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Chapter 233

Everything that looked like he had closed his eyes with force was black.

Raon narrowed his eyes.

‘Is this the Sword Realm of Destruction?’

Dogoe’s real name is Harian Sieghardt. He is originally a member of the Senate, and is a super expert who has surpassed the level of a master, so it is not strange for him to use the sword system.

‘but… .’

I didn’t know they would create a sword world like this.

This world, where you couldn’t see an inch in front of you, was quiet and calm, as if it had sunk into the deep sea. It was a far cry from Dogoe’s promiscuous personality that he displayed when gambling or drinking heavily.

‘I can’t guess the location.’

There was nothing to be caught not only by sight, but also by smell, hearing, and touch.

‘I can’t help it.’

By using aurors, he developed a sense of aura that he relies on more than his eyes these days.


Raon swallowed dry saliva.

‘What is this… .’

The feeling doesn’t move. The aura that leaves the body does not extend outward, but dissipates like smoke. I tried it again, but the auror that had escaped his body was as steadfast as a stone.

‘Is it because of this space?’

It was clear that this dark sword world was blocking the sense of energy.


Manhwagong’s energy was used and put into the Jecheon Sword. A flame that turns the sword body red. Unlike when using energy, there was no slight shaking.

‘Is it a barrier that only blocks energy?’

There is no problem with the other five senses either.

It seemed that Dokai’s sword system had the effect of drastically reducing energy.

‘That’s fascinating.’

I felt it when Rimmer cut down the light-blooded demon, but the Sword World Manifestation was truly a foreign power.

-It’s a strange barrier. The joints are rough, but the inside is full.

Lars crossed his arms and nodded, as if interested.

-The king will solve this too. Let’s finish quickly and go eat some beaded ice cream… .

Raon shook his head resolutely.

-Even if it is crude, I am speaking at the level of the king. It will take quite a while for you to dismantle and move out.
‘But I have to do it.’

The outcome is different from gambling or drinking competitions. You can only be confident in the face of destruction if you are recognized for your power.

‘It won’t take long. ‘It’s in.’
-Tsk. Stubbornness is useless.

Lars clicked his tongue once and entered the bracelet again.

‘I definitely said it was an escape.’

Do-gae told me to try to escape from my world, but there was no door or way to escape. He had no idea how to get out.


Raon calmly took a breath and held the Jecheon Sword.

‘It’s not good to make the first move.’

Your vision is immersed in darkness, your sense of energy is useless, and you are in a place that is like the other person’s living room. Because the situation is so unfavorable, the only thing to do now is shake hands.

‘so that… .’

I need to move.

It is clear that Do-goe knows this side’s reaction. Rather than standing still and becoming a target, it was better to move around a little and figure out this place.

I lowered my posture and walked slowly so that I could swing my sword at any time. I shortened my stride to the usual quarter length and walked slowly like a turtle.

Five steps. Ten steps. And thirty steps.

There were no obstacles or attacks until the end of the black world was reached. This black space was completely empty.

‘how… .’

Raon frowned. Anxiety ran down his spine as the situation was so different from what he had imagined.

Where did the do-goe go? Why don’t you attack? How are we supposed to escape?

My head was clouded with the same thoughts.

‘Shall we break this barrier itself?’

I thought about destroying the space itself with Frostyeon, Yeomryonggyeol, or Jungcheonpo, but I immediately shook my head. If a monster appears and attacks you when you are using so much force, it will be difficult to respond.

All you can do in this situation right now is be cautious of your surroundings and move around.

Since I cannot use my senses and rely only on my five senses, the tension persists and my head throbs. The darkness that filled her son-in-law made her feel like she was seeing nothing.


The moment I returned to my starting position with boringly slow steps, I heard the sound of something falling on the floor. be used to. It is the sound of three dice rolling on the table.

After the sound stopped, a total of fourteen eyes appeared on the dark floor: 5, 3, 6, and then disappeared.


As the dice eyes looked at the disappeared land and were on guard, the darkness in front split like waves and a huge human figure appeared.

A swordsman with a wild appearance, with his dark black hair tucked behind his ears and his muscles as strong as marble. It was the thief, Harian Sieghardt.

“Maybe it’s because you’re young, but you’re not afraid.”

The swordsman lifted his chin and laughed.

“You chose the option of moving here.”
“What were the dice just now?”

Raon held the sword handle of the Jecheon Sword loosely so that he could swing it at any time.

“That’s something you have to find out for yourself.”

The corner of his mouth curled up and he raised his sword to the top.

“From now on, use your skills to survive!”

He crushes the earth and rushes forward. A group of black lights appeared on the blade falling from above, aiming at his waist.


He filled the Jecheon Sword with the power of the Gwanga Sword and poured it out like a gale. The shock waves erupting from the two swords made my skin feel like it was going to be torn off.


Raon endured the pain and took a step forward with his left foot. I slashed at him with a heavy sword strike with my red-hot Jecheon sword.


The sword struck with enormous weight caused the sword to retreat as if it were slipping on ice.

‘We have to go further.’

Do-gae is a master much higher than himself. When you gain momentum, you must push forward.


When I turned my body to write the comic book Hwaryeong, a hot pain arose in my lower back. He looked to the side. Blood was dripping from the long, split uniform.


It was definitely blocked?

My vision is shaken by unexpected situations. I obviously defended myself perfectly, but I don’t know why blood is flowing from my waist.

“You’re not even good at defending yourself!”

The doge bursts out laughing. The sword thrust forward turns into ten and pierces the vital points of the body.


I heard that Do-gae’s specialty is the illusion of creating illusions with a sword. As if it wasn’t a lie, each and every one of the ten swords unleashed a terrible level of anticipation.


I hit the ground running. The heat-like energy drawn up from her knees passes through the middle and middle swords and dwells in the Jecheon sword. The flames of young strength spread out in the shape of a fan on the sword body, creating a circular curtain.

Blah blah blah!

The strong sword and shield collided, creating a huge wave. In the undulating darkness, Dogoe took one step back and Raon took five steps back.

“Ugh… .”

Raon looked down and frowned. This time, his left forearm and right thigh were cracked and his blood was spraying out.

‘how… .’

It is true that this was the area targeted by Do-goe, but the defense was perfect. He blocked every sword strike in sight, and he couldn’t understand how he got hurt when the sword’s blade didn’t even touch his skin.


Blood dripping from the waist, forearms, and thighs creates ripples on the floor. Her confused mind seemed to be revealed.

“Are you embarrassed?”

The swordsman swung his sword and grinned. She seemed to have regained her lost smile when gambling and drinking.

“It’s an Auror and it’s a sword, and it was clearly blocked, but you’re probably thinking, ‘Why did I get cut?’”
“If you know, would you please give me a hint?”
“You can’t do that.”

Do-gae raised his sword again.

“Because those who cheat are stupid!”

A black light like darkness covers the sword body of the sword. The extending black blade unfolded like a kaleidoscope and filled the field of vision.

‘It’s not just a simple sword.’

Even though Do-goe uses a ghost sword, it contains an enormous amount of power beyond that of a steel sword. As expected, the tinnitus that resonated across the continent was not in vain.


Raon raised his cartoonist energy to the peak. He leaned forward and threw out his backwards sword. The flames that permeated the blade rose up like a roar and let out a fire dragon’s roar.

Quad deud deuk!

There was a loud noise like a piece of metal being crushed, and Raon was thrown backwards.

“Ugh… .”

Raon let out a soft groan and grabbed his shoulder. Red blood was gushing from his left and right shoulders.

‘This was dangerous.’

The shoulders are close to the neck. If I had been pushed even a little to the right or left, my neck would have been blown off.

I raised my head and saw Dokae. Eyes as ferocious as a hungry wolf. I have no intention of looking at it at all. Unless you figure out the secrets of this space, you may really die.

“Your eyes are scared.”

He lifted his chin as if he was enjoying this situation where he had the upper hand.

“You still don’t know how to see people.”
“Don’t be bluff and give up. “You can’t get out of here.”
“What is giving up?”

Raon straightened his back. She put the blue and red pill returned to her from Dorian on her finger and smiled faintly.

“Please don’t hesitate and come.”

* * *

“What is this again?”

Dorian swallowed dryly as he looked at the black, round space that had consumed Raon and Dogoe.

“Black blade. “It is the manifestation of the sword realm of destruction.”

Rimmer crossed his arms and relaxed his neck.

“Oh, the Sword Realm? “Dokae appears in the sword world?”
“Why are you so surprised? My grandfather was originally a member of the Senate. “You can use it.”

He shrugged his shoulders as if it was no big deal.

“Why would a man from the Senate wander the continent gambling and drinking?”
“Because I don’t belong to Sieghardt. No, it would be correct to say that it is halfway across.”

Dorian gaped. I couldn’t figure out what the story was saying because it was beyond my imagination.

“Why not Sieghardt?”
“that… “I don’t know either, right?”

Rimmer paused for a moment and then shook his head.

“No, Sieghardt and all, isn’t this a serious situation right now? It was a test to check your strength, and you even used the Sword Realm! “It’s clear that he wants to get revenge on gambling and drinking!”

Dorian waved his hand as if he was about to take out his sword, saying that he needed to be rescued quickly.


Rimmer shook his head and blocked Dorian’s hand from pulling out his sword.

“Dogoe is not such a narrow-minded young man. The anger he felt must have been relieved the moment he faced Raon’s sword. “I honestly have no intention of attacking Raon.”
“But why the Sword Realm… .”
“Even though I escaped Sieghardt’s bondage, I couldn’t leave my heart at all.”

Rimmer smiled with a sigh and closed his eyes.

“He wants to see it. “What kind of guy is Sieghardt’s future?”
“ah… .”
“Raon will receive the approval of Do-gae and break through the sword world with his own power, so trust and wait.”

He nodded with serious eyes.

“Danju… .”

Dorian stroked his stomach pouch with an expression of emotion.

“As expected, Danju is always thinking deeply… .”
“Besides, if you quit now, the three medicines will be broken. Then my gambling will be ruined and my future plans will be in vain!”

He folded his hands and knelt in front of the black curtain.

“God Raon! “Golden rain for me!”

Pathetic feelings filled Dorian’s round eyes.

* * *

Raon wiped the blood flowing from his cheek with the back of his hand.

‘You’ve suffered a lot.’

There was no place on his body that was not stained with blood. Although the internal injuries were not severe, there was a lot of bleeding and my vision became dizzy.

“I told you so.”

The swordsman grinned with his sword slung over his shoulder.

“Give up before you get hurt.”
“It’s a smile full of selfishness.”
“It’s a bit refreshing to see the composure on your face disappear.”

He raised his eyebrows as if he was happy.

“Whoa… .”

Raon let out a heavy breath and lowered his head. The blood dripping from his shoulder becomes strands and wets the floor. Even though he was using his Aura to stop the bleeding, he had so many wounds that he couldn’t stop them all.

“If the wound increases further than that, you will bleed to death.”
“it’s okay. “Because I recover faster than others.”
“Those little lips are trembling too, aren’t they? That’s it. “Give up.”

The swordman aimed his sword at the heart and gained momentum. The powerful energy containing her murderous intent became thorns and pierced her skin.

“I don’t know what that is.”

Raon chuckled and raised his sword. Red flames soared over the blade of the Jecheon Sword, emitting a magnificent sword name.

“Stupid guy!”

Dogoe disappears into the darkness. Before I could take a single breath, a powerful wave occurred on my left side. The blade of the sword opened wide like the jaws of an animal and shot out as if it would rip off his upper body.


Holding my breath, I drew a single line with my sword. Best of all, fast lines. The blue light that split the dark horizon swept across the gaping blade.


The frostyeon and the sword of the sword collided, distorted energy flying in all directions.


Raon stamped his feet as he was pushed away by Dogoe’s immense power. He turned gently like a leaf caught in the wind and threw his sword back.

Damn it!

The sound of metal clashing against metal erupted in succession, and a black blade hidden in the darkness emerged.


Raon pushed away the black blade aimed at his chest with the Jecheon Sword.

“You’ve been hiding something so cute.”

He smiled coldly and turned his head to one side.

“So even if you defend yourself, you’re bound to get cut.”

This blade is the reason why wounds occur despite proper defense. Hiding in the dark, he cut himself when he was pushed or moved.

“It’s already too late to find a knife.”

Even though the trick was discovered, Do-gae’s smile did not disappear.

“Even if you can’t use your energy, your senses are too dull. “It’s different from what I heard.”

He approached with a deep sneer.

“If you live with such foolish feelings, you will be killed by a violent crime… .”

Dogoe’s words were cut off by Raon’s low voice.

“There are 14 knives hidden in here. “The ‘black blade’ only appears when you swing the sword.”
“Yes, how did you… .”

Do-Gae’s smile, which was full of composure, was torn like a piece of paper. However, his expression appears a little more awkward than usual.

“The fact that even in the world of swords they use trickery, in a way, it even gives me respect.”
“joy! It doesn’t matter if you know that.

Do-gae frowned and aimed his sword.

“Because it’s impossible to avoid that sword while fighting with me!”

His large size becomes a beam of light and rushes towards him. The black blade twisted into a curve and cut off both his arms and legs.


Using the technique of the sword, he struck down two sword strikes at the same time, like a snake stalking its prey.
Even though I tried my best to be gentle, I was unable to dissipate all the energy contained in the sword of the sword and was pushed away again.


Raon folded his shoulders, pulled his knees back, and landed gently on the floor. Even though he collided with the sword, there were no injuries.


Do-goe’s chin trembled when he saw Ra-on standing up fine.

“W-what the hell… .”
“The blade disappears and reappears, but its position does not change.”
“… You memorized it all? “While fighting?”
“Because my blood told me.”

Raon held the Jecheon Sword with his red, blood-dried hands.

“Now that I have a sense of what the sword world is.”

Young Gikwang with red eyes illuminated the gloomy darkness.

“Let’s start off on the right foot.”

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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