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Chapter 26

I am soon to be the male lead’s mother

As soon as I returned to Seastar’s residence, I made him some food and served it to him.

“What’s this?”

A red bird, which I had not seen in a long time, was sitting quietly on his shoulder, and on the table between him and me was a piece of steaming food.

The red bird also seemed to tilt its head as if it was curious about the food I offered. Despite his ferocious appearance, he was quite cute, but I straightened my shoulders because I was in a serious situation.

I said, pointing at the food with my finger.

“This is soy sauce egg rice.”

Eggs and a glossy soy sauce-like sauce on top of white rice.

Although it was introduced as soy sauce egg rice, it was not actually soy sauce.

Even though this world was a world in which K-Ropan was patched, there was no soy sauce. However, fortunately, there was a sauce that tasted similar to soy sauce.

It’s unfortunate, but there’s nothing we can do. Next time, I want to try making soy sauce myself.

He gulped and swallowed. A color I had never seen before appeared on his face.

He was ready to stretch out the spoon and put it in his mouth at any moment.

Then I quickly covered the bowl with both hands.

Ting! The spoon he held out bounced.

“for a moment. Previously. “If you want to eat, just follow what I say.”

Dazar twitched his lips.


“I will serve Celia with all my heart from now on.”

“… … .”

“no, I do not want? Then how about this? I will be Celia’s foot scrub. The deadline is until Celia leaves here.”

Dazar’s golden eyes trembled pitifully. The spoon he was holding also shook violently.

Dazar bit his lip slightly and closed his eyes deeply.

After hesitating for a while, he looked at the spoon in his hand and at the soy sauce egg rice that I was blocking the entrance to, and slowly began to speak one letter at a time.

“… … foot… … Wipe… … dog… … .”

“yes? I beg your pardon? “I can’t hear you very well, can you speak louder?”

“… … .”

“Knock knock~?”

“who… … who… … !”


At that time, he stood up suddenly and threw the spoon he was holding in the distance.

Fly gracefully through the sky and land on the marble floor! The spoon that fell was thrown so hard that even when it fell on the floor, it skidded far away as if skating.

The spoon that has been slipping for a while is Ting! It stopped only after hitting the wall.

I was impressed by Spoon’s short journey of freedom from his grasp, and then I came to my senses when I saw him fuming in front of me.

“Who would say such nonsense?”

He shouted at the top of his voice and walked out with great strides. Thanks to this, the red bird sitting on his shoulder flew up and landed on the sofa in front of me.

As he walked out the door, the back of his neck was stained red with anger.

He left his bird like this. He seemed very angry.


Well, I was already expecting him to refuse, so I wasn’t surprised by his behavior.

I sat facing the red bird in the quiet room and pulled the bowl.

Then, I picked up my share of the spoon that was hidden behind the tray, mixed the soy sauce egg rice together, and took a bite.


also. You can eat soy sauce egg rice any time. Ugh.

I smiled happily and downed a bowl.

“Your master is really narrow-minded, isn’t he?”

The red bird seemed to nod its head as if agreeing with what I said. I felt relieved and smiled.

Ah, it feels so good.

* * *

A few days later, I went back to the ‘Give me 3 seconds and I’ll poison you’ store to return the strange stone that Morokanil left behind, but Morokanil was not there.

“Celia, you seem to be in a very good mood today.”

“Oh, does it look like that?”

I looked away from the stone on the desk and looked at the knife.

Carl, who was carrying the sleeping Axion, seemed to be about to cut some fruit and bring it to him.

He set down a silver tray filled with rabbit-shaped apples.

“yes. Is it because of the letter that arrived today? Hmm, the person named Letsi… … Hehehe, are you a man?”

Carl glanced at the letter in front of me, pretending not to look at it, and asked while clearing his throat repeatedly.

I shook my head bitterly.

“No, woman.”

“oh my god.”


Carl’s voice was trembling. It was a somewhat familiar reaction. I could roughly predict what would follow.

“Celia finally has a same-sex friend… … !”

Karl suddenly covered his mouth and raised his head. Taking his deep breath, he blinked rapidly.

My eyes turned toward the ceiling and my eyes watered.

“Are you the friend you made at His Majesty’s ball? Oh oh… … . I was very worried about whether I would be able to make another friend besides Cedric, but I finally achieved my dream before I died. Sobbing. “This is all thanks to the Scarlet Emperor’s foresight.”

“Uh, uhm… … . Sword and Axion’s heads were also broken… … .”

“oh! “Lord Axion!”

Letsi would be so shocked to know that she is the Scarlet Emperor.

After confirming that Axion was sleeping peacefully, I skimmed over Karl’s reaction, which I had become accustomed to, and finished my reply.

Letsi gave a brief greeting and said that the rice cake she ate that day was very delicious.

[…] … And Lord Hael is still limping on his feet. Yes. Every time I see that, I burst out laughing, and it’s difficult every time I see the national affairs (they’re scribbled out) routine.]
I said that I was happy to have made Letsey smile and wished Lord Hael a quick recovery.

I put the letter in an envelope, stamped it, sent it through the servant, and then went to the front yard of the annex where we were staying.

‘No, how on earth did you know my name?’

A month and a few more days have passed since then.

The Dandelion Angel Moroccanil was still floating around in my head.

‘Are you by any chance a noble who participated in the ball at that time?’

I thought of the nobles who were avoiding me while looking at me.

Then it makes sense that you knew me.

‘Because he is famous for his notoriety… … ?’


But why do you show me such favor?

At that time, I recalled the reactions of the nobles I encountered at the ball. He looked at me like I was a bar teacher and ran away.

‘Dazar also tried to use my notoriety as a shield.’

Is it really possible to do such a favor to such a person? It was strange.

‘Eight, I don’t know.’

I clicked my tongue as I plowed the soil in the garden with a small hoe.

This garden was created as a makeshift measure, as this still-farming body felt itchy if it did not farm every day.

‘I said I’d see you later, so I guess I’ll see you someday.’

With that in mind, I was dispelling my thoughts about Moroccanil and then greeted the next guest.

“Celia! Did you have a good time at the imperial palace? “How are you feeling?”

“ah. Three, Cedric.”

It was Cedric.

Looking at his fluffy pink hair and round glasses, I felt like memories of the past were passing by again.

‘Celia… … Wow… … !’

omg! I put in a lot of effort and focused on the present.

Life is living in the present.

If you are caught up in the past or future and do not let go of the here and now, you will live an unhappy life, engulfed in thoughts, worries, and anxiety.

I calmed down, put down the tools I was holding in my hands one by one with unwavering eyes, and welcomed him.

“Come on. “I feel very refreshed.”

“Wow! That was good. After all, asking me to go to the prom had an effect, right?”

He spoke in a whisper and narrowed his eyes slightly. His appearance was a bit sly, to the point where you wouldn’t think he was someone who had been bullied in this body in the past.

What he’s saying is that he felt better after going to the prom and beating up someone.

The reason I was in a good mood was because I gave Dazar a beating.

But there was no reason to explain, so I just nodded.

“Well, it wasn’t bad.”

“Hehe. also. “No one knows Celia better than I do.”

That’s right, I’ve been bullied by Celia for over half my life. Cedric probably thinks of this body as the most vicious person.

“But what happened?”

Cedric adjusted his round glasses and smiled.

“I came here because I wanted to spend some time with a friend. “All you’ve done is work.”


What kind of friend’s day is today?

I glanced at Cedric’s face, which seemed to have the words ‘I am very good and kind’ written on it, and even took off my gloves.

“come in.”


Cedric followed behind me with excitement. We soon entered the living room and sat across from each other over the tea that Karl had brought us.

“Is that a separate vegetable garden you were creating earlier?”

“huh. “It’s just a hobby.”

“Very constructive, Celia.”

“What… … .”

The brightly smiling face felt very burdensome, so I glanced away. I somehow feel burdened by a face full of goodness like that.

The conversation went on for a while with Cedric bringing up the topic first and me answering, when he suddenly brought up an unexpected topic.

“It will soon be crack day.”

Crack Day.

This is what Letsi said to Dazar a few days ago.

Because it appeared in the original work, I also knew what day it was.

But what Cedric knew was very unexpected.

This is because the Day of Rift was a day when the general public, except for transcendentalists and high-ranking officials of the imperial family, did not even know about its existence.

for a moment. High-level official?

‘Now that I think about it, I heard that Cedric came here to be in charge of food development education.’

Does he have a high position? I tilted my head inwardly and asked him in passing.

“So, what is your position?”

Then Cedric smiled softly and answered. Pink eyelashes fell beautifully along the smile.

“me? “Prime Minister.”

“… … ?”

I’m the Mother of the Soon-to-be Crazy Male Lead RAW novel

I’m the Mother of the Soon-to-be Crazy Male Lead RAW novel

곧 미치는 남주의 엄마입니다
Status: Completed
I thought I was possessed in a novel about farming. Until the male lead, who went crazy because of magic and killed the heroine appeared. “Axion…?” Cheeks like rice cakes, puffy lips & eyes like silver beads. This extraordinary beautiful baby…. “Isn’t this the child My Lady adopted?” My son and the main culprit of the destruction of this world? There was seven years till the male lead killed his (adoptive) mother. I decided to convert the tragedy. Mother wants to live, son! *** ​ The reality of a penniless single mother, first of all, I signed a contract with the hostess’ father using my specialty. Initially, I was just going to make money for milk powder. “Is this ‘rice’? The more you chew, the sweeter it tastes!” “This meal will solve the world’s food shortage!” “This chewy texture! Did you say rice cake? I can’t believe this!” Did I just spread the taste of Korea? It will be perfect if I can stop my baby from going crazy now. “Taming me…is it over now?” “Without you, the world is meaningless.” “Did you want to see me go crazy?” This time, the female protagonist’s father, who was her future in-law, went crazy.


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