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Chapter 265

Raon threw the struggling Limer into the training room.

“Yumma! Handle with care! “I’m a patient!”

I ignored his hesitation and turned around.

“Commander General. “Then please do me a favor.”
“Whoa… .”

Do-gae sighed and crossed his arms.

“You must be going through all sorts of things to have to defend the law at this age.”

He grumbled, but turned around and stood in front of the door.

“Defending the law should be left to someone you can trust.”
“thank you.”

Raon bowed his head at Dogoe, who snorted, and entered the training room.

“Let’s begin. Are you going to break the dantian yourself? Or should I break it for you?”
“Stop talking like you’re cracking an egg!”

Rimmer muttered that he was a scary guy and took a step back.

“Haven’t you already decided?”
“Well, that’s right. Even if you prepare your mind… .”
“So, on the way back, I taught you how to use an artificial power supply and told you to prepare your mind.”

On the way back to the family, I taught Rimer how to use the artificial short circuit and told him to prepare his mind in advance. He dozed off while on his horse, and I don’t think he was even listening.

“Well, that’s… .”
“You have to start as early as possible to become stronger as quickly as possible. “You probably know better than anyone else.”
“okay. i get it! okay! “You heartless bastard!”

Rimmer screamed and sat down on the floor.

“Whoa… .”

I sighed and closed my eyes. She raised the aura of the cracked dantian. The energy accumulated over a lifetime gently flowed through the mana circuit as if saying a final goodbye.

‘You’re having all sorts of experiences.’

By restoring the torn mana circuit and creating a new danjeon after breaking it, I was able to live a new life thanks to Raon and the other children. Although he was grateful, he felt sorry for being an insufficient teacher.


After using my aura to my heart’s content, as if I was enjoying the last time, I opened my eyes.

“Raon. “Don’t miss the opportunity.”
“yes? What is that… .”
“You will find out soon.”

Rimmer left those words and closed his eyes again. Just like when he unleashes strong energy, he amplifies the aura of the dantian and then explodes it at once.


The scars on the Danjeon cracked deeply, and runaway auras began to gush out.

‘It’s going to take all day like this.’

Break it all at once!

Rimmer bit his lip and amplified his aura once again.


A loud noise, like hundreds of pieces of glass breaking, echoed throughout my body, and the thin Danjeon melted like a piece of frost that fell on the palm of my hand.


Excruciating pain oppressed my entire body, but even more, an even greater sense of futility penetrated my soul. Confusion to the point of losing my mind covered my mind.


The lost aura passed through the mana circuit and began to spread into the air. A storm of pure Auras rose inside the training room.


Rimmer took a deep breath and opened his eyes.

“Raon. “Take my auror.”

Raon widened his eyes.

“You feel it too. Now, the mana I have collected is glowing like crazy. It may be different from your attributes, but it will be helpful in some way. “You take care of it.”
“What are you talking about? If you accept the artificial power supply right away and use the aurors… .”
“Of course I took it if I could! But I don’t have time.”

Rimmer shook his head with a bitter smile.

“Those Aurors have already been touched by nature’s mana. It will disappear after just a few minutes. “You’re the only one who can take care of that now.”

To be honest, I wanted to give away all the aurors in the Danjeon, but if I did that, there was a high possibility that the mana circuit that had barely recovered would be torn again.

“I didn’t come here for that. “I just came to see Danju’s condition.”

Raon bit his lip. He had no intention of taking care of Li Mer’s aurors. All I wanted to do was make a quick payment.


Rimmer smiled and nodded.

“Do I not know you? “I know you’re the type of person who thinks about others, but doesn’t think about you.”
“I am… .”
“Leave the fuss later. First, start with Auror training! “Ssya!”

He said he really didn’t have time, chewed the pill, swallowed it, and immediately put the artificial danjeon in his mouth.

“I’m going to make a danjeon too. You too do Auror exercises. “See you later!”

Rimmer closed his eyes after saying those words. I could feel the pure energy of nature moving within his now empty body.

‘The energy of artificial danjeon and Yeongryuhwan is moving.’

The artificial Danjeon, which was non-attributed, changed its form to match Limer’s body and Auror nature, and the energy of the Young Ryu Hwan naturally seeped into his mana circuit, healing the wounds that had not yet been fully erased.

“hmm… .”

Raon nodded, looking at the Aurors still hovering in the air.

‘It would be better to take it with a grain of salt.’

Rimmer had also found stability and had even established the defense method of do-gae, so it seemed like there would be no problem if he practiced the exercises.


I closed my eyes and used Manga Ball and Glacia at the same time. Auras sharing different circuits drew countless lines and sucked in the wind-attribute auras wriggling from the outside.

‘hmm… .’

Raon felt the aura rotating in the mana circuit and frowned.

‘It can’t go on like this.’

As Rimmer said, the attribute of the Aura that is currently spreading is wind. Although there wasn’t much left, it was difficult to properly accept even what was absorbed due to its different properties.

‘But there is a way.’

It created a ring of fire. The six rings resonated in unison and began extracting only the pure energy from the deepest part of the wind attribute aura.

Although the amount was not very large, it was an auror collected by Rimer, who had a high affinity for nature, so the power and purity contained within it were far superior to most elixirs.

“Whoa… .”

Raon opened his eyes after absorbing the energy purified by the ring of fire with Manga Ball and Glacia. Even though it wasn’t that much, I felt like my Danjeon was full.

[The achievement of has increased.]
[The achievement of has increased.]
[’s achievement has increased.]
[All abilities have increased by 3 points.]

After just practicing for a few hours, the achievement of each practice method increased significantly, the ability level increased, and the aura of the dantian became even stronger.
It felt like the years Rimmer had accumulated had become a support for the Aurors.

Raon smiled and looked at Rimmer.

‘Not much time left.’

Seeing that only the outer part of the artificial danjeon was changing, it seemed like it was almost finished.


Raon took out two wooden armors from his pocket and placed them in front of Rimmer, who was absorbed in making a Danjeon.

‘It’s a gift.’

The first wooden armor was an elixir purchased upon returning, and the second was a wind-attribute elixir exchanged for the same-colored armor I had previously received.

It was a gift prepared for Rimer because he thought he would be disappointed when he saw the empty danjeon.

‘Is this what a teacher and disciple are?’

Just as he prepared the elixir while thinking of Rimmer, Rimmer told his disciple to collect the auras he had scattered in order to be of some help.

Seeing them take care of each other made me laugh because it felt like I was seeing a relationship between a teacher and a student that I had only heard about in stories or books.

‘You need to come out quickly.’

Raon smiled as he looked at Rimmer’s back creating a danteon.

‘Because there’s a lot of training to do.’
-hmm… .

Ras came up to the ice flower bracelet and narrowed his eyes.

-Is that line right now?

* * *


Buren groaned and opened his eyes.

“here is… .”

I looked around, suppressing the pounding headache. A dark room with small luminous stones embedded in it. It was so humid that it looked like a basement.

“Why am I here… uh?”

I tried to move, but my arms and legs were held by something and I couldn’t move. Looking down, I saw that his wrists and ankles were chained in cuffs.

“What, what! “What is this?”

Buren bit his lip and tried to wake up the auror, but the auror didn’t move either. Something was blocking the mana circuit.


I remembered.

I remembered hearing my second brother’s voice at the end and my eyes turning dark. It’s my brother. It was clear that his second brother had knocked him out and brought him here.


Burren frowned. I couldn’t believe that his older brother had kidnapped him because he didn’t grant such an unreasonable request.


While I was shaking my head, the iron door opened with a creepy sound.

“brother! “What are you doing?”
“I’m sorry, but I am not Gelmere.”

The person who came in as he said was not the second brother. He was a short, red-haired middle-aged man with a gentle appearance.

“It’s been a while since I saw you. Mr. Burren.”

The person who entered this room was Orlan, the second leader of the Jeolma Dan, of which Gelmir was the leader. He had followed his older brother since he was young, so we saw him often.

“yes. you’re right. “Even though a lot of time has passed, you still recognize me.”

He grinned and pulled over a chair across from him and sat down.

“Where is my brother! Solve this and brother… .”
“I’m sorry, Master Burren, but you do not have the authority to give me orders.”

Orlan’s smile was the same as when seen from the outside, but his eyes were extremely cold.

“What on earth are you going to do…?” .”
“Master Gelmere is very suspicious. “You can’t believe Burren isn’t spreading the story.”
“So, you kidnapped me? Don’t you know this is a bigger deal?”
“Of course I know, that’s why I came.”

Orlan smiled and nodded.

“What is that… .”
“I have one more specialty besides swords. “It’s called brainwashing.”

Buren gritted his teeth.

“Do you think the elders of the family wouldn’t notice such a thing? Gwangpungdan too… .”
“Do not worry. “Because it’s not that kind of strong, obvious brainwashing.”

Olanga grinned.

“What I do is very slowly change the psychology. It’s a little weak and slow, but my thoughts change very naturally. We will be able to release Buren in about ten days. Of course, we can’t say that Buren was the same back then as he is now.”

He grinned, probably thinking that he had already caught all the fish.

“Before that, I’ll give you one last chance. Raon Sieghardt’s information… .”

Buren spat in Orlan’s faltering face.

“I am Sieghardt! We never sell our colleagues’ information! And you don’t know Raon! “If that’s the case, he’s the one who will come back even if he destroys this place!”
“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that either.”

Orlan grinned, wiping the saliva off his cheek.

“I’ve prepared all that, too.”

* * *


Raon whetted his appetite when he saw Tias, Buren’s butler, who came to the 5th training ground.

“yes. “He said it would be difficult to participate in the training for about 10 days due to the internal schedule of the heavy radio division.”

Tias bowed his head, saying that Burren would not be able to participate in training for a while due to internal affairs in the heavy radio division.

“is that so.”

On the day I returned, I remembered Buren talking to his older brother, Gelmere. It seemed like he was doing something with him.

“If it’s housework, it can’t be helped.”

I nodded slowly and looked at Tias.

‘however… .’

Something is strange.

Ever since she had helped Buren up in the annex of the former heavy military unit, Tias had smiled sincerely every time she saw him, but now she seemed to have gone back to how she was before, giving off a cold aura.

“… Thank you for your understanding.”

He closed his eyes for a moment, opened them, bowed his head politely, and walked away.

‘I guess I need some information.’

When I returned to the annex, I thought I would have to ask Judiel to find out the whereabouts of Gelmere and Burren.

“Is only Buren given special treatment? “I have work too!”

Martha was furious, asking where something like this could be found.

“What happened?”
“What, what?”
“What’s going on?”
“Well, if you ask that question, it comes out right away! evil!”

She bit her tongue slightly, as if embarrassed by the direct question.

“It’s okay if you don’t have it.”
“Don’t imitate me! “I didn’t do it on purpose!”

Raon chuckled and looked at the Gwangpungdan. Because it was a one-day holiday, everyone seemed to be concentrating on resting and their complexions were not bad.

“What happened to Danju?”

Crane raised his hand. The prosecutors’ eyes widened as if they were all curious. Runan, who had been dozing off, also raised his blind eyes.

“The Danjeon has been completed, and we are now collecting Aurors.”

He pointed to the innermost training room guarded by Do-goe. Rimer completed the dantian this morning and was currently absorbing the elixirs.

“He will take care of it, don’t worry, you can focus on your training.”

Raon grinned and opened the box on the podium.

“As soon as you receive it, wear it on your wrists and ankles.”

Two black bracelets and anklets were thrown to the prosecutors.

“What is this… Ugh!”
“Oh, Aurors suck!”
“Ouch! Why is this so heavy!”
“Ghost, it’s a ghost! “There’s a ghost on my bracelet!”

The prosecutors were scared and struggled as they felt the bracelets and anklets being taken away from the Aurors.

“It’s not about taking it away, it’s about creating weight for the bracelets and anklets with your aura. “The stronger the auror, the heavier the weight.”

Raon explained to the swordsmen, whose jaws were shaking, about the black ring, a training artifact that Encia had created.

“From now on, you can’t take that off without my permission. “Wear a black mask even when eating and going to the bathroom.”
“This, this?”
“It’s hard to move, how can I kick this…” .”
“Wow, that’s ridiculous… .”

The prosecutors’ lips trembled as they asked how they could move while wearing black rings.

“Your bodies are not complete yet. As the body is trained, the dantian and mana circuit inevitably grow. “This is training for that.”

Raon said it wasn’t that difficult and raised his finger.

“Because humans are animals of adaptation. You will be able to accept it quickly. “Let’s start by running for a long time.”
“You’ll get used to it!”
“How can I live with this!”

The prosecutors waved their hands, saying it was nonsense.

“Then there is other training as well.”

Raon nodded and raised his finger.

“Another training?”
“What is it?”
“I’ll do that!”

The prosecutors came forward, saying they thought it would be better.

“Sparring one-on-one with me until the sun sets.”
“Well, I’m ready to run!”
“Uh-huh! “First place is me!”
“How many laps can I run?”

The prosecutors took a quick step back and prepared to run. He shook his head furiously, as if no matter how difficult the training was, it would never be as good as sparring.

“I’m glad you guys are willing to train like that.”

Raon nodded with his back turned.

“Ah, devil. “It’s the devil!”
“I never thought Danju would look like an angel… .”
“If only I had more strength, I could do that…” .”

The prosecutors were ready to run with tears in their eyes.

“Everybody run!”
“Damn it!”
“eww… .”

Marta glared at the bracelets and anklets as if they were going to kill her, and Runaan took a deep breath and started running around the training ground.

“This is crazy!”
“Only Buren sucks!”

As the leaders ran, other prosecutors had no choice but to start running around the training ground.

“Martha’s back was bent. Runan put her chin in, Dorian wake up!”

Raon stood on the podium and gave nagging advice to the prosecutors to help them run properly.

‘It’s okay.’

Perhaps because they hated sparring, or because they had endured a lot of training, Gwangpungdan was running with all its might, bearing the weight of the black ring.

‘We can do as planned.’

If I couldn’t bear it, I tried to make my schedule a little looser, but I didn’t think it was necessary.

“Listen while you run. I plan to do survival training at Bukmangsan Mountain. You hide in plain sight, and I find you and attack you. “Make sure you have a strategy in advance on how to survive.”

Raon told the prosecutors who were running for a while about the survival training plan he had planned in advance.

“This is fucking training… .”
“I’m scared just hearing it… .”

The prosecutors sighed as if they were tired.

“When are you doing that?”

Dorian stopped panting. She was trying to relax by pretending to ask a question.


At those words, the entire Gwangpungdan members stopped and turned around. Everyone’s pupils bulged as if they were about to pop out.

“Tonight… ?”
“Hey! “You crazy person!”

Runan and Marta were shocked and opened their mouths.

“Really, why are you like that!”
“Even that person, Rimer, gave me one day!”

Everyone in the Gwangpungdan screamed that it was nonsense.

“That’s your situation, and if you don’t want to suffer, you’d better think about it now. “How can I survive on that mountain?”
“No, it’s not a person!”
“devil. “It must be a demon!”

Raon grinned as he looked at the frightened members of the Gwangpungdan.

‘Ah, that’s fun.’

I looked into the training room inside, enjoying the evil gaze of the Gwangpungdan members.

‘Now all I have to do is that person come out.’

My heart was pounding with anticipation because I was confident that I could handle Rimmer better than anyone else.

-Now you are being recognized by everyone.

Lars nodded widely, as if he was impressed.

-As expected, you are not a talented person who should be here, you are in the demon world with the main king… .
‘I’m not buying it.’

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The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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