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Chapter 268

Raon trampled on the crushed front door and walked inside the heavy armored personnel carrier. The sound of a broken door being stepped on echoed in the night air.

“Everyone to location!”
“Carry out a full-arm examination!”
“Defend the manor!”
“Never let them in! “We are heavy radio drones!”

Perhaps because they had been trained to prepare for an invasion, the swordsmen of the Jeonma Dan moved to their respective positions and drew their swords according to the instructions of their leaders. The well-trained spirit soared together with sharp sword energy.

“It’s okay.”

Raon smiled as he felt the waves of energy from the Jeonmadan swordsmen piercing his skin. At this level, it will be a good teaching aid for the training of Gwangpungdan swordsmen.

“Raon Sieghardt!”
“How dare someone like Gwangpungdan!”

Although the Jeonma Dan prosecutors who conducted the examination looked like they were going to kill him, Raon did not stop walking. I moved forward, cutting through their waves.


It was when the Jeonmadan prosecutors were about to attack at the same time.

Coo coo coo coo!

A storm of red-hot fighting spirit poured down from Raon’s back.


The Gwangpungdan rushed towards the Jeonmadan while emitting a growl that matched the instruction to ‘bite’. Although they seemed to move randomly, their movements followed the flow of the windstorm.


Each of the swordsmen rotated counterclockwise, instantly completing the Daegwangpungjin, and collided head-on with the Jeonma Dan.


A powerful wave of power exploded, and a variety of lights rose into the air.

“Hmm… .”

Raon nodded as he watched the Gwangpungdan fighting against the Jeonmadan. Seeing him fight with a close match against an opponent half his level, it was worth giving him actual combat training.

“Daju Assistant Manager! “Go quickly!”
“Buren! “Catch that person!”
“There’s a lot of training to do!”
“For now, let’s spend the night on the mountain! “That was the worst hell!”

The Gwangpungdan members pushed the Jeonmadan swordsmen and shouted, not to rescue Buren, but to bring him out for training. If anyone heard it, they would have thought the situation had not been explained.

‘Was it that fun?’

I smiled at the camaraderie of the Gwangpungdan members who wanted to pass on good experiences to their colleagues. Next time, I felt like I would have to increase my training volume and intensity by half.

Raon muttered something that would make Gwangpungdan members shudder if they heard it, and looked beyond the wire.
One blue-haired swordsman did not jump into the fight, but started running in the opposite direction.

‘Is that guy a messenger?’

That’s not running away. It was clearly a messenger on his way to inform Gelmire, who commanded heavy warfare, of the situation.

‘What that means is that Gelmere is in a place where it is difficult to know about this situation.’

Combining Judiel’s information and Tias’ testimony, Burren is likely trapped deep in Hyeonjingak, where he cannot be found by aura or sound.

If you are in a place where you cannot feel the presence from the outside, on the contrary, you cannot feel the presence from the outside inside either. In other words, there was a high possibility that Gelmire was unaware of the current situation.

‘We can’t just let it go.’

Because it’s better to have clear evidence.

Raon aroused Glasia’s energy. Limer snapped his fingers as if he were manipulating the wind, and fired a blast of frost energy at the blue-haired swordsman running inside.


The blue energy that came out as a flash stuck to the blue-haired swordsman’s shoes and froze his entire ankles.


The swordsman tried to use his aura to erase the coldness that covered Glacia’s ankles, but of course it did not go away easily.

It was when Raon tried to approach him with a faint smile.


A middle-aged swordsman with a scar under his eye rushed from the battlefield formation.

‘This person… .’

I remembered seeing about a test with a scar under the eye in the booklet Judiel had made. It was a comment from the 1st group commander of the Jeonma Dan.

“I can’t go any further!”

Haeron gritted his teeth and struck down his sword. Raon walked forward without hesitation even though sharp sword energy was pouring out of him.


Just as the blue sword blade was about to touch Raon’s forehead, a black shadow came out from behind and cut down Haeron’s sword strike.


It’s Martha. Martha, who was so excited that her gray breath was blowing out, slashed her sword towards Haeron’s waist.

“You little girl!”

Martha’s anger grew stronger when she was told she was a young girl. A sword strike that was enough to scare Haeron came pouring out from the raised sword body.


Haeron groaned and took a step back from the strong yet ferocious swordsmanship.


As if she didn’t want to miss the opportunity, Marta followed until the end and struck Haeron’s shoulder with her sword.

“Ugh… .”

Haeron barely blocked the sword, but his wrists trembled in pain. He didn’t look good, as if he was in shock internally.


Marta has excellent instinctive senses. He also taught him how to use his energy effectively, so he was putting pressure on his stronger opponent, Haeron.

“Martha. “Please.”

Raon waved his hand and passed by Martha.

“Don’t do that! “You bastard!”

Martha, who kept making animal noises, gritted her teeth and looked back. Fortunately, she didn’t seem to have turned into an animal at all.


This time, a female swordsman with sharp eyes who was leading Jin from the left came running, clicking her tongue.


He struck at once and brought out the rapier in his hand. One blade multiplied into five and aimed at vital parts of the body.

‘Is it group 3 this time?’

Looking at her sharp swords and slim figure, it seemed like this woman was Kuran, the third leader of the War Demon Dan.

‘It’s not a bad sword skill.’

Raon did not stop walking this time either. Without even pulling out his sword, he entered between the blades.


As Kuran’s sword energy tried to pierce his body, a wall of frost rose up before his eyes.

Damn it!

Runaan, who had erased all of Kuran’s sword energy with a silver barrier, came forward and corrected the story.

“I’ll do it. “Bring Burren.”

Runaan kicked the ground, showing off his angry expression with his fierce eyes.

“profit! Move!”

Kuran fired a series of sharp and rapid thrusts like a spear knife, but Runaan, as if reading his words, gently swung his sword and blocked all the sword strikes.

Damn it!

The dissonant sound of sword energy and frost clashing between Runaan and Kuran continued endlessly.

‘It’s rewarding to educate you.’

As Marta and Runaan’s strengths were improved and their weaknesses were erased, a clear change was seen even in a short period of time. The force itself was stronger on that side, but the momentum was overwhelming on this side.

Raon lightly waved his hand at everyone in the Gwangpungdan and turned to the blue-haired swordsman whose legs were frozen.

“Even if it’s just holding on to your legs, stop it!”
“He can’t kill us anyway!”

Haeron and Kuran, who were tied to Marta and Runan, called out to the heavy radio escort swordsmen who were swallowing dry saliva.

“The captains are right!”
“He can’t kill us!”
“Go, let’s go!”
“Never let me go!”
“It all sticks!”

The prosecutors, encouraged by the leaders’ words, rushed forward with their teeth clenched.

“That’s true.”

Raon smiled and nodded. The purpose of the forcible execution was not to destroy the heavy radio, but to search for Burren, so they could not be killed.

“Of course that…” .”

This is a story about when you can stick to me.

An intense heat creeps in from the steps that weigh down the earth. The manga ball and the ring of fire behind it resonated, and a terrifying force exploded, covering the battlefield.

“Huh… .”
“How can I stop this monster…?” .”

The swordsmen couldn’t even think about what was coming as the heat waves spewed out like lava, and they just broke into a cold sweat in place.

Raon smiled at the stopped prosecutors and then approached Hyeonjingak.

‘I can’t feel it from here either.’

Even though I got close to the building, I couldn’t detect any signs of Burren or Gelmere.

‘Is it a secret room after all?’

A secret room that completely erases all presence takes a considerable amount of time to create using various devices deep underground.
It seemed like the scene could be caught right away without the need for Burren’s testimony.

“Good… .”

When Raon was about to enter Hyeonjingak, a black shadow fell in the sky. He kicked the ground and slid to the side.


The floor of the manor collapsed and a red-haired middle-aged man with a frosty expression appeared.

“dare! “Where did you come from here?”

The sound of teeth grinding together exuded death.

“You must be Gorman.”

This is Gorman Trok, one of Karun’s protectors. He seems to have stayed here rather than go to battle.

“I’ll give you one last chance! “Get out now!”

He exuded a fierce spirit as if he would never let them in.


When Gorman snapped his fingers, the cold that was binding the ankles of the blue-haired swordsman behind him was mercilessly broken.

“Thank you!”

The blue-haired prosecutor went straight into Hyeonjingak without even having time to nod.

‘The level itself is a little higher than mine.’

Gorman’s strength seemed to be at intermediate master level. It might be possible to win, but time would drag on and give Gelmere a chance to hide Burren.

“Unfortunately, you are not my match.”
“what? This cocky… .”

Raon looked back and lowered his head, not at Gorman.

Coo coo coo coo!

The wall of the main battleground was roughly torn apart, revealing a thief with a physique that made Gorman look small.

“Oh, hell!”
“Collapse? bouncer. “Do you have the right to call me that?”
“no. that… .”

Gorman swallowed his dry saliva, exhausted by the force of the collapse.

“Seeing you leave the room, it looks like your skills have improved a bit.”

The swordsman grinned and struck down his sword.


Gorman quickly drew his sword and fought back, but was gradually pushed back by the force of the sword.

“Hey. As expected, the Commander-in-Chief is famous. envious.”
“You obnoxious bastard! “Just shut up and get in quickly!”

Do-gae turned his head and frowned.

“I’m still leaving.”

Raon entered Hyeonjingak with a faint smile.

“You have to give the guide time to set off.”

* * *

“Ugh… .”

Buren sighed tiredly and lowered his chin.


Orlan looked down at Buren and let out an exclamation.

“You are mentally stronger than I thought. As expected, Sieghardt’s blood cannot be faked.”

He clapped his hands as if it was amazing.

“shut up!”

Burren raised his head and gritted his teeth.

“I will never give in to you guys!”
“Surrender… .”

Orlan chuckled and twirled his fingers.

“Do you remember what I said at the beginning?”
“My brainwashing is a little different from other brainwashing. “Did I tell you it’s not a strong bet all at once?”
“Why now… .”
“My brainwashing is already embedded in Buren. It’s like you don’t know your clothes are getting wet in a light rain. “It gently seeps into your brain.”

Buren swallowed dry saliva. Until now, I have endured it without answering Orlan’s questions even once, but I don’t know when I was brainwashed.

“The question means nothing. My voice, words, and even gestures. All of those actions were preparatory work to instill fatigue and pain in Buren’s brain.”
“ah… .”

Come to think of it, Orlan never allowed me to close my eyes and ears. Even though she didn’t answer, she continued to ask questions and talk to herself.

“Now, the basic brainwashing will be completed in just about an hour. “Nothing changes on the outside, but a storm is brewing in Burren’s brain.”

Orlan’s voice was full of confidence. He smiled and took a step back.

“I want to make sure we end here, but before that, there is someone who wants to meet Burren.”

With those words, the door to the secret room opened, and Gelmere Sieghart came in.

“You don’t call me brother anymore? “That’s sad.”

Gelmere approached with a smile.

Orlan bowed his head and placed a chair in front of Gelmere.

“great job.”

Gelmir waved at Orlan and sat down across from Buren.

“I don’t want to do this to my own younger brother. how is it? “Have your thoughts changed?”
“What are you thinking!”
“Are you ready to take my hand and deal with Raon Sieghardt?”
“It’s terrible.”

Buren tilted his head and snorted.

“My answer is the same. “I would rather die than betray my comrades!”
“I knew it.”

Gelmere chuckled and leaned back as if he knew that would happen.

“I know that? “Everyone in this family has done what you think are dirty things?”
“Well, what is that… .”
“It is the heads of this family who stab their colleagues in the back, cut off their brothers’ heads, and sell their subordinates in order to rise higher.”

He spread his arms out to both sides and smiled coolly.

“Is it only here? no. Yukhwang Ohma. All of the continent’s great powers grew like that. “I climbed upward by trampling on the forces that were ahead or in my way.”
“I know that! But we are a family! In this way… .”
“Everyone has done it this way. Me too, your father whom you respect, and even the matriarch. “Everyone went up like that, sticking knives in the backs of their family and relatives.”

Gelmere’s eyes were shining blue.

“Sieghardt. “This huge land is a castle of blood built like that.”
“eww… .”

Burren’s lips trembled, unable to respond.

“You don’t have tinnitus yet, right?”

Gelmere smiled, placing his clasped hands on his knees as if to lighten the heavy atmosphere.

“Why did you suddenly… .”
“They say Raon Sieghardt has had tinnitus since he was 15. He was said to be the guardian deity of Habunseong and the Little Sword Demon, but now he has received a fancy nickname, Seolhwageomhyeop. On the other hand, what are you?”

He looked down at Burren with a sneer.

“The leader of the nameless Gwangpungdan. “The prosecutor who only looks after Raon Sieghardt 1. This is how the world views you.”
“There will be Raon Sieghardt in front of you for the rest of your life. Even if you go here, Raon. If you go that way, Raon. “Everyone will only be looking for Raon running in front of you, not Burren.”
“I am… .”

Buren bit his lip. His eyes fluttered.

“Are you really confident that you won’t be jealous even if it gets to that point? “Is it possible to rejoice in a colleague’s success without being jealous?”

Gelmere’s voice gradually became slower and resonated in my heart. It felt like he was pounding his heart with his fist.

“Whoa… .”

Burren took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and then opened them. In that brief moment, his eyes had regained their stability.

“what… .”

Gelmere looked at Burren’s still eyes and swallowed dry saliva.

“I was jealous of that guy when I was 12. “I thought he was an unlucky bastard born with talent.”

I thought he was a damn person who had an easy time living in the world with his natural talent, but that wasn’t the case at all.

‘He was a guy who worked as hard as he had talent.’

I felt it when I saw the old shoes in Raon’s locker. That guy is a guy who works harder than he has talent.
If there is one thing that needs to be done, it is to wield a sword without sleeping or eating.

‘How can you be jealous of a guy like that?’

He works harder and busier than anyone else and is sincere about the growth of other colleagues. Not only did it save his life, but being jealous of the guy who taught him how to become stronger was exposing his own ugliness.

“You’re young too. “I couldn’t do it even when I was 12.”

Buren grinned as he looked at Gelmere’s shaking eyes.

“Tell me honestly. It’s not that you’re worried about me, it’s that you’re scared of me. Because if Raon grows up a little more, he will catch up. no. “He may have already been caught up.”
“you… .”
“If you make excuses for yourself while being jealous, will it become less ugly? “It’s pathetic.”
“shut up!”

For the first time, Gelmere frowned and shouted.


He kicked the chair and stood up, calling out to Orlan.

“Start now!”
“All right.”

Orlan smiled slightly, as if he knew this would happen from the beginning.

“Whoa… .”

Gelmere took a deep breath as if trying to calm his anger and leaned his back against the wall.

“Buren, you also have outstanding talent, but it’s a shame. If I train for a few more years, I will be able to catch up… .”
“What nonsense. “At least hold on to it now.”

Burren snorted and lowered his eyebrows.

“Confidence is good.”
“confidence? It’s true. “I’ve seen countless times how they take down the strong behind Raon’s back.”
“is that so.”

Orlan brushed it off gently, but his tone of voice was higher than before. For the first time, I felt annoyed.

‘If I do this well… .’

I thought that by provoking these two, I might get a chance to escape.

“If you don’t believe me, let’s have a fight.”

As I was about to provoke Orlan, a series of thumping sounds came from outside.

‘Wasn’t this room one floor?’

Listening to the sound, it seemed like this secret room was made of two or more layers. They were truly crazy people.

After hearing several door sounds, the iron door of the secret room opened roughly.

“Everything, Danju!”

The blue-haired prosecutor who opened the door lowered his head with trembling eyes.

“what’s the matter. If it’s not urgent, later… .”
“Wow, the Gwangpungdan has invaded!”

Gelmere and Orlan looked at the swordsman and gaped.

“Why Gwangpungdan?”

The answer came not from the blue-haired swordsman, but from the ceiling.


The ceiling collapsed with a loud noise that sounded like a mountain collapsing.


Eerie red eyes flashed in the black dust.

“Who are you?”

Gelmere grabbed his sword and unleashed his force, but the red-eyed man did not respond, but looked at Burren.

“What kind of princess are you? “Are you going to be locked in the basement all day long?”
“you… .”

Burren recognized the voice and his chin trembled.


The moment the name was called, dust rose into the sky and Raon’s appearance was revealed. Flowing blonde hair and sparkling red eyes. The slightly lifted chin was arrogant, but it suited him so well.

“Let’s go back.”

Raon smiled coldly while holding the sword of Jecheon Sword.

“A mad dog waiting for you desperately. No, with Gwangpungdan.”

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

Reincarnation Genius Sword Master Assasin
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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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