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Chapter 244

As soon as Tiller left the conference room, he headed to the front line.

“What did you call me for?”

Vice Captain Hackill, who was guarding the deck, approached with a smile.

“Things went wrong.”

Tiller glanced back and frowned.

“Raon Sieghardt discovered the location where the Cheonglu people were hidden.”
“Well, what is that…” .”

Hackill’s eyes widened.

‘It doesn’t make sense?’

The place where the Cheongru people were hidden was in a corner where no one would go, and they even gave orders to never come out. I couldn’t understand that the location had been discovered.

“Aren’t you mistaken?”
“I’m sure it’s because it says it’s between the Label and Gazelle rivers.”

Tiller shook his head resolutely.

‘There’s no way a guy like that can make a mistake.’

There is no way a person of Raon’s size would not have checked the most important matter. Hoping he gets it wrong here is a stupid idea.

“What on earth happened?”
“In there… .”

Tiller told Hackill about the conversation that took place in the conference room.

“How did he… .”

Hackill frowned as if he didn’t understand.

“The reason doesn’t matter anymore.”

Tiller clicked his tongue briefly.

‘You got it right.’

In a war fought with words, who wins or loses is determined by who knows more and prepares more. Since I came without knowing anything, I had no choice but to be eaten by the young cub this time.

“Well, then what are you going to do?”
“There are things they don’t know either.”
“ah! “Receiving seat!”
“Raon must be on guard against me. You give orders from the reception desk. Don’t come out to the Qingru tribe and tell them to hide at all costs. Then… no!”

Tiller shook his head and turned to face Hackill.

“five. “Send about five to me.”
“We made a bet on who could catch the most Cheonglu tribe. “If I catch five of the Cheongru tribe and the rest run away, I will lose Doran Village for nothing.”

Even if Raon was well prepared, there was no way he would know about the reception area. If you control the Cheonglu tribe from the receiving seat, you can easily win the bet.

‘It’s rather good.’

If you complete this task well, you will be able to take over Doran Village without wasting the Cheongru tribe, and furthermore, you will be able to take over Yuin Village as well.

“You dug my own grave. Raon Sieghardt.”

Tiller smiled as he looked down at Raon and Gwangpungdan approaching the ship.

“I’ll make sure the Gazelle River eats well.”

* * *

Before getting on the boat, Raon saw the bow sunken in the water. No one knows, but Rimmer and Garam were hiding down there right now.


Rimmer’s Auror message flowed in from under the water.

[Danju, do you have a laugh while basking in the warm setting sun after throwing your teacher into the water?]

When I looked at the direction from which the Auror message was coming, it seemed to be on its back to its stomach like a sucker shark.

[I laugh because Danju is so reassuring.]
[You’re laughing! Because of you I… .]

As soon as the word gold coin came out, Rimmer closed his mouth.

[Garam! The scariest thing in the human world is not swords but gold. gold! Be very careful with your money!]

Using a mysterious technique, Rimmer sent an Auror message to himself and Garam at the same time.

Garam seemed to nod his head instead of answering.

[No matter how old or young people are, if they don’t have money, they become miserable! Look at me. At this age… Hehehe!]
[When it’s over, you’ll get your share of it.]
[oh? really?]
[I will leave it up to you.]

Raon lowered his head very slightly as if he was clearing his throat.


Even though Rimmer seems to have a light personality, he is a person who will make sure he does what is asked of him. He was more trustworthy than anyone else.

Raon pictured Garam comforting Rimmer and then climbed on Tiller’s front line Baekchang with Gwangpungdan.

‘It’s bigger than I thought.’

The deck is larger and more colorful than when seen from below. She seemed to be seeing a warship, not an enemy ship.

“It’s so big.”
“This is the front line of the North-South alliance… .”

The Gwangpungdan swordsmen exclaimed and looked around the ship with their eyes. Actually, I wasn’t really impressed. The plan is to inspect the entire ship so that we can be prepared if a battle breaks out here.

“How is my stomach?”

While Raon was exploring the deck of Baekchang like everyone else, Tiller approached with a smile.

“I’m worried that the Sulwha Sword Association won’t like it.”
“It’s a flashy and stylish front. However, compared to the reputation of the Blue Sea, it is quite small.”
“I can’t help it because my position in the team is not that high.”

He provoked me by saying that my stomach was a little small, but Tiller gently laughed it off. He even explained that his own position was rather small.

Raon smiled slightly as he watched Tiller’s reaction.

‘I found some relaxation.’

The reason Tiller has such a relaxed expression is because he thinks he can win the bet by manipulating the Cheonglu tribe from the receiving seat.

‘They will use the reception area to lure a few Cheonglu people.’

It was clear that he was planning to bring about three to six Cheonglu tribesmen to the reception area, order the rest to hide, and capture the Cheonglu tribe alone to end the bet.

‘It’s so obvious.’

Since I had predicted Tiller’s movements from the moment I thought about this operation, it was obvious what he would think.

‘Because you can’t even imagine that I know the reception area.’

This bet thanks to the information Garam gave me. No, the winner of this war was decided from the beginning.

“It’s not that high. “You rose to master level with the nickname Blue Hyeop, but you are so humble.”

Raon praised Tiller and opened up a sea of sensations with Glacia.

‘Then who will move?’

Tiller is in command and will not leave the deck. In order to issue orders from the receiving seat, the Cheonglu tribe must be within sight, so it must have been hidden in the ship and moved for someone else to use.


A middle-aged man with a sturdy physique was looking around as if inspecting his stomach, and the energy in his Danjeon was solid and massive. That man seemed to be this ship’s vice-captain, Hackill.

‘Your appearance is just as I heard.’

They said he was a man with a sturdy build but snake-like eyes, and his appearance matched that. It was most likely that he would be the one manning the receiving seat instead of Tiller.

“It feels good to think that I don’t have to look like the Cheonglu tribe anymore.”

Tiller smiled and muttered that he would feel better.

“yes. “The monster will disappear now.”

Raon nodded, clearly remembering Hackil’s presence.

“Raise anchor!”
“Raise anchor!”

At Tiller’s shout, all the enemies repeated their names and launched their boats.

Coo coo coo coo!

The huge ship was moving, but the shaking was not significant. Looking at the mana felt throughout the ship, it seemed as if there was a spell to withstand the waves.

“But is there a need to come all the way to that ship?”

Tiller pointed to a merchant ship from Doran Village following behind the front lines. The boat, which was as big as the front line, was filled with the village chief and villagers.

“I don’t think there’s a charlatan among us who wouldn’t admit defeat.”
“It’s not because of the bet, but because they worked hard, so I wanted to clearly show them getting rid of the ‘monster’.”
“This person is crueler than I thought.”
“Maybe so.”

Raon smiled slightly. Of course, that is not the reason. It was to let the villagers know what kind of guys Tiller and the North and South Alliance were.

‘Besides, this ship has to disappear.’

Since we plan to destroy this line after dealing with the tiller, that merchant ship had to follow of course.

The residence of the Cheonglu tribe that Garam told me about was not far away. As I was checking my plan, I realized that I had already arrived at the location.

“Are you here?”

Raon pointed to an estuary filled with sharp rocks that made it difficult for large ships to enter.

“First of all, the Cheonglu tribe is nowhere to be seen. “Are you sure it’s really in there?”

At the same time as Tiller spoke, Hackill, who had taken the dots, began moving toward the captain’s cabin.
It is a movement as expected, but it cannot continue like this. We need to scare Tiller, Hackill, and all of our opponents.

“of course. Dorian.”

Raon called Dorian to the side before the man could move.

“Take it out.”

Dorian came over and put his hand in his stomach pocket. A white bead the size of a human head popped out from its slightly rounded grasp.


Tiller and Hackill, who was opening the captain’s cabin door, groaned at the same time.

“Where did this come from?”

Tiller’s chin trembled, unable to hide his emotions.

“I received this item from the person who told me about this place.”

Raon smiled as he handed Dorian a fake receiving seat.

“They said that if I had this bead, I would be able to take out the Qinglu tribe.”
“Who, who… .”
“I don’t know either. He was a small man dressed in black robes, and his speech was very slurred. However, he showed himself controlling the Qinglu tribe, so I couldn’t help but believe it. Considering that he has a strong water energy, he may not be human… .”
“Ugh… .”

Tiller’s expression was distorted like a piece of paper crumpled by hand.

‘It must have occurred to me.’

Now, the question of Garam’s survival and whether this is a real receiver must have been deeply embedded in Tiller’s mind. How he would move was decided.

“Well then, would you like to try moving?”
“Of course.”

Raon operated Glacia by extending the fake receiving seat toward the river. The receiving stone flashed white and blue mana flowed out.


Bubbles rose between the sharp rocks, and dozens of Cheonglu tribes appeared at once.

“Ji, it really came out!”
“It’s true!”
“What on earth is that bead?”

The Doran villagers aboard the merchant ship gaped when they saw that the Cheongru people had really come out.

“Huh… .”
“Wow, crazy… .”

Tiller and his enemies looked as if their soul had completely disappeared.

‘Garam did a good job.’

This is not the power of the receiver, but the power of Garam. This guy took out the Cheongrujok that was stuck on the floor.

Raon noticed Tiller’s auror moving slightly through the ring of fire. He was clearly giving instructions to Hackill to quickly find a receiving seat.

‘It’s just the beginning.’

* * *

Tiller swallowed dryly as he looked at the receiver in Raon’s hand.

‘It’s the receiving seat. It’s a real receiving seat.’

It seemed like he didn’t know how to use it properly, but that receiving seat was real.

[Hackill! When did you check the reception area?]

With my trembling hands still strong, I immediately sent an Auror message to Hackill.

[Well, I checked it the day before yesterday.]
[Go now! Go right now and see if that guy stole the receiving seat. Or check if that is the second receiving seat!]
[If there is this, what should I do… .]
[If possible, give orders according to plan! Send five of them to me, and tell the rest to run to the upper reaches of the Gazelle River and hide!]
[Ah, I understand!]

As soon as Hackill heard Tiller’s instructions, he entered the captain’s cabin. He silently opened the hatch on the floor, climbed down the ladder to the bottom, and opened the round door.

“Kwiik… .”
“Kia… .”

Inside, young Cheonglu people were locked in cages, and perhaps because they couldn’t touch water, their scales were all over and their flesh was cracked like rice fields in a drought.

“Shut up!”

Hackill swore at the young Cheonglu people and then approached the wall. He tapped the wall here and there with his finger, and the wall split in half, revealing the gold coins and jewels inside.

He looked at the transparent bead in the center without paying attention to anything else. A blue air current stirred within the bead.

“there is! So what he has… .”
“It’s fake.”
“Well, well… “Wow!”

Hearing a languid voice coming from behind, Hackill tried to urgently turn around, but the opponent was faster.


A blade so cold and shining was sticking out of his left chest.

“Ugh… .”

Hackill coughed up blood and turned his head. The red-haired elf smiled and shook his hand.

“Dae, when on earth will you come after me…” .”
“Since you opened the hatch.”

Rimmer twisted the sword stuck in Haekil’s heart.

“Raon. “Just as that damn guy thought, neither you nor Tiller were so embarrassed that they noticed me, so we quietly followed your guidance.”
“Damn it… .”

Hackill could not resist once and fell to the dry floor, clutching his chest.


Rimmer frowned as he looked at the young Cheongru people trembling and trembling while locked in an iron cage. Every time his body shook, dried scales fell off and green fluid flowed from his cracked skin.

“You bastards of trash.”

Garam said that the Cheonglu people cherish children. It was clear that the young Cheonglu people were kept here as hostages in case a problem arose in the reception area.

‘It reminds me of a dirty memory.’

When I looked at the eyes of the young Cheonglu people, full of fear and despair, I remembered the time when I first came out to the human world.

“Everyone, step back.”

The Cheonglu people flinched at Limer’s gesture.


When he lightly swung his sword, the entrance to the iron cage split like tofu.

“Kkii… .”
“key… .”

The frightened Qinglu people widened their eyes when they saw that the entrance was open.

“It’s time to go home.”

Rimmer took the real receiving seat from inside the warehouse and smiled at the confused Cheongru people.

“Previously… .”

He glanced at the sparkling jewels behind him and whetted his appetite.

“Can I just take a few gold coins?”

I feel sad without money… .

* * *

Raon smiled coldly as he looked at Tiller, whose eyes were rolling wildly.

‘It must be confusing in your head.’

Your head must be on the verge of exploding as questions such as whether this is the real receiving seat or the second receiving seat, whether Garam is alive, and what he heard from Garam are all mixed up.

‘And the most frustrating thing.’

Lost contact with Hackill. The person who is supposed to give orders to the reception desk and come back must be so anxious that he doesn’t come back.


There was a loud rumble inside the ship that everyone could feel. It was Rimer’s signal that everything was over.

“That was just… .”
“Mr. Tiller. Actually, there is one more thing I heard about this bead.”

Raon sensed that it was time to start on this side as well and spoke to Tiller.

“Is that what you heard?”

Tiller’s expression was so anxious that anyone could see it.

“It is said that if this bead is broken in front of the Qinglu tribe, everyone will die.”
“Oh, that’s ridiculous… .”
“There’s nothing to lose, so let’s give it a try.”
“for a moment!”

Raon threw the fake receiving box into the air. As I was about to pull out my sword to cut down, Tiller urgently jumped up and grabbed the receiving seat.

“Maybe there’s another way to use it!”

He turned around in the air, hugging the receiver. This too was an expected move.


Raon snapped his fingers.


The fake receiving box exploded, and Tiller’s entire body was covered with cold.


Like a master, he used his auror in that split-second to prevent his skin from freezing, but his clothes and equipment were all destroyed.

“You… .”

Tiller ground his teeth as he broke the few remaining pieces of the fake receiver.

“It’s ridiculous to think they’re rushing to catch a bomb.”

Raon turned his head to the side and snorted.

“You can attack me without you going crazy… .”
“It’s not over yet.”

As soon as those words were finished, a huge shock occurred in the center of the front line.


The lower part of the front line exploded mercilessly, and Rimmer appeared.

“Hey Chief! “Move closer to the boat!”

He gestured to the village chief and Doran villagers who had not yet figured out what was going on.

“What on earth is this…?” .”
“What happened?”
“Why is Mr. Rimmer there…?” .”
“What happens?”

Rimmer used the wind to send the trapped young Cheongru people to a merchant ship in Doran Village and then boarded the ship for the last time.

“Those bastards have been using these beads and the children of the Cheongru tribe to control the Cheonglu tribe until now.”
“W-what did you just say… .”
“Why did they do that… .”

The villagers clenched their teeth together in disbelief. The kindness shown by the North-South Alliance and Tiller so far was so great that it was difficult to believe that it was fake.

“Then how do you explain why these guys came out of their boat like this?”

Rimmer pointed to the young Cheongru people with all their skin torn off and the iron cages left in the center of the broken ship.

“And this bead… .”

He briefly explained to the villagers what had happened so far.

“That kind of thing… .”
“S-I’m not even a person… .”

The villagers bit their lips when they saw the bright eyes and scarred skin of the young Cheonglu people. When they raised their heads and looked at Tiller and his enemies, their eyes were filled with disgust.

“Hey, those evil bastards!”
“How can a human do something like this…” .”
“Not even a beast would do something like you!”

The Doran villagers felt extreme anger and cursed at Tiller and the North and South Meng because they thought they had coexisted with the Cheonglu tribe since childhood.

“Whoa… .”

Tiller exhaled harshly. The mighty aura flared up, and all the frost lodged in his body was crushed.

“how… . How did you know? “What on earth are you?”
“Your friend told me.”
“friend? What nonsense is that… .”
“Oh, I guess I should say friend. Garam!”

At Raon’s call, Garam, dressed in a black robe, came up onto the deck.

“Are you fine?”

Garam nodded and threw away the robe he was wearing.

“you you!”

The moment the black robe floated in the wind, Tiller’s red eyes shook violently, as if struck by blue.

“How are you alive!”
“eww… .”

Garam pursed his lips and glared into Tiller’s evil eyes.

“Go, I’m here to save my family!”

Even though his whole body was shaking as if he was about to shed tears, he did not avoid Tiller’s gaze.

“Whoop!” Now I understand. “It was all because of you.”

Tiller grasped the polearm on his back with trembling hands. He nodded his head as if he understood everything.

“You sold me out.”
“I didn’t sell it. I do what I have to do… .”
“shut up! “You’re such a monster that you can’t join either side!”

The spear held in his hand became a flash of light and was shot out with the utmost joy.

“You’re short-tempered.”

Raon smiled coldly and pulled out his sword. He drew the Gwanga Sword with the same skill and skill as a tiller on the blade.


A powerful shock wave exploded, shaking the deck as if it would collapse.

“You idiot!”

Tiller was polite and rolled his animal-like distorted eyes as if his appearance of offering was a lie.

“You dare challenge me because of those beasts!”
“The beast looks like you?”

Raon snorted and pushed away Tiller’s spear.

Coo coo coo coo!

Tiller takes a step back due to his inhuman strength and aura. He was unable to release his energy every time the bastard retreated, causing the entire deck to tremble.

“I am the disciple of the Lord of the North and South!”

Tiller raised his spear and shouted.

“Are you saying it’s okay for a war between Sieghart and the North-South Alliance to break out because of those non-humans?”
“Garam is a friend who joined hands with me.”

Raon gave off a cold look and pressed down on the window pole. He pushed the tiller away with terrifying pressure.

“It’s natural to take up a sword for a friend.”

I straightened my back proudly, remembering what I had not accomplished in my past life and the words I had heard from Sylvia to become a true swordsman.

“ah… .”

Garam’s lips trembled and tears fell.

“Did you say that a name that is not called has no meaning? Garam. From now on, we will call you by your name.”

Gwangpungdan came up behind Raon and drew his sword. A frost-like energy wave spread throughout the deck.

“Um, that’s Sieghart… .”
“What kind of spirit are these young guys…?” .”

The enemies swallowed dry saliva and the hands holding their weapons trembled.

“Crazy guy! They’re crazy! I am Blue Narrow Tiller Seiton! The moment you touch me, the North and South alliances move! “I am the disciple of the North and South Korean lords!”
“I’m not interested in your name or the alliance between North and South Korea.”
“Because the person in front of me is nothing but a vile thief.”

Raon raised his sword and aimed at Tiller’s heart. A magnificent sword emanating from the silver blade silenced everyone.


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The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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