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Chapter 267

Raon narrowed his eyes as he watched Rimmer squeak in his own performance.

‘The Danjeon is complete.’

The artificial dantian, which was in an immature form, took root perfectly in Rimmer’s body and was also connected to the mana circuit. It was like looking at perfectly woven fabric without a single error.

‘It went further than expected.’

I was already looking forward to seeing what kind of power the new Danjeon and the neatly restored mana circuit could unleash when combined with the martial arts accumulated by Rimmer.

“Wow, what is this dust!”
“You broke the door and the sand exploded!”

The swordsman kicked the frowning Rimer’s butt.

“But that human… .’

Raon frowned as he looked at Rimmer, who was screaming and falling down.

‘Why are Aurors like that?’

The amount is too small.

The amount of aurors contained in Limer’s artificial danteon was much smaller than expected. I gave him two intermediate-level elixirs and enough time, but I couldn’t understand why he could only collect that much aura.

‘no way… .’

A crazy assumption came to mind. It’s something other people would never do, but it was entirely possible for that strange elf.


Raon approached Rimmer. He clenched his fists as he watched Rimer rub his butt.

“You hid it to sell, right?”
“ok? what?”

Rimmer tilted his head as if he didn’t know what he was talking about.

“You didn’t sell the elixir I left behind to raise money for gambling?”

Other than that, there was no way Rimmer’s auror was that small.

“You even used a bronze medal and tried to sell the elixir you obtained without even eating it! “This person is real!”
“her! “Are you sure you were trying to sell the elixir this guy left?”

Do-gae also let out a sigh as if he was dumbfounded.

“no! “No!”

Rimmer waved his hands wildly, saying absolutely nothing.

“Right now, Danju’s Dantian is like a newborn baby. This means that the energy of the elixir can be absorbed as is.”
“Well, that’s true… .”
“I took two intermediate elixirs in that condition, and it doesn’t make sense that I could only create that much aura.”

Raon approached Rimmer with his lips slightly biting.

“I can’t stand it today…” .”
“I filtered it!”

Rimmer swallowed his saliva and gave a scream-like answer.

“You know that! “Not all elixirs are pure mana.”
“Of course I know.”

An elixir is not a pure lump of mana. Whether it is created artificially or naturally, natural mana takes shape and inevitably accumulates a lot of impurities.

“All the impurities were filtered out and only the pure mana contained in the elixir was accepted!”

Rimmer pointed at the dantian and wrinkled his nose.

‘Thank you so much, I would do something like that.’

When I saw the elixir Raon had left behind, I almost cried with gratitude. He felt that as a teacher he must give his students help. It was also very emotional to receive so much help.

‘So I went further.’

Because I was so grateful to Raon and the children of Gwangpungdan, I thought about and found a way to become stronger faster and stronger than before.

‘Raon Sieghardt.’

It was you.

Raon’s aura is pure, as if it contains natural flame or ice. Because he was so conscientious, he was able to exert great power with a small amount.

A practice that was possible because it was a blank slate without even a single aura. Using the elf-specific practice method that creates only pure energy, only the essence of the two elixirs was placed in the altar.

Thanks to this, the amount of aura in the Danjeon was smaller than the size of the eyelids, but its purity was as powerful as that of Raon.


Rimmer let out a short breath and raised his finger.


Green energy soared above his fingers, and a cool green wind passed through the air.

“This… .”

Raon lifted the cartoon ball up onto his fingers. The red-hot flame met the wind and swelled like a flower.

‘It’s similar.’

Like the energy of a cartoon ball, it has a purity that can be seen as an attribute itself. Although it was small, I felt a power that surpassed its size.

‘If this is completed… .’

If that auror could take his place in the perfected dantian and mana circuit, Rimmer seemed to be able to reach a level higher than before.

“Is that an elven practice?”
“okay. Everyone abandoned it because the speed of creating auras was slow, but now I can speed up the process. “I learned it.”

Rimmer chuckled, saying that he had no patience when he was young.

“Are you acknowledging it now?”
“yes. “I apologize.”

Raon nodded. Unlike his original personality, Li Mer consumed all the elixirs and filled only pure mana. It was a good choice.

“But where are the kids? “Isn’t it training time now?”
“you’re right. “I’m training.”

I smiled slightly as I looked towards Bukmangsan Mountain.

“young master.”

Judiel, who was standing behind him, lowered his head.

“I’ll just go now.”
“Oh yeah. thank you.”

Raon smiled, pointing to the sandwich he was still holding in his hand. Judiel left the training hall with a fake smile.

“When do we enforce enforcement when a member does not follow orders?”

Even if Buren had been kidnapped, it wasn’t confirmed right now, so a reason to engage in heavy military action was needed. The idea was to make up for it through forced execution.

“Do you think I know that?”

Rimmer snorted with his arms crossed as if he was boasting.

“ha… .”
“It’s four days.”

As I sighed, I heard an answer from Dokke.

“In times of war, it can be activated immediately, but in times like now, it only takes 4 days… .”
“Then we can move on the fifth day.”

I was told that brainwashing takes between a week and ten days, so I thought there would be no problem if I went on the fifth day.

“But why?”
“Why did you suddenly ask that?”

Two people came forward at the same time.

“I think I need to go save a fool.”

Raon looked back to where the heavy radio was and bit his lip slightly.

* * *

“Ugh… .”

Raon lowered his eyes as he looked at the Gwangpungdan swordsmen who were shooting hot glances at him. Perhaps angry at being neglected, everyone bared their teeth and growled as if they were real dogs.

‘hmm… .’

I was trying to raise a strong warrior both mentally and physically, but I don’t know why he’s turning into a beast.

‘In times like these, you have to be strong-minded.’

I’m sorry for causing you trouble, but if you show up weak at a time like this, it will interfere with your future training. Even if I apologize later, now was the time to come out strong.

“Good work.”

Raon nodded with calm eyes.

“effort? Souuuugo? It’s Cheval! “You bastard!”

Martha stood up with black flames burning in her eyes.

“Good luck Raon. It was so bad… .”

Runan, who always takes his side, also held his head and raised his fierce eyes.

“The night wasn’t enough, let’s leave it until the morning! “Good work?”
“I went too far this time! “I felt like my head was going to explode!”
“It was really, really hard. Ouch, I’m still nauseous… .”
“Burren, you have to go through this too… .”

Because they maintained tension and concentration throughout the night and into the morning, the prosecutors could not hide their exhaustion even after resting for about an hour. All that was left was anger.


Now is important.

When I am mentally and physically exhausted, it is the best time to focus on posture and martial arts, so I had to make the most of it.

“Neglect it… .”

Raon snorted and looked down at Gwangpungdan.

“It was training for that from the beginning.”
“Your attention span is short and shallow.”

The perplexed Gwangpungdan were crushed by powerful energy waves.

“In the future, we will fight against increasingly stronger enemies. What is important when fighting an equal or stronger enemy? The first is, of course, powerlessness. Next is concentration.”

Raon’s eyes darkened. The members of the Gwangpungdan swallowed their dry saliva as they faced the cool light.

“In order to analyze the opponent’s lack of knowledge and lead the fight in a way that is advantageous to me, I need the ability to maintain hyper concentration for hours, not just a few minutes.”
“ah… .”
“Then it’s not neglect… .”
“okay. I left it here on purpose so you could develop concentration. Was it your first time? “Have you ever been so tense and focused for so long?”

Everyone in the Gwangpungdan slowly nodded at Raon’s words.

“The brain is not working well, and the body is heavy as if wet. If you experience it for the first time, you will most likely be killed by the enemy. “I’m here to give you a chance to avoid your first death.”
“Okay… .”

Martha also lowered her head as if she had nothing to say.

“This training will continue in the future. It may be hard enough to kill you, but I think you gain a life every time you train. If you have any complaints, raise your hand. “I’ll take it out.”

Naturally, no one raised their hand.

“Then kick the black pill. Training begins again.”
“I can’t help it… .”
“Wow, I’m jealous of Burren… .”

Even though the Gwangpungdan members cursed and gnashed their teeth, they immediately wore black helmets. Everyone had the same desire to become stronger.

“As always, it starts with jumping. “Everyone in the Gwangpungdan, run with all your might!”

The members of the Gwangpungdan started running around the training ground, screaming loudly. I couldn’t sleep because I was overcome by evil, and even though I was wearing a black pill, I went faster than yesterday.


Rimmer chuckled as he looked at the members of the Frenzy Troupe.

“You run without being able to sleep, it’s a pity you’re training. “I’m so glad I’m not there.”
“What are you doing?”

Raon tilted his head as he looked at Rimer, who was smirking.

“Oh, that’s funny. Let’s take a look… .”
“no. “What are you doing if you’re not running?”
“uh? “Me too?”

Rimmer pointed his finger at himself and opened his mouth.

“I clearly told Gwangpungdan to run with all their might.”
“No, I’m sober…” .”
“As I said before, I am the one who currently has the right to train and command the Gwangpungdan. The same goes for Danju’s rehabilitation training.”
“I-I’m a bit strong for running… .”
“If you wanted to ask about that, would you go to the head of the family?”

Raon grinned, repeating exactly what Rimmer had said when he was a former trainee.

“Let me say it again. run!”
“You devil bastard!”

Rimmer screamed and started running through the training ground.

“Oh my, flirting!”
“I knew I would do that!”

The members of the Gwangpungdan laughed inversely as they watched Rimmer running through the training ground.

After completing basic physical training, Raon gathered everyone in the center of the training center.

“Your body will have warmed up, so now it’s sparring. It’s not just about fighting, it’s about getting to the brink of death and practicing maximizing your concentration, so brace yourself.”
“Aww… .”
“After staying up all night, running and rolling, now sparring… .”
“I will die from Deputy Danju before I die from the enemy!”

The Gwangpungdan members panted and lowered their heads. Still, there was no one who said he didn’t want to do it.

“Who are you?”

Marta narrowed her eyes and asked about the important part.

“of course… .”

Raon smiled coldly and raised his training sword.

“uh… ?”
“You crazy!”
“Yes, why are you here?”

Marta, Runan, and everyone in the Wind Winds were scared and took a step back.

“I told you. What we need to care about is not the weak, but the strong. “I’m a good candidate for that.”

Raon put his training sword on his shoulder and set his chin up.

“He’s not just strong, he’s too strong!”
“that’s right. “This just means I’m going to beat you!”
“You’re not even full of black pills!”
“I’m out of my mind… .”
“This demon… .”

Gwangpungdan gritted his teeth in anger at Raon’s arrogant expression.

“Ha, you really don’t know.”

Rimmer wiped the sweat from his forehead and sighed.

“It is a feat of skill that a warrior of Raon’s caliber fights back. I need to think about making good use of this opportunity. “If you show off like that, you’ll be knocked out in one hit.”

He clicked his tongue, telling me to take advantage of the opportunity.

“As expected, you are Danju. “You just said such nice things.”

Raon smiled at Rimmer.

“right? I’m really good at talking… .”
“So let’s start the sparring with Danju.”
“uh… ?”

Rimmer’s mouth opened to a size I had never seen before.

“Inherently, in matters like this, superiors have to set an example.”

Raon swung his training sword and aimed at Rimmer.

“It would be a perfect example.”
“Yumma! “I just took your side!”
“Just pull out your sword.”

I ignored Rimmer, who was waving his hand, and pulled up the auror. He meant that he would attack whether he blocked or not.


Rimmer frowned and pulled out his training sword.

“good! No matter how weak I am… to?”

His eyes widened when he saw the intensity of the flame burning from Raon’s sword.

“Go, Gangi?”
“If you’re going to do it, you have to do it right.”
“No, I’m a patient… .”
“Not anymore, right?”
“You crazy guy! “You saw that I have an Auror the size of my eyelids!”
“There is such a thing as class, right? “Let’s begin.”

Raon grinned and raised his sword to its middle position.

“This guy is really crazy! “He must be out of his mind!”

Rimmer screamed and sounded the same as the Gwangpungdan swordsmen he had made fun of.

“Then let’s go.”

Raon used the Garambo technique, moved in front of Rimmer, and slashed his sword. The mighty flames of flame burned the air and tore through the air.


Rimmer spewed out all of his little aura and barely managed to twist his strength. The sleeves melted in the heat of the cartoon ball and flew into the air.

“Hey, this is real!”

He took a step back, his eyes fluttering.

“This crazy guy is killing my teacher! “He’s going to kill me!”
-Ah, even the devil has a teacher… .

Lars swallowed his dry saliva while listening to Rimmer’s scream.

-What about you… .

* * *

Tias went into his quarters in Jungmujeon and sighed deeply.

“Whoa… .”

I’m dying.

I haven’t slept in days, so I feel dizzy and nauseous. It felt like she would immediately fall into a state of sleep if she lay down, but she couldn’t close her eyes because of her anxiety.

‘Is this right? ‘Wasn’t there another way?’

Because Gelmere threatened Burren with his life, he was unable to ask Raon for help and had no choice but to lie and say that Burren was doing well. He wanted to contact me at least later, but it was impossible to move because there was a guard attached.

“shit… .”

Tias gritted her teeth and hit the bed. If possible, I wanted to save Burren even if it meant sacrificing my old body, but there was no way. He was so pathetic that he couldn’t do anything.

“What should I do now…” .”
“It’s been a while.”

My heart felt like it was being ripped out of me by the voice that came from the darkness of the room.

“Da, you…” .”

A tall man walks out to the moonlit window. Gorgeous blonde hair and bright red eyes. It was Raon Sieghardt.

“How did Raon get here…?” .”
“I have something to ask you.”

Raon smiled slightly and leaned his back against the wall.

“Woman, you shouldn’t be here. Watching… .”

Tias swallowed dry saliva. Since Buren was kidnapped, she had been under constant surveillance, and she could never be seen meeting Raon.

“You don’t have to worry. “The person who was watching over Tias has left.”

Raon smiled slightly and waved his hand as if he knew everything.

“Where is Burren?”
“I called for training, but there was no response for four days. “I think we need to enforce enforcement for disciplinary action.”

He said he would take disciplinary action, saying he kept calling but there was no answer.

“Well, what do you mean… . “I definitely went looking for you, didn’t I?”
“It was definitely four days ago… ah!”

Tias looked into Raon’s eyes and swallowed dry saliva. The bright red eyes that seemed to set the darkness of the room on fire did not waver in the slightest.

‘You know everything!’

Raon knows that Buren was kidnapped, and chose forced execution as a way to save him.

In other words, you are asking yourself two answers now. About not telling Burren about his whereabouts and about Burren’s location.

‘If this person… .’

I was confident that this man could save Burren.

“Well, I don’t know either.”

Tias bit her lip and shook her head.

“It may be in Hyeonjingak inside the heavy military headquarters, I don’t know.”

After saying the name of the building where Burren was trapped, he let out a hot breath.

“I heard that compulsory execution can take place five days after the order is issued. “Tomorrow is exactly the 5th day, so please leave here at night and come to the 5th training camp.”

Raon smiled and opened the window.

“wait a minute! Okay, thanks… .”

When I was about to say thank you, Raon covered my mouth with his finger.

“What are you thankful for? “I’m just going to catch my little boy who skipped training.”

He laughed and melted into thin air like mist caught in the light.

“Ugh, thank you.”

Tias bowed her head towards the window where Raon had disappeared and muttered softly.

“thank you… .”

* * *

The next evening.

“Grrr… .”
“nice… .”

Raon narrowed his eyes as he heard the red eyes of the Gwangpungdan swordsmen and the growls like the howls of wild beasts.

‘It seems like he’s really turning into a mad dog… .’

Less than a week had passed since the training had become a bit excessive, but the prosecutors’ spirit had become so intense that it went from being sharp to being ferocious. I think the effect of training as an assassin like I did in my previous life while minimizing sleep was a bit excessive.

‘But my skills have definitely improved.’

Although the force itself did not increase significantly, the time to maintain concentration more than doubled, and physical strength and fighting spirit also increased sharply. This change will make a big difference in practice.

‘It’s just right.’

The current Gwangpungdan will be able to put up a good fight with the Jeonmadan, which is predicted to be one level higher. It was an appropriate situation to save Burren and conduct actual combat training for the Gwangpungdan.

“That traitor!”
“I’ll kill you!”

As soon as the word Buren was mentioned, everyone in the Gwangpungdan gnashed their teeth at the same time. It was a violent reaction, as if they could not forgive Burren for drinking honey alone. Even Crane, who followed Buren the best, was saying he would kill him.

“There is something you don’t know. Burren… .”
“That betrayal!”
“Just the head!”
“hmm… .”

I couldn’t say anything because if I even mentioned Burren’s name, curses would come out.

“Calm down and listen. Burren… .”

Raon briefly told the Gwangpungdan about Buren’s situation.

“So today we hit the battlements that imprison the Burren. “We will defeat them and save Buren.”
“In other words, there are two bastards who are preventing Burren from training, right?”
“They are killers! Are you making Burenman miss training?”
“It’s all George, only Buren will be trained!”

The Gwangpungdan was already distracted by the name Buren, so they did not hear the true story. The only thought in their minds was to bring Buren, whether from the War Demon Corps or Oma, to undergo this hellish training.

“hmm… .”

Raon shrugged his shoulders, feeling the intensity of the Gwangpungdan swordsmen become so fierce that it stung his skin.

“Well, that’s okay.”

The reaction was different than expected, but the combat power itself had increased, so it didn’t seem to matter.

-What has happened? Isn’t the meaning completely different?

Lars’ chin trembled as he looked at the windmill.

-Those are just crazy dogs that can’t even understand! It’s not a frenzy, it’s a mad dog!
‘Now is the time for mad dogs.’

Raon raised his hand and gestured towards Jungmujeon.

“Let’s catch Burren and double the training we’ve done so far!”
“All responsibility lies with Danju! “Knock them all down!”
“let’s go!”

5 A shout that shook the ground erupted from the training ground.

“uh? me?”

Rimmer, who had been standing quietly next to the podium because he knew in advance, opened his mouth.

“If I cause an accident again, the head of the family will kill me!”

* * *

The main gate of Jungmujeon boasts a unique splendor even in the Sieghardt main building.

Two prosecutors were chatting in front of the main gate.

“Because I said I was a heavy radio operator. “That stupid bastard suddenly started acting awkward and noticed.”
“It has to be that way. “If you use your mouth incorrectly, your head will be blown off.”
“Since I came into heavy combat, everything is really… hmm?”

The prosecutors who were giggling narrowed their eyes when they saw about thirty people approaching from the dark.

“Who is it tonight?”
“well. The person in the middle looks familiar… omg! Raon Sieghardt!”
“La, Raon?”

The two swallowed dryly when they saw Raon walking from the center. As he approached me with such cruel eyes at night, I couldn’t help but feel nervous.

“Huh, stop! This is the area of heavy radio warfare. “If you don’t make an appointment in advance, you can’t come in!”
“There are no promises, but there is a purpose.”

Raon accepted the words of the heavy radio inspector and climbed the stairs.

“What is the purpose?”
“okay. Burren Sieghardt. “I’m here to catch the arrogant bastard who ignored my summons.”

He passed by the warriors with a cool smile.

“Okay, sleep… .”
“It’s forced execution!”

Raon grinned and kicked the front door of the central defense unit.


The King of Destruction trait activated and the two main doors burst open without mercy.

“What is this all of a sudden?”

As with heavy radio warfare, a powerful aura was felt even before the door was smashed, and warriors gathered from all over.

‘It’s appropriate.’

Looking at the energy and energy they had, they were swordsmen who were perfect opponents for the Gwangpungdan.

“This is Raon Sieghardt, the assistant manager of the Gwangpungdan Danju.”

Raon turned his head to the side, looking down at the gathered swordsmen of the Jeonma Dan.

“I have come to capture the criminal Burren Sieghardt. “If you interfere, I’ll make it like that door.”
“Hey, that crazy guy!”
“Where am I!”
“Stop it! “Never let them in!”

Jeonma Dan pulled out his sword with a distorted expression like a demon.

“Are you trying to interfere with the execution of official duties?”

Raon nodded and looked back.


He pointed to the warriors of the Jeonmadan and grinned at the Gwangpungdan, who was grinding his teeth.


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