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Chapter 238

-A new sword technique comes to mind? Eating ice cream?

Lars tilted his round head as if he didn’t understand.

“I didn’t eat it all, I just ate it.”

Raon smiled slightly as he saw Lars rolling his eyes.

-What kind of swordsmanship were you thinking of?
“The harmony of the Hwanggeom and the Yin Sword.”

While in a state of trance, a new sword technique was drawn that harmonized the recently acquired sound sword with the illusion sword that had been steadily accumulated.
It’s only in my mind right now, but if I keep practicing, I will perfect a sword technique that only one person in the world can use.

– Harmonize fantasy and sound… .
“Your words that you can erase your shortcomings with your strengths were very helpful.”

Raon raised his eyebrows and tapped Lars on the head.

‘Ras is truly generous.’

Lars did not just hand over abilities and characteristics, but also gave hints on how to grow through words or actions.
It was no different from the generous tree that gave us fruit when we were young, wood when we grew up, and shelter when we got older.

– How dare you hit the king’s head on a human subject! You cheeky!

Lars’ face turned red like a volcano before it exploded.

-I will take this opportunity to inform you properly! Who is this king?

Ras’ cold energy penetrates like an awl through the mana circuit. The anger that had clung to my soul like a leech also rose up.

Coo coo coo coo!

My bones were numb from the chill of the cold, and my whole body seemed to be weighed down by the heaviness of my anger.

-I will avenge Ice Cream Sand!
“Ice Cream Sand isn’t dead yet.”
-shut up!

Lars must have been angry because he couldn’t eat ice cream, and his entire body was being pressured with extreme coldness and intense anger.

‘This guy is getting stronger too.’

Although it doesn’t mean much.

Raon smiled slightly and resonated the ring of fire. The serious force radiating from the heart cut through the anger weighing down the soul, and the blue-red energy that surged from the dantian pushed away the cold energy of Lass that penetrated the mana circuit.

Coo coo coo coo!

An enormous power competition took place in the mana circuit, which had widened like a boulevard as the curse of Hokhin disappeared, but the winner had already been decided.

-Holy shit!

Even though Ras screamed and unleashed all his power, he was unable to overcome the energy of Mangagong and Glacia.
Like an animal whose territory was taken away, it lost its place and was gradually pushed back.

-Not yet! This King is the King of the Demon World and the Lord of Anger! Never give up!

Lars raised his anger again, saying he would never lose.

‘I heard it’s really helpful.’

Raon smiled. Thanks to Lars’ attacks like this, I was even able to practice using Manga Ball, Glacia, and Ring of Fire at the same time.

‘There… .’

[You have endured the interruption of .]
[Your physical strength increases by 1 point.]
[Your energy ability increases by 1 point.]

Doesn’t it give away ability points like this? Ras was a demon king who had nothing to throw away, like a generously giving tree.


Lars grabbed his head and stepped back, gritting his teeth.

-I will not have anything to do with you! There will come a day when you regret it!

The guy said something like a curse and slipped into the bracelet.

“I’m going to the ice cream shop right away tomorrow. “If you’re not going to meet your husband, you don’t have to go, right?”

At those words, the flower bracelet wriggled loudly. Before three seconds had passed, Lars’ face appeared on the bracelet.

-I’m going to cancel.

Raon burst out laughing. The ice cream sandwich must be delicious as the Demon King sells his pride in 3 seconds.

‘I guess I should take care of it.’

It was he who couldn’t keep his promise, and Ras wasn’t enough to help, so he didn’t interfere even though he could have broken the trance.

In this case, it was right to make sure to add interest.

“Then let’s go right away tomorrow. “Think about what you want to eat from what you saw today.”
-That has already been decided! Let’s try them all, starting with the mint chocolate sandwich!

Lars, whose anger was instantly relieved, waved his hand cheerfully.

“okay. Do whatever you feel like.”
-however… .
-You won’t fall into selflessness this time, right?

Since the swordsmanship has already been mapped out in my head, I won’t fall into a state of selflessness for a while. maybe.

-If you go into a state of no-self while eating ice cream, you will fall into a state of no-self after pooping later. I’ll be in the bathroom all day!
“That might be fun.”

Raon grinned.

-Hmph, so what sword technique will you make?

Raon looked in the mirror and pulled out his sword. He nodded his chin as he looked at the silver blade extending without making a single sound.

– Foot examination? That already exists, right?
“It’s different from that. “It will be a sword technique that will surely cut down one person.”

The existing Balgeomsul method uses sound to disrupt the opponent’s vestibular system, but what came to mind this time was Balgeomsul, which involves cutting the enemy directly.

-The King thought you would commit mass murder with the sound of swordsmanship.
-Didn’t the old deacon also say this before? The advantage of the sound sword is that it can be used on many people, and I thought I would sweep them away with the blade of sound, but it’s not fun.
‘It is the blade of sound… .’

Raon licked his lips and repeated the phrase “the blade of sound.” His red eyes began to soften again.


Lars looked into those eyes and opened his mouth.

-No? Say no!
“If you go deeper than the vestibular system… .”

Raon did not answer Lars, but muttered something about swordsmanship.

“Using the nervous system… .”
-Hey! You crazy sword-crazy bastard!

* * *

A week later.
As soon as Raon finished his afternoon training, he headed to the corner of the training ground. He placed his full-length mirror in front of him and repeated his sword and lead sword postures.

-You’ve been sleeping all week with your sword drawn.

Lars sat on his shoulder and sighed. As soon as he woke up from his second trance, I bought him a ton of ice cream, so his anger had subsided to the point of drowsiness.

-Isn’t it boring?
‘It can’t be helped.’

Creating a new sword technique is like drawing a map. I had to go through numerous paths and find the optimal route.
The swordsmanship he is making now is a combination of the sound sword and the illusion sword that no one has ever tried before. It was bound to be difficult and take a long time.

‘There are two things I need to learn.’

Thanks to Lars’ hint, two sword techniques came to mind. The first is a one-on-one sword technique that combines the dark sword and the magic sword to cut down an enemy at once, and the second is a multi-person sword technique that subdues or kills multiple enemies at once. There wasn’t enough sleep to complete both.

‘The important thing is, it’s fun,’
-Ah, fun? You think it’s fun to just draw a sword in front of a mirror?
‘I can see progress.’

Thanks to practicing swordsmanship all week, I was able to freely control the speed, direction, and sound of the sword being drawn.
The magic sword is also percolating little by little, so if you keep practicing, you will soon be able to use it in real combat.

-He’s really crazy about swords.

Lars frowned. He shook his head, saying he was sick of it, and went into the bracelet.


Raon chuckled and was about to pull out the Jecheon Sword again when he heard a hand clap. It was Rimer, who was lying sprawled out on the platform.

‘Why didn’t you go?’

These days, due to the collapse, strangely enough, there are people who disappear even before the training is over. Of course, I was confused as to whether this was the training room or the living room.

“Everyone gather together.”

Since all the prosecutors were undergoing individual training, all Gwangpungdan members gathered in front of the podium.

“What’s going on?”

Raon stood in front of the Gwangpungdan members and looked up at the stage.

“The second mission has arrived at Gwangpungdan.”

The heated breathing of the prosecutors came from behind.

Raon looked back. Seeing the sparkle in the eyes of all the members, including Buren and Marta, as well as the team leader, it seemed like they were all looking forward to it. Of course, Runaan was fierce, and Dorian seemed a little scared.

“Please tell me.”

He nodded to Rimmer.

“Does anyone know anything about the Gazelle River?”
“Gazelle River… .”

Although it is not famous, it was the residence of the Cheonglu tribe and was known to be so clear and clean that you could see the inside of the river.

“The Gazelle River is adjacent to the Ravel River, which runs through the continent, and is the home of the sub-human Cheonglu tribe.”

As expected, Rimmer brought up the story of the Cheonglu tribe.

“It is said that this time the Qinglu people sank a fishing boat and killed people.”
“I heard that the Qinglu people never touch people…” .”

Burren frowned. As he said, the Qinglu tribe had never once attacked a person first.
I couldn’t believe that they, who were so afraid of people, sank ships and killed people.

“This is my first time hearing this, but it is a fact that the non-annual association directly investigated.”

Rimmer waved his hand lazily. He seemed to be surprised by the seriousness in his voice.

“At first it was only a threat, but its aggression became more severe, and three days ago it destroyed a fishing boat passing through the Gazelle River and drowned the people on it.”
“Uhm… .”
“that… .”

The eyes of the Gwangpungdan prosecutors hardened when they heard that it was not unmanned and that the fisherman was dead.

“Our mission is to find the reason why the Qinglu tribe became violent and return them to their original personality. However, if that is not possible, we will have to deal with it.”

Rimmer let out a simple voice and stood up. He looked down at everyone with his cool green eyes.

“The Qinglu tribe is strong. It has physical abilities greater than those of monsters, and can use blood magic. In the water, each one is expert level, so be careful. However, there are some who we need to be more vigilant about.”

He paused for a moment and frowned.

“The North-South alliance that rules the Label River. “They say those thieves have been passing by that area recently.”
“I am the North-South Alliance!”
“I see. “The Ravel River is their territory!”
“Umm, Oma’s North-South alliance… .”

Prosecutors groaned at the mention of an alliance between North and South Korea. They were not ordinary thieves, but a large organization that had developed proper martial arts and established a system, so I couldn’t help but be nervous.

“Even if the North-South alliance is a neutral and easy-to-understand organization, it is one of the five major factions. “Be careful because a battle may break out.”
“It’s an alliance between North and South Korea… .”

Raon narrowed his eyes. He said he was North and South Meng, and it reminded him of the young Chaeju Lecter he had met during his first mission as a trainee.

‘I guess I’ve become stronger.’

Since he had become a master at that time, I was curious about what level he would have reached now.

“one more! “The Doran village we are going to this time is outside Sieghart’s territory.”
“Why are we going there?”

Burren tilted his head.

“Because the Yuin village right behind Doran village is our territory.”
“ah… .”
“We need to stop the problem before it spreads to Yuin Village, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take this opportunity to expand our territory to Doran Village.”

Dogoe came forward instead of Rimmer.

“It may be my first time fighting on a river, but thanks to my recent training, I should be able to move around on a boat.”
“So that kind of training…” .”

Raon nodded. I thought it was strange that Do-gae trained me on balance for a week, but I think it was because of this mission.

“Let’s each take the necessary items and gather here until dawn tomorrow.”

Rimmer waved his hand saying he had said everything he wanted to say and left the training hall.


Raon turned around and looked into the eyes of the Gwangpungdan members one by one. Some people were excited, some were nervous, and some were a little scared.

“Whether it is the Cheonglu tribe or the North and South alliances, battle on the water will be unavoidable. “Be prepared by thinking about how to prepare for any situation.”

The members of the Gwangpungdan bowed their heads and left the training ground one by one.

“Then I’ll leave too.”
“wait a minute.”

When Do-gae was about to leave the training ground, he was blocked.

“There is something I would like to ask you.”
“You mean the protection of the annex?

His calm eyes shined as if he knew everything.

“Did you know?”
“I investigated everything you’ve been doing. “They’ve made a lot of enemies, both inside and outside.”

Do-gae snorted as if it was absurd.

“I understand why they made me the general manager of the annex.”
“Um, that’s… .”
“do not worry. “I keep my words once I say them.”

As Raon was about to explain, Dogoe turned around.

“Come back with good news. “If I don’t like it, I’ll leave right away.”

He raised his hand as he walked towards the exit of the training ground.

“thank you.”

Raon looked at Dogoe’s trustworthy back and lowered his head.

* * *

A week has passed since we set off for the Gazelle River.
Since I took a mountain path instead of the one I normally take, there was nothing special about the journey, except that hungry monsters came to visit me once or twice a day during the winter.

Raon pictured two sword moves in his head the entire time he was moving.
Lost in his imagination, he sharpened his sword and his sword, and devoted himself to creating a completely new sword technique by harmonizing the two.

I was so focused that when I came to my senses, the day would end and the sun would rise again.


Raon looked at the darkening sky and narrowed his eyes. As he was picturing swordsmanship in his head, it was already evening.

“I’m resting here today!”

We stopped talking in an open space. As Rimmer was sleeping limply on top of his horse, he was forced to act as deputy danju even though he was in training.

“Let’s prepare for camp in groups!”

Following Raon’s instructions, the Gwangpungdan members dismounted from their horses at the same time. Led by the leaders who had learned from Cheongeomdae prosecutors, they quickly pitched a tent and lit a fire.

“Aww, is it already night?”

Rimmer, who had been sleeping soundly even on a running horse, came to me yawning.

“The days go by so quickly.”
“That’s because you’re thinking about swordsmanship all day long. Aren’t you sick of it?

He made a noise similar to Lars and shook his head.

“It’s kind of fun.”
“He’s a heavenly swordsman.”

Rimmer chuckled and turned his gaze to the forest on the right.

“There are a lot of really annoying things in this direction.”
“I see.”

Raon nodded and tapped the sword soldier. Soon, a red eye light flashed in the darkness of the forest.


The monsters’ cries and bloody smell came on the wind.

“They are still some guys worth dealing with this time.”

Rimmer whistled and turned his head backwards.

“Whose turn is this?”
“We are group 3.”

Buren, who had just finished setting up the tent, raised his hand.

“Then you… .”
“no. “There’s something I want to test, so I’ll do it.”

Raon shook his head and approached the forest. He placed his hand on the blade of Jecheon Sword and looked at the forest.

Red eyes that have completed their search appear under the moonlight. It was a group of huge ice trolls covered from head to toe in silver fur.

‘Eight ice trolls.’

It’s okay.

It was the perfect number and level to test the second sword.


The ice troll showed its yellow teeth and rushed towards Raon. Because it was on snow, the speed was as fast as a trained swordsman.

“Everyone cover your ears.”

Raon sounded a warning sound and lowered his posture slightly. With a calm look in his eyes, he held the sword of the Jecheon Sword loosely. The moment the ice troll took ten steps in, he pulled out his special sword.


A different sound than before. A creepy yet elegant sword sound, as if the devil was playing the violin, filled the air.

“Kruk… .”
“nice… .”

As soon as the rushing ice trolls heard the sword’s cry, they closed their eyes and fell down, rolling to Raon’s feet.


The life was draining from the eyes of the trolls who had shown madness just a moment ago. With a single stroke of the sword technique, the line of life was torn apart.

“her… .”

Rimmer let out a sigh of relief as he looked at the ice trolls whose throats had been cut as if they had been cut off with a sword.

‘What… .’

I knew that Raon stimulated the hearing organ with his sword, but I had no idea that it would completely cut off the nerves. It was so absurd that I couldn’t close my mouth.

“Well, that sound just now…” .”
“Ugh… .”

However, since it was not a perfect sword, it seems to have also affected the Gwangpungdan behind it. Most of them knelt down holding their ears. After a while, they came to their senses and saw the fallen ice troll, their chins shaking.

“crazy… .”
“That person is really… .”

Buren was startled, Runaan showed his surprise, and Marta bit her lip.

“So, did you kill the monster with sound?”
“It’s not just a sound. “It’s my name.”
“What kind of crazy swordsmanship… .”
“Is this the swordsmanship you were practicing in the training hall?”

The members of the Gwangpungdan also swallowed dryly when they saw the sword name they had heard a little while ago and the fallen ice troll. It was as if he had seen a scene that should not have occurred in the world.

“It’s still not enough.”

Rimmer came next to me and licked his lips.

“yes. “It is difficult to identify the enemy, and it is not easy to control the power.”
“Because there is a big difference between imagination and reality.”
“you’re right.”

Raon nodded and sighed. As Lee Mer said, there was definitely a big difference between what he pictured in his head and what he used in practice.

“But wasn’t what you were practicing at the training hall something different?”
“I thought you were sleeping, but were you watching?”
“Because I keep my eyes open even when I sleep.”
“Hmm, there are two sword techniques I am currently studying. The first is for one-on-one, and this one is for dealing with multiples… .”

Raon briefly explained the two sword techniques.

“Hmm… .”

Rimmer scratched his chin and nodded.

“Then use the first one on me.”

He chuckled and stepped aside.

“I will perfect your swordsmanship.”

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

Reincarnation Genius Sword Master Assasin
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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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