hell!”
“Go outside!”

The Gwangpungdan members raised their arms and cheered at the thought that they no longer had to train.

“All of the members are very energetic.”

Chad swallowed his saliva as he looked at the excited Gwangpungdan members.

“You seem excited because it’s been a long time since you’ve been on a mission.”

Raon smiled slightly as he looked at Gwangpungdan.

“Oh, this is a gift.”

Chad held out a box wrapped in luxurious wrapping paper.

“This… .”
“You don’t have to feel burdened. “It’s just a popular dessert down there.”
“yes. “A macaroon is a confectionery made by putting cream between meringue cookies.”

In fact, this dessert was meant for Alyssa, the non-banquet owner of the previous generation, but she stole it to impress Raon.

“Oh, thank you. I’ll give it to you… .”

Chad waved his hand as Raon looked around as if looking for something in return.

“It’s my first time meeting you, so I just brought it to say hello, so there’s no need to do that.”
“still… .”
“It’s really okay. “Then I’ll leave.”

He nodded to Raon, who tried to stop him, and left the 5th training camp.

“Whoa… .”

Chad looked back at the door of Training Center 5 and let out a low sigh.

‘If this is enough, the first impression must have been good, right?’

He behaved politely, did not speak low, and gave a detailed explanation and even gave a gift, so even though it was not perfect, he would have created the impression that there was no negative side.

‘We need to build trust relationships well in the future.’

It is certain that the person who should be most visible in this family is not the Jeonju or the great lords, but the deputy head of this small Gwangpungdan.


Chad patted his shoulder with pride and returned to the non-banquet. For some reason, things seemed to be going well today.

* * *

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the gift Chad had given him.

‘Non-banquet owner Chad… .’

This is someone you need to be careful with.

The Bibanquet is the backbone of Sieghardt’s power and a powerful group within the powerful. It was clear that Chad, the head of the place, had an ulterior motive as he treated himself so cautiously, even though he was the head of an armed group.

‘There is a possibility that it was sent from Jungmujeon or Jinmujeon.’

In Sieghardt, the people who hated him the most were Karun and Balder, so he thought he might have been given a secret mission from those two people.

‘I must never let go of my heart.’

The person you need to be most careful of is the person who approaches you smiling. It seemed like he would always have to be on guard until he found out his true intentions.

‘Cancel the break and start training again tomorrow…’ .’

Lars frowned and grabbed his sleeve.

-The training is over, let’s take out that dessert called mattang first!
‘It’s a macaron.’
-anyway! Show me something. I wonder what it looks like!
‘I guess they’re asking me to show it because they want to eat it.’

The guy’s mind was clear, so he shook his head.

-Okay, if you’re not going to eat ice cream, just eat something like that! Even the king has the right to eat delicious food! You don’t know human rights!
‘What kind of human rights does the devil have? ‘Go back to your town.’

Raon grinned while looking at Lars grinding his teeth.

-That’s racism!

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