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Chapter 271


Gelmere was unable to overcome the flame dragon, whose rank had risen even further, and was thrown into the wall.

“Huh! “Huh!”

He barely extinguished the fire that was spreading like the flames of hell and then let out a harsh breath as if he was about to die.

“What are you! “What on earth is this guy doing?”

Gelmere screamed. His trembling lips clearly revealed his astonishment.

“How can you follow Pungsa Geomgyeol?”

Raon lowered his sword and approached Gelmir.

“I mean. From the day I started holding a sword until now, I have never missed basic training even for a day.”

Basic sword techniques include horizontal cuts, vertical cuts, diagonal cuts, and thrusts. Most people neglect the basics of swordsmanship after learning proper swordsmanship, but he himself has been training the basics every day.

“I was confident in my ability to stab, but when I saw your swordsmanship, my eyes opened. I was truly amazed that he could perform such diverse and powerful sword techniques with just one thrust. however… .”

Raon gritted his teeth as he glared at Gelmere.

“What is that obscene stabbing you saw at the end?”

During the final clash, Gelmire created over a hundred strong weapons with a single thrust and aimed for the vital point.

It was an amazing swordsmanship that made my mouth drop open, but it was just an empty shell.

Gelmere’s real target was a powerful sword technique hidden behind the Wind Blade Sword.

“I was ruined by your patheticness.”

It was an opportunity to go further.

Cartoon ball Yeom Ryong-gyeol. It was an opportunity to evolve the stabbing herbivory that had been used since Episode 10, but the flow was broken by that damned bastard’s dirty actions. My stomach boiled with regret.

“I can never forgive this.”

An eerie level of murder rose in Raon’s red eyes.

-uh… ?

Lars tilted his head as if he didn’t understand.

-So, you’re saying you’re upset because the enemy isn’t swinging his sword the way you wanted?

It’s absurd. Putting aside the mistake made by the idiot who was either Gelug or Gelfos, it was clear that Raon was crazy when he got angry because his opponent did not use the sword technique he wanted.

-This is not really a fool!

I’ve lived for a long time and seen many people, but I’ve never seen someone this crazy.

-How on earth did you become such a monster?

Is the growth environment really important?

At first, I thought he was a cool, calm, and patient kid, but now he’s just gone crazy.

Apparently, she is an ear licker, a dirty girl, and the old man of the house. It seemed like it was because I was influenced by all three at the same time.

-There is no one like this among devils… .

Ras once again decided to take this crazy guy to the demon world for the sake of the revival of the demon race.

“Everyone, shut up!”

Gelmere raised his body and unleashed a vicious attack.

“Do you think I’ll end up like this!”

He swung his sword in anger. The explosive energy of the magic sword soared above the rapier.

“It’s nonsense.”

Raon stepped on Taehwaibo. The curves of the Gwanga Sword were released on the blade of the Jecheon Sword, which advanced like a beam of light and was swung.


The silver-white blade, howling fiercely, shattered Gelmere’s sword strike at once and lodged itself in his waist.


Gelmere stepped back, holding his waist.

“Well, well… .”

His lips trembled, unable to believe that the magic sword was broken by what seemed to be a simple swing of the sword.


Raon kicked the ground as if not giving him a chance to breathe.

“Off, off!”

Gelmere hurriedly thrust his sword. It was a stab from the Wind Blade that maximized penetrating and explosive power, but it was meaningless anymore.


Rushing to the left of the guy, the frost kite was slashed. The Jecheon Sword containing the ultimate skill struck down the three swords, and the blade of frost running along a silver trail slashed Gelmere’s upper body.


Gelmere’s uniform was torn, and blood spurted from his chest.


He took a step back, his chin shaking. His complexion turned pale from the fear of being overwhelmed by his powerlessness.

“No, that’s ridiculous. How could a lowly master… .”
“I told you. “Once the fight starts, none of that matters.”

Raon tilted his head slightly and narrowed his eyes.

“Come properly. “Because next time your head might get blown off.”
“Are you going to kill me? In this heavy radio combat?”
“Why not?”

Gelmere had been targeting the neck and heart since the start of the battle. He showed his killing intent from there first, so there was no reason to hold back.


Gelmir gripped his rapier tightly. He must have exerted enough power to cause internal injuries, and blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

Coo coo coo coo!

The underground space shook as if it would collapse due to the enormous energy wave emanating from him. The remains of the walls and ceiling appeared as if floating in the air.

“Never, never! “It doesn’t end here!”

Gelmere screamed and kicked the ground. He runs like a fierce tiger and thrusts out his rapier.


One sword attack spread into hundreds, covering the entire field of vision. It seemed like rainwater made of rivers was pouring down.


Previously, it was a sword technique that had only been used with leather, but this time it was real. A perfect stab that left no space to avoid took over the space.

“It’s too late now.”

Raon let out a cool voice and assumed an upper stance. He drew down the red light that appeared on the sword body, like a line of ink flowing on white paper.

Cartoon Ball Baekhwa.
Red island.

A flash of sunlight melted the river rain and distorted space.


Gelmere, with his right arm torn off, can be seen between the torn blades of the wind sword. Shock and fear flowed from the distorted green eyes.


Gelmere’s right arm fell to the ground with a scream of excruciating pain.

“Off! My, my arm… .”
“I saw that too.”

Raon walked in front of Gelmere with a cold look in his eyes.

“Because I could have killed him.”

Since it involves the family and direct lineage, this matter must end in the family battle. Unfortunately, he couldn’t be killed.

“Oh, your father won’t let you live! never… .”
“Now is it Dad’s chance?”

Raon smiled and looked down at Gelmere.

“I’m so bored that I have nothing to say. “You need to be beaten more.”
“Now, wait!”
“If you don’t want your tongue cut out, close your mouth.”
“My, my words… “Wow!”

I hit Gelmere’s chin with my fist, which had maxed out my strength.

Ugh! Ugh!

* * *

As soon as Terond, head of the 2nd division of the judicial department, heard the news that the Gwangpungdan was using heavy radio for forced execution, he dragged out all the remaining members of the judicial department.

‘Gwangpungdan is dangerous!’

The Jeonma Dan is strong. The Gwangpungdan, who had just begun their role as prosecutors, were not people that could be dealt with through will alone.

In particular, Gelmir is a very cold-hearted person despite his gentle appearance. He said that even if Raon was there, there was a possibility that there would be deaths.

‘Woah, the door is broken…’ .’

As soon as I saw the broken front door of the heavy radio station, my anxiety inflated like a balloon.

‘Please don’t let anyone die.’

Hoping that no one would die, I climbed over the door of the heavy armored personnel carrier and went inside.

“Everyone stop fighting! From now on, our executive branch… uh?”

Terond, who had been shouting to stop the fight, opened his mouth wide.

‘What is this… .’

The fight was already over. Although it was somewhat expected, the result was far beyond imagination.

‘Why is Gwangpungdan standing and Jeonmadan lying down?’

Jeonmadan, dressed in green robes, was lying down with his mouth turned, and Gwangpungdan, dressed in black robes, looked exhausted, but was standing on his feet.

‘Am I dreaming?’

The Warlords are veteran swordsmen who have completed numerous missions following Gelmere Sieghardt. I couldn’t believe that I lost to Gwangpungdan who had just started walking.

“W-what is it?”
“Gwangpungdan won?”
“Huh… .”
“Is this possible?”

Other judicial prosecutors also swallowed their saliva as if they could not believe this situation.

“Whoa… .”

Terrond took a deep breath to come to his senses and looked around.

‘Raon and Gelmere are missing!’

Raon and Gelmire, the leaders of the Gwangpungdan and the Jeonmadan, and the most important people in this incident, were nowhere to be seen.
My heart pounded wildly because if one of the two died, something really terrible could happen.

“Master thief!”

Terrond ran towards the thief who had Gorman kneeling.

“Where is Raon Sieghardt?”
“It’s down here.”

He pointed his finger at the floor. When I raised my senses, I could hear a faint but pounding sound.

“S-No way, it’s Gelmere Sieghart and… .”
“okay. “It’s going to be a fun fight.”
“But why are you doing this! “I have to stop it!”
“Stop it? who?”
“Of course it’s Gelmere! He might kill Raon!”

Do-gae held his forehead and burst into laughter that did not fit the situation.

“Do, Dokai?”
“For something like Gelmere to kill that monster, the leader of the judicial department must have a knack for comedy.”
“I don’t know if it’s the other way around. “That doesn’t happen.”

Terrond sighed and shook his head. He was like that even when he was in the Senate, but he is a truly incommunicable person.

“I’m going to go find the two of you. Group 2 organizes this place… .”
“There is no need to go.”

Do-gae waved his hand leisurely. He pointed to the floor once again and grinned.

“It will be out soon.”
“No time for fooling around! If anyone dies, there will be chaos… .”

It was when Terond was trying to ignore the collapse and enter Hyeonjingak.


The entire heavy defense unit shook, and a huge hole burst out of the floor pointed at by Do-gae, and one person jumped out like a fountain.

“Uh, that is!”

Jeonma Danju?

It was Gelmere. His right arm had been cut off and he was flying in the air with his eyes closed.

‘Why is he there?’

My head went blank because I couldn’t understand the situation. It felt like her brain was rusting.

“This isn’t it!”

Now is not the time to think about such things. If it fell like that, Gelmere would die instantly.


As he was about to run to him, another person was caught by a falling Gelmere from a hole in the floor.
Blonde red eyes. It was Raon Sieghardt who was said to be fighting Gelmere.

“Sweetheart. slow.”

Dogoe snorted when he saw Raon holding Gelmere.


Raon put Gelmere down on the floor and smiled slightly.

“I have something to learn.”
“Learning? “You’re making me feel cold again.”

Do-gae muttered that he was a boring guy and frowned.

“her… .”

Terond still couldn’t accept the situation and opened his mouth in confusion.

‘Well, what’s going on?’

It was clear that Raon and Gelmere had fought, but Raon, a low-level player, was fine, and Gelmere, a middle-level player, was unconscious with his arm cut off.

“So this is… .”

Actually, the answer is simple, but I couldn’t accept it in my head.

‘Raon defeated Gelmere?’

Is that possible?

As you become more advanced, the difference between levels widens like heaven and earth.
Even though Raon’s level is slightly higher than the master level, and Gelmere is just intermediate level, the difference in level is clear, and I don’t know why this result occurred.

“Ah, you came from the judicial branch.”

As I was forcing my head to turn, Raon approached me first.

“My name is Terrond, head of the second division of the judiciary.”

Terond straightened his posture and introduced himself.

‘I can’t show any more shame than this.’

There were so many surprising things that I was embarrassed, but now it was time to get back to normal. I decided not to be surprised no matter what happens.

“I heard that Buren Sieghart, who was hiding in the middle of the battlefield, is being executed. What is the situation now? “If we don’t get a proper explanation, we might have to give him his head.”

Terond glared at Raon with cold eyes.

“Gelmere and the Warlords kidnapped Burren and imprisoned him down here. “They said they were trying to control him by brainwashing him.”
“They say the reason for the brainwashing was to kill me.”

Raon smiled leisurely, as if talking about someone else’s business.

“Uh… .”

Terrond gaped. She swore she wouldn’t be surprised anymore, but that resolve was broken in 10 seconds.

“Well, is that really true?”
“You could check the secret room down here.”

He pointed to a hole in the floor. He got down on his knees and looked, and saw a multi-layered wall made of an unusual material.

“The person involved is also there.”

Raon pointed to Hyeonjingak at the back. A low sound of footsteps sounded and Burren appeared. Her clothes were torn, and she came out dragging one of the leaders of her squadron with her scarred, haggard complexion.

“her… .”

Did they really kidnap you?

I don’t know if it was brainwashing, but looking at the condition, it seemed like she had really been kidnapped. Kidnapping his younger brother from his home, Jungmujeon, was a ridiculous and crazy act.

“Now, let me think for a moment.”

Terrond slapped himself on the cheek and closed his eyes.

Raon chuckled, looking at Terrond like that.

‘It must be dizzy.’

They may have come because they heard that the Gwangpungdan was going to use heavy radio, but in reality, it was a major incident where they kidnapped my younger brother and tried to brainwash him, so it was understandable that he reacted that way.

‘where… .’

I left him to think about it step by step and saw Burren approaching from behind.

“I told you to believe it, right?”

Buren grinned and raised his fist. Looking at her proud expression, it seemed like she had gained something through the battle with Orlan. She was worth believing in.

“okay. Good job… .”
“It’s Burren!”
“Buren is back!”
“Buren! Burren! Burren!”

When Raon nodded, the Gwangpungdan swordsmen looked at Buren and shouted.

“Hey, guys… .”

Buren covered his mouth as if he was moved.

“Burren! “I missed you!”
“Buren! Burren! Burren!”

As if calling out his name wasn’t enough, the Gwangpungdan came running and gave Burren a rinse.

“thanks. thank you so much. Sorry for making you worry… .”

Burren’s eyes turned red. Her older brother kidnapped her and tried to brainwash her, but her comrades risked their lives to come to her rescue, so it’s natural to be moved.

“Where was it… ah! “Burn it here!”

Dorian took out a large palanquin from his stomach pocket and placed Burren on it. Each member of the Gwangpungdan held the legs of the palanquin and lifted Burren upward.

“Buren! Burren! Burren!”

The Gwangpungdan continued to shout out Burren’s name and picked him up and headed towards the main gate of the heavy military unit.

“uh… .”
“This, this… .”

It was so outrageous that even the judicial prosecutors stood there dumbfounded, unable to stop it.

“Enough is enough. “I know how you all felt.”

Burren wiped the corners of his eyes with the back of his hand and nodded sharply. Her eyes were truly touched.

“I will live for Gwangpungdan from now on. I give my all for you… .”
“Buren! Burren! Burren!”

Despite his declaration, the palanquin did not stop. He left Jungmujeon and headed to the right, where Bukmangsan Mountain was located.

“Hey, guys? Isn’t this the headquarters? Why go to the mountains… .”
“Buren! Burren! Burren!”
“Krrr! training!”
“Khuong! training!”

The eyes of the Gwangpungdan prosecutors looking at Bukmang Mountain gradually turn red. The madness unleashed by the Jeonma Dan was coming back to life.

“Huh, training? uh? What’s wrong with your eyes? It’s red! hey!”
“Put me down! “You bastards!”

Buren finally realized that something was wrong and tried to get off, but the swordsmen holding the palanquin pushed his body in and did not give him room to escape.

Raon nodded with satisfaction as he looked at Gwangpungdan and Buren.

“okay. “Then that’s it.”
-What can happen! You crazy people!

Lars’s lips trembled as he looked at Burren who was freaking out.

-That bastard was imprisoned for a week, then released, and even fought a battle! If you do that, you will really die!
‘People don’t die that easily.’

Raon waved his hand and said it was okay.

-iced coffee… .

Lars held his forehead and let out a raspy breath. His words don’t make sense. It felt like everyone’s brains here were turned upside down.

-Everyone is crazy! It’s all crazy!

It was a chaotic situation where the devil himself was worried about humans, but the humans showed their malicious intent in return.

‘Isn’t this actually the Demon World?’

The place where I lived was the human world.

Lars scratched his chin and seriously pondered his identity.

“Everyone stop!”

When the Gwangpungdan was about to take Burren and climb Mt. Bukmang, Terrond shouted with his aura.

“This is beyond me to decide. “We should go to Gajujeon together!”

He bit his lip as if there was no other way.

Raon smiled and nodded as if he knew that would happen.


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