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Chapter 232

Dogoe frowned as he watched Raon drinking the White Dragon like water.

‘No matter how much I think about it, this doesn’t make sense.’

Undiluted White Dragon is a terrible drink that even large monsters cannot tolerate and will vomit.
Even though the Master’s stamina and recovery were extraordinary, it was not a drink that a human could withstand, but the young bastard casually poured the White Dragon down his throat as if he were drinking tea.

‘What the hell is that guy doing? .’

You can understand gambling if you say that you learned it from a hidden person hiding on the continent. It’s hard to believe, but you can force concessions.

However, pure White Dragon is not something you can drink through luck or skill. I couldn’t believe that this young guy who didn’t seem to have even had a pint of alcohol could drink better than me.

“Are you not eating?”

Raon grinned after lightly emptying his bowl.

“It’s Dogae’s turn.”

Do-gae gritted his teeth and lifted up the bowl. He held back his boiling stomach and poured alcohol into his mouth.

“Ugh… .”

It’s terrible. It is an alcoholic drink that is originally meant to be diluted and drunk slowly. I drank it too hastily, so instead of enjoying it, I ended up feeling really sick.
I wanted to give up, but I couldn’t back down because of my pride. She forced her trembling hands and emptied the glasses one after another.

“Wow! Yes, it’s your turn!”

Do-gae put down the bowl with a bizarre smile.

“I was still going to drink it.”

Raon smiled leisurely and emptied the bowl as if he were enjoying gambling. He smiled softly, as if he was in no pain.

‘It’s not like I can erase it with aura.’

Raon’s auror did not move even when gambling. It was clear that he was stuck in the danjeon as if he was sleeping, but he didn’t feel intoxicated at all. It really looked like he was drinking water.

“Huh! “What kind of alcohol smells so strong!”
“The smell alone is enough to kill me. “How do you drink that?”
“Oh, I don’t even want to get close.”
“They are both poisonous. “Poisonous tumor!”

The onlookers couldn’t stand the two people’s breath as they drank and stepped back.

“You drink quite a bit, too. “What is the drink you usually enjoy?”

Dogoe spoke to Raon for a moment to catch his breath.

“I don’t drink.”
“This is my first time drinking alcohol.”

Raon grinned as he scooped up a bucket full of alcohol.

“It’s not bad to have a warm neck. “I think I understand why people drink.”

The guy lightly emptied his glass again as if what he said was true.

“uh? “Huh?”

Do-Gae’s expression, which had been forced to be relaxed, broke mercilessly.


Did you say this was your first time?

I couldn’t believe that someone who was new to alcohol could drink White Dragon like that.

‘no. Is that real… .’

I know this because I gambled with that monster a while ago. The truth was clear that it was my first time drinking alcohol.

‘Why are there all these monsters?’

Even saying it was a monster was not enough. That guy was something unknown.

‘But I can’t lose! never!’

When it comes to gambling and drinking, Dogoe’s pride in not being pushed aside by anyone rears its head. I couldn’t kneel to a guy who was new to alcohol.

“Bring me another bottle of alcohol!”

Do-gae held back the pain inside, as if he had suffered an internal injury, and glared at the second liquor jar that had just popped out. Now it’s a battle of pride. You have to endure it with mental strength.


Raon frowned slightly as he looked at the second jar.

“You’re not scared now, are you?”
“It can’t be. but… .”
“I don’t think this will be enough, so let’s prepare one more bucket.”
“this… .”

Do-gae’s chin trembled. she is crazy It was clear that this guy was crazy beyond imagination. His hands were shaking, but he couldn’t show weakness here.

“Well, that’s right. good night! “Bring me another one!”
“Woah, that’s all the white dragon is.”
“Then bring something else! “A very strong one!”

The subordinates listened very carefully today. I could have brought something milder, but I brought alcohol with a similar strength to White Dragon in a larger jar.

“Now let’s start again.”

Raon emptied his glass leisurely, to the point where he felt feverish.


Dogoe forced himself to empty his glass and clenched his teeth as he looked at Raon.

‘Never lose!’

Even if I die, I won’t fall!

* * *

Raon suppressed the laughter that was about to come out as he looked at the dogae.

‘Are you trying to die?’

Do-gae’s eyes were half-open and he was laughing. Although she was barely able to endure her drunkenness with her mental strength, it seemed like she wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

“You’re next. Drink it.”

My tongue was also twisted, so my speech became slurred. It really seemed like a limit.

‘That’s amazing.’

White Dragon and the next two types of alcohol were so strong that you could get drunk just by smelling them. It was surprising that he could drink it like water and still maintain his sanity.

“Drink it. men and horses.”

Seeing him call me a man, it seemed as if a mental string was hanging from his fingertips.

“Of course.”

Raon smiled and lightly emptied his drink.


The ring of fire that was still spinning instantly melted the strong alcohol that had entered my body like a piece of ice.

‘Killing two birds with one stone.’

I laughed at the strange situation where the Ring of Fire achievement increased while having a drinking contest with a thief.

“Well, what is it? this?”
“I don’t think the Sulwha Sword Association is drunk at all? “I’m smiling at all.”
“That’s his first time drinking alcohol?”
“Do-do-gae is trying to die… .”
“How on earth did this happen?”
“I didn’t even know this drinking party would last until morning.”

Onlookers’ chins were shaking as they saw Do-goe staggering around like a doll whose strings had fallen and Ra-on looking fine.

“Ooh, are you laughing?”

Do-gae scooped up the drink with trembling hands and barely put it in his mouth. She was half eating and half dropping it, but she didn’t really stop. Because it was meaningless anymore.

However, there was one guy who was having just as much trouble as Do-goe.


Lars let out a guttural scream and stuck out his tongue.

-Please stop! Please stop! You devil!

Lars’ face was pale and tired from the drinking competition that started in the evening and continued into the morning.

-When will this torture end? I don’t eat ice cream! I’m not going to eat, so please stop drinking!

The guy was also sick of strong alcohol and had lost his mind. I ended up torturing Lars unintentionally.

‘If I just hold on a little longer… .’
-When did you get that little bit? I’m really going to die! You devil!

Lars rolled around on the table, holding his head, saying this was his first time being tortured like this.

“Ugh, is it my turn?”

Do-gae trembled his shoulders and took a sip of his drink.

“I’m with you too.”

Raon and Dogoe filled a glass with alcohol and lifted it up.

“Would you like to make a toast for the first time?”
“Joe, it’s good. However much!”

When I held a glass of alcohol in front of me, Do-goe bit his lip and clinked the glasses together.

Raon drank lightly, and Dogoe drank with his hands shaking.


With the refreshing sound of a glass breaking, the doge fell backwards. At the same time, Lars, who was resting his chin on the table, also fell to the floor.

“You devil… .”
-This devilish guy… .

One person and one demon lord muttered the same thing and closed their eyes. Both of them seemed to have fainted, and only the sound of heavy breathing was heard.

[The achievement of Ring of Fire has increased.]

Raon put down his drink while looking at the message. He smiled calmly and nodded his head.

‘I easily cleared the second test as well.’

* * *

“Soo, I won over alcohol… .”

Dorian’s eyes widened as he saw the collapsed figure falling backwards.

“Danju! Raon also won the second test!”

He grabbed Rimmer, who was standing dazedly next to him, and screamed.

“Why can’t there be anything that person can’t do?”

Even though I knew that Raon was special, I had never thought of a scene like this, overwhelmingly defeating a thief known throughout the continent through gambling and drinking. It was truly a dream-like sight.


Even though it felt like it was Raon’s wallet, I cheered because it felt strangely good.


Rimmer shook his clenched fist.

“It’s coming. “It’s coming!”
“yes? “What’s coming?”
“My prime is coming again!”

I suppressed my excitement and slowly took a breath.

‘I just need to win one more time.’

He bet all the money he had hidden and the gold coins he borrowed from Dorian that Raon would achieve the Three Yaks. Since you are the only one who bet that you will succeed in the three medicines, if you win, a huge amount of money will roll in.

“please… .”

Rimmer put his hands together as he looked at Raon, who was staring blankly at the fallen thief.

‘My god!’

Let the golden rain fall!

* * *

When Raon used his aura to push away the faint traces of intoxication left in his body, white smoke billowed out endlessly from the body of the do-goe lying on the floor.


The moment the smoke spread, a terrible smell of alcohol covered the entire gambling hall, and people who were weak in alcohol fell down. All of the alcohol that had filled Dogoe’s body was taken out with aura.

“Whoa… .”

Do-gae raised his upper body and sighed. He slowly lifted his head, looked this way, and let out his second sigh.

“I lost.”

He admitted defeat with a distorted expression as if he did not accept defeat.

“From gambling to drinking. “To be honest, I feel like I’m possessed by a ghost.”

The thief looked up at the hole in the ceiling he had made himself. The night was over and the stretching sunlight poured down.

“Just ask one question.”
“Please tell me.”
“Is this really your first time drinking alcohol?”

Do-gae’s expression was serious, as if he was really curious about that.


This is my first time in my life.

Raon nodded honestly.

-Well, finally.

Lars staggered and raised his head.

-It’s finally over! Aaaah!

The guy knelt on the floor and spread out his hands like a prisoner who had successfully escaped.

“I never thought I would be overwhelmed by alcohol and gambling by an 18-year-old. “I admit it all.”

Do-gae slowly stood up. He gestured and pointed outside.

“We will begin the third test. “Follow me.”

* * *

Raon stood in the vacant lot behind the gambling house with Rimmer and Dorian.

“I know you are a master, but you don’t deserve me.”

Before starting to spar, Do-gae slowly rotated his wrists and ankles as if trying to warm up his body.

“I would like to challenge you to fight me and win after being humiliated by drinking and gambling, but I can’t tell you what is impossible.”

He raised a thick finger.

“First, I will check whether you have the skills to compete with me. Come on! “If you succeed in attacking me or if you land a sword strike of your choice, I will make a fair bet.”
“You fainted and woke up. Are you okay?”

Raon smiled slightly and tapped the sheath of his sword.

“Okay, I didn’t faint, I was just resting for a while.”

Do-gae frowned and shook his head. Since we’ve been together since noon yesterday until now, I can now read his expression perfectly. He was truly embarrassed.

“All right. “I accept it that way.”
“I’m not accepting it, it’s true!”

Raon placed his hand on the sword and lowered his posture as he saw the groaning sound. He was in the stance of foot swordsmanship.

“The young guy has a good taste.”

Do-gae grinned and pointed his sword forward. Despite its size, the size of the sword was not that different from the Jecheon Sword.

‘I think it’s a sword technique.’

He was just preparing to block the quick sword attack, as if he thought a sword attack would come of course.


Raon let out a short breath.

‘It’s a good opportunity.’

What I want to use now is not the sword, but the martial arts of sound. It was a new sword strike that would penetrate his ears with extreme pleasure.

I held the sword lightly. She stamped her feet, enjoying the pleasant coolness that filled her grasp.
The auror, who has become stronger after the middle battle, runs through the mana circuit of the whole body. In a split second, her lower body gains tremendous strength and moves forward.

Do-gae’s red eyes widen in an instant. He stretched out his left foot and pulled out his sword. The silver blade soared like a gale itself, scratching the tip of the scabbard and spitting out a dark sword.


It’s real from now on. The sound of moving air vibrating was given the energy of a cartoon ball. The ears of the thieves that precisely control the direction of sound like a thunderbolt. It also hit the inner vestibular organ.


A sound like a sword blast rang in Dokae’s ears, but he only stumbled for a moment and did not fall. However, he opened his eyes so wide that they seemed to be shocked.


Raon realized that this was a gap and stepped on Taehwaibo. The moment it rose like a flower petal caught in the wind, the sword of the sword that quickly came to its senses was extended. There was an energy that seemed to crush the sky.

Coo coo coo coo!

A sword strike so powerful that you could hear the sound of auras rushing in. He twisted Jecheon’s sword, struck his sword, and slashed Gwang’a’s sword.


The swordsman seemed to have no intention of paying attention and quickly retrieved his sword and slashed it down. The pressure was like a mountain falling.


Raon’s sword created an arc in the air like a moon ball. The spreading wave of strong energy pushed away the sword of the sword and briefly cut his sleeve.


Due to the impact of the swords colliding belatedly, Raon and Dogoe were pushed away at the same time.

“Well, it’s not sword energy, it’s sound? “Music of sound?”

Do-gae widened his eyes, not even caring that his sleeves were cut off.

“you’re right.”

Raon nodded. There was no need to hide him when he had already been caught.

“Hmm, I never imagined that I would have mastered the martial arts of sound.”

Do-gae frowned, clutching his left ear where the sound came from. Although she stopped it at the last minute, she seemed quite shocked.

‘Well, it hit the vestibular organ.’

The vestibular system is an organ that maintains the body’s balance. Because it is close to the nervous system and can cause dizziness, once you experience it, you will never be able to show off your original skills. If the first attack wasn’t a sound sword technique, it would have been the one who suffered.


Dogoe clicked his tongue as he looked at the torn sleeves.

“It looks like I looked down on you again this time.”

He nodded, clenching and unclenching his grip.

“I apologize. Gambling, alcohol, and even lack of education. “You are worthy of breaking my three medicines.”
“You’re so quick to admit it.”
“Because I didn’t know there was someone like you in the world.”

Do-gae grinned and raised both hands.

“Now we will begin the final exam.”

He held out the sword he held backwards.

“The final test is to escape.”
“escape? “Where are you escaping from?”

Raon looked around. I didn’t understand why they were trying to escape from an empty space like this.


The sword held upside down pointed at the floor, and the fingers together pointed at the sky.

‘That posture… .’

My mouth dropped open because I couldn’t help but notice.

“The Sword Realm Appearance.”

The voice of Do-goe rang out from his son-in-law.

“Black blade.”

In a world that was sinking into darkness with no time to escape, the voice of a collapse mixed with the sound of metal flowed out.

“Let’s try to escape from my world.”

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