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Chapter 26

A month has passed since Raon started learning comics.

Although the practice continued at dawn and dusk and at night, no aurors were created.

As this special practice method was more powerful than anything else, the difficulty in learning it was beyond imagination.

Of course, there were some slow achievements because the cold energy inside the mana circuit was used together.

‘Let’s take it slow.’

Raon, standing in the center of the training hall, calmly lowered his eyes.

‘Because there is a ring of fire.’

As long as there is a ring of fire, the physical and mana talents will eventually replenish. Now is not the time to take hasty steps, but rather a time to lay a firmer foundation.


As soon as regular training time arrived, the training room door opened and Rimmer came in. For some reason, I wasn’t late.

“Starting today, I will learn martial arts in the morning.”
“Oh oh!”
“at las!”
“It’s swordsmanship! fence!”

The children raised their hands and screamed.

Even after passing the exam, trainees continued to train only for one month. It was natural for such cheers to come out.

“It was his swordsmanship that made Sieghart’s name known on the continent, but his martial arts skills were no different. From now on, I will show you the basic form of martial arts.”

Rimmer said he would show me and lay down on the platform.

“To the experienced assistant.”

As he yawned and gestured with his hands, the instructor behind him came forward and started practicing martial arts.

‘Seven punishments.’

It was a fighting technique with seven forms and a punch that was the basis of all martial arts.

I knew my brother, but I never learned it. Because in his past life, the outstretched hand was always a blade to kill the enemy at once.

“Ah, Seven Fist… .”
“I already know that.”
“Ugh, this must be boring.”

The expressions on the children’s faces turned cold when they saw the Chilhyeongwon. It seemed like he was not moved because it was a fighting technique he had practiced before coming here.

“They look boring.”

Rimmer grinned and snapped his fingers.

“I know that there are many of you who have learned the Seven Strikes in advance. So, as soon as we confirm that you have learned it properly, we will allow you to move on to the next step.”
“Next progress? “What does that mean?”

Dorian, who was very scared but had many questions about the subject, raised his hand.

“You are of the same status as practitioners, but you are not at the same level. In other words, there is no need to provide the same education. “If you cross the line I’ve set, I’ll send you straight to the next step.”

Rimmer muttered that the past training methods were too old-fashioned.

“Good. Do you like it.”

Martha Sieghard smiled brightly and walked forward.

“I thought I was going to learn the boring seven shapes again, but this is it. There is no need for superior people to adapt to inferior people, right?”
“I didn’t think of it like that. Anyway, from now on, please re-enact the seven-pointed fist you just saw in your respective seats. Like I said, if I like it, I’ll let you start the next training right away.”

As soon as Rimmer finished speaking, the children began to show off their seven swords.

‘The foundation is well established.’

Raon’s eyes lit up as he saw the children around him practicing the Seven Swords.

‘It’s not a famous family for nothing.’

Since it was basic, I thought they would have learned it clumsily and passed on it, but the children were extending their fists with the correct direction and force.

“Hmm, as expected.”

Rimmer nodded with satisfaction.

“Martha Sieghardt, Burren Sieghardt, Runan Slyon,… .”

When he called out the names of the trainees who showed off the Seven Strikes properly, there were less than 20 people left in the center.

And within it was Raon Sieghardt, with shining red eyes.

* * *


Rimmer nodded as he saw Raon Sieghardt’s Seven Strikes.

‘I didn’t know either.’

His punches were raw, with no proper punishment. It looks like he didn’t learn anything, as he heard from Sylvia.

However, since Raon has followed the flow of the gunfight used by Buren, he should be able to master it perfectly within a few days.

‘Let’s see the other kids too…’ .’

I couldn’t help but look at Raon, but since I was warned by Glenn, I also looked carefully at the other children.

‘Not bad.’

Because they were recommended children, most of them had excellent eyes and physical ability. Those children will soon be able to learn the Seven Swords and move on to the next level.

‘After all, competition is good.’

This is like running for a long time.
Children ahead try not to be caught up by children behind them, and children behind do their best to catch up with the leaders. A virtuous cycle of training occurs.

‘Then next time.’

Rimmer looked at the trainees, including Marta, Buren, and Runan, who had passed the Seven Fist of Death.

Since Marta had perfectly mastered the martial arts skills that needed to be learned at level 2, she began training at level 3, the martial arts technique.

‘Of course.’

Although Marta failed midway through the exam, it was due to her personality, not her skills. I think we need to prepare another training so that that child doesn’t waste time.

Of course, we also think about ways to make his rough personality a little kinder.

‘They’re doing well over there too.’

Buren and Runan also had some knowledge of Jin Seung-kwon, which was learned in the second stage. Those two will soon be able to advance to level 3 as well.

Rimmer lay down and wrote down information about the children in his notebook.

‘Okay, then again… uh?’

After looking at all the children in the training hall, Rimmer’s pupils fluttered as he turned to Raon again.

‘what… .’

In this brief moment of checking the children’s condition, the shape of the seven-pointed sword was being engraved on Raon Sieghardt’s sword.

‘Does this make sense?’

Rimmer couldn’t stand it anymore and stood up.

Raon is different from Marta, Runaan, and Burren. He obviously started out as an unknown person, but now he has become a completely different person.
No matter how basic the Seven Strikes are and how easy they are to follow, it makes no sense to see significant growth in less than an hour.

‘What kind of monster… .’

It wasn’t long before I was surprised by his ability to use mana, but I was once again amazed by his ability to acquire martial arts. Her mouth fell open.


I had no intention of giving Raon special treatment.

I was planning to move on to the next level after solidifying the basics of boxing, but that moment seemed to be coming very quickly.

‘If things continue like this, not tomorrow. Maybe this evening… .’

* * *

Martha Sieghardt cheerfully pumped her fist and smiled.

‘I like these instructors.’

We’ve been waiting for those who fall behind so far, but that’s not the right answer.

The right way was for talented people to move up and for untalented people to become a stepping stone.

When I turn my gaze to the left, I see children learning the Seven Swords.

I learned that two years ago. Even if it takes a lifetime for children who are finally learning martial arts to follow suit, it is impossible.

By the time they reach the second stage after learning the Seven Blades Fist, they will have finished using the Fist of Violence and will have started practicing swordsmanship.

‘There’s that guy too.’

Marta curled the corners of her mouth as she looked at Raon swinging his fist in the center.

‘Raon Sieghardt.’

A special breed who was born with a terrible cold, but eventually took the top prize after participating in training on his own.

Thinking back to when he blocked his surprise attack a month ago, his senses and movements were excellent. He’s a talented guy.


It’s too late.

Learning Aurors and starting martial arts only at the age of 13 is no different from running long after the starting signal rings.

‘There’s no way he’ll catch up with me.’

His Auror has already reached the level of 3 stars, and he has mastered not only martial arts but also swordsmanship.

Maybe Buren or Runaan, who started training at a young age. Raon wasn’t even a competitor.

‘It’s just a stepping stone.’

Raon Sieghardt was just a low stepping stone that didn’t need any attention.


Martha snorted and turned her head. She drew her attention to Ra-on, and she focused her mind on the practice of Byeokryeok-kwon.

A man came up next to Martha, who was demonstrating her mastery of strength until the sun set.

“miss. It’s time for direct training.”

It was her butler, Carmel.


Martha nodded and turned around. The other children were still practicing low-level martial arts.

“Raon Sieghardt.”

As I laughed at them and was about to leave, I heard Rimmer’s voice.

“I passed. “Let’s go to the next one.”

I turned around at the sound of a light voice as if riding the wind. Raon Sieghardt was nodding his head with a calm expression.

“What is this!”

Marta opened her eyes wide. day. No, she couldn’t believe that she had completed the Chilhyeongquan in just half a day.

‘It took me 4 days too.’

Thanks to his genius talent, even he, who was adopted by Sieghardt, took four days to learn the Seven Swords.

It made no sense for that scaffolding bastard to have reached that level in just half a day.

“Then, please tell me the next martial arts technique.”
“The sun has already set, right? Because it’s annoying. “Let’s do it tomorrow.”
“It’s not something an instructor should say… .”
“for a moment.”

Marta intervened between Raon and Rimmer who were talking.

“Instructor. Are you saying that guy passed the test now? “What about the seven martial arts weapons you learned today?”

Rimmer nodded, widening his green eyes.

“Aren’t we just passing it on too roughly just because it’s annoying?”
“No matter how basic the seven shapes are, it takes quite a while to figure out the angles. There’s no way that guy could have completed that angle in half a day.”
“Of course it’s not complete. “But it’s just enough to move on to Jin Seung-kwon.”
“Ha, that level is too low.”
“Hmm… .”

Rimmer scratched his chin and then turned his head to Raon.

“I heard that’s true? Raon. “Let me see.”
“I don’t like it.”

Raon shook his head resolutely.

“I already heard the instructor’s declaration of passing, so why do I have to do it again?”
“you… .”
“Then I’ll tell you now about Jin Seung-kwon, who I was planning to tell you tomorrow.”

Rimmer spoke first before Marta came forward.

“Huh, I understand.”

Raon sighed softly and spread his legs shoulder-width apart. He stops breathing and extends his fists. A heavy regime pierced the evening air.

Put your foot forward and raise your left fist. The direction of the bend was similar to that of a boomerang.

He turns to the right and strikes with his right fist, which was placed on his waist. Martha’s bangs fluttered in the light wind.

Raon’s attitude after that was both dignified and powerful. He accurately expressed the seven forms and forces of the Seven Elements Fist.


Martha swallowed dryly.

Rimmer didn’t just ignore it. Raon Sieghardt really learned the form and righteousness of the Seven Fist in just half a day.

“You knew in advance!”

Raon raised his chin as if asking what nonsense.

“ugh… .”

I had nothing to say. When I saw it earlier, Raon’s punching skills were clearly at a beginner level.

“How are you, Martha? “Is this acceptable?”

Rimmer laughed as if teasing himself.

“That in half a day?”
“What did I see?”
“and… .”
“It’s really crazy.”

The instructors and children were so surprised that they could not keep their mouths shut.

“Well, I did that too.”

Martha forced a smile and turned her back. He bit his lip and left the training ground.

‘are you okay.’

It’s only seven sentences. Not even swordsmanship, but the basics of martial arts. Even if you learn it a little quickly, it is impossible to catch up with yourself.

okay. That can’t happen.

Marta calmed down and headed to the immediate training ground, but the trace of Raon’s fist remained deep in her mind.

* * *

“What do you mean?”

Raon shook his hands and frowned.

“I did it because I was surprised.”

Rimmer laughed as he watched Marta leaving the training ground.

“Actually, I was surprised too. “I’ve never seen anyone learn as quickly as you.”
“Thank you for the compliment, but please tell me the next method first.”
“Ha, that’s right.”

He sighed slightly and stood up. He relaxed his waist and wrists and looked at the sky.

“But Raon.”

As I looked at Rimmer’s expression, I suddenly felt anxious.

“It’s too late today. I’ll see you tomorrow!”

He conjured up a wind, blocked his view, and disappeared over the fence. He couldn’t even think of stopping his quick and decisive movements.

“… .”
-The king said this before. Those pointy ears are a sight to behold. This is the one who will abandon you on the battlefield and run away alone.

When did Ras become a fortune teller? He also talked about Rimmer’s future.

‘I expected it to some extent.’

Raon licked his lips. Ever since he saw Li Mer’s reaction, he had thought he might be like that.

“Raon Sieghardt.”

Burren approached with heavy steps.

“From now on, I am going to receive training that only direct lineage members can receive.”

I knew it. After the evening, while the trainees were doing their personal training, their immediate staff could receive additional training.

“You can say it’s unreasonable. But I will defeat you at any cost.”

He glared at Raon for a moment and then left the training hall.

-Those cheeky eyes are still the same. Someday… .
‘No, it’s changed.’

Raon looked at Buren’s back and shook his head. I don’t know why, but her Burren eyes have become clearer since a month ago.

The competitive spirit was still there, but it seemed like he wouldn’t do anything as ugly as before.

Let’s go.

I turned my head when I heard footsteps behind me. Runaan was looking at himself with fierce eyes.

“Aren’t you going?”
“I’m not going.”
“Isn’t it better to go?”
“I’m not going.”
“Learn strong swordsmanship… .”
“I’m not going.”

Runaan slowly shook his head.


After eating his appetite, Raon headed to the training room. The sound of Runaan walking behind him was heard softly.

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